Derrick Downey Junior: The Angelino With A Soft Spot For Squirrels

By Francis Tunwase

Animal activists are among the many unsung heroes we have walking among us. These people make it their business to cater to the needs of animals around us, even if that means making personal sacrifices. Well, it’s safe to say that this guy definitely counts as one of the most selfless animal carers in the world. 

Source: @natalija-mislevicha-95664/Pexels

Recently, Derrick Downey Junior – a man from Los Angeles – made headlines after he built an apartment for adopted squirrels. The Angelino with a heart of gold was able to construct a fully-furnished apartment, putting his two adopted furry friends – Maxine and Richard – into it. 

As Derrick showed in different posts, the apartment comes complete with features such as an expansive green lawn and other yard amenities. There is even a balcony on the roof, which comes with a birdbath – you know, in case the little guys get dirty and would like a quick wash. 

The interior of the apartment comes with a fireplace, a television, and a custom sofa for the little guys. And, as if that wasn’t enough, Derrick even built a driveway – just in case there are deliveries on the way or Maxine and Richard decide to have some friends come over.

Source: @kyllik/Unsplash

And he installed a video doorbell so that the squirrels would be able to monitor their environment and catch any would-be intruders. With all of this, you sure have to wonder how Maxine and Richard ever got so lucky to be adopted by Derrick.

Besides the awesome house he built, Derrick has also been focused on helping Richard figure out life. He gives the little squirrel some live advice, explaining that he had tried to give up on life several times. But, as long as Richard didn’t give up, he’d always succeed.