Bizarre And Disturbing T-Shirts That Will Make You Do A Double Take

By Francis Tunwase

The truth is that your clothing says a lot more about you than you’re probably aware of. Whether it’s through the use of classic cowboy boots, a daring leather jacket, or a pair of colorful socks, these accessories allow your individuality to radiate through your outfit. 

Source: @lribeirofotografia/Pexels

With thousands of options out there, you can make great first impressions by being intentional about what you wear. Still, there are those who go above the norm and sport crazy T-shirts that make us wonder what they were thinking of. 

We’re not even judging the people who wear these insane clothes; we’re just intrigued by the outfits and their motives for wearing them! Let’s check out some of these weird shirts.

Why exactly do we care about the elephant in the womb? Could this be a bad case of typographical error?

Source: shirtsthtgohard/Instagram

But defending this with that argument would be a hard sell. We all know about “the elephant in the room.” Maybe it has relocated to the womb and we haven’t been informed.

This next guy is a real one, we must say.

Source: shirtsthtgohard/Instagram

Putting himself in the brother zone before you get the chance to do that to him? That’s incredibly smart if you ask us. At least he’s saving himself the heartache.

This next person is maybe a psych patient or maybe not – but you get the point anyway.

Source: shirtsthtgohard/Instagram

Whatever you do, take the advice and don’t mess with this person. They seem ready to rain down hell, and apparently, they have tons of friends to help with that task.

If dragons were this cute, then I wouldn’t mind having one as a pet.

Source: shirtsthtgohard/Instagram

But if shows like House of the Dragon have taught us anything, it’s that dragons aren’t this cute, and they certainly wouldn’t be this friendly around humans – unless they’re Targaryens.