Amazing Dirty Car Art Proves There Is Another Picasso Among Us

By Ruby M

Many people have a unique sense of humor, and when they seize the opportunity to create some laughter, they don’t shy away from it. Humor comes in many forms – and in this case, it has come in the form of art. Aside from these being entertaining, some of these dusty drawings can even be considered incredible works of art. Here are a few times people drew hilarious things on dirty cars, and the internet is loving it!

Image via: drawcentral

What must have been inspired by the artwork titled Dogs Playing Poker by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge has now been reimagined as a dust drawing. We have to say that the artist did this with only the dirt on someone’s car, which gives the original creator a run for his money. These other car drawings based on original artworks are also incredible and hilarious simultaneously.

Image courtesy of Imgur

Some people used famous art as inspiration for their funny images, and others took advantage of the endless supply of inspiring memes. Take this hilarious meme responding to what someone else must have written, “wash me.” We have to wonder if the owner pulled a similar expression after seeing the drawing on their car. 

Image courtesy of thechive

This person decided to be a little more original – instead of using the back windscreen as their “canvas,” they made creative use of the bumper instead – it’s not as artistic as some of the other images – but it still makes this list for its humor.