Amazing Illustrations From Cintascotch That Will Leave You Speechless

By Francis Tunwase

They say creatives have the power to transform the simplest of ideas into the most sophisticated and brilliant concepts. Well, if that’s the case, then Javier Perez – or, as you might know him, Cintascotch – is definitely above the rest of his class when it comes to illustrations. 

A graphic designer and audiovisual producer, Cintascotch helped to found “Cafeína”  – a digital agency based out of Ecuador. He is known for his illustrations, which do a good job of incorporating real-life objects in the most fascinating ways. 

The artist has seen his illustrations grace different media and channels. He’s won several awards for his illustrations, animations, and posters with a bevy of clients, which includes Samsung, Volkswagen, and Oprah Magazine, to name a few.

Below, you get to see some of his most creative work come to life in the best way possible.

The Hungry T-Rex

Cintascotch took the concept of the dinosaur and merged it with a piece of meat pie to tell a compelling tale of a hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex. Without a doubt, everyone will want to have a share of this.

Source: Cintascotch/Instagram

A Crusty Pug 

Who said dogs can’t be transformed with a few shells? Cintascotch combined a croissant with a dog’s back, depicting a truly delicious piece of art. 

Source: Cintascotch/Instagram

Mozart’s Muse

Ever noticed that a grand piano tends to look like a book placed on its sides? Well, thanks to Cintascotch, you now do. 

Source: Cintascotch/Instagram

The Domino Effect

Dominoes and dice also share quite a similarity. With a difference in size and the same color combination, a domino kind of looks like a dice’s older sibling. 

Source: Cintascotch/Instagram

Night, Night 

Here, Cintascotch takes a simple Post-it note and folds it into the shape of a bed while adding a sleeping couple with their lovely dog.

Source: Cintascotch/Instagram