Foodies Rejoice: Take A Delicious Tour Around The World With 40 Food Maps

By Olajide O

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Have you been thinking of going on a trip to specific beautiful locations in the world? It is possible that you already have your map of possible places you’d like to explore. It is more interesting if you are a food lover and have no qualms about trying different cultural cuisines. In this article, we will be looking at the best maps related to food. A food map is like any other, except it focuses on edible topics – best cheese in each region of France, amount of coffee consumed per capita, etc. These handy maps can help you decide where to visit to have a taste of some fantastic delicacies. Below are some of the most exciting food maps that we could find.

A Global Map of Fast Food

The world’s fast-food franchise map is dominated by three names: McDonald’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut. Then, there’s Dominos and others. Unsurprisingly, these brand names have outgrown their native countries and are credited for providing happiness to people of all nationalities and backgrounds.

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Food indeed can unite the world. Your love for Domino’s pizza, McDonald’s burgers, KFC’s chicken strips is shared by over 150 countries worldwide. Most people are often worried about what kind of food they can eat when visiting other countries. You can always rely on fast-food chains you’re familiar with.

A Controversial Fast Food Map

This food map started a frenzy on social media across several states in the US. The initiative began to determine which fast-food joint was the people’s favorite. What metrics were used to determine the top choices? The polls were drawn based on the average number of visits recorded by each state’s top four fast-food joints.

Image Source: Twitter / @cheddar

Hence, it sparked controversy in several areas as many felt the choices were too limited. There is more to each restaurant than how many people go there every day. You surely have to consider more than the number of guests they serve.

This Is the Food Americans Are Thinking Of

Here is another food map that gives us an insight into the most preferred food choice in all 50 states of the USA. The conclusions were drawn solely on Google searches made in each state, which makes perfect sense to us.

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Looking at the map, we can see several delicious foods on the list, such as barbeque, Vegan recipes, Mexican food, cake, buffalo wings, bacon. Many would (and did) think some of these are inaccurate, but we can’t argue with Google.

A Map of How the World Consumes Coffee

Below is a map of the parts of the world where coffee is most consumed. Reading the map – we can see the Americas, of all varieties – and Europe being painted as the significant users of coffee. It is breakfast, lunch, and dinner for people in those regions.

Image Source: Instagram / maps.n.more

In large parts of Asia and majorly Africa, coffee is barely registered as a traditional food ingredient, not to consider it a natural part of their daily consumption. We can also see which coffee-loving countries are the most addicted to caffeine.

And Which Coffee Shop Americans Prefer

After examining the world’s extensive coffee consumption metrics, we will now evaluate which coffee brand thrives in the United States across its 50 states. The map makes for an easy read with three distinct colors representing the three major coffee brands that dominate the US market.

Image Source:

Starbucks dominates the map as the preferred coffee shop in most states. Dunkin’ Donuts comes in second while Minnesotans staunchly support their Caribou. It might be the first time you’re hearing about it, but don’t knock it till you try it.

Where you can find the taco bell in the US

Since the inception of Taco bell by Glen Bell, they have never operated as a base company with factories in every state. Instead, they operate from several convenience stores, stalls, and markets. Buyers can walk into any of these locations and buy as many tacos as they desire.

Image Source: Reddit / V1Analytics

According to the map, there are about 7,118 places where you can score some Taco Bell. The eastern part of the United States shows the most concentration of the fast-food chain. We had not realized it was quite this popular!

A map of Argentinian food

It is about time that we take a look at what South America has to offer in terms of food. We’ll make a small stop at the home of Lionel Messi and Late Diego Maradona. As expected, Argentine foods do not disappoint.

Image Source: Pinterest / Behance

Our research has shown us that Argentina might just have some of the best foods in the world. You can’t go wrong with their seafood and desserts. We fancy ourselves enjoying a good time devouring some of these beautiful Argentinian delicacies. What about you?

A Handy Map for London Travelers

London is a pretty big place with so many exciting places to go. The London museum and the historic buildings are interesting sites to visit. You can also attempt to enjoy the best of East London cuisines while you are there.

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The map shows a detailed tour of the things you can enjoy on a trip through the streets of East London. Relax with your friends and family as you enjoy the best of dessert and high-end four-course meals in restaurants and unique choices.

A Halloween-y Map of the U.S.

Halloween is probably the only time in the US that you see the immense consumption of anything pumpkin flavored. People turn to pumpkin art to celebrate the scary holiday as these gourds are used to make jack-o’-lanterns and other decorations.

Image Source: Instagram / amapaday

On a regular day, pumpkin could be used as an ingredient in preparing food, but we can almost say that it is more relevant for use on Halloween than in the kitchen. No part of The USA is excluded from this tradition of using pumpkin in diverse and creative ways.

A Map Full of Hilarious Food Puns

If you love food and puns, this map is for you. This map shows a comic wordplay of state names in the US. It makes a lot of sense if you are already familiar with most of these foods and the names of each state.

Image Source: Facebook / Foodiggity

We have names like Kaliefornia (California), Alahama (ham + Alabama), Waffleaska (Waffles + Alaska), Pork Lo Maine (Pork + Maine), New Jerky (Beef Jerky + New Jersey), Nutellaware (Nutella + Delaware), Fishigan (Michigan), Kenturkey (Turkey + Kentucky). Whoever developed this map deserves some credit. If you are ever bored, you have this map to grin at.

A Regional Map of Spanish Food

Spain is not only adored for its vast landmass, beautiful language, and colorful culture. When evaluated by real food lovers, Spanish food is one of the world’s best cuisines. Their food culture is mired in history, stretching back hundreds of years.

Image Source: Instagram / rosiemackeanpastaqueen

Understandably, some of these foods might not necessarily be of Spanish origin, given Spain’s history, but they have become staples. It also means that you have a plethora of exquisite options to choose from no matter the region you visit in Spain.

A (Literally) Cheesy Map of Europe

Europe is known for its repertoire of food choices that people from all over the world adore when visiting these nations. To our delight, European countries have different variations of cheese-based meals. Countries like England, Germany, Spain, among others, are well represented.

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There are different types of cheese identified on this map, and you might already be familiar with most of them. We can see Turkish cheese, Russian cheese, Italian cheese, Ukrainian cheese, Swedish cheese, and others, all with their unique names.

A cheese map of France

France is a popular tourist destination not only for the beautiful sights but also for the fantastic food options accessible across its lovely landscape. France is hailed for having the best cheese in the world. If you ever get to go there one day, you can follow this map on a cheese tour.

Image Source: Reddit / deleted user

For instance, Rennes is home to the delightsome Saint-Paulin cheese. You can have a taste of the Mimolette on a trip to Amiens, while Orleans is home to the Selles-Sur-Cher. It would surely make for a wonderful experience no matter where you choose to start.

A General Food Map of France

Our comprehensive evaluation of food maps would be incomplete without observing the best cuisines France has to offer. France has a lot of attractions beyond its boutiques, museums, and the Eiffel Tower. You haven’t explored France if you didn’t try any of their exquisite food.

Image Source: Pinterest / Eat Your World

You can enjoy any delicious choice ranging from cakes to wines (especially Champagne) and steak. These might seem like regular food to you, but the French recipes pack quite the punch. Many people who have had the opportunity to try out some of these delicacies have nothing but good reports to give.

A Taco Lover’s Guide to Texas

If you love tacos, a tour of Tex-Mex food should be on top of your list. No matter how many tacos you get to eat in some of the faux restaurants in other parts of the country, it cannot stand up to delicious homemade tacos.

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Tacos are such an iconic food in Texas. This map shows which type of taco is the most popular in different regions within the state. Don’t you think that it would be worthwhile to try out all the different tacos that the Lone Star State has to offer?

A map for the sweet-toothed

Statistics have shown that Americans consume a lot of candy. The items indicated on this map are what you’d find the average American of any age munching on from day to day. We don’t see as much variety as we expected, but maybe we’re biased about our personal favorites.

Image Source: Facebook / Terrible Maps

The most consumed types of sweets are chocolates. You’d be surprised how many adults have got a sweet tooth and would devour packs of candies or M&Ms in a single day. Okay, maybe none of us are astonished because chocolate is life.

Sweet-Toothed in Europe

The craze for sugary items is not restricted to America. European countries are just as sweet-loving. The map shows us a broad view of the top desserts in Europe. These are the go-to choices for you on a trip across the continent.

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If you are a lover of European cuisine and you intend to try out a customized three- or four-course meal with a touch of delicious dessert to go with it, you can’t go wrong with any of these fantastic pieces of art.

A Food Map of South Korea

South Korean culture is adored for many things, and if you were previously unaware, their foods are a must-try for anyone with a sophisticated palate (and the rest of us too). Tourists visit the country mainly for its culture and technological advancements.

Image Source: Pinterest / Liv Wan Illustration

South Korean foods can cater to vegans and meat-eaters alike. Seafood lovers will most definitely adore the options available to them, such as crabs, lobsters, crayfish, and many different types of fish. You can tour the streets of the major cities in South Korea to taste their traditional cuisines and enjoy their high-profile restaurants.

A food map of Africa

Africa is best known for its dynamic people and food production capacity. With a vast number of its residents deep in agriculture, you can expect that a number of their local cuisines will be composed of organic food produced locally.

Image Source: Pinterest / Anabela Ferreira

Our reports have shown us that homemade African foods are made with pure agricultural produce such as varieties of plants such as yam, plantain, pepper, tomatoes, potato, rice, and beans. African foods are known to be rich, nutritious, and spicy. Sound fantastic!

A Food Hater’s Map

No matter how much one loves food in general, there are bound to be a few we perceive as deal-breakers. We all have powerful feelings about our snacks. We have found that people do not necessarily hate entire food categories, but usually a specific thing.

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The foods indicated on this map have many people in each state who wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. The map shows us many Americans hate anchovies, beets, eggplant, bologna, olives, and is that turkey bacon? You might be thinking, “What kind of person hates sushi?”

A map of Good food from the British Isles

The countries in the British Isles are more than just superb vacation spots to enjoy some time off and learn some fascinating history while exploring the sites. The Isles inhabitants have delicious foods that have endeared tourists from all over the world.

Image Source: Pinterest / Eat Your World

Given the diverse cultural blend of the indigenes of the British Isles, there are plenty of options to choose from. Their local foods often comprise of meat, bread, potatoes, and eggs. Tourists have made it necessary for foreign recipes to find a home on the menu of most restaurants in the British Isles.

What are these Scandinavian foods?

Here we bring you a map of foods of Scandinavian delicacies that leave you wondering how they are pronounced before wondering how they taste. Just kidding. We can learn these names as long as we get to try these out!

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We see different cuts of meat and some delightful pastries on this map, and can’t help but wonder where all the Scandanavian restaurants are. Someone needs to bring these treats to our homeland. We suppose we’ll have to make a trip!

A map of weird foods

We understand what is identified as weird food differs from person to person. It could mean an uncommon combination of food that is not “traditional.” Well, that wouldn’t make those kinds of food inedible, and anyone can opt to take any risk they please.

Image Source: Twitter / terriblemaps

The foods on this map are a touch out of the ordinary. Rattlesnake? What do you think of Jell-O-Salad? We know it’s a staple at many Thanksgiving dinners, but we will pass on that one. We wouldn’t be above trying a shushirrito, though.

Let’s talk about salt

Salt is one ingredient that shouldn’t be missing in some recipes. But on a global scale, the use of salt varies quite a bit. We cannot say how healthy it is, but our notion is that most of the foods we eat would be nothing without salt.

Image Source:

Certain areas show high salt consumption such as Canada, China, some parts of Africa, and a little less in South America. United States, Brazil, among others, hold back on salt, and countries like Australia and Russia prefer to flavor their food with other herbs and spices.

How much does a cup of beer cost?

Americans find time to kill after work in their favorite bars before heading home for a well-deserved rest. But we see certain people go almost everyday to their favorite spot, so we had to wonder how much it costs in the US of A.

Image Source: Instagram / fanmaps

The map is the average evaluation of the cost of a single glass of beer from several bars. Each state is evaluated based on its assumed beer price as at 2020. You should know just how much you might be expected to part with to enjoy a cup in any of these states.

A map of Indian food

Indians worldwide have been known to carry a bit of their culture everywhere they go. Indian foods, in particular, are to die for anywhere you can lay your hands on them. We can never get enough of this cuisine!

Image Source: Twitter / thebetterindia

You can enjoy special recipes such as curry, puri, omelettes, among others. They seem to have an Indian version of every type of western food as well. There’s an Indian burger called the Kalari Kulcha, and let us tell you, it’s our favorite.

A map of Italian Pasta

That pasta originates from Italy is undebatable. Despite the fact that it has become a regular food everywhere, the best pastas are still made in Italy. Italians would say that the pasta made available to customers in most restaurants is but a shadow of the real deal. Just how good can carbs get?

Image Source:

A tour of Italy just for the varieties of pasta recipes that a common in the country is good enough of an activity for a tourist. We mean this aside from the historical structures such as the Colosseum and the Roman Catholic cathedral. You could spend months trying each kind of pasta.

Dumplings deserve a map

Dumplings are a universal food that is adored in several parts of the world and if you asked anyone in some of the highlighted parts for a list of their top five things to eat on a good day, dumplings would be there.

Image Source:

There are more flavors of dumplings than one could have imagined. But really, the possibilities are endless. It doesn’t seem like a bad idea to try out different versions for the fun of it. It promises to be a fulfilling venture.

Most loved brand from each State

Determining the most loved brands across the 50 states of USA was not an easy task. Walmart stands out as the major big name among the companies indicated on the map, and even though it’s not a food brand, most of these are.

Image Source: Instagram / terriblemap

We would like to see this map reworked to focus exclusively on restaurants native to each state. Also, can we just say that Florida has a lot to be proud of? Just kidding! But we also love that Texas has given the world Dr. Pepper. Thank you for that.

Japanese local Food map

Japan is as sophisticated as any technologically advanced country can be and they do not lag behind on the tourism scene with lots of must-see spots populating the map. When it comes to food, their culture shines through even with all the high-profile restaurants where you can enjoy western food.

Image Source:

But local foods are unlike anything you have ever had before. Ramen obviously is the most prominent and it has like a hundred variations of its recipes. Japanese people have gotten creative with ramen to create other types of food which makes a food tour of Japan a great idea on a vacation.

Where to get a brew in the UK

Looking at this map, you can say virtually everywhere. It is said that you cannot walk 5 meters in the UK without sighting a pub. Maybe they are just one of the best things about living in the UK. You can have your choice of vibe.

Image Source: Instagram / terriblemap

Drinks are in unlimited supply in the UK and are relatively cheap. Even if there is a sort of scarcity and a hike in price, we doubt that it would take the shine out of the people’s love for their favorite pub.

The best Caribbean foods

Caribbean countries are an all-time favorite for tourists all over the world not just for their fun carnivals, free atmosphere or closeness to nature. We sincerely recommend a retinue of Caribbean foods that would get your belly dancing in no time after a bite or two.

Image Source:

The sheer commitment that chefs put into cooking the foods only make it tastier and much easier to relish for tourists. It is also amazing to see the rich cuisines prepared in local Caribbean restaurants which may beat most western cuisines.

A Map of Domino’s Pizza’s World Dominance

Domino’s Pizza is a world-renowned food brand and its popularity transcends the borders of the US and it has spread to other continents. It beats many of its competitors. In a way, it is a food for special days despite how common it is.

Image Source: Facebook / terriblemaps

We can see how Domino’s dominates a large portion of the world’s map in red with Africa being the only continent having only a few Domino’s. We believe that it is going to grow even more over the next few years.

A map of Greek foods

Greece is another country steeped in mythology and historical significance. We are way past the time of its great conquests but it still retains a bit of finesse in terms of the preservation of the knowledge of great philosophers of old.

Image Source: Instagram / rosiemackeanpastaqueen

We can imagine some of these philosophers eating and fattening their brains with these nutritious delicacies. Aside from the books they read, the stars they observed, experiments they carried out, they must have eaten an awful lot of good food as well.

Local Foods in the U.S.

There are many options to choose from when you enter a US restaurant, but depending on what state you’re in, you might be thinking of one specific food. And that is what this map is all about. It comprises a list of the local foods that are most consumed across each state in the US.

Image Source: Flickr / LTPYL

Some of the choices on this map are questionable. Do the people of Missouri love ice cream that much? Other states have more exquisite choices such as burgers. Are those popcorn and chili peppers? We can also see a tomato and an apple. What is going on here?

A simple hilarious Map

The simple outlook of this map makes it quite a piece of art. The maker must be a genius. How do you make a map of Waffles of the United States and still hint readers about what the map was made of?

Image Source: Twitter / YoungBruffBoy

From a distance, you can see it well enough. But with the WA and FL (definitely Florida), it is hard to dispute that the artist meant to call it a waffle. If a piece of waffle were to be as big as the US map, we imagine people would be running to try to eat it all up.

Another food map of Italy

The map illustrated earlier documents a couple of locations to enjoy the best of pasta in Italy. Here is a list of the kinds of food to try in different locations in Italy. Italy can be termed the home of food given its long history of producing some of the best chefs in the world.

Image Source:

If you think Italy is all about pasta, you are making a grave mistake. They also make a mean pudding, cannoli, cake, and exquisite wine such as the Barolo. And guess what? The food are also cheaper than when you buy them at an Italian restaurant in a foreign country.

United States of Sandwiches

Sandwiches are among the most consumed foods in the United States. Well, what do you expect from an easy to make recipe and bountiful ingredients? Sandwich consumption in the US makes burgers look like child’s play. You just need to lay your hands on the right set of ingredients and follow a specific recipe and whip up your own version of sandwich.

Image Source:

According to the map, sandwiches are everywhere in the United States whether it is homemade or sold to customers in restaurants. It is probably the most flexible kind of food that can be easily modified with several condiments. We have the hot chicken sandwich, the beef sandwich and others which are guaranteed to have their own taste worth relishing.

A map of South American foods

South American countries are mostly known by us outsiders for their the party scene. Their night life is also one that western countries would struggle to replicate in terms of consistency. Fun seems to be imprinted in their DNA. They have a rich history on the global stage for sports as well.

Image Source:

They also boast some of the most appealing cuisines the world has seen. Their menus are majorly characterized by world-standard traditional delicacies that will get your stomach grumbling and mouth watering. This is another type of cuisine we want to get more acquainted with.

Glorious food

There you have it, folks. Some of these maps are sure to open your eyes to new kinds of foods, and maybe get you to experiment in the kitchen. Maybe you’ll end up with a perfect map of chicken nuggets like you see here!

Image Source: Facebook / Foodiggity

If we have learnednothign else from this list, we know we need to travel far and wide to sample the amazing specialities each and every country has to offer. It may take the rest of our lives, but we are committed to this!