Fake It Until You Make It: These People Certainly Did

By Moureen N

A BuzzFeed list shared nineteen incidents where people tested boundaries by pretending to do something. The top post was from Reddit, where a YouTuber was seen acting to be playing a UFC video game while streaming a pay-per-view UFC match. Online classes gave rise to a new series of pranks. A student renamed himself to ‘reconnecting’ to excuse himself from the class.

Image courtesy of reddericks / Reddit

A fan edited a band’s Wikipedia page and added themselves to a band member’s family, showed it at security, and tricked them into entering backstage. Some innovative kids entered a concert wearing wristbands made out of a bottle’s wrappers.

Image courtesy of MarculCarcus / Reddit

Someone dressed up in a blue vest and took things from a grocery store. A post shared a person pretending to be a fancy tea drinker during a zoom meeting while the exquisite cup was filled with candies.

After the end of the match, a person succeeded in sneaking into the team from the crowd and even managed to score himself ‘good game’ handshakes with the opposing team. Another person pretended he belonged in the court during warm-ups long enough to capture some shots.

Image courtesy of TRichard3814 / Reddit

A post highlighted the efforts put in to pretend to be at a live show. One player snuck into the opposing team’s huddle during a match – let thy secrets be revealed, losers! A random gentleman added an orange vest to his attire and cleared the traffic at an accident. An eight-year-old was seen bringing a bag of sweet peppers to school to pretend to his friends that he was eating extremely hot peppers.

Image courtesy of livenitemare99 / Reddit

As seen in the above image, a kid did a great job at becoming a mannequin. Another person found a movie theatre hat which is since being used to masquerade as theatre staff and see free movies. A couple of guys went to great lengths to sneak their friend into the movie theatre. Another genius brilliantly pretended to be taking photos with his phone while watching a football game.