The Kids Are Alright: Parents Share Baffling And Wholesome Glimpses Into A Child’s Mind

By Louise T

It’s a universal truth that kids have boundless energy and unprovoked love for mischief. Those witty beings have never been good at listening to their elders, but they never failed to go to any lengths to have their way, regardless of how silly or hilarious their methods are. From sneaking into the pantry to eat flour to throwing a tantrum because they can’t get rid of their shadows, kids are always coming up with silly tricks to surprise and entertain people around them. 

Some parents can’t keep these funny antics of their children to themselves, so they end up sharing them online. We have collated these funny posts from around the internet. Read on for a lot of laughs, courtesy of naughty kids that don’t know any better.

An Invisible Girl

This is just about the cutest thing you’ll see today. Kids are so innocent, and they believe everyone thinks like them. For instance, when they close their eyes, they believe that, since they can’t see you, you can’t see them.

Image source: _starla_/Reddit

This is exactly the logic this toddler used while she was playing a game of hide-and-seek. She was probably jiggling her butt with glee because she found such a good hiding spot. Even though her face is squished, we can see her bright smile.

A Cheap Halloween Costume 

Kids are as curious as cats. They want to experiment with new things, regardless of how ridiculous it is. This often means they’ll get stuck in unusual places—railings, toilet seats, buckets, etc. To them, life is an adventure, and they just can’t help themselves.

Image source: Delzaleon/Reddit

What did his little demon advisors tell him that made the boy wrap a rubber band around his head? Did they warn him of the consequences? Thanks to this handsome man’s instinct, though, we now know what a banded, angry sausage looks like.

Amazing Amazon Popsicles 

Kids these days pick up on technology faster than their parents. It’s like they are born with an iPhone in hand. It’s gotten to the point where their parent’s gadgets aren’t safe anymore—this kid’s parents found out the hard way.

Image source: RevolutionaryDiver48/Reddit

What’s worse is that they don’t understand money. That’s why this kid is all too happy about his dirty deed. We wonder if he ordered them in preparation for a popsicle party, or if his sweet tooth got the better of him.

The Confident Look Of An Impostor 

Parents are always happy to celebrate their child’s first birthday, and they would do anything to make the day memorable…even if the toddler won’t actually remember it. That’s the case in this picture, though the attention wasn’t centered around the 1-year-old.

Image source: cuzimrave/Reddit

Seeing the girl nicely posing with the birthday cake, you would think she’s the real birthday girl. But, this is actually the show-stealer hogging all the attention at her little sister’s birthday party. We can’t help but wonder if she blew out the candles, too.

Respect This Champ

To someone just learning their ABCs, the arrangement of a keyboard can seem illogical and confusing. Why wouldn’t A be next to B? Why aren’t all the vowels grouped together? So much stress just to have some words on the screen.

Image source: TheBk_1er/Reddit

This champ didn’t want the QWERTY keyboard, so he decided to reorganize it in his own way. It’s innovative and genius in its own way, but we bet he was sorely disappointed to see that typing K actually showed the letter A on the screen.

Childhood Happiness Is So Simple 

Most of the time, kids find the strangest things to be cool, and this is beyond our understanding. We get excited about big vacations and once-in-a-lifetime events. But to kids, even the most routine tasks are exciting. Here’s a perfect example of the difference between kids and adults:

Image source: ValeeGrrl/Twitter

This woman knows how to save money. Just pay attention to what your kids are interested in and focus on that. They see an expensive Disney trip and a municipal sanitation employee in the same light. This confirms that kids are weirdos and are fascinated by the strangest things.

Mom’s Picture Is Enough

Babies go through phases where they only want mom or only want dad. In this case, this baby only wants to see mom’s face. Dad felt bad but knew his turn would come. In the meantime, he figured out an easy way to pacify his baby…

Image source: rndsepals/Reddit

The dad’s simple trick worked perfectly on the child because looking at his mom’s picture kept him from crying as he peacefully fed on his bottle. Good thing the baby doesn’t have the capacity to think, “If that is mom, why am I drinking from this bottle?”

Beds Are So Overrated 

The epic daily battle to get kids to sleep is relatable for everyone. Even if you don’t have kids or were an only child, you can probably recall some instances when you were a bit too rambunctious. But once that energy fades, they can’t be bothered to find their mattress.

Image source: JohnnyDeformed1/Reddit

We miss the days when we didn’t need to worry about waking up to a sore back. Yes, kids can sleep anywhere…and they wake up feeling refreshed every time. Though, we bet this kid was still interrupting his parent’s routine by sleeping on the kitchen floor.

The Good Old Death Reminder 

It’s no news that kids can be blunt and insensitive. We can’t blame them for not understanding social etiquette. How they can do this without any remorse is what needs to be studied. The kid who drew this card needs to be the first one in that study.

Image source: internetclout/Twitter

With just a green pencil, this kid single-handedly delivered what we considered the darkest joke anyone could tell their grandparent. Hopefully, the folks at the nursing home had an equally dark sense of humor and were able to laugh off the childish innocence.

A Genius On A Mission 

Some of the first lessons we teach kids are the importance of sharing, kindness, and respect. Sharing is caring, as they say. However, not everyone picks up on this right away. Kids, in particular, want to enjoy what’s theirs without guilt or shame.

Image source: caseyfeigh/Twitter

This greedy girl wouldn’t let Mufasa rest in peace because she wanted to have her birthday cake all to herself. We can’t help but imagine the look on her face if she had friends who hadn’t seen The Lion King—and were unfazed by the grim cake.

One Heck Of A Trick 

When kids come up with their hilarious pranks, we can’t help but laugh, regardless of how annoying or stupid it may seem. Life is simple for them, and so their little tricks are equally uncomplicated and unique. Who else would have thought that matching haircuts would be the perfect disguise?

Image source: MVPJunkie/Twitter

This is a harmless act that shows kids are pure and view the world through different, more innocent, eyes. We find this very hilarious because we’re sure it won’t take more than 2 seconds for their teacher to recognize them.

Cakey Will Be Remembered

It’s always amusing to see kids get attached to inanimate objects. And we’re not just talking about toys and stuffed animals. Even adults hold certain items close to their hearts, but kids are less discerning about what can have such an honor.

Image source: mattufford/Twitter

This is a crossroads for the little boy. He wants to keep his dear Cakey around for a long time, but he also has to save Cakey from the dreadful fate of being spoiled and uneaten. How painful it must have been for him put an end to a good friendship.

This Girl’s Sense Of Humor Is Top Notch 

McDonald’s really struck gold when they invented the Happy Meal. Even parents who don’t eat fast food have heard their children complain that they want a Happy Meal. They’re better than those lame adult combo meals because there’s a colorful piece of plastic inside the box.

Image source: KatieDeal99/Twitter

But even those are no replacement for the real treat inside—the food itself. We can’t argue with her logic, here. The toy might bring a kid joy, but what really makes them happy is having a belly full of McDonald’s.

Make Way For This Satan

Whether there are two or five kids in the family, younger siblings are often the guinea pigs for the elders to experiment on. Especially when they’re younger, kids are gullible and will take their older sibling’s word as the truth without question.

Image source: BrunoBraunbart/Reddit

This is definitely a best-case scenario. Mom caught on before anyone got hurt. Well, physically, anyway. The mental anguish this girl felt seems to have only fueled her mischievous older sibling even more. We’d hate to think of what other things the little devil got up to.

A Naughty Boy And His Smart Mother

Kids often have a particular way of doing things, and it can be nearly impossible to get them to change their minds. The best solution is to come up with a workaround that lets kids think they have the upper hand.

Image source: GenericUser1185/Reddit

This is the most evil and ingenious marketing. But even the cheapest and most nefarious brand strategies can’t stand up to a parent’s ingenuity. We hope this brilliant mom shared her “life hack” with other parents at her son’s school.

Joker Origin Story 

Some people don’t trust anyone, and they have their reasons. This could be from repeatedly being disappointed, to a full-on betrayal of trust. Everyone reacts differently; some more extreme than others. Little white lies and innocent pranks can be devastating to young children.

Image source: TalkThirty/Twitter

It must have been a tough conversation when this kid first learned about the circle of life when their goldfish died. But that was easier than explaining why Sebastian from The Little Mermaid had a real reason to fear humans.

This Could Make You Choke On Your Food 

At times we think kids are stupid when, in reality, they just think differently than we do. They don’t understand nuances and take everything you say too literally. While it can be annoying at the time, it makes for some hilarious moments.

Image source: morthandadjokes/Twitter

At least now this dad knows just how intelligent and innocent his son is. Depending on the tone he used, we are willing to blame the dad here. Maybe he needs to be more specific and choose his words more wisely.

Unlimited Cheese Glitch 

Kids find amusement in the weirdest places. When something is out of the ordinary, their interest is piqued, and you can expect the next 10-20 minutes to focus solely on the oddity. That’s how this girl’s lunch turned into a cheesy fiasco.

Image source: AlphaO4/Reddit

Instead of just biting off the cheese, she asked dad to help her test the never-ending mozzarella. How far does it stretch? We’ll never truly know. This is what we love about kids; they find joy in the most mundane places.

A New Resident Is Coming

Jealousy is a flaw we’re all guilty of, but no one can compare to how jealous kids can get. They are so possessive, and they’ll pull out all the stops to keep things the way they are. Life is good. Why would anything need to change?

Image source: Reppandaadventures/Reddit

When his parents discovered they were going to have a child, his kid found an eviction notice on his crib. He had to pack up his teddy bear and head out into the unknown. Poor kid; sometimes learning to read early just plain sucks.

A Surprising Package 

Even the most loving parents secretly look forward to the day their kids leave the house. Though movies and influencers make it look like parenting is all cool and rosy, the harsh reality is that raising a child is exhausting.

Image source: Pandamemnon/Reddit

We don’t know what led to this moment. Was he tired of playing outside? Did he storm out of the house mid-temper tantrum? We bet this tired mom took a few extra seconds to decide whether or not to claim her package.

A Unique Sushi Boy 

Group photos are always cute, but they reach their peak if one person isn’t acting normally. Though this can be annoying, the fond memories far outweigh the momentary frustration. This family of five knows exactly who to rely on for messing up their photos.

Image source: You_dontkn0wme/Reddit

We bet he’s a big fan of sushi. If the parents asked the boys to hold their fish, then the youngest of the three was still doing what he was told. After all, they never said he had to use his hands.

A Scheduled Pain

Sometimes, we can’t help but wonder if kids are acting weird because they’re innocent, or if they’re possessed. Do kids have special powers that we meek adults could only dream of? Or are they just absolute drama queens, like this girl?

Image source: NourAbadiii/Twitter

We’d give anything to be able to schedule pain. This also goes to show just how resilient kids are. They can handle a lot more than we give them credit for. They bounce back with ease in ways we adults simply can’t.

A Passionate Boy Doing His Part 

It may be cliche, but it’s true that kids are our future. One day they’ll be the ones making choices that impact the world, which is why it’s so important to make sure these sponges of knowledge have proper education.

Image source: NeedlessTreasure69Report/Reddit

This kid reminds us that it’s important to be specific when teaching kids. We love that he knows the importance of reducing plastic waste, but someone forgot to tell him just how plastic ends up with the turtles in the first place.

A Busy Desk

Children and tidiness are mutually exclusive. They live in a state of constant chaos, and their work and play spaces reflect that. The perpetual mess causes parents grief, of course, but it’s all a part of the process in their minds.

Image source: [unknown user]/Reddit

These kids can’t even process the phrase “cleanliness is next to Godliness.” What looks like a dump site is actually a kid’s reading table. The parents must have been tired of cleaning it up all the time, and we can’t blame them.

This Con Artist Is Coming For All Your Money

We’ve seen a few childish tricks before, but this one earns extra points for creativity. Part of the charm of children’s pranks is that it relies entirely on the concept of adults thinking the way they do. Or do they think that they’re smarter than their elders?

Image source: Extra-Contribution41/Reddit

Unlike our previous little devil who ordered too many Popsicles, this kid took a more roundabout way of spending their parent’s money. If we didn’t know it was a kid, we’d report this lame scam artist. On another note, we’d love to see how this kid writes other common idioms.

A Child Taking All The Glory 

Some people are more competitive than others, but if you’re participating in a sports competition, it’s only natural you’d want to win and take home that medal/trophy. Nothing compares to the joy of knowing you did your best and excelled above your peers.

Image source: sss_spooky/Reddit

Kids feel that same sense of accomplishment after even little feats. He might not have been the number one champ that day, this boy felt on top of the world with this third place. Three is higher than one, so it only makes sense that he’s better…right?

Your Cat Or Your Peace 

Did you ever read Lord of the Flies? Well, it might be a work of fiction, but the idea of boys forming small communities with a clear leader is all too real. This woman learned that her neighborhood had a clique of young boys roaming around.

Image source: innerviscosity/Twitter

And her cat was the target of their interest. No weapons. No real threats. Just an innocent yet strong desire to pet a chonky cat. These boys are truly brave. We’d be left staring at the cat from across the street, but they gathered the courage to greet his human.

Kids Are Too Literal 

Though kids usually act stubborn and refuse to do what’s asked of them, they’ll still follow the rules and take instructions seriously. Deep down they know eating their vegetables, doing their homework, and brushing their teeth are good for them.

Image source: Luciuxness/Twitter

Once again, we have a kid who can’t (yet) distinguish between the two uses of one word. Yes, alone is an adjective in both cases, but we have common sense to tell us which one the commercial referred to. Homonyms are the mortal enemy of children everywhere.

A Real-Life Villain

Some parents learn the hard way that, if you leave a kid alone, nothing will be in order when you return. The worst sign is when they go quiet. The moment their giggles, screams, and babbling stops, it’s time to run around to find what shenanigans they’re up to.

Image source: leftnutchoke/Reddit

The little devil on this kid’s shoulder spoke particularly loudly the day this photo was taken. Who else would have told him to duel a clay pot? And, a duel to the death, no less. We thought this level of wickedness only existed in Disney movies.

Directly To The Burn Ward 

This is the harsh reality of homeschooling; some kids don’t take it as seriously as real school. They simply see it as their parents being bossier than normal. The emotional damage done to this man by his son got us laughing.

Image source: XplodingUnicorn/Twitter

We bet he gets the same harsh insults when he helps her with homework. Dad, here, tried to remind his daughter about school, while she reminded him that he needs to go back to school. Someone needs to teach her first aid to deal with that burn.

A Natural Predator 

Having a pet isn’t an easy task, and having both a four-legged friend and a toddler is a whole different battle. One is usually well-behaved, while the other is still learning how to walk, talk, play, and even eat normally.

Image source: RainLauncher85/Reddit

While it can be super cute to see the two interacting, there’s always the risk of moments like this. This boy went from a cat’s playmate to its worst enemy. We hope that the cat didn’t get its revenge and bite back.

Make It All Games And See How It Works

Even as adults, we don’t like to be told what to do. But we have the experience and wisdom to know when to suck it up and go along with whatever task lies ahead. Kids, too, don’t want to be told what to do, but they’re not afraid to throw a tantrum in protest.

Image source: BunAndLeggings/Twitter

This is a clever way to make children comply. Use what they like to your advantage and let them think the “chore” is actually just another type of fun. At the end of the day, kids might be mischievous, but they’re not all that smart.

World Football Champions

Every parent loses their temper with their children at some point. This is because kids are very troublesome, and they never fail to annoy people around them. They are constantly on the lookout for new ways to surprise and provoke you. 

Image source: the_frogo/Reddit

These parents got a big surprise when they came home to a broken TV. Apparently, their kids were playing in the house and a stray toy landed right on the flat-screen TV. Now we know why Wii remotes had those annoying straps.

What A Thoughtful Present 

This boy wanted to make a gift for his parent’s anniversary, so he took inspiration from some turtles he saw at the zoo. Unfortunately, the aforementioned reptiles were busy mating. He found it rather romantic, which is exactly what you want to show in an annviersary gift, right?

Image source: gaywardson42/Reddit

His thoughtfulness did not go unappreciated, though, because his parents framed his… romantic drawing. Their sense of humor is top-notch! Well, parents have enough room to tolerate anything, even accidentally inappropriate “art.” Kids test their patience like nothing else can.

Did He Break The Floor?

Have you ever seen pictures of kids in the strangest positions and begun to wonder how on earth did they manage to do that? On a good day, most things they do are supposed to be physically impossible. But, as we’ve seen countless times, kids will always find a way to surprise you.

Image source: You_dontkn0wme/Reddit

Seeing this boy stuck in a vent makes us wonder how kids can even make it to puberty intact. At least his parents didn’t need to ground him; he did that all by himself. Though we feel bad for him, we’re glad his parents took a moment to snap this picture.

A Lazy Kid 

Some kids don’t want to go to school. If they had one wish, you can bet that it’d be to be left at home all day to sleep and play around. Sadly, going to school is a [vital] part of growing up.

Image source: [deleted user]/Reddit

The lazy boy was crying because his parents woke him up early to prepare for school. A reckless thing to do at a young age, he has no idea how hard his parents have to work to send him to school.

Where Did He Get That Line? 

Children are very smart and weird at the same time. We find their high level of comprehension strange and amusing. That’s why we love it when kids voice their thoughts and give us a glimpse at what life is like through their eyes.

Image source: JennyPentland/Twitter

How ridiculous it is that he wants his parents divorced so he can celebrate Christmas twice. In hindsight, we think this is a good way to stop the argument. We can imagine the parents laughing immediately after they heard what the boy said.

Tony Stark Junior

One amusing thing about children is their curious nature. From tearing out a pillowcase to opening up their gadgets, they just want to find out what makes the world go ’round. If dissecting a toy means they can learn more about life, then it’s all worth it.

Image source: rainbounce/Reddit

And without an understanding of money, kids can play Operation with just about anything. This little engineer took a £75 gamepad and got to work tearing it apart. On the bright side, he did learn what it looks like inside. However, he’ll need a few more years of school to comprehend what he found.

Solid Kid Logic

Kid logic is so baffling, sometimes we simply have to stop in our tracks and try to process what we just saw, read, or heard. It’s difficult to get into the mindset of a child, but we give it a try because we need to know what led to the chaos that unfolded.

Image source: MotherOfDoggons/Twitter

Unfortunately, this innocent curiosity can be dangerous. This girl’s imagination took her too far, and what started off as a little test turned into a harsh realization. Sorry, but humans can’t walk on water. Leave that to water striders and other aquatic bugs.

Watch Out For This Picasso 

Kids are perpetually either creating or destroying something. Good luck keeping them away from pencils and crayons; they’ll simply find another medium to draw out their fantasies. In fact, it’s best to provide them with enough drawing materials so that your walls aren’t covered in permanent marker.

Image source: CobWebbs/Reddit

Not only do kids not draw inside the lines, but they don’t draw in reality, either. We’re glad this kid identified their creation as a flamingo. We would’ve guessed that it’s the offspring of a horse and a pig, but what do we know?