5 Hilarious Pranks To Pull On Your Significant Other

By Divya G

Can you imagine something better than being married to your best friend? If your spouse is your best buddy, you are incredibly lucky. You guys probably have the best communication and try to make the most of your time together.

Source: @josh-willink-11499 / Pexels

But while being best friends means sharing secrets and having each other’s back, you can’t escape from some occasional trolling. After all, best friends absolutely adore cackling at the other friend’s expense.

Here are five married people who made their spouses witness hilarious ruthlessness.

Locking the caffeine jar

Which married couple does not go through petty arguments? We all experience that in our relationships, but this spouse took petty to another level. They know that their partner needs a caffeine fix right after waking up.

So, they decided to lock up the coffee jar with a literal lock and keys. Our pro tip is that you shouldn’t annoy someone who is aware of what you need to survive and can easily deprive you of that.

Triggering the grammar monster

This husband couldn’t help but mess with his wife, who is an English teacher. To trigger her, he took a poster and wrote, “I am silently correcting your grammar.” Safe to say that she hated it!

Hair is the new ink

This husband got really tired of his wife’s hair on the shower wall. He decided to write words on the wall using the very hair shedding from his wife’s head. Any guesses for what’s the first word he wrote?

Yes, it was “hair.”

Obsessed with potatoes

A woman placed a potato inside her husband’s coffee. Safe to say that this one doesn’t make any sense at all, no matter how hard we try to figure out her inner motives.

Are you wondering why she did that to her husband? Well, it’s just best friend things.

Russian roulette

When her husband wanted some sweet treats, this wife decided to play Russian Roulette. She made some orange rolls and added nacho cheese to one of them. It suffices to say that he didn’t get very lucky with his choice.

Would you pull any such pranks on your spouse or partner?