30+ Bad Hair Cuts…And The Confident People Flaunting Them

By Sachin P

On Reddit, there’s a humorous group that gathers photos of the worst and most unlucky hairstyles the internet has to offer. This forum has it all: horribly colored tresses, wonky bangs, you name it. We also appreciate the fact that this includes everyone, whether they are ordinary people or well-known celebs. We’re not going to lie to you. When we initially started going through this subreddit, we had mixed thoughts. Honestly, we couldn’t help but feel bad for the people in the photos. But then we figured it out — bad haircuts are a universal discomfort we all either fear or actually face after a trip to the barber/salon. Don’t worry about laughing; it’ll grow back! Keep that in mind, and you won’t feel so guilty scrolling through some ridiculous haircuts.

2 Guys 1 Do

How to show that two people are best friends without them saying so? Well, here you go. The evidence is in this picture right here. The best thing about this image is that these two are related! Yeah, dad and son!

lightlyImpress88 / Reddit

We love how they align to make a full head of hair between the two of them. That barber must have been a quantity surveyor in a past life, because, just look at that clean-cut! That’s true talent right there!

Incomplete Porcupine

We have nothing on this hairstyle, to be honest. It looks somewhat okay, even though it reminds us of a porcupine that got in a fight and lost some of its quills. Perhaps our only critique would be the hair falling in his face. Isn’t that annoying?

muchPulse60 / Reddit

What’s more eye-catching, however, is the dude in the background. What in the fresh blue heck is the guy on the bicycle doing? Is he practicing for trick cycling? Or is he taking part in a dare? Nobody knows…and it might be better that way.

If technicalities are art, he’s the Picasso of it.

Have you ever heard of neckbeards? Normally, you’d see it on Amish men, who use it to distinguish themselves as married men who would not join the military. But, if you look up a picture of “Amish neckbeard” you’ll see they look more…natural than this one.

airborneANDrowdy / Reddit

What gets us is the perfectly shaved chin. Perhaps it’s the angle, but it looks like this guy is wearing a fake beard attached by an elastic string. Sorry, dude, but the partially shaved chin isn’t a good look. But we applaud your efforts!

Primus inter unique hairstyles

Aw man, we seriously miss pinball machines. Sure, they still exist, but they’re not as common anymore. Now you need to have a friend with one, or at some random arcade. Though, this picture looks straight out of the ’80s. Just look at that hair!

glueisgood4u / Reddit

Well, to be perfectly honest, there is nothing to say about this hair other than it looks fantastic on her! Just look how it holds! What a hairspray! And, looking at the focus on her face, that hair isn’t falling any time soon.

Looks cool. But…

Hey, so Blackbeard called. He wants his facial hairstyle back! No, not the Blackbeard from Pirates of the Caribbean. Nor the one played by Taika Watiti (which is absolutely brilliant). We are referring to the Blackbeard from the movie Pan.

Fridge_1_Remastered / Reddit

Haven’t heard of it? Well can’t blame any of you because it was PANned by the critics (See what we did there, eh?) Well, Hugh “Wolverine” Jackman plays the titular Blackbeard who sports some amazing facial hair. This barber was talented enough to replicate that!

Is your stylist a Remulakian?

If you’ve never seen Coneheads — either the SNL sketch or film — let us help you out. The plot revolves around a species of extraterrestrials stranded on Earth who had transliterated their Remulakian name to “Conehead.” Bit old school, but we couldn’t help but bring it up…

MonkeyOnYourMomsBack / Reddit

Well, by now, you guys must understand where we are going with this. This hairdo reminds us of the coneheads. Yeah, we know it’s less conical than it should be, but the hairdresser did a great job using just the shape of a human head and some hair.

Over 9000!

You guys remember Dragon Ball Z, right? There’s no way any of you haven’t heard of that. Well, one of the most iconic moments is when Goku goes Super Saiyan. Whenever he does this, his whole body changes; most notably, his hair.

CornCobSandwich / Reddit

It looks like this lady is mid-transformation, channeling some intense mom energy to take on the day with her family. Perhaps it looks so weird because she’s surrounded by boys with short haircuts, but something tells us she’d look out of place with her girlfriends, too.

We need a manager over here!

When Kate Gosselin got her notorious “mom cut” in 2008, she became a pop culture star. The hairstyle was just an asymmetric pixie with lengthy front bangs and spiky layers sticking up straight in the back. It’s now known also as the “requesting the manager” cut.

Farqwarr / Reddit

It is the ultimate style of every person who is so tired of dealing with people and is ready to dish out the insults. We’ll let you in on a secret with this picture: this guy is actually happy with his life. He just slept on wet hair!

How convenient!

It looks as if there was a sale on fake eyelashes. Well, with a buy one get one free deal, there’s no sense in turning down the free pair. This guy must not have known where to put the second set, though.

I_Ran_Over_Oprah / Reddit

In all seriousness, we have to show this guy some appreciation for proudly wearing the balding fringe. If we were to guess, this picture was taken for professional use. Well, at least the rest of the hair is trimmed well and looks dapper.

Queen’s Gambit 2

Now, this slightly miffs us because it is not a perfect 8×8 square grid, as a chess board should be. But we can’t stay mad at a supremely talented barber. Just how in the heck did he manage this hairdo?

KyraX007 / Reddit

Just look at the chess pieces! They are also made out of hair, so it seems! Must have taken hours to do this properly. Does this guy have people asking to touch his hair a lot? We’d have a hard time passing up checking out this fantastic hairstyle.

How to locate the hero in an anime

This picture looks like it belongs in a grid at a hair salon. You know, those posters with hairstyles you can request. While some of the pictures are usually decent, there are the occaional styles that are questionable and won’t look good on anyone.

burning daisies / Reddit

This haircut is an example of two good things combining to make one bad thing. Hair dye is fun, but if you color your hair, make sure the color complements you and your skin one. Honestly, this guy looks like a main character in an anime.

Time jump alert!

You guys need to know the backstory behind this unique haircut. Apparently, this was from a documentary about conspiracies! Well, this is certainly an appropriate haircut. Conspiracy theories usually end with a lot of people running their hand throught their hair. And it looks like that’s what happened here.

Nooodlepip / Reddit

We can’t help but remark on the fact that this looks Victorian, in a sense. They were more about fake wigs, toupees, and toques, rather than having a decent head of hair. Wait, does this mean he’s a time traveler?

Drums in the deep

We have to say, quite honestly, that this is one impressive hairdo. Although it reminds us of certain things, you can’t help but wonder about the talent and the inspiration behind this…umm…magnificent specimen. Must have taken a heck of a long time!

bpermaculture / Reddit

It kind of looks like a headdress more than a hairdo, if you look at it from a certain angle. It reminds us of those headdresses the Aztecs, Maya and the Inca used, to show that they are descended from the Sun god, himself.

Throwing shade

Again, we are in awe of this hair design! We sure are and there is no doubt about that. No sir! Just look at that composition. It must have taken a lot of product to get the hair shaped like that. Do you think there is some wire hiding underneath?

Inchoate / Reddit

This hairstyle kills two birds with one stone. No need for a hat with a hairdo like that. Plus, her hair is out of her face, instead of sweatily sticking to her neck. This is an odd, yet somehow perfect summer hairdo.

That a goatee mullet?

Why does this guy have a goatee on the back of his neck? Is it the fashion trend these days? Isn’t it difficult keep a clean shaven line of long hair? It must take some seriuos maintenance. Whose idea is this?

cyborg8 / Reddit

No matter what’s going on, this is certainly classified as a mullet. We can’t deny that there’s a “party in the back” going on with this haircut. And, perhaps it’s just the lighting, but the difference in hair color across his head is a little off-putting.

Ready. Set. Go!

If you think the 2000s have unrealistic beauty standards, let’s take a jump back to 1964. That’s when this picture was taken! These ladies are all lined up for a track meet. And, as ladies do, they are looking their best at all times.

SellQuick / Reddit

It’s not just one lady, but all three who took several cans of hairspray to get the perfect do. Although this is a picture taken before their track meet, we’re willing to bet that their hair didn’t move the entire run.

Panama cut

When properly done, a line adds so much character and swag to an otherwise mundane haircut. They are quite frequently paired with undercuts and in the hands of a skillful barber, they can turn into a statement piece. Who doesn’t like that?

instilledbee / Reddit

This isn’t a skilled barber if they gave this man a canal instead of an understated line. And, unlike the expansive Panama Canal, this took 10 seconds, not 10 years to create. We can’t tell if he likes it, though. That’s all that matters!

“Gimme the sad unicorn”

If you’ve ever had bangs, then you know how annoying it can be when it comes time for a haircut. No matter how good it looks, getting hair in your eyes every five seconds doesn’t feel worth it. This guy looks like a very sad, albeit devastated humanoid unicorn.

britknee1887 / Reddit

We have to give him credit for braiding the single lock of hair, but that doesn’t make it any less irritating to be flopping around all day long. Then again, it probably took a while to grow, so he probably likes the look.

Balaclava cut

This is what happens when you ask the barber for an Irish haircut. But instead of giving this guy a Gaelic haircut as he asked for, the barber went ahead and gave him a haircut favored by the provisional IRA.

liudeyi / Reddit

Yeah, you heard that right! That’s no haircut but a balaclava! Works wonders if he is still a guerilla but wreaks havoc in his social life. Also, why does it look like it was not cut by a razor but drawn by a sharpie?

Surgeon barber

This is the most curious-looking hairstyle we have seen on this thread so far. That is for sure. But the main topic of discussion and the focus should be not on the fade. No sir! It should be on the lines.


Just look how precise the lines are. It looks like the barber took a dang ruler to this guy’s head. Now if this barber had the privilege to attend medical school, he’d have been a great surgeon. With such a steady hand, he can’t go wrong!

Sharing is caring

Remember an earlier post where the father and son duo had a split haircut? Even though they looked odd apart, pieced together it’d be a complete head of hair. Well, we have another version of that, but with some color!

Max_Stoned / Reddit

According to eagle eyed Netizens, this is from the Jeremy Kyle show. While that hairstyle is not to our taste, we have to give them credit for rocking it and sharing their unique hair dye with the world. You go, girls!

“How’s is thine haircut, m’lud?”

In the front, he looks like a young merchant from the 15th century, with a proclivity for the eccentric. Just look at that cut. He must have been a witness when Thomas á Beckett was taken care of. What a cut this is.

thatmichaelguy / Reddit

Now we have covered the history of the front, let us cover the back. Hey, Anthony Swofford from “Jarhead” called. He wants his military regulation haircut back. Oh, what fun and unique times we live in. No boredom at all.

But why?

There was this Australian children’s television series called Spellbinder; it dealt with parallel worlds and realities. The show came out in the ’90s, along with dozens of other iconic science fiction shows. Unlike Buffy, it only ran for one season…

balderslv / Reddit

In end of the season, it centers on the land of the dragon lord. So, the ruler, Son, is a kid with a forehead fringe, a shaved head, and a ponytail. Seems like they were trying to emulate to no avail. Instead of a ponytail, the kid got a puppy tail.

Looks like Vegeta, I’m just Saiyan

Remember Vegeta? He is the fallen Saiyan race’s prince and Bulma’s husband, as well as the dad of Bulla and Trunks. Vegeta was formerly a cruel, cold-blooded warrior and ruthless assassin, but he subsequently gives up his duty in the Frieza Force.

Steviep2036 / Reddit

He chooses to stay and dwell on Earth. Now, this hairstyle really awakens our memories of him. Just look at the spike formation and the direction those spikes are facing. Classic Vegeta, this is. Must have spent cans upon cans of hairspray on this.

Superman curl

There was this image circulating of this cute puppy with a vestigial tail on its forehead. Yeah, something like a unicorn horn but it’s not a horn but a tail. Sounds really cute now, doesn’t it? Well, is that what he’s trying to do?

KarmaCharmeleon1 / Reddit

Well, we sure hope not. We think he’s a fan of comics and wanted to emulate that hair curl superman had, back in the day (Remember Christopher Reeves?). Well, the barber, bless his soul, did the best he could from what he knew.

What genre is this?

Remember Cyberpunk 2077? The plot of Cyberpunk 2077 revolves around a prototype biochip that is supposed to also be the ticket to eternal life. V, a mercenary who believes in cash and cash alone, grabs the chip in the hopes of quick riches.

_MyWiFiSucks_ / Reddit

V ends up needing to implant the microchip within their own head. That’s about the basics and that’s somewhat the look she’s after. Instead, she ended up looking like Leeloo from Fifth Element and Amelie from the movie, Amelie. Looks cute on her except for the cut.

Budget Guile

Remember Guile from Street Fighter? Guile is a physically and mentally tough man who values family and is a caring father and husband to his children. Guile, a stoic guy at heart, hides his deep feelings behind his calm and emotionless façade, particularly his rage for his friend’s death.

jottyRight / Reddit

Now if Guile were to be hit by tragedy after tragedy and if he loses all mental fortitude that makes who he is, this can be expected. This is somewhat like a rendition of a low-cost cosplay from that Thai dude.


He could be running in the park and he comes across a friend. That friend comments on his new headband like “Hey man. Is that a limited-edition Nike headband I see? I haven’t seen that. Where and how did you get it?”

Alreaddy_reddit / Reddit

He is like “Nah man. You will trip when you see it. Go ahead and touch it!” He touches it and it is nothing but hair. Yeah, he cut his hair around his head like a headband. Skill or being eccentric?


Okay, so the backstory is that she paid money for this type of shoddy work to be done on her hair. That’s what we can’t believe and something which really drives us over the edge. Why pay money for such work?

scruffydogfan / Reddit

Such really substandard work. This is a shame, actually. This lady paid her hard-earned money, only for her hair to look like it was cut by a two-year-old? Also, what is with the bend in the middle? A half-hearted attempt at making it look fashionable?

He went and did it

Those who rely on designer clothing to project a specific vision of the world are often dissatisfied with their own position in society and cling to external aspects to persuade people that they really are far better than really believe.

C-boy_city / Reddit

Which is utter hogwash, if you ask us. People should be able to wear what they want without any prejudice from anyone. Except for this haircut. Unless Nike paid him in royalties for this, there is no point in this. So, just (don’t) do it.

Analyze this

Okay to the front he looks like a Slavic teenager who is obsessed with Adidas. To the side, he looks like a middle-aged war veteran who came back home and wants to live a peaceful life. All tied in with that mullet.

MylesRogers1 / Reddit

Or if you can call it a mullet. That thing would put even the most hair-conscious Disney princess to shame. Look at the volume, the color, and the glisten on that thing. All in all, aces. Even though it looks quite sci-fi-esque.

Nobody deserves this

We remember our school days. Catholic boys’ schools can be pretty strict in enforcing their discipline. So, there was a school mandated haircut that every boy had to adhere to. Failure to acknowledge meant impromptu haircuts that no one wanted.

buddhai-beats / Reddit

So this is why school holidays were cherished because you can experiment with haircuts. Unlike this one here. This is like a mohawk if the mohawk was made from an upturned toilet brush. Man, we do feel the pain of this guy!


Why does he look like a 14th-century monk? It’s like he’s facing an ethical dilemma because he believes in the sciences and that could be heresy. That can land him in a world of trouble at a time when religious persecutions are normal.

shdbecysbgv / Reddit

It looks kind of like that meme where a guy’s forehead veins are popping because he is holding something in? Well, less extreme than that but somewhat appropriate in resemblance. Sigh, he really paid money to get this done on himself?

Oy vey

If your present barber is aware that you need a new stylist, they may be able to assist you in finding a new establishment, even if it is in a different area. Thanks to online networks and industry-related events, that is.

SciFiHiFive / Reddit

Barbers tend to network and meet barbers from various regions and keep those contacts fresh. Why we are going down this road, you might wonder? Well to avoid expensive incidents like this. 120 dollars for this faux hipster Viking look? That’s a real shame.