Crack-Up Confusion: Pictures That Defy Explanation

By Jishnu B

Picture a world where there are no random flukes, no blunders, and absolutely no chaos. Maybe in a perfect universe, that’s as close to utopia as it gets. Yet, let’s face it, the idea of utopia can sound kind of, well, bland. Growing up means realizing that imperfection can be strangely beautiful and oddly reassuring.

But today, we’re diving into those totally contextless, side-splitting moments in life. You won’t believe how much can be said with just a few words, and this listicle is living proof of that. There’s a Twitter account (we’re not giving in to its new name) @_IDVL, and they’ve curated a treasure trove of funny snapshots from folks on the internet.

So, if you’re having one of “those” days, fear not! We’ve rustled up a few of their absolute best memes to brighten your day.


Think of this as the Matryoshka doll version of apples. It’s like apple-ception (We’ll spare you from the cheesy puns). Just when you’re convinced there are plenty of apples, boom, here comes another one, right in your face. This cake is every doctor’s worst nightmare!

Image Credit: @_IDVL/x

The mastermind behind this is definitely an evil genius. They weren’t satisfied with just one surprise; they decided to double the fun. To be fair, they did give the birthday person an apple product, but they conveniently left out the detail that it’s a literal apple!

Car Wreck

If this meme made you chuckle, we regret to inform you that you’re in for a one-way ticket to the depths of laughter-induced damnation. But hey, the silver lining is you won’t be navigating the fiery pits of humor hell alone—we’ll be right there to keep you company!

Image Credit: @_IDVL/x

Even the most socially conscious people will crack up at this! We have all heard the stereotype that Asian women are bad drivers. It’s a complete bogus since one of our Asian female friends is a professional racer. However, ladies like us make us wonder if it’s true. She didn’t even last 10 minutes.


Adulthood comes with the acceptance of the fact that feelings like insecurity and moments of weakness are perfectly normal. These little moments are what makes us human. As we have previously mentioned in the intro, perfection is kind of boring. 

Image Credit: @_IDVL/x

However, it is often expected of men to always portray themselves in a strong, macho manner. It’s almost as if we are expected to forget that men are also human. In a way, admitting to the rest of the world that you have weaknesses is a feat that can be done by strong men. 


As the kids say, “The math aint mathing”. There is a good reason why we are liberal arts student who prefers to write articles instead of analyzing data and taxes for the ISR. We are sure we would have been paid handsomely had we taken that career path.

Image Credit: @_IDVL/x

However, if this means becoming a mathematician, then we do not want it. We are doing reasonably well with our low-paying writing gig. Besides, our anger issues will make tomfoolery such as this unbearable. We can’t even tell colors apart. How do they expect us to find the difference here?


Haters will say that this had been photoshopped. Only people with IQ 200 can tell that OP actually went to the gym (for legal reasons, this is a joke). How shameful of you to judge a person and question their motivation for a fitter body. 

Image Credit: @_IDVL/x

Just so you know, eating is also an exercise that helps you burn calories. Think about it: you have to chew through the dry patty of the big mac and endure the stale bread. That must have given your jaw a major workout. 

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