Excavator Operator Shows Impressive Skills By Filling A Toy Truck With Dirt

By Francis Tunwase

Sometimes, doing the impossible can seem like a norm. But you really wouldn’t know that something is impossible until you try. And for this excavator, testing the limits of his filling skills was the perfect way to know just how good he was. 

Source: @boukaih/Unsplash

Because he wasn’t so busy – you know, never mind the gaping hole in front of him that needed to be filled – this excavator decided to have some fun with a toy dump truck that was placed in front of him. He decided to take his own massive dump truck and fill the toy version with dirt. 

In a video posted recently on TikTok, the excavator is seen taking his sweet time filling the toy truck. Again, it’s not like he had something to do, right? 

However, it must be acknowledged that the excavator appeared to derive genuine pleasure from his task. Despite his limited visibility, he displayed remarkable skill in maneuvering the dirt into the miniature truck. The entire silliness of the task aside, this guy definitely deserved some props. 

You could even see the look of glee on the face of the kid who owned the toy truck as his toy was being filled with literal dirt. Talk about a kid with a weird fascination! 

Source: @michaelfousert/Unsplash

Of course, there are a lot of questions to be asked here. Why did the excavator decide to do this? Why was the kid so happy? What did the kid plan to do with the dirt? And who was supposed to clean the residual dirt that had been dropped on the floor for no apparent reason? 

Well, as long as everyone had fun, we really can’t question their motives. As long as the excavation job was done, kudos to everyone.