Fake News: Times When Netizens Believed The Most Absurd Stories That Were Actually Satire

By Divya G

At times, you will find news pieces on the internet that are satire. These pieces of news come from popular pages that mean to mock the actual news or some big companies out there. If you have the intelligence these pages require, you’ll laugh until your belly hurts if you check their pages regularly.

However, there are lots of people who don’t understand sarcasm or irony and often fail to notice the humor behind the satire news pages. Find out how some gullible minds reacted to certain satire pieces.

Source: @olly / Pexels

A news piece from The Onion mentioned that people would no longer be able to blow water through pool noodles into other’s faces due to a certain virus that was roaming the world. One user did not get the joke and commented that it was sad how scientists were using their “brilliant” minds for silly things. The addition of the facepalm emoji made it funnier.

As a joke, someone mentioned that McDonald’s announced new spearmint Big Mac burgers. One person seemed to miss the fun part and asked who would want their burger to taste like spearmint. The user seemed a whole lot more concerned about the people’s choices after reading the news.

Another satirical piece announced that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took a Netflix subscription for the regular price. One user couldn’t help but comment that it’s the rate everyone pays. The user seemed not to understand why it was a big “story.”

Source: @george-dolgikh-551816 / Pexels

In another hilarious news article, it was reported that Christian Bale gained 450,000 pounds to portray the role of a sandworm in the remake of Dune. One user was really worried about why the filmmakers couldn’t use puppets, visual effects, or anything else rather than casting Bale for the role. It seems they completely ignored the fact that it’s impossible for a human being to weigh that much.

Did you ever get pranked by one of these satire stories?