Chiliktol – The Artist Who Humorously Misinterprets Requests

By Kanyi M

We’ve seen digital artists who respond to Photoshop requests in side-splitting ways, but what about artists who actually illustrate requests?

Draw a girl who is satisfied with her weight:

Image credits: @Chiliktol /Twitter

What’s your interpretation of someone who’s satisfied with their weight? A happy, smiling person maybe with a few extra pounds, but isn’t worried about it? That isn’t what Chiliktol thinks.

Draw an Italian loneliness:

Image credits: @Chiliktol /Twitter

Chiliktol’s take on the lonely Italian guy is a bit extreme. Honestly, we can’t decide if we’re laughing or cringing at this one. Either way, it is pretty awesome! Italians love pasta, and eating pasta while crying is humorous.

Draw an indecisive guy

Image credits: @Chiliktol /Twitter

As for indecision, we’d imagine someone who’s wavering between two choices, trying to make up their mind. Maybe he has a coin or something flipping in the air to see which way it lands. Of course, this isn’t what Chiliktol came up with.

Draw a unicorn that hides it’s a unicorn

Image credits: @Chiliktol /Twitter

Can a unicorn hide its perfume-like farts, a single horn, and large mane? The artist decides to take on this task and show us what a unicorn would look like in a party hat. Unicorns are always very classy, and they poop rainbows, so this one is a bit of a stretch.

Draw a world without evil

Image credits: @Chiliktol /Twitter

Is Earth the home to evil? Chiliktol’s idea of eliminating evil is by removing our planet from the solar system. A bit dramatic, don’t you think?