Chaos In The Club: 40+ Comical Images Of Shenanigans At Nightclubs

By Ekhama O

Everyone has their idea of what makes for a truly fun time. For some of us, it might be lying down and reading our favorite book on a quiet afternoon; for others, it might be turning up in a club with friends on a Friday night. If you’re one of the latter, then you’re no stranger to the craziness clubs can hold.

Is there a better recipe for insanity than having a mix of intoxicated strangers in a crowded space, dancing to loud music, and partying their life away? Don’t think so. That’s why we’ve scoured the web to bring you some of the best photos that show just how crazy clubbing can be. Get ready to be amazed, confused, and surprised!


For many people, being seen in public with someone who has the exact same article of clothing can be embarrassing. But just imagine wearing the exact same outfit, from top to bottom, as someone else. Sounds like a nightmare, right?

Image Credit: snorlaxisahomophobe/Reddit

Well, not for these two guys. They are both clearly happy they found each other, and we find it outstanding how every single thing they’re wearing matches. We mean, even their shoes are the exact same! That is just insane.

Getting down in the background

Taking a picture on an outing is a great way to relive memories and remember those crazy nights out. That being said, it’s nearly impossible not to get photobombed in a public place, especially in a club filled with stoked partygoers.

Image Credit: ClubPhotos_/Twitter

Sometimes, these incidents of photobombing aren’t intentional, just like this one here. The guy was most definitely not paying any form of attention to his surroundings. In his mind, it was just him and the dancefloor, and it was apparent he was just about to bust the sickest move.


Talking to someone can be fun if you’re enjoying the conversation. If you’re not, it’s a blatant waste of your time and theirs. It could also be quite an annoying situation to go through, especially when the speaker hasn’t gotten the memo that you’re not interested.

Image Credit: carn4ge_/Twitter

Judging by the lady’s facial expression, we’re guessing it’s what’s going on in this picture. The guy seems too engrossed in whatever he’s saying to notice the look on her face. Poor gal; it must have been a long night for her.

The Samurais reunite

It can be fun to go out as a group, and if you’re doing so, you might as well make it count. While it might usually be hard to tell if a couple of random strangers are a group, there was no mistaking that these five were together.

Image credit: xerotsuda/Reddit

We have to say; when we mentioned it would be great to make going out as a group count, we didn’t exactly mean this. From the people dancing below them, it’s clear this is no costume party. What exactly were they aiming for? Guess we’ll never know.

Turning the heat up

Some clubs are notorious for being extremely hot, and it’s obvious why. A crowded room filled with zonked people dancing to loud music could make for some heat, so we wondered why these guys thought it would be a great idea to bring a radiator to the show.

Image Credit: ClubPhotos_/Twitter

Of course, they might not have actually brought it on purpose. Maybe they saw it lying around and felt the inexplicable need to raise it to the skies. Maybe they wanted to prove a point, or maybe they just weren’t thinking right.

Who’s gonna tell him?

The world of clubbing has gone through a ton of advancements, so much so that we’ve found a billion ways to party. One of those concepts just so happens to be a silent disco, a party where everyone wears headphones rather than blasting the music on speakers.

Image Credit: MithrandirElessar/Reddit

It’s an excellent idea for a number of reasons, but it can be a pain to get to know the name of the song that’s on if you can’t perform an audio search on your phone. We wonder how this guy didn’t notice he was wearing headphones.

Switching Fits

It can be a bit boring to be seen wearing the same thing over and over again, so we get why people put a lot of emphasis on having an extensive wardrobe. And, if we can’t get one, we can always switch clothes with our friends.

Image Credit: Casparslide26/Reddit

We know we mentioned that it could be somewhat boring to be seen wearing the same clothes, but we think people should get a pass if it’s within the same night. We don’t know the story behind this swap, but we assume it was for a good reason.

Papa smurf’s all turnt up

At this point in our lives, we’ve seen more people in outfits that don’t match the theme of the party than we can count. That’s alright with us. What’s not okay is people coming into clubs with full-body costumes on.

Image Credit: ebaumsworld

Whoever is under the blue Papa Smurf costume probably just did this for some attention. But we can’t help but think it’s way too much work and stress for a brief moment of fame. But hey, if it makes them happy and they had a lovely time, who are we to judge?

Gives a whole new meaning to trashy

Not gonna lie; we’ve gotten ourselves stuck in some sticky situations in the past that we had absolutely no idea how to get out of. Those were dark times, indeed. We haven’t, however, ever gotten ourselves stuck in a place and had no way to get out of it. 

Image Credit: DiDaVinci/Imgur

Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for this girl. She has somehow gotten herself stuck inside a trash bin and doesn’t seem to have the slightest clue on how to get out of there. Honestly, a part of us thinks she doesn’t even want to.

Special Guest Appearance

It’s pretty easy and commonplace to see a celebrity or two in some of the high-end bars and clubs all around the globe. Occasionally, you could even spot one in the regular clubs and bars too, just like whoever took this photo did here.

Image Credit: ebaumsworld

We don’t know if adorning a fur costume in a club is the most comfortable idea, but whoever did this was clearly determined to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. Thank you, Elmo-dressed clubber, for your wonderful message.

No words

Have you ever witnessed a scene so jarring it leaves you absolutely speechless? Yeah, if you’re like us and you’ve always got something to say about everything, then it’s certainly a brand new feeling, and it’s what we felt when we saw this.

Image Credit: maz-o/Reddit

This little party trick is undoubtedly unique, but it is also downright terrifying. It seems the other people in the image thought so too. There are people pointing and laughing, and there are others who are just like us; scared, surprised, and utterly shocked.

The spotlight

Some people absolutely despise being the center of attention. The pressure’s just too much for them, and they just don’t want to deal with all that. Others, however, thrive on it. They enjoy the thrill of it and can even seek it.

Image Credit: bassnectar/Twitter

We’re not sure if that’s entirely the case with the lady in this photo. Honestly, it could just be a perfectly timed shot. Either that, or she’s been waiting for whatever song was on to be played all night. In that case, we totally understand her reaction.

Costuming to the max

We’ve all seen people cosplay many characters from all sorts of films and have also seen some pretty great costumes for Halloween. Halloween is the time to put on your best outfit and go have fun with some friends. This outfit, in particular, isn’t necessarily bad, but it is slightly disturbing.

Image Credit: therubyrocket/Reddit

We’re having a hard time grasping why she chose that makeup look, why there’s so much detail on the tomato costume, and why she’s even wearing a tomato costume. Also, where does one even find a tomato costume? So many unanswered questions.

Food poisoning incoming

Humans are such a diverse species. Each person has a different personality and different wants and needs. That’s why we’re not one to judge when it comes to people’s preferences, but still, we can’t help but raise our eyebrows at some choices.

Image Credit: ebaumsworld

Nacho cheese might seem tasty, but no one actually considers having it as a meal. Not this guy, though. He seems to be enjoying every dribble of that yellowish-gooey substance. We can’t do anything but watch and hope for the best for his digestive system.

Club in shambles

It’s pretty common to see one or two things get destroyed at a nightclub; we think it should be sort of expected. That’s why we find it both amusing and shocking that the person on the phone in this picture seems so surprised.

Image Credit: TheeComebackKid/Twitter

The floor of a compartment of a club caved in, and it caused a huge mess. It probably also killed the mood because the people standing there are too closely packed and don’t seem to be having so much of a fun time. 


So far in this listicle, we’ve seen people dress up as characters from TV shows and cartoons; that’s why we decided to switch things up a bit by including this entry. Instead of someone dressing up as a character, they went for food.

Image Credit: liamdarbo/Reddit

Imagine going to a club and seeing someone dressed as a meal from McDonald’s. Insanity. It’s so crazy that the only justification for wearing this would be if where you were going was a food costume party, and even then, it would still be a weird choice.


While there are many people in a club who have the potential to make the night wonderful for you, there are many others who can ruin it just as much by being a barrier to you getting with someone else. On the other hand, there are also people who could actually be of great help.

Image Credit: ebaumsworld

The girl in the photo was obviously not vertically gifted enough to enjoy a kiss with an incredibly tall man, so a guy, who we can only guess is a very good friend of either of them, came to their rescue. Guess it’s true what they say; not all heroes wear capes.

Fortified DJ Booth

There’s no telling what might happen at a club. Some spaced-out clubber might just knock over some equipment and switch off some lights or, even worse, cut off the music. So to ensure the entertainment goes on, the DJ booth requires some protection.

Image Credit: Mosh Nightclub Leicester/Facebook

There’s a transparent wall here that’s doing a great job of offering protection. This guy, who’s probably gone to a different plane of existence, would have caused some commotion if that wall didn’t exist. The DJ doesn’t seem too pleased about having to look at his smooshed face, though.

Bottoms down?

When we’re all psyched and disoriented during an occasion, there’s a risk that we’ll make one or two silly mistakes we wouldn’t have otherwise made if we were in our right senses. The picture below is a clear example of that.

Image Credit: ClubPhotos_/Twitter

At first glance, we honestly thought the button of the bottle was open, and that’s where she was drinking from, but upon closer inspection, it became apparent to see that it was, in fact, not. She’s just trying to drink from the wrong end.

In love with a Guy Fawkes Mask

The club can be a great place to find a significant other or, even better, have a great time with your partner. It is essential to know who or even what your efforts are directed towards though, so you don’t end up disappointing yourself or, even worse…

Image Creddit: MikBok117/Reddit

… end up looking utterly silly, just like this guy here. Poor dude, he could have never guessed it wasn’t really her under that mask… or maybe he should have. We mean, that’s clearly her back; no one can contort their hands like that.

A Llama

Clubs and bars are notorious for being filled with all sorts of insanity. From simple ones like oddly dressed people to much crazier ones like things too absurd to be real, the list goes on. The picture below illustrates one of them.

Image Credit: TMZ

A llama is a guest at what appears to be a super crowded bar. We absolutely love how happy the animal seems and how absolutely no one is making a fuss at its presence. In fact, it’s almost as if they don’t notice it’s there at all.

Airborne cake

Does it really get crazier than a nightclub? It’s a place you’re bound to see things you never thought existed or were even possible, some of the most insane and random occurrences that you could have ever witnessed. Here’s one of them below.

Image Credit: ClubPhotos_/Twitter

It looks like a cake on its base was knocked off someone’s hand, and a picture was taken midair during the occurrence. Looks like a waste of some delicious cake. That upsets us; no cake should ever go to waste.

The worst case of a photobomb

Going out is lots of fun, and it won’t hurt to look your best while you’re at it. Spending your precious time getting ready to look all nice and dolled up means you might just be in the mood for a quick pic, but there’s a chance the picture might not turn out well.

Image Credit: ClubPhotos_/Twitter

The lady in this picture looks absolutely stunning, so it’s sad that whoever was puking their guts out at the back ruined it for her. We hope she had a chance to take a better one that night. That guy is going to feel awful in the morning.

Cake Face

Pranks are fun to take part in, but things won’t seem so funny when you’re on the receiving end of them. You could quickly become a victim by virtue of being at an occasion. One of those occasions is most likely your birthday.

Image Credit: ebaumsworld

We’ve all seen it on TV, and some people have even had it happen to them in reality; the birthday cake face smash prank. Not the best name, we know, but you get what we mean. This girl got her face shoved into a cake. It must have been some experience.

This isn’t safe

People often do the craziest things when they’re not thinking straight. Disoriented or under the influence, if they aren’t in the right state of mind, they can agree to all sorts of insanity. We think that’s precisely what’s going on here.

Image Credit: ClubPhotos_/Twitter

Someone is getting a detergent sprayed into their mouth and looks unbothered by the action. The goons beside him also seem to endorse this action, and we can’t help but wonder why. Do people love not being in good health?

Crowd Surfing gone wrong

Sometimes, we like to imitate some of the stuff we’ve seen on tv or something we’ve seen performers do, and when the music’s right but your mind’s really not, you might just consider crowd surfing. The problem is, there’s a chance the other clubbers won’t be feeling it like you are.

Image Credit: [deleted user]/Reddit

When that happens, your idea of a good time might actually be one for some fractures and dislocations. No matter how psyched we are at a particular moment in time, we shouldn’t let it affect our decisions, and this is a good reason why. Kids, don’t try this at home.

That’s just unhygienic 

The club is home to all sorts of bewildering, inappropriate, and disgusting acts. Usually, we find a situation that’s either one of these, but this time, we found one that almost fully encompasses all three. If you’re wondering what that looks like, take a look at this photo below.

Image Credit: ClubPhotos_/Twitter

So, what is this exactly, you ask? Well, what we can tell you is it’s one person who has another person’s hand in their mouth. Does that help clear things up for you? We’re guessing no, but it’s all we’ve got.

Horrendous timing

The task of taking an incredible picture while people are constantly moving is a nearly impossible one. You can’t predict when everyone will look great and it is the right time to click on that shutter. You just have to snap some photos and hope one of them is decent.

Image Credit: wArchi/Reddit

However, sometimes, the pictures turn out worse than they could have ever imagined, just like the photo above. In fact, we weren’t even sure what was going on here the first time we saw it. It is just that crazy.


We honestly thought we had seen it all, that was until we came across some of the photos in this post. The incidents are just so bizarre and unbelievable that we often have trouble finding the right words to say. This is one of those times.

Image Credit: imperfectofcourse/Reddit

Is the girl at the back trying to make the lady in red bald? If so, then why? And why isn’t the person taking the photo warning her? It’s mind-blowing how there’s absolutely no context behind this, and we’re left guessing how and why it could ever occur.

What a gentleman

Showing chivalry never gets old. It’s always nice to have someone be courteous toward you. It could lighten your mood and even make you feel loved. It doesn’t matter the time, place, or even the situation; it is always great.

Image Credit: finleyg113/Reddit

This man here is being quite the gentleman towards this lady and helping her take care of her bag during a party. Of course, he still had to use his hands to boogie down, so the only other option was to hold on to the bag with his mouth. It’s not the most hygienic idea, but it is lovely.

Bananas on the dancefloor

We’ve seen a lot of insane costumes in this post, and this is by far one of the most memorable ones. Turning up at a club dressed as a banana has got to be a new height of crazy we can’t help but wish to one day attain.

Image Credit: missquack/Reddit

We just wonder how comfortable it would be dancing in that. The picture’s too blurry to tell, but we guess he’s struggling. That is unless he’s used to being dressed as a banana and has mastered the art of co-ordinating himself while he is dressed as one.

Just Checking

Love can be a wonderful thing. The feeling can overwhelm you, and whenever you’re with someone you genuinely care about, it can be as if it’s just you two in the whole world. However, technology does have a way of stealing our attention.

Image Credit: dailymailuk

Take this guy, for instance. The girl is obviously enjoying her time with him, fully engrossed in the kiss she’s sharing with this man who obviously thinks what is on his phone is equally as important or even more important than their time of romance. 

Battery on red but flex on a 100

There are many common inconveniences in life that many of us have experienced. Whether it is running out of tissue paper when you are already seated in a bathroom, losing your wallet when you’re out, or misplacing the remote control.

Image Credit: Tequimumdo/Reddit

They aren’t usually that much of an issue, but when we have the chance to avoid them, we take it. This lady above is avoiding the inconvenience of having her phone turn off while she’s out enjoying herself in the club. It might not be safe, but that inconvenience has to be avoided.

Flex Time

You’ve got the opportunity to become the man or woman of the night at a club by stealing the show; all you have to do is impress the other partygoers. You could do that with your sick dance moves, fantastic outfit, or even just plain old physical features.

Image Credit: ebaumsworld

This dude is obviously trying to impress people by pulling out his muscles, so it’s sad to see no one is actually paying attention to that. We do find it hilarious that he’s showing off his muscles at a nightclub; does it really get more self-involved than that?

Not feeling it

We thoroughly disagree with Ed Sheeran; a club could be a great place to find love. There are just so many people you have a shot with, so why wouldn’t it be? If you feel sparks flying, you could take that shot and go for a kiss, but it might not end up how you expected.

Image Credit: ClubPhotos_/Twitter

We are guessing that’s the exact same situation with these two. One second, they’re kissing, and the next, they’re looking utterly disgusted and surprised. Maybe they bumped heads, the guy wasn’t interested, or worse, one of them had bad breath.

Wrong Snack

Hunger, just like intoxication, can make you do a couple of weird things and when those two feelings are combined, you’re bound to do something that could very well be even extremely dangerous to someone else or even to yourself.

Image Credit: ebaumsworld

Take this lady, for instance. She was probably hungry and not thinking straight, so she decided to take a bite out of an onion to quell her yearning for food. We’re guessing from her expression raw onion isn’t the best snack and tastes just as pungent as any normal-thinking person would expect it to.


When we go to a club, there’s a chance we can lose a thing or two. If we aren’t careful enough, we might lose our wallets, phones, any other personal belonging, or even ourselves on the dancefloor. Other people, however, end up losing a part of themselves.

Image Credit: ClubPhotos_/Twitter

And no, this is not us being metaphorical or cryptic. We mean that literally, and the guy above is what we’re talking about. We would have really loved to see his reaction when it fully dawned on him what’s happened.

Sky High

We aren’t the biggest partygoers, but with the internet as our never-ending source of information and evidence, it is clear the craziest dance moves are thrown on the dance floor. Seriously, it is stuff you never thought would ever exist.

Image Credit: ClubPhotos_/Twitter

This person is lifting up a fellow human to heights he didn’t think were possible. The people witnessing this in person look as equally as bewildered as us when we first saw this, and we don’t blame them. We hope she landed safely.

Bouncing pooches

Our furry friends aren’t allowed into specific locations and public areas for a couple of reasons. It could be hygiene or safety reasons as a dog could always act out and in case other people have allergies. It is also for the furbaby’s protection.

Image Credit: ironic27/Reddit

Whatever the reason, it’s usually justified and totally reasonable. It looks like club security is enforcing the “no dogs” rule in this photo. We love dogs with all our hearts, but we totally agree that a club isn’t the best place for those guys. Sorry bud, but out you go!

Nap time

It can be pretty great to go out and have some fun, but it can also be a pretty tiring activity. All the dancing and partying can drain you, so the best thing to do after a long night of turning up can be to simply go to sleep.

Image Credit: NineFigsXBT/Twitter

Although we endorse the concept of a nap time for partygoers, we disagree that such a nap time should be observed anywhere. Look at this guy; he’s obviously not supposed to sleep there. Besides, he can’t be too comfortable. A nap in a urinal sounds horrendous.


We’ve all been in situations where we know we ought to be working instead of resting or having fun. We’ve all been there. Many people abandon the thought and enjoy themselves, or they might stop messing around and get to work.

Image Credit: shirazaya/Reddit

However, some people choose to multitask. We don’t know what this guy here’s doing trying to get some reading done in a club, but we assume it was an utter waste of time. Not only is he missing out on a great night, but there’s no way he’s retaining any information in that environment. Double loss.

Take off

At first glance, you might look at this picture and think, “wow, those people have really nice eyebrows.” These two are stunning, and they would have had a pretty great selfie if it weren’t for the photo bomber in the back.

Image Credit: camilla sehnsitivah/Twitter

This guy is vaping so hard that it looks like he is trying to propel himself to outer space. He seems to be concentrating quite intently on his task, too. Surely, expelling that much smoke from your nostrils could cause a medical emergency?

Can’t this wait?

Have you ever gotten the opportunity of a lifetime and had someone or a situation come out of nowhere and ruin it for you? Well, we have, and it isn’t a nice feeling. That’s why we don’t let anything interfere with any of our opportunities, not even the trivial ones.

Image Credit: ClubPhotos_/Twitter

This guy has got a friend who’s obviously in desperate need of assistance, but he seems to be busy attending to other issues. We know making out with someone is great and all but this could wait until his friend is in a bed in the hospital!

Scarlet Letter Lips

They say a picture tells a thousand words. While frozen snapshots of time don’t tell the whole story, you can come to many conclusions about a situation by simply looking at a picture. Just look at these two guilty faces in the image below.

Image Credit: Salimbukhary/Twitter

The girl and the guy in the back have clearly been up close and personal. The lipstick never lies. We just hope that the guy she is taking a picture with is not her significant other. Things could get awkward if he ever stumbled across this picture.


Being a wingman is a thankless job. You have to make sure that all of your friends are having a good time and keeping out of trouble; however, as soon as they find a companion for the night, you’re forgotten.

Image Credit: bgu5/Reddit

No one even checks to find out if you need a drink. So, we can’t blame this guy for taking a much-deserved sip of this lady’s drink. After all, if he did play cupid for these two, then it was because of his efforts that the pair found love in the first place. Drink on, king.