Some In-Laws Are The Funniest People Ever, And We Can Prove It

By Martin B January 30, 2024

Anyone who’s had bare minimum contact with other humans has probably heard an in-law joke or two. If you ever want to make someone laugh, just tell a funny story about someone’s annoying mother-in-law – it makes for a great party trick, it seems.

However, not all parents-in-law are so serious or annoying. It may sound hard to believe, especially with all the jokes and crazy stories out there, but we promise that it’s true. Funny in-laws exist – maybe you just didn’t get lucky enough to have one of those yet.

Source: @askar-abayev / Pexels

Someone’s mother-in-law planned to give them a photo blanket. It seems like she forgot a key step while ordering that blanket. Do you know what was on the blanket? Since she forgot to choose a picture, the blanket came with “Design your own” written on it. Now, the question is if she intentionally forgot the picture.

Another Reddit user shared how their brother-in-law is obsessed with football. He chose to do the draft for his fantasy football in his high school football uniform and helmet. The funny thing is that he is 33 years old. How far can people go for old times’ sake?

Talking about passive aggressiveness, this Reddit user’s mother-in-law reached another level. She served a piece of cake with the word “die” on it. Do you think that was deliberate, and she just wanted to show off her hatred out in the open?

Another Reddit user’s mother-in-law truly mastered her kitchen decor. She had a photo of Tom Selleck in her basement kitchen. We are not complaining because the actor was piping hot in his youth. 

Source: @rodnae-prod / Pexels

A Reddit user couldn’t help but reveal the creative side of their mother-in-law on Reddit. She decided to crochet a couch for her grandest. To further beautify the couch, she added a coordinating afghan.

Do you have any funny instances involving the in-laws that you want the world to know?