Gifts From Grandma That Would Bring Joy To Anyone

By Jhoana C

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If there’s one person who will give us unconditional love and support aside from our parents, it’s our grandparents. In a league of their own, grandmothers are always more than happy to spoil their grandchildren rotten. Grandmas are better than Santa Claus because they are the best when it comes to gift-giving. Sometimes these gifts are so bad that they are actually the best. They will give you suggestive gifts unintentionally, shirts with a variety of cats, mugs that remind you of the toilet, and cucumbers. Say what you will about their gifts, but they have the purest hearts and we just can’t live without them. We have compiled the best grandma gifts for you to brighten your day.

#1 Ask and you shall receive

If there’s one thing grandmas love to do, it’s spoiling their grandchildren. Whatever grandchildren ask, grandmas will give wholeheartedly, and at times they give even more than what’s asked. This new dad asked for new hats for both him and his newborn baby boy.

Image courtesy of SUMgWNa/Imgur

Grandma did not disappoint at all, and went above and beyond the call of being a good grandma by making the hats herself. She spent her time and effort to produce new hats that are cute and extremely unique. You can judge for yourself; we say she did an A+ job.

#2 Your jeep is incomplete without the right accessories

Getting your very first vehicle is exciting and exhilarating. Owning your very own car is different from just borrowing your dad’s car and driving it around town. Of course, getting a new vehicle also means taking the time to choose the right accessories.

Image courtesy of Neverstillcreations/Reddit

This grandma was just as delighted as her grandson when she found out that he got himself a new car, so she took it upon herself to gift him with something that he can definitely use. She spent a lot of time knitting this spare tire cover for his jeep.

#3 Twinning with grandma

Who else enjoys spending time with their grandparents? We know we did when we were growing up. Grandparents are so loving, and they love spoiling their grandchildren. We hope those people who still have grandparents take good care of them.

Image courtesy of Uber_Tastical/Reddit

This fellow went to his grandma’s for a sleepover, and Grandma apologized for wearing her nightgown in front of them. So, he reassured his grandma that it wasn’t an issue and that her nightgown looked comfortable. Grandma promptly offered a fresh new one for him, which he wore with delight.

#4 Grandma’s one-of-a-kind vest

Even if you don’t ask, grandmothers will give. They always magically know exactly what you need. This guy’s grandma must have felt that he needed something to complete his wardrobe, so she dutifully sent him a homemade gift by mail.

Image courtesy of eM7wJLI/Imgur

When he opened the box, he was surprised with a unique vest that she’d spent hours toiling over. We say that it’s quite fashionable, and something that you won’t find in any boutique or department store. He looks good in it.

#5 We’d love to get this photo album too

One of the things we looked forward to growing up was receiving gifts from our grandparents. Whether it was Christmas, birthdays, or any other special occasion, unwrapping gifts and finding the treasures inside are some of our best and most favorite memories.

Image courtesy of stephaneko/Imgur

This fellow didn’t know what to expect when his grandma gave him a “photo album” for his graduation. He didn’t expect such a gift, but he was pleasantly surprised when he leafed through the album. His grandparents filled it with $20 bills!

#6 The blanket we never knew we needed

Grandmas are very creative. They can bake delicious pies; they can sew beautiful clothes; they have plenty of exciting stories to tell, and they know just how to take care of people who are sick. They just have the remedy for anything and everything.

Image courtesy of

This grandchild didn’t know that he needed a shark blanket until his grandma decided to make one for him. Just look at that unique crochet creation! Isn’t it wonderful? He’ll be snug and warm watching TV with it. We have no other comments…

#7 Grandma must have forgotten he’s in his thirties

If grandmas could have their way, they would never let their grandchildren grow up. They want their grandchildren to remain the adorable little kids that they were, running around the house, asking them for sweets. Really, who wouldn’t want to go back for a moment?

Image courtesy of CaptainSnatchbuckler/Reddit

However, time moves and life goes on. Changes happen and people grow old. This guy’s grandma must have forgotten that her grandchild is already in his thirties, and she ended up gifting him with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt. Cowabunga, dude!

#8 Never challenge grandma

If there’s one thing you should never do, that is challenge your grandma. This guy’s brother jokingly told their grandma that what he wanted for Christmas was a hundred things from the Dollar Store. Did she deliver, or did she deliver?

Image courtesy of AceWayne4/Reddit

Lo and behold, he got 100 presents for Christmas from the Dollar Store, courtesy of his grandma, of course. Well, he needs plenty of time to open all his presents, and he needs plenty of space for all his gifts.

#9 The cat’s meow

If only our grandmas could live forever, then we’d be spoiled for life. They give us what we need even before we ask for it. They are always there to listen to our issues, and they can make us a warm and delicious meal any time we need something to lift us up.

Image courtesy of sharppunk/Reddit

This 24-year-old guy’s grandma got him a kitty blanket to sleep under while he is in town for a visit. We don’t see any issue with it, and neither does he. We actually think it’s quite cute and comfortable. He’s gonna have a good night’s sleep with that one.

#10 Grandma’s moving-in gift

Grandmas can either be stuck in another decade or totally up on the latest trends. This girl’s grandma belongs to the former group. So, when her grandma found out that she just moved out of the family home and moved in with her boyfriend, she decided to give her something.

Image courtesy of Slackme1/Reddit

Her grandma gave her this nice house dress. Actually, we also don’t know how to describe it accurately. We see what you’re trying to do there, Grandma. She can consider herself lucky that her grandma didn’t give her a onesie.

#11 This is grandma’s best gift so far

Pillows are comfortable things, and you need plenty of them in your home and in your room. You can hug them if you need something to hold tight and there’s no one around. They really make sleeping as amazing as it is.

Image courtesy of felicahowardd/Twitter

This person got the best of both worlds: a plush pillow, and grandma’s comfort and love. How? Well, her grandma Rosie made pillows from her old shirts that she used to wear. She even attached a note at the back.

#12 Doctor Who called, he wants his scarf back

Cold weather calls for cups and cups of hot chocolate, a thick jacket, and of course, s scarf. You surely wouldn’t want to freeze, or end up with frostbitten fingers and toes. This guy’s grandma must have thought that he needs a lot to warm him up.

Image courtesy of smitus/Reddit

So, Grandma took time out of her busy schedule to knit a scarf for him. She did produce a scarf, but it looks too big and too long for him. But wait! Grandma must have known he is a huge Doctor Who fan, and he wanted to look like the 4th Doctor.

#13 Grandma’s old tv makes for a good display

As we’ve said – and we all know – grandmas are very generous when it comes to their grandchildren. They give whatever they can freely, and they love to spoil grandchildren. This grandma thought her grandchild needed a television, so she gifted one of her own.

Image courtesy of ChocolateCoveredBacon/Imgur

We can understand the grandchild’s excitement about receiving a TV, but lo and behold, what he got was a very old model. Grandma said they could “finally play some video games,” but it doesn’t seem like it will be happening anytime soon.

#14 He told grandma he was into gaming

Gaming in today’s world and gaming decades ago are very different things. Back in our grandparents’ time, there were no laptops, no internet, and no tablets. They had to entertain themselves with crossword puzzles and other board games. There was pinball, of course. But that wasn’t something you could play at home.

Image courtesy of Strid3r21/Reddit

So, when this guy told his grandma that he’s into gaming, grandma searched for the perfect Christmas gift. We’d say she’s rather on point with her choice. Let’s do away with too much screen time that can cause eye problems, and go back to good old puzzle games.

#15 We’d love to have this cake for our birthday

Birthdays, especially when we were younger, were amazing days for us, full of fun. Who didn’t like being made a fuss about with gifts and plenty of food? We know that those birthdays make up some of our best memories.

Image courtesy of Imgur

This fellow, even though he’s already way past his teenage years, still gets yearly birthday gifts from grandma,. And they’re not your usual birthday gifts. He gets spoiled rotten with money that’s given away in some of the most creative and cute ways.

#16 Another grandma who loves to give away money

While we’re on the topic of grandmas who absolutely love to give away money, let’s talk about this equally generous and creative grandma. She doesn’t just give away money in an envelope. No, sir, she finds nice ways to give money.

Image courtesy of Zacirus/Reddit

Look at this polo shirt made of money with a card. This is a gift anyone would love to receive. Grandma may not be able to give away thousands of dollars, but hey, it’s the thought that counts. Looking at it, we’d hate to spend it.

#17 Waste nothing, want nothing

This grandma must deeply believe in the saying, “waste nothing, want nothing.” She is very thrifty, and keeps all the leftover used soaps in the house. You know, those little pieces that we don’t exactly know what to do with?

Image courtesy of hwarner27/Reddit

The funny thing is, instead of just keeping it at home, she thought it would be a good idea to gift it all to her grandchild. Would you be happy or disappointed if you received this gift? Would you think Grandma is stingy?

#18 Grandma gave this knitting masterpiece

We don’t know what it is, but it seems that when women reach a certain age, they just have to pick up knitting needles, yarn, and scissors. We aren’t arguing with it, that’s for sure. Especially considering the fabulous results.

Image courtesy of Shiby92/Reddit

This grandma had time on her hands. She thought it would be an excellent idea to give her grandchild something that she made with her own two hands, so she hurried to finish her knitting masterpiece in time for Christmas. We say the reindeers were thrilled to be part of this!

#19 More knitting grandmas

Speaking of grandmas who love to knit, this one also deserves a spot on this list. Grandmas just have no limits when it comes to love. If you need a unique blanket, you can call on Grandma to make one for you.

Image courtesy of offbow/Imgur

This blanket is not just your ordinary blanket. It’s a awesome Pikachu blanket. Bonus points if you love Pokémon, because this will fit in with your collection, and you can show it off to friends every time you have sleepovers.

#20 Does this scream subtlety?

Some people love subtlety, while others don’t have any clue what it is. If Grandma’s mission when she gave this gift to her grandson was to make him stand out from the rest, then she’ll be happy to know that she nailed it.

Image courtesy of bruck7/Imgur

However, we just think it will be difficult to move around with a belt buckle of that mammoth size. Is it dual purpose? Does it also become a plate when there are none in sight? How did he even get it through the belt loops?

#21 Grandma doesn’t want him to be cold

Living in cold places has pros and cons. Yes, it does improve your skin quality, but it can also make it dry. You will require a lot of heating, and you will have shorter days. People who live in Boston are quite lucky. It doesn’t get that cold in the city.

Image courtesy of Yes-Showtime/Reddit

However, when you live in Florida, Boston might as well be the North Pole. This guy’s grandma must have been feeling the same thing, and wanted to keep her grandson warm, so she ordered him something that will help him during cold days and nights.

#22 Some guide for something that’s already obsolete

If Grandma finds out you need something, she will be more than happy to give it to you, even if you don’t ask. They are just some of the most awesome people in the world, so make sure you spend time with them while you still have them.

Image courtesy of adaminskif/Reddit

This guy’s grandma found out that he liked computers, so thoughtful Grandma thought it would be a good thing to gift him with something that he can use. The only problem is Windows XP is now obsolete, but hey, it’s the thought that counts.

#23 Enough tuna for a dozen cats

This person doesn’t have any cats, but Grandma thought it would be a good idea to gift him with ten cans of tuna for Christmas. Either he really loves tuna, or Grandma confused him with another grandchild that owned a cat.

Image courtesy of bryanheckman/Reddit

But hey, at least he can be sure he won’t starve for the next week, if he isn’t picky about eating canned tuna for every meal. There are plenty of canned tuna recipes on the internet he can peruse. Grandmas can be very funny sometimes.

#24 Yeezy, grandma version

Yeezy sneakers are not cheap. They first debuted in 2015 and originally retailed for $200. If you ask us, that’s too much to pay for sneakers but hey, to each their own, right? If you have the money and you like them, go ahead and buy a pair.

Image courtesy of fajorsk/Reddit

This grandma must have found out that his grandson liked Yeezys but he didn’t have the money for it. So, she remedied the situation by making sure that her grandson gets a new pair of Yeezys, except that it comes in the knitted version. We like these a lot better!

#25 One of the best gifts

As children, Christmas mornings were always so memorable. You got to open presents from family members far and wide. Sometimes, you got the gift you have always wanted, but we all had times when we got other types of gifts.

Image courtesy of krcook510/Reddit

This guy’s grandma is the best. Just look at the gift he got from her. We like the word play there, Grandma. It’s very clever indeed. This would look even better printed on a knitted shirt or sweater. He’s going to rock it.

#26 Indulging her grandson’s love for anything Jurassic

Anything about the Jurassic period is fascinating. If you loved dinosaurs as a child, then we’d get along very well. There are certain things that we never outgrow, including the love of dinosaurs. This guy was just gaga over dinosaurs growing up.

Image courtesy of

Grandma must have forgotten that he’s already a full-grown adult. For Christmas, she gave him a (pretty awesome) dinosaur toy. Luckily, it didn’t go to waste, because he had a 5-year-old son that loved it. We suspect Grandma knew who the real recipient was.

#27 Nobody needed this, Grandma

Some grandmas are eccentric, and sometimes you don’t understand if they think something weird is a good idea, or it’s just a quirk you will never understand. However, we still love them all the same, because there will never be anyone like them.

Image courtesy of Bored Panda

This lady’s husband got mushrooms for Christmas, while their son got cranberry sauce. They don’t really know what they are going to use it for, but hey it’s the holiday season right. What did the lady get? The teeth of her husband’s favorite horse as a child! Yes, we are also shaking our heads.

#28 Super Mario all the way

Children of the 80s and 90s have one game that they will never forget: Super Mario. Mario has been a part of their childhood, and over the years the game has gone through a lot of changes. Now, they can share their love for Mario with their very own children too.

Image courtesy of blandisanoob/Reddit

This grandma recalls just how much her grandson loved Mario when he was younger. So, for Christmas, she made him a Super Mario blanket. This is something you will never be able to buy anywhere, and comes with a lot of sentimental value.

#29 No one understands birthdays better than grandmas

It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 or 35, your grandma will still dote on you, especially if you happen to be her favorite grandchild. Grandmas love to show their love for their grandchildren all the time, and even more so during special occasions.

Image courtesy of llama1892/Reddit

This guy’s grandma, in his own words, just gets it. He is more than proud to show everyone what Grandma got him for his birthday. We love the psychedelic design around the cat’s serious face. Just don’t stare too long, though.

#30 Need something to protect your head?

We don’t know what it is about grandmas and knitting, but they just seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. Maybe grandmas have it in their DNA, the knitting gene. Or perhaps it’s just a lack of something else to do.

Image courtesy of N3RDSFTW/Imgur

When this guy started a new hobby, he quickly told his grandma. When he showed her a picture of a knight’s helm, she thought it would be a good idea to knit one for him. He looks fabulous. Great job, Grandma!

#31 Send a picture the old way

Grandmas may not always be technologically savvy, but they are so endearing. This grandma already has a phone that can take and send pictures. However, she chose not to send pictures the new way. She likes to do things her way.

Image courtesy of misstinkles420/Reddit

She’s sticking to her old-school way of having the picture printed, put in an envelope, and sent to her grandson through snail mail. Well, look at Grandma there smiling, and having the time of her life taking her photo. And she has great style.

#32 Grandma loves Nyan Cat too

Nyan Cat is one of the most popular cat on YouTube. It was originally a video uploaded in April 2011, but it soon became an internet meme. The animated half-Pop Tart, half-cat flies through space and leaves a rainbow trail behind.

Image courtesy of theagtm/Imgur

Pretty much everyone that has seen these towels want them. This grandma rules, and she knows it. For sure Grandma took some time to finish this work of art. We’re just not sure if she embroidered it or cross-stitched it.

#33 Another grandma who loves cats

What is it about grandmas and cats? They just seem to go together. We see more grandmas with cats than we can count. This grandma may not have made this gift with her own hands, but she sure does have excellent taste.

Image courtesy of JAOOB/Reddit

Grandma is surely rocking it, and it’s evident from her grandson’s face that he is loving his gift. He will be wearing it for a very long time, we are sure. This is a t-shirt that we surely want in our closets, too.

#34 Grandma must have confused her gifts

It’s understandable for grandmas to get confused with their gift giving, especially if they have a lot of grandchildren. Try as they may, their memory might not that reliable anymore, but one thing is for sure, they love their grandchildren.

Image courtesy of octabeck/Imgur

This guy’s grandma must have confused him with his girl cousins. When he opened his gift, he was surprised to see a red robe with hearts on it. It looks fashionable with his pajamas, though, and his dog seems to love it.

#35 Grandma is on point

Thank goodness for grandmas who know exactly what we need. They are indeed a great gift that we should cherish. This young man was so happy to receive his gift, and he couldn’t be prouder to wear it for everyone to see.

Image courtesy of Releasethebears/Reddit

It says that he only care about his beard, about 3 people and of course, his beer. He doesn’t deny it at all. He may be a little antisocial, but who needs a lot of people when you have the trust and loyalty of your grandma?

#36 From a grandma who loves scrabble

Word games were a hit decades ago before tablets, iPads, and smartphones became the norm. We can still remember spending endless hour splaying scrabble with cousins, friends, and family. That game has the ability to bring people together, and tear them apart.

Image courtesy of CandySnow/Imgur

This grandma loves Scrabble and her grandchildren so much that she thought putting their names on a scrabble quilt would make an excellent idea. And we couldn’t agree more. Grandma is super creative indeed, having made that board on her own.

#37 Grandson, it’s cold outside

Getting hypothermia is not a joke. If you live in places where winters are really cold, you should protect yourself. And if you’re lucky, you have a grandmother that has your back, and weathers all storms with you. Maybe she even knits for you.

Image courtesy of CandySnow/Imgur

This guy lives in a place where winters can get really harsh, so his grandma made him something that he can use to keep his nose warm. His 94-year-old grandma knitted this Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer nose for him. We think it is super cute.

#38 He loves his new beanie

Grandmas have magic hands. They can whip up delicious meals from scratch, mend anything that needs mending, and make magical gifts that you absolutely won’t find anywhere else. If you need proof of the latter, just look at this beanie.

Image courtesy of ScathanApproves/Reddit

This guy can’t complain of coming across someone who’s wearing the same beanie as him. We like that chicken leg on the side; it’s something that you don’t see every day. Winner, winner chicken dinner! He should wear this when he visits Grandma on Thanksgiving.

#39 You get the first cucumber

This person gave her aunt cucumber seeds for Christmas, and her aunt decided to plant the seeds. When they grew and started bearing cucumbers, her grandma thought it would be a good idea to give her the very first cucumber.

Image courtesy of KWhale15/Reddit

Grandma also spruced it up with a bow and presented it to her like a gift. Now, how should she reciprocate this good gesture? Perhaps she can make pickles out of the cucumber and give it to grandma? We think she’d love it.

#40 Naughty grandma

This grandma seems to have a naughty side, and we are loving it. We love her choice of gift box because it’s something more than just your usual box wrapped with wrapping paper and topped with a ribbon.

Image courtesy of AlwaysUpvotePugs/Imgur

We may not know what is inside the box, but we are intrigued just looking at it. We’d love to undo Santa’s belt to see what he has got inside for us. We have been nice throughout the year. We wonder what he gives to naughty children?

#41 You must learn how to text properly

If you think you know text-speak with SMH, LOL, and BRB, you got nothing on this grandma. Liked to talk in acronyms? You and this grandma will get along just fine. She has mastered the art, and would like her family to do the same.

Image courtesy of princessDB/Reddit

That’s why she gifted her granddaughter with his handy book, which she can always consult if something gets lost in translation. We are not even aware of some of these acronyms. They are new to us, too. It’s obvious Grandma has got the advantage.

#42 Happy with his gift from grandma

We love this shirt’s clever wordplay, and Grandma certainly has a great sense of humor. Who wouldn’t be happy to receive such a gift from a beloved grandma? We can understand why this guy is so happy with his gift.

Image courtesy of yablebab/Reddit

We’re not going to try explaining hadron, because it’s all about physics and I don’t think people want to spend their time reading about it. We would like you to focus more on the pun at play here, and how cool Grandma is.

#43 Another awesome grandma

Why do some people get awesome grandmas and others don’t? Well, not all of us can be as lucky, and that’s a fact of life we have to deal with. This guy is proudly showing off the pillow that he got from grandma last Christmas.

Image courtesy of oMatt22/Reddit

From the looks of it, grandma is someone who likes watching Top Gear and listening to Giant Bomb. This pillow is gonna get a lot of loving and use. We’d do the same, if we had it. We would show it off proudly to houseguests, too.

#44 Cute cat

If you like cats but can’t have one, what’s the next best thing? A cat shirt, of course. A cat shirt that’s lovingly given by Grandma as a Christmas present. We love how the little fellow looks cute and snug on the shirt.

Image courtesy of Lilluckyducky1/Reddit

It may not cost much, but it is worth more than its weight in gold, because it comes from a very dear person. We are certain that this guy will take good care of it, and keep it for as long as he can.

#45 Grandma wants to go to the tropics

Being in the tropics means palm trees, pristine white-sand beaches, relaxing under the sun, a variety of water sports, and countless cocktails in hand. Who wouldn’t want that, especially if you’re someone who lives in places with freezing temperatures most of the year?

Image courtesy of Bewaretheboomstick/Reddit

This guy’s grandma must have wanted to take him on a tropical vacation, but seeing as she won’t be able to do so, she did the next best thing. She got him a shirt with palm trees. However, it made him look like a walking desktop wallpaper.