Artist Hides Witty Signs All Over His City For People To Find and Enjoy

By Ruby M

Every day, we travel down the same boring streets and see the same monotonous STOP signs, street lights, and traffic circles, but what we don’t see enough of are things that make us laugh. That’s why Australian artist Michael Pederson decided to create all sorts of clever and hilarious street signs to bring a smile to the bored faces of his neighborhood. 

Courtesy of: miguelmarquezoutside/ Instagram

His work is often so tiny that it’s easy to miss—especially if you’re jogging in the same park that you always do, listening to the same music that you always play, and not looking for anything out of the ordinary in such ordinary places.

Courtesy of: miguelmarquezoutside/ Instagram

However, when people did notice these clever yet tiny installations, the smiles and laughs that came, as a result, made Michael’s hard work worth it. And it is work; Michael said in an interview that since he is always experimenting, it can be difficult to be consistent when he feels that an idea didn’t pan out the way he intended it to. He also says that he’s guilty of overthinking, which can destroy the lightheartedness and originality of the ideas.

According to Michael, his artistic process relies most on real-world context. That is, he will see something or go somewhere in his day-to-day life, and it will give him inspiration for an art piece. Sometimes, though, the ideas just pop into his head.