Class Clowns: 40+ Students Who Would Ace A Humor Exam

By Garry G March 15, 2023

School is designed to bolster the development of the young mind. However, when it gets too dry or becomes too dull, the opposite happens. Instead of the mind growing academically, it starts to get creative as a way to spice up the mundane school routine. Even though that is not the point of school, it does result in some hilarious antics.

One of the best ways for students to spice up a long snooze-fest of a day at school is by using their youthful sense of humor — something that comes naturally to almost every student.

Today, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best examples of student humor. These side-splitting, chuckle-inducing photos are sure to stir up some nostalgia and make you miss your school days.

Brotherhood of the Traveling Shirt

You’ve heard of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants — or, at least, we’d assume you have if you were born before the year 2000. But, our question today is whether or not you’ve heard of the Brotherhood of the Traveling (Pineapple) Shirt.

Image courtesy of alexbernatine/Reddit

The students at this high school learned about the mysterious traveling shirt firsthand when they received copies of their yearbooks. Allegedly, the boys of this class thought it would be funny to pass around a pineapple shirt on picture day. It’s impressive that the shirt fits all of them so perfectly.

Hedgehog Without The ‘Og’

There are some surnames that are just unfortunate, and this is undoubtedly one of them. This teacher’s last name is both difficult to pronounce and easy to turn into the butt of a joke (as we can so clearly see).

Image courtesy of prawnhead/Reddit

Hedgeh is one of those names that you can’t help but want to twist into something funny, but these students seem to find it particularly hard to resist…so much so, in fact, that they’ve become repeat name-twisting offenders! Poor Dr. Hedgehog.

Dark Humor for the Win

Normally, we would argue that the ancient art form of decorating graduation caps for cheesy graduation pictures is…well…stupid, for lack of a better, less offensive term. But this instance gets a pass, and it is pretty easy to see why.

Image courtesy of

This grad student’s dark sense of humor is just the thing that cheesy graduation pictures need to go from “boring” to “awesome.” We’re not sure how she lost her leg, but making the most of the situation definitely makes for a great photo.

Kim Jong The Hutt

“Be creative,” the teacher said. “It doesn’t have to be good,” she also said…and it’s a good thing she said that because this is one terrifying work of art! In all honesty, as terrifying as it is, it’s also pretty comical.

Image courtesy of atocool/Reddit

The student behind this creation seems to have not been able to decide between depicting Kim Jong Un of North Korea or Jabba the Hutt of the Star Wars franchise. Instead of deciding, he went with a fantastic mixture of both characters.

Human Sacrifice

Another fantastic example of how hilarious a bit of dark-tinged humor can be was found in the bathroom of a university. Put here by a student with way too much time on their hands, we can admit that it got a chuckle out of us.

Image courtesy of lowsodiumgif/Reddit

And while children being strapped to a plastic table and changed may fight and cry like they’re being given to the Bathroom Gods, we can assure you that no babies were sacrificed in this bathroom (and none will be in the future, either!).

Tuesday Shirt

As a kid, we had our fair share of weekday-themed socks. They were practical, and fun, and didn’t get eaten by the washing machine as quickly as our other socks did. So, we can understand why this kid has a Tuesday shirt.

Image courtesy of wafa/Reddit

So he doesn’t misplace it, obviously! But what we’d like to know is why, according to his classmates, he feels the need to wear it every day other than Tuesday. We’d also like to know how many people have to double-check the day after seeing his shirt.

The Floor Is Lava 2.0

Before The Floor is Lava became a popular TV show, it was a children’s game with no name but was known by nearly every generation dating back decades. We remember playing it as kids oh, those were the days!

Image courtesy of flammalujovies/Reddit

The thing with that game, though, is that as an adult, you’re expected to have grown out of the temptation to jump from couch to couch, yelling, “the floor is lava!” But in some cases (as we can see right here), reverting back to childhood is 100% necessary.

Alarmed After 5 p.m.

We’d be lying if we said that this wasn’t one of our favorite photos on this list. It’s cheesy, sure…there’s no denying that, but it’s also downright hilarious and gave us quite the midday chuckle when we stumbled across it.

Image courtesy of IcyMango/Reddit

To appreciate the humor here, you have to like puns. Clearly, the student who made the sign is not only a fan of puns but is also a master Pun Creator in their own right — well done, kid. Nicely played.

Speaking From Experience

Sometimes, there is more than one correct answer for a question on a test. In most cases, though, only one answer is going to be accepted — and it’s likely not going to be the one that suggests a serious personal/social issue.

Image courtesy of Drachts/Reddit

As funny as this answer is, it makes us wonder if we should be concerned for the test taker who wrote it down. What if their being funny is rooted in something deeper? It would be a real shame if this snarky answer came from a place of personal experience…

Would Bang

So, we’re going to ignore the obvious adult-themed joke that’s been brought to our attention with this photo. Instead, let’s focus on the next most important question that this photo brings up: who could walk by a gong without banging it?

Image courtesy of Gnarlyharly/Reddit

Not us, that’s for sure! We’ve never seen a gong this big in person, but if we did, we definitely wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to give it a bang. After all, that’s what it’s made for, right?

The Shortest Story

As defined by a basic Google search, short stories are “short pieces of fiction that can be consumed in one sitting.” So, when a group of clever high school students was tasked with writing their own short stories, you’d think that it would be easy peasy…right?


Yep! Definitely. So easy, as it turns out, that one student figured that it would be sufficient to write a short story that totals a length of two lines long. We don’t know the parameters of the assignment, but if the teacher didn’t specify a length for the story, this one might have earned an A.

So Much Debt

Getting an excellent college education means focusing, doing your homework, and studying hard for tests, quizzes, and big exams. But, for many students, it also means relying on student loans and credit cards to pay for the privilege of attending class.

Image courtesy of Barnitz/Reddit

Upon graduation, this college student was bold enough to say what every other student in the room wouldn’t dare to acknowledge at that moment. He called it out plainly over Snapchat…with so much knowledge and education also comes a ton of student debt.

Dino-Sized Revenge

We thought that high school students were the ones with all the humor, but apparently, the younger ones can be just as funny! This youngster was clearly not impressed by their final grade, and instead of just saying so, they took it to a whole new level.

Image courtesy of tai1/Reddit

It started with the idle threat of the car being crushed by a dinosaur…innocent enough, right? But then it escalated to include an actual dinosaur! Good thing this dino is so tiny, or it could have ended badly for this teacher.


Being head editor of your college newspaper is a big responsibility — and with a big responsibility comes a lack of time to think about anything but said responsibility. Feeling the heat of their position, this college student used their title to have a bit of fun.

Image courtesy of sumacattack/Reddit

The editor’s name is Sean, and he clearly found some fulfillment within the mundane nature of his on-campus job. Do you see it? We didn’t! Not until he pointed it out, of course. Now we can’t stop seeing it because it’s too funny to ignore.

I Am Groot

Are there any Marvel fans reading this funny little article? If so, you’re going to appreciate the sentiment behind this one. Even if you’re only a casual Marvel fan, you’ve probably seen Guardians of The Galaxy and agree that Groot was a masterpiece of a character.

Image courtesy of EarlyHemisphere/Reddit

Even though he had the same line every time he spoke, it always seemed like he was saying so much more — and that’s a testament to the genius of the directors, for sure! Groot has now been honored via a school assignment, and we love it!

Paper Cut Hunter

If there’s one thing that the classroom hand sanitizer was good for, it’s finding hidden paper cuts. The ever-stinky, sticky-but-still-liquidy solution not only smells terrible but stings when it finds the smallest cut. Somehow, every time we used the sanitizer, it did just that!

Image courtesy of Rock1972/Reddit

Or was that just our bad luck? Seems unlikely when this student had the idea to call the sanitizer out for what it’s really for in front of everyone. The poor kid must have had one too many paper cuts.


Snacks to teachers are like sunshine to flowers. Okay…not quite. But pretty close, for sure! Teachers may not need snacks to survive the way flowers need sunlight, but they sure do appreciate them and thrive when they have something to munch on.

Image courtesy of hollakris/Reddit

Don’t believe us? Try bringing your teacher a snackpack as this guy did and see what happens! Even if the snacks aren’t your teacher’s favorite, they’ll probably be gone within a few days. Teachers need to refuel while grading papers and critiquing essays, after all.

Plenty of Bills

“Laughter is contagious”: a famous saying that everyone’s heard. But maybe it should be “humor is contagious” instead because, according to the evidence we see here, humor must be contagious. Like a bad winter flu or a foot fungus, perhaps.

Image courtesy of TheJoren/Reddit

Whoever put the first picture of Bill on this sign set something in motion, much the way the first person to get sick tends to release their sickness onto everyone else in the household. Luckily, though, this infection is much more fun.


Wouldn’t it be great if burglars would just ask for the things they want to steal? If you’ve ever had your car or house broken into, your answer is more than 99% likely a resounding yes. The aftermath of a break-in can ruin a perfectly good day within a matter of seconds.

Image courtesy of thatonegirl435/Reddit

This college student had had it with the person who loved breaking into their vehicle. So, to take the thrill out of the game, the student was open and honest with their burglar. Sir/madam, can you please just ask for the candy wrappers in my car? I’d give them up for free.


As children, Disney was the absolute best. Honestly, for many of us, it still has not lost its appeal. There’s something special about singing animals, larger-than-life sparkly dresses, and Prince Charming coming to the rescue of a Princess in distress.

Image courtesy of EricMorly/Reddit

This crafty student, named Jaffar, we assume, grew up watching Disney and never grew out of it. So, upon entering his personal details for his 11th-grade yearbook photo, he decided to become one of the characters from his favorite Disney film.

Hip Flask Hideout

Let’s play a game of I-Spy. I spy with my little eye…a giant hip flask full of a beverage that definitely isn’t non-alcoholic and definitely shouldn’t be there. We’re not giving you a hint! Let us know when you find it.

Image courtesy of eleanorclrke/Twitter

We’re not sure whether this girl’s confidence is impressive or just plain risky. We’re concluding that it’s both! She could have been kicked out of prom for this little stunt, but it looks like she managed to pull it off with ease.

Senior Picture Success

As a high school student, one of the most significant end-of-year stresses is planning out and orchestrating the best senior picture. You know the one we’re talking about — the one that’s the funniest, craziest, and better than all of your classmates’ photos.

Image courtesy of camswanson/Twitter

Well, we’re pretty sure this senior photo is the one that took the first-place prize and earned this student bragging rights! It’s fantastic that he included his dog, but what makes it even better are the custom-printed T-shirts that both he and his furry friend are sporting.

This Is Patrick

Many of the best jokes stem from childhood memories. There are just so many fun TV shows and movies to make clever jokes about! Some shows, though, make for better jokes than others, and Spongebob is one that prompts some pretty fantastic funnies.

Image courtesy of RamboAz/Reddit

This is one of those funnies. The best part? Not only is it funny, but it’s also an excellent display of artistic talent! Patrick looks fantastic. Whoever came up with this must be studying to be an artist by day and a comedian by night.

Thousands of Years Later

If you thought you had seen the last of the Spongebob jokes, well, sorry to say it, but you thought wrong. Here’s another one! That’s the second time that the show has made its way onto our list. We wonder if it’s going to be the last…

Image courtesy of Backs_People_Up/Reddit

Either way, this is another joke that brings us back to childhood. The infamous “One Eternity Later” that we all know and love from the show has become someone’s clever idea for a graduation cap, complete with the background and a pretty good rendition of the traditional font used.

Friendly Encouragement

If there’s something that no college student wants to be reminded of, it’s the ever-increasing high rate of unemployment among college graduates — and we’re not talking about only the drama or English majors! Nope, this frightening trend includes (and scares) everyone.

Image courtesy of heffaine/Reddit

When the person who created this uplifting poster made it, they probably had a pretty bad day. One that was bad enough to warrant sucking the enjoyment out of everyone else’s college experience alongside their own. We’re not sure whether to give them props for their creativity or direct them to a guidance counselor…

No Matches

When you ask a group of elementary school students to show their appreciation for the hard work that their local firefighters do, it makes sense to offer a bag of tasty cookies and baked goods. And, of course, you can’t forget a thank you note.

Image courtesy of byblis/Reddit

This thank you note isn’t traditional in any sense of the word. It doesn’t even include the words “thank” or “you,” but it does showcase the incredible sense of humor that these kids have. A+ to whoever drew the masterpiece of a match, too!


Is there anything that really needs to be explained here? We’re thinking probably not because if you’ve ever been a teen, you know how easily this word can be made into the butt of any joke — and how utterly hilarious it is when you’re 17.

Image courtesy of CairoSmith/Reddit

These T-shirts belong to the 2015 graduating class of Peninsula High, and one of the students was responsible for their design. Honestly, we’d be concerned if a teacher had designed them, but since the creative genius behind the shirts was a student, we can let it slide.

Risky Business

This is not only funny, but it’s also really smart. It’s probably not (certainly not) what the teacher who assigned his quiz meant, but if the shoe fits, then…well, it fits! And this shoe fits perfectly if you ask us.

Image courtesy of jackrunbackwards/Reddit

The student in question has managed to accurately answer the question with a glaring example of risk while also doing the least amount of work possible. Do you think the teacher gave them full marks? We would have, for sure.

Only The Truth

If you’ve been to college or university, you know how painful tuition can be. In fact, even if you haven’t been a college student, you probably know someone who has. Someone has probably mentioned the empty state of their bank account after paying their fees a few hundred times.

Image courtesy of Porcelainpunisher/Reddit

The student who vandalized this toilet paper dispenser was clearly very unimpressed with the money-to-service quality ratio they received from their school. Seriously, universities! Paper-thin, 1-ply toilet paper after paying $20,000? That is definitely some kind of injustice. Who can we contact to fix this?

Balloon Disaster

You can trust your friends. They’d never do anything to bug, irritate, infuriate, tease, or otherwise cause you mental distress for the sake of a few laughs, would they? If you answered “no,” then congratulations! But if you answered “yes,” then join the club that this student has become the president of.

Image courtesy of CleanableQuill/Reddit

The “I hate my friends” club is accepting new members, and the president is accepting volunteers to help them pop all these balloons. Apparently, one of these balloons is hiding a flash drive with their thesis inside of it. Hopefully, they found the thesis before they ran out of energy to pop all these.

FOUND: Lost Sock

There’s really no telling what happens to socks once they’ve left the comfort of your feet, endured days stuffed in the laundry basket, and been run through the rinse cycle of the washing machine. It seems like they survive all that just to grow some legs and walk away.

Image courtesy of vertazontal/Reddit

Looking for lost socks almost always leads to disappointment. Missing socks just don’t want to be found. So, how does one track down the other half of their new pair of socks? You wait for someone else to find it, of course!

Total Regret 1.0

Students of certain degrees often dread having to admit what they are studying. Every time they mention their major, they get that judgmental side-eye. These degrees include ones like creative writing, political science, and art. Yep, we said it, and so did this university student.

Image courtesy of Marlingss/Reddit

The poor student who ruined the beauty of this glorious bathroom stall with the true grumblings of their heart was clearly regretting their decision to be an art student, so much so that they felt everyone who used the bathroom needed to know about it.

Professional Meme Maker

The memes we see all over Facebook don’t just happen. It’s a crazy thought to ponder, we know. We spent more time than we’d like to admit considering the fact that our favorite memes don’t just simply poof into existence for our entertainment.

Image courtesy of yeezyyeezywuzzgood/Reddit

Someone actually takes time out of their day to whip up the memes that we know, love, and expect to find online. But who? College students, that’s who! Why study when you could cook up a new batch of memes? Much more fun.

Note To Self

What’s better than playing a prank on your teacher? Playing a prank on your teacher and yourself simultaneously! It doesn’t just happen, though. There are very specific requirements for managing to pull a double-whammy of a stunt like this off.

Image courtesy of bkboooooi/Reddit

Well, this student thought she’d be funny and left her “Dear Future Me” letter blank to fool her teacher and complete the project with ease. When she opened it 20 years later, she was surprised to find that she had effectively fooled herself, too.

Tapping Out

Right off the bat, without even getting any context, we can sympathize with how this student feels. Sometimes it really does feel like life is being sucked out of you as you’re sitting in class, and very few students are brave enough to say that to their teacher.

Image courtesy of whizalo/Reddit

As polite as he is, this student still needed to voice his opinion and release some steam. So, he did precisely that in a way that was neither offensive to his teacher nor distracting to the rest of his classmates. Talk about consideration!

Open To All

If this isn’t a good reminder to put your pencils back where they belong, we honestly don’t know what is! There’s no way we would be able to look at this pencil case every day and simply not comply with the orders clearly posted on the front of it.

Image courtesy of nxvacaiine/Reddit

Admittedly, this bit of student humor is probably leaning towards the rated R, dark, adult humor side of things, but we’ll let it slide because it’s so funny. Fingers crossed that the student comedian in question was at least a college student, though…

Graduation Day

The crumby thing about dropping out of college is that you don’t get to participate in the graduation ceremony with your classmates. You don’t get to wear a cap and gown, do the cap toss, or walk across the stage (diploma in hand) to an upbeat, motivational pop song.

Image courtesy of jaronmyers/Reddit

But this student did! He may not have received a diploma, but he did find a cap and gown at a secondhand shop and sneak into the lineup at this college’s convocation ceremony! How did he do it? We don’t know. Was his mother proud? Not sure about that either.

Say No To the Bears

This college has got to be located somewhere remote…right? If not, then color us confused! Looking at it, this sign doesn’t seem like something you’d take very seriously, and chances are that it’s a practical joke. Hence its appearance on our list of pranks.

Image courtesy of kdports/Reddit

Practically, though, that’s pretty impressive! If we ignore the fact that bears shouldn’t be on campus in the first place, 34 310 days bear-free translates to 94 years. Even if bears weren’t an everyday occurrence on our campus, we’d be proud to advertise our record, too.

Making Students Cry

Yikes! We don’t know what the ‘program’ that’s being referenced here is, but we can imagine that it’s a doozy based on how this student answered the extra-credit question at the end of their quiz. We’re curious, for sure. It can’t be that bad, can it?

Image courtesy of TheNitroBlade/Reddit

Well, just to be on the safe side, we’ll just opt to trust this kid’s opinion for fear that we’ll be personally introduced to the program if we ask what it is. On another note, we’re glad that the student got extra credit for their super honest answer!

Aspiring Artist

Unless you’re studying or planning to be an architect, scientist, or mathematician (or you just really enjoy complex mathematics), you’ve probably decided that you’re never going to use calculus after graduation. That’s what we had decided by day two of calculus class, anyways…

Image courtesy of zunaldahmed/Reddit

This student seems to agree! Instead of focusing on the math, they focused on the calculus teacher. More specifically, their focus was plotting the teacher on their calculator — and they did a fantastic job! Maybe art is more up their alley?

Communication From Above

This isn’t a prank that someone played on the teacher like most of the items on our list. In fact, we are not sure it is even a prank at all. It seems like a lost opportunity for super-spy stealth training.

Image courtesy of Bored Panda

Unfortunately, the student on the receiving end of the plot isn’t up-to-date on the plan and doesn’t seem to notice the tasty snack being delivered through the hole. We can’t help but wonder how long it took her to notice and when (if?) she did, what her reaction was!

Game of Loans

Even if you didn’t like Game of Thrones, you’ve got to admit that the hit TV show had its share of memorable one-liners. Sprinkled in between the action scenes, drama, and spicy romance scenes were a ton of incredibly quotable phrases.

Image courtesy of LifeCritic/Reddit

This graduate doesn’t directly quote any of the gems uttered in the show, but she does elude to two of them on her graduation cap! If you can quote the originals just from looking at this, then you’re a true GOT fan, and we applaud you for your dedication.

Locker of Many Wonders

Locker checks: were they scarier for teachers or for students? That is only one of the standard questions that we have when we think about year-end high school locker checks. Looking at this photo, though, we have many more questions.

Image courtesy of CM0nEE/Reddit

Where did they find a chandelier small enough for a locker? How did they wire it so that it worked? Where on Earth did they get the idea for this funny little setup? And lastly, who dedicated that much time of their life to dressing plastic dinosaurs in dresses?


If there’s one thing you want to leave behind when you graduate, it’s a legacy. But you want it to be something cool, of course. You’d want to be remembered for your athleticism, bravery, or good looks…not something embarrassing or goofy.

Image courtesy of LP_Mac/Reddit

The senior class of 2017 at this school wanted to be remembered for their epic senior joke — and we have absolutely no doubt that they achieved their goal. Students, teachers, and visitors alike were probably finding these little cards everywhere for years!

A Self-Aware Queen

It’s always good to be aware of you’re own limitations. Look, we can’t all be good at everything, so it is great to know where our shortfalls are. It seems that this student has learned this very valuable listen early.

Image courtesy of Benji013/Reddit

While the universe may be trying to lead her in one direction, she has the self-awareness to know that she would not be successful at Trophy Wife’s life. We’re sure she is a beautiful woman, and she would make any rich guy happy.