5 Tattoo Fails That Will Make You Seriously Reconsider Getting Inked

By Divya G

Are you thinking about getting a tattoo? Nowadays, it seems like most people have tattoos. If you haven’t got any ink on your body, you might probably feel left out, or like you’re the overly-serious friend of your group. Even elderly people are getting covered in tattoos these days!

However, tattoos aren’t always cheap. If you want to get a high-quality design forever etched on your skin, you’ll probably have to pay a bit more than you expect. But we assure you that you’ll love the results.

Now, if you want to save some money, you can always find a newbie tattoo artist or a questionable one. The only thing you can’t expect from them is a good job, though. These people hired artists that didn’t charge a lot, and it suffices to say they regret it to this day.

You’ll probably reconsider getting a tattoo after learning about these epic tattoo fails.

A Drunk Tattoo Artist Spoiling It

This person wanted to get inked to remember the events of the past couple of years as a way to feel like a survivor.

Source: Intelligent-Skin7284 / Reddit

Unfortunately, the tattoo didn’t look nice in the end, and maybe they regretted getting it in the first place.

All That Pain for Nothing

An ardent fan of River Plate got a QR code tattoo. The QR code led to a video of the goals his favorite team scored in the much-awaited match against their rivals back in 2018.

Source: deleted user / Reddit

Unfortunately, the video got flagged down the next day, and now his tattoo just redirects to a broken link.

Tumblr Inspiration Gone Wrong

Getting tattoo inspiration from Tumblr is quite popular. One person got inked in a different language, thinking that it translated to “Appreciate Life.”

Source: MoeAlayan / Twitter

However, one Twitter user burst their bubble by revealing that it translated to “I’m Rotten.” 

Never Trusting Her with Directions

One woman got a compass tattooed on her back. The design was incredible. But it all went wrong when it came to pointing the directions.

Source: MrBowieowie / Reddit

If you know anything about geography and directions, you can immediately tell that the tattoo artist labeled the east as the west

Heartfelt Statement Turned Into an Important Question

A person wanted his tattoo to read, “You will forever be in my heart.” But it was in a different language. So the person had no clue that it actually meant something entirely different instead.

Source: shamalamadingdong00 / Reddit

Their tattoo read, “Do I have permission to go to the bathroom?” Always remember to double-check the spelling and meaning of your tattoo before getting it permanently inked on your skin.