Sweet Revenge: 45 Savage Ways People Got Even After Being Wronged

By Louise T

This article was originally published on gethappyday

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Not every situation calls for getting even. However, there is a never-ending stream of annoying people in our daily lives. Whether someone is intentionally rude or just made an innocent mistake, it’s unnerving to be the target of such acts.

It can also be very difficult to let go, especially when the person responsible puts on a wicked smile after doing whatever it is they did. The feeling of pure satisfaction that comes from getting revenge on such people cannot be described. 

To remind you that you should never meddle with some people no matter what, scroll down to enjoy 45 hilarious petty revenge tales we have gathered from across the internet.

1. What Goes Around Comes Around

Birthdays are the best time to make great memories with loved ones. When he was 14, a kid named Rob Witts commemorated his dad’s 42nd birthday with a hand-made card in which he wrote a funny and snarky message for his old man.

Image courtesy of robwitts/Twitter

Little did he know that his dad didn’t forget and waited 28 years to return the favor. When Rob turned 42, his dad finally got the chance to send him the same card with the caption, “what goes round comes round.” How accurate!

2. Justice Served In An Ice Cream Cone

In life, you either learn willingly or otherwise. This lady narrated how her mom, who had had enough of her husband refusing to figure out how to do the dishes, designed a genius hack to make him learn the hard way.

Image courtesy of rachel_speigel7/Twitter

One day, the husband again failed to do the dishes as instructed by the wife a day before. During dinner the next day, the frustrated mom decided to teach him a lesson by serving him food in an ice cream cone!

3. Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Hot

We all hate not finding our stuff where we put it, let alone discovering it has been stolen. A lady shared how her sister planned to get back at a thief who kept stealing her cherry coke drink from the fridge.

Image courtesy of topherella/Reddit

To get her revenge, her sister decided to set a hot pepper booby trap for the thief. She sabotaged the drink by rubbing the top of the can with a habanero pepper. What a nice way to get back at a rude human being!

4. Mom Who Got Revenge On Selfish Strangers

Not everyone can forgive being ignored in a time of need, and this lady’s encounter with four strangers is proof of that. According to her viral post, her mom and her heavily-pregnant self were struggling with a flat by the roadside. 

Image courtesy of ArtIsMyP*rn/Twitter

While at it, 4 men approached them in a car, only to ask for directions to their destination. They didn’t even give a second thought to their unfortunate situation. If you can’t help, then don’t expect to receive any kind of help yourself. They got what they deserved. 

5. An Infuriated Coffee Shop Customer

It’s puzzling how sometimes, people don’t know how to act in public, thereby causing unnecessary inconveniences for others in the same setting. This is how a customer dealt with some rude and noisy people around him in a coffee shop.

Image courtesy of sehnaoui/Twitter

Even after being cautioned to keep the noise down, the disrespectful group failed to listen and were rude to the waiters. An annoyed customer heard about their new business from their conversation and bought the domain name they wanted to use for their website.

6. A Petty Grandmother

The next person on the list was apparently the only one that helped her grandmother in baking. She narrated how the old lady served her hot plate of revenge to everyone after her death. The cunning grandma could hold a grudge!

Image courtesy of BoomBoomBetty/Twitter

Since nobody else would bake with her aside from the poster here, she decided to punish them. Before she passed away, she gifted everyone her best recipe and intentionally omitted a critical step. We bet they’re still wondering what they are doing wrong while cooking to this day!

7. A Smart Child

A tired son found a brilliant way to stop his mum from asking him to show her the Google Chrome icon every time she was using the computer. Even though the icon is pinned to the taskbar, she still claimed she couldn’t find it!

Image courtesy of SageOfTheEnd/Twitter

To avoid being disturbed again, the son placed the colorful icon separately in the middle of the desktop screen and designed a background wallpaper featuring 9 fingers of famous movie characters pointing to it on the screen! We can’t help but raise our glass to this genius.

8. Mess With The Bull And Get The Horns 

A lady who lived on the second floor of a building narrated how she kept her neighbor’s little secret safe. The neighbor in question was a girl who was sneaking her boyfriend into the house through the window every day without her father’s consent.

Image courtesy of roastmalone_/Twitter

The naughty girl paid her back by passing a silly comment on her sense of style. The lady, as expected, took offense and decided to get revenge on her by spilling the beans to the dad. Looks like someone’s in trouble!

9. This Level Of Pettiness Out Of This World

At times, we still have a soft spot for our exes, and we will take any opportunity to be around them. A guy who still had fond memories of good times spent with his ex narrated an incident we considered the highest level of pettiness.

Image courtesy of insommilly/Twitter

His petty ex-girlfriend asked for a link-up just to put him in the mood and vanish with his toilet paper. You can’t trust anyone these days. We never imagined that we would have toilet paper thieves in this world. Be careful out there!

10. A Cunning Roommate

For some reason, most guys have a strange aversion to cleaning their rooms. Living with such people is usually a terrible and frustrating experience. Luckily, this cunning guy found the greatest hack to make his roommate tidy up their apartment.

Image courtesy of austinlockedup/Twitter

He anonymously matched with his roommate on Tinder by pretending to be a sexy girl who wanted to come over to his place. No lie, a lady coming over is the fastest and most effective way to make boys clean up their space.

11. What A Legend

This next one proves that you can’t stop a guy who is on a mission to accomplish his goal. He will go far and beyond, no matter how petty you think it is. This is a story of how one man pulled a fast one on his girlfriend during a game.

Image courtesy of Vjmoyo/Twitter

Truth or dare allows you to make people do what they won’t normally do. When it was his turn to dare his partner in the game, he took the chance and asked the girl to do the dishes. You have to admire the level of scheming here.

12. Don’t Mess With Farmers

Have you ever wondered what happens if you park where you absolutely shouldn’t? Take a look at this picture from the UK and see how a farmer messed up a big car after it was found parked on his property.

Image courtesy of mitchanium/Reddit

Someone who randomly parked on a free space on farmland got punished when their car was splashed with fresh and warm manure straight from the stables. He wanted to save costs, but he got a terrible mess instead. Washing the vehicle probably cost him more in the end.

13. A Scorned Girlfriend’s Revenge

Karma eventually catches up with wrongdoers. However, some people can’t wait for the universe to do its thing. They would rather help karma reach wrongdoers quicker. For example, this happened after a woman found out her boyfriend was cheating on her.

Image courtesy of potetosarada/Twitter

The Japanese woman took matters into her own hands. She put all her philandering partner’s Apple devices into a bath full of water, and now the guy will have to go shopping for a new set of devices. We count about 10 in total. How many can you count?

14. Mr. No Nonsense 

This guy narrated how his mate, who works as a scaffolder went toe to toe with a random driver who rudely insisted on parking in a reserved company parking space. Even after being told that parking on the spot wasn’t allowed, they went on and did it anyway. 

Image courtesy of Chris Luke/Facebook

The scaffolder tried to explain to the person that the spot was actually reserved, but the Black Corsa driver failed to listen and gave him attitude instead. So, feeling angry and vengeful, he blocked the car on all sides with scaffolding.

15. Slow Clap That Leads To A Standing Ovation

This hilarious post had us laughing so hard! A lady shared a post highlighting a funny moment when her petty friend, who wore glasses because she couldn’t see well, got so furious during a heated argument that she did the unexpected.

Image courtesy of brown_hijabii/Twitter

We bet you are laughing too. If you wear glasses, this is the perfect way to end an argument the next time you find yourself in the middle of one. Just make sure the person you’re arguing with has a great sense of humor because otherwise, it will be wasted on them.

16. Respect Your Elders

Charity begins at home. Some parents fail to teach their kids good manners, which makes them act horribly toward other people. A woman captured the brilliant moment a naughty boy was forced to learn the hard way on a subway.

Image courtesy of da_drought_3/Twitter

The pre-teen boy sat leaning against his mum with his feet stretched across the seats taking up two spaces meant for other passengers. He learned the lesson of his life after an angry man sat on his legs for refusing to let other people sit down.

17. Stinky Surprise 

Packages left sitting on the doorstep always run the risk of theft. Someone can swiftly steal a parcel like that without anyone noticing if there are no security cameras or curious neighbors in sight. It has happened more times than we can count.

Image courtesy of TheLastDeBarge/Reddit

A thief frequently stole this family’s Amazon packages, and they came up with a great way to make sure the thief never returned to their front porch. They left an Amazon parcel loaded to the brim with used diapers for the burglar to enjoy.

18. Keeping It Real

Kids sometimes have some of the most fascinating ideas you can ever imagine. When they are not pleased with a rule or an instruction, they will go above and beyond to make you feel frustrated and question why the rule exists in the first place.

Image courtesy of broadwaysweetie/Tumblr

To make fun of the school policy, which states that you would rather submit an assignment carved into a stone tablet than not submit anything, this kid turned in his assignment on pricey limestone. We wish we could see the face of the teacher who received this when they did.

19. Next Level Evil

This should be nominated for the highest level of pettiness. A guy shared that a daycare dad cut him off in the parking lot. So the next day, the guy went early to teach the dad’s son how to ride a bike.

Image courtesy of ceejoyner/Twitter

Ask any parent, and they will admit that this was among the worst things the guy could do. Teaching your child how to ride a bike is one of the most essential bonding milestones in every parent-child relationship. Pure savagery at play here.

20. Book of Revenge: 101

Most times, the antics of people living upstairs can be too frustrating for those living below them to cope with. Especially if they are consistently noisy. This particular neighbor seemingly vacuums his floor just when his downstairs neighbor settles in to take a nap.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Directormaxx

The guy understandably got tired of this behavior and hatched a plan to get back at his upstairs neighbor for disturbing his sleep. The ingenious plan involved him vacuuming his ceiling at 3 AM! Just look at him going at it like a champ.

21. Returned Favor

No feeling can describe the fulfillment that comes from giving wicked people a taste of their own medicine. This person found his stolen bike parked on the road and decided to return the favor to the wicked thief. After all, it belonged to him first.

Image courtesy of OctopussSevenTwo/Imgur

He took back his property and left a note notifying the shameless thief that he had taken his bike back. He also added that he had proof that the bike was his, just in case they wanted to put up a fight. We don’t know a better way to serve justice.

22. No Love Lost

Love is a beautiful thing. When in love, people tend to do a lot of things to show how much they love their partners. But it hurts when you are not getting the same kind of love and commitment in return.

Image courtesy of @KarlousM/Twitter

A man did the unthinkable after he discovered that his girlfriend was cheating on him. As if that betrayal was not enough, he found her new boyfriend taking water from the same fridge he bought for her, so he took the refrigerator away.

23. Spice Girl

After ending a relationship, some people leave without looking back. They move out of your life completely and will go to any length to ensure no trace of them is left in your life. A lady shared how she did this with her ex.

Image cortesy of deelalz/Twitter

She said during her breakup with this particular guy, she went to his kitchen and took every spice she had bought for them to use. He can’t even eat her spices anymore. We can just picture the Spice Girls cheering her on as she did it!

24. In Your Faces

Online classes give people the privilege of attending lectures with less stress. You can learn in the comfort of your room, and you get to sweatpants, study in bed, and even take breaks whenever you want. It’s your world, your rules. Mostly.

Image courtesy of audrocur/Twitter

Here, a guy joined a zoom class shirtless, so his tutor asked him to turn his video off. The funniest part is after he turned it off, a shirtless picture of him was displayed as his profile picture. He’s serving them whether they like it or not.

25. Who Are You

Breakups hurt. Especially if the other party is someone you can’t cut off completely. The worst part is having to see your ex every day and pretending like you don’t know each other. It gets awkward every time, no matter how long ago the relationship ended. 

Image courtesy of masterxchiller/Twitter

This must have hurt so bad. The guy could literally win an Oscar in the future with that kind of acting. Not that he’s expected to do anything special, but a little “Hey” or “Hi” wouldn’t have hurt. After all, they were once in love.

26. Remain Stranded Forever

People react to breakups in different ways. It is a harrowing experience that can mess up someone’s life, especially if the wronged party had invested so much in the relationship. So, getting even is common. The picture below shows a lady’s revenge plot after a breakup.

Image courtesy of Hsduncan/Reddit

A guy posted how his neighbor’s girlfriend got back at him by ensuring he got stranded for a while. After the breakup, she removed all the handles of his car, making it difficult for him to get in. Some people are not to be trifled with.

27. Driving School Is Calling

Not everyone deserves to be driving a car. A good example is the owner of this car. It was wrongly parked across lines separating the space provided for each vehicle. Seeing this, another driver left a funny message for the car owner to go learn how to drive.

Image courtesy of CommanderApparent/Reddit

The car owner is in for a surprise as the message written on the cardboard didn’t mince any words. People who park wrongly are the worst. They lack consideration for anyone else but themselves, so the one who wrote this deserves some kind of award.

28. This Is Chaotic

When you are in public, or anywhere else for that matter, it’s not advisable to be unnecessarily arrogant. When you have complete disregard for others, you will surely get what you deserve. Plus, being arrogant is just distasteful and stupid.

Image courtesy of velocifasor/Reddit

This picture tells a story of a rude customer who left their car in an area meant for supermarket carts. The store’s employees paid him back by blocking his car at all sides with shopping carts. The owner must have had fun clearing the mess.

29. You Messed With The Wrong Guy

Denying people their wage is an inconsiderate act that shouldn’t be left unpunished. Anybody who hires a laborer and fails to pay them for their services should be ready to accept whatever comes as a result of this selfish attitude.

Image courtesy of CalbertCorpse/Reddit

A man shared a picture of a giant surprise waiting for his neighbor on his driveway. When the said neighbor refused to pay a gardener for cleaning his backyard, the guy left a pile of wood in his driveway as revenge.

30. A Hilarious Car Owner

It is right to own up whenever we cause any form of inconvenience to others, no matter how little. However, not everyone has the good sense to do this. This revenge plot is what a hilarious car owner used on a hit-and-run driver. 

Image courtesy of en2tropy/Reddit

The picture shows a dented and scratched car. The vandalism was done by an uninsured driver who refused to pay. As revenge, the car owner printed a sticker with the uninsured driver’s name pointing to the dent in the car.

31. Talk About Revenge

Most people don’t tolerate anyone being rude to them, not even their kids. There are no limits to how far they would go to teach them a lesson in how to act right. This is how a mother got back at her spoiled kid.

Image courtesy of blakkat99/Twitter

The sly woman posted a picture of how she messed with her son’s Lucky Charms cereal to teach him manners after he was rude to her. Any fan of that cereal will tell you that the marshmallows are the best part, so this was actually very painful.

32. The Kind Of Pettiness We Live For

There is no measure of how far people can go just to prove that they are not to be messed with. It can be worse when the person knows you well because they’ll know just where to hit to cause maximum pain.

Image courtesy of whatcanieattoday/Reddit

A guy shared a funny photo of how his friend’s girlfriend moved out of his house and took everything. She did not even spare the handles of the nightstand. Well, it seems like she has a handle on the situation.

33. Surprise Snack

Kids can be nasty. They can get even more unbearable when they want something and you fail to grant their request. One woman shared a picture of how she made her daughter learn not to shout at anyone older than she is.

Image courtesy of skunkdrunkpunk/Reddit

When her daughter shouted at her unnecessarily, she decided to indulge her whims and gave her a surprise gift for the day. As you can see, instead of Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies, she got brocolli, which is probably the worst substitute for cookies ever.

34. Beast Mode

An argument after wrongdoing, whether intentional or otherwise, is justified. The problem is arguments often lead to revenge, like the next case on our list. A frustrated girl shared the funny thing her sister did to her toothbrush after a heated argument.

Image courtesy of samclaflln/Twitter

This has to be one of the most devious comebacks anyone has ever thought of. Her sister cut all the bristles off her toothbrush. This just proves that some people are so gifted when it comes to revenge missions. We hope she got her chance to pay her sister back for this.

35. Let The Fun Begin

Don’t take what is not yours. A lady shared that some people had been helping themselves to an employee’s jelly beans at work. To get revenge, the wronged person mixed her jelly beans with sweets that had hidden nasty flavors.

Image courtesy of slimjimi09/Reddit

This is what we call taking things to another level. She bought three pounds of jelly beans for her plan. That’s a lot of beans. It fooled most into thinking she brought enough to share with everyone, but alas. We’re sure they learned their lesson.

36. A Passive-Aggressive Monster

Most of the time, kids can be very difficult to figure out. Piss them off, and you will be amazed by their sometimes funny and unnecessary reactions. One father shared what his son did to his fruit just because he was mad at him.

Image courtesy of VictorPopeJr/Twitter

Still want to have kids? We wish you the very best of luck. We’re sure you will need it. Even this man is puzzled by the behavior his kid portrayed here. Today he opened all the fruits; tomorrow, he could sell the house.

37. This Guy Won’t Go Down Alone

Read this funny post by a man who got his first HOA complaint and was determined not to go down alone. He could have just dealt with the situation and moved on, but he decided to handle it in a petty manner.

Image courtesy of Simp4S****/Twitter

After being fined by the HOA, he started reading their handbook to learn about all the things that violate the rules. He hoped by doing that, he would gather enough dirt to tell on his neighbors who have somehow defied the laws.

38. You Can Only Force A Horse To The River

During Christmas, parents go to any length just to make the festive season memorable. On a particular Christmas, some parents thought they were doing something nice for their children, but the young lads weren’t having it. Apparently, they were now big boys and girls. 

Image courtesy of silentscope87/Reddit

A friend of the family claimed that the parents of the kids above always forced them to take a picture with Santa every year. But this time, the children went rogue and decided to take selfies on their own, leaving Santa lonely.

39. Fair Play

A strange guy messed with this person’s email. He accessed his email and signed up for things he wasn’t interested in, thereby spamming the owner’s email account. Unfortunately, the sly guy forgot and signed up his car to the email.

Image courtesy of F3nman/Reddit

Karma is here, and she’s not taking any prisoners. The email owner can beep his horn and make the most of this great opportunity to get back at the guy. Is anyone else thinking of a certain movie about cars coming to life?

40. Sweet And Simple Revenge

This is the perfect idea to get revenge on a troublesome flatmate. When people stress you out and you can’t take it anymore, you can also try this brilliant trick on them, and we guarantee they will never mess with you again.

Image courtesy of CakeLikeBeth/Twitter

A lady dealt with a flatmate that pissed her off by putting all their cutlery to freeze in an ice block. She was so angry that she didn’t even care if they had to live without cutlery. It must have been quite the fight.

41. Hilarious Elon Musk

In 2019, Tesla introduced a new feature named Joe Mode. This featured a volume setting that made sure passengers sitting in the rear seats wouldn’t be disturbed by the car’s chimes and alerts. Read the funny story behind the name of the feature.

Image courtesy of SnazzyQ/Twitter

A guy complained that the Tesla autopilot chimes were too loud and disturbed his baby’s sleep. We all know how petty Elon Musk can be, but this time, he listened to the man’s complaint and even named the feature after him!

42. Stone Cold

Some kids are surprising. They don’t do things or behave like other kids within their age range. It may come as a shock to you, but some children love spicy food. Which is very embarrassing to those of us who can’t handle a little pepper.

Image courtesy of simoncholland/Twitter

This dad shared a hilarious post ridiculing his neighbor on the internet. He was supposedly thanking him, but everyone could see that he was just making fun of the man’s cooking. We hope his neighbor did not see the post, or if he did, he laughed like the rest of us.

43. No Coffee for the Wicked

We repeat. Arguments lead to revenge. Don’t be stubborn and argue with people unnecessarily because they will be provoked to prove that you’ve messed with the wrong person. Especially if you are no match for them when it comes to being petty.

Image courtesy od suspicious_sushi/Reddit

This person shared a post that proves what we just said. The picture displayed a small coffee jar locked with a big padlock just because of an argument between them and their partner. Petty people won’t even let you have a little caffeine to start the day.

44. He Never Forgot

Food is one of those things we don’t play with. The quickest way to make someone mad at you is by messing up with their snack, especially when they’re hungry. See how this guy got revenge on his friend who messed with his food.

Image courtesy of TaylorAnthonyJ/Twitter

Even after 4 months had passed, this guy still hadn’t forgiven his friend for eating his leftovers, let alone forgotten about it. Luckily, he got his friend back the same way by eating his leftovers too. See, food is a touchy subject. Don’t mess with it.

45. Revenge Wrapped in Foil

An average day at work can be made lively with some pranks. Laughter is a great way to refuel after working hard. These co-workers made the most out of the chance to get back at a colleague who had previously pranked them.

Image courtesy of Practical-Try9582/Reddit

Don’t bite more than you can chew. The workers got revenge on the prankster by wrapping everything in his office with foil. Even his floors are covered in the stuff! The whole scene looks like something from an alien spaceship.