A Homeowner’s Nightmare: 40+ Times The HOA Were Extreme With Their Demands

By Jhoana C

This article was originally published on mydiwise

Buying your own home, whether for the first time or the nth time, should assure you that you have your very own safe space in this chaotic world. After a long day, you can come home, shut your door, put up your feet, and just relax.

You should be able to freely exercise your creativity and decorating skills in your home. It shouldn’t be a place of terror where you have to do exactly what someone else says concerning how you should run your household or what color you should paint your fence. But that’s precisely what a Homeowners Association or HOA does.

They dictate and make impositions that make you feel like you’re a renter who has to give in to their every whim and not a homeowner. Don’t believe us? Scroll down and see pictures that will make you wish HOAs didn’t exist.

#1 When Your Kids Can’t Even Have Friends Over

One of the best things about being a kid is playing with other kids. Running around, jumping here and there, screaming your lungs out, and just being a rambunctious lot. However, when neighbors who seem to hate kids join the fray, it’s a different story.

Image courtesy of JustJJ92/Reddit

This homeowner had their children’s friends over for what was supposed to be a nice playdate. Unfortunately, their neighbor decided to call their HOA and complain about them having an unauthorized daycare in a residential area. Wow! We didn’t know it was now illegal to have your kids play with their friends!

#2 The Opposite Of A Fun Dog Park

Sometimes, neighbors can be the most annoying people you’ll ever have to deal with. Look at this beautiful dog park that the poster’s homeowner’s association came up with. Do you see anything wrong with it? Well, everything is wrong with it.

Image courtesy of click2189/Reddit

There are no trees, no shade, and no turf. We bet you there’s also no water source there. The space that’s supposedly a dog park contains nothing but rocks and gravel. Do you think your canine friend would have a grand time playing here? We didn’t think so either.

#3 Getting A Violation For Parking On Your Own Property

It baffles us how anyone could get a parking ticket for parking on their own property. It might seem unimaginable, but it became a reality for this guy. However, what irked most people about this photo was not the parking violation.

Image courtesy of Yaser_Sharifeh/Reddit

It was the fact that the HOA couldn’t find less sticky paper to use for the violation. Seriously speaking, though, we don’t understand how this is a rule. Where are homeowners supposed to park their cars if they can’t do so in their homes?

#4 There’s Always A Way Around Things

Some homeowners’ associations are so unreasonable that people have found ways to go around things without being subjected to annoying and unfair practices. Take, for instance, this household that had to learn how to deal with them in its own way.

Image courtesy of memon17/Reddit

They were told that putting up a Pride flag was not allowed, but they wanted to celebrate Pride. Luckily they found a loophole. Yard lights were not regulated, so they put up plenty of lights with the colors of the Pride flag. Clever!

#5 On The Subject Of Farting

This is supposed to be a list of HOAs overstepping boundaries, but for once, we’re going to side with them. Why? Because even though farting is a natural biological process, you shouldn’t be doing it wantonly. There is a wrong and proper place for farting.

Image courtesy of cigar_dude/Reddit

An excellent example of a wrong place for farting is the elevator. Other people need not be subjected to the odor. But we’re curious, though, if they put any infrared cameras in the elevator because how else are they gonna know who farted?

#6 Here’s A Good Chance Of Getting Back At The HOA

Most HOAs on this list are highly unreasonable. We bet people are just waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike back at them. Luckily for this guy, he’s just been handed that opportunity. Time to bankrupt the HOA for wreaking havoc on his yard.

Image courtesy of worm30478/Reddit

There is nothing better or worse, depending on how you look at it than the HOA illegally gutting the yard behind someone’s house. The yard contained privacy bushes and protected cypress trees. All things considered, we bet this guy would definitely win this case if it ever got to court.

#7 When They Give You A Free Trim And Then Some More

We can only expect one outcome from this horrific situation: litigation. When HOA landscapers decide to give your yard a free trim and then cut your internet connection at the same time, they better brace themselves for what is coming.

Image courtesy of artemis2k/Reddit

Some people on the internet pointed out that this was done deliberately because it would take considerable force to cut cables this thick. Also, there’s no way in the world they missed the wires. Unlike the plants, they are black, not green.

#8 They Were Told They Were Growing Something Poisonous

How can you accuse people of planting poisonous plants in their yards when you don’t have any proof? This person’s neighbors clearly did not like him, so they told the HOA that he was growing poisonous things in their backyard.

Image courtesy of nierdo/Reddit

He was told off but look at his harvest! The supposedly ‘dangerous plants’ were nothing but delicious butternut squash. Now, he might as well uproot all the butternut squash and put some belladonna or poison ivy. That would serve the neighbors right.

#9 No More Privacy Bushes For This Homeowner

Privacy bushes serve a purpose. Some people don’t want to be seen by others from their windows. Instead of drawing curtains, which would darken the entire room, they simply opt for privacy bushes that can partially block people’s view into their homes.

Image courtesy of mccarthybergeron/Reddit

This homeowner discovered that his HOA trimmed the privacy bushes without asking for his permission. How would you feel if you were in his place? We would be livid and make sure somebody paid for it because it’s plain unacceptable.

#10 Getting Sued For Feeding Ducks

How is it illegal to feed ducks? We’re sure that’s what this homeowner was thinking when she got sued by the HOA for feeding stray ducks. No, she wasn’t raising the ducks in her backyard. She simply just saw them and decided to feed them.

Image courtesy of R.A. Schuetz/Reddit

Little did she know that her Samaritan act would lead to something serious. People think that she was probably near a pond and saw the ducks and thought it would be a good thing to make sure they weren’t hungry. So much for being a kind-hearted human being.

#11 When It’s Up To The HOA To Replace House Numbers

Look at this house number the HOA put on houses. Artistic and superb, right? We’re rolling our eyes so hard with this one because how can they think this is acceptable? It looks horrible and proves they were just too lazy to make a decent one.

Image courtesy of banananutbread12/Reddit

Although this was probably temporary, they should have come up with something that looks better and presentable. Can the HOA be charged with being ridiculous? Sometimes they can be so annoying that you can’t help but hate them even more.

#12 When Trashcans Suddenly Become An Annoyance

Sometimes people can’t help but think their HOAs are out to get them on trumped-up charges. It often seems like they are bored and can’t think of anything better to do than hound people and make lives miserable for them.

Image courtesy of kalinkabeek/Reddit

This poster’s neighbor’s trash cans had been in the same place for more than a decade, and there was nary a complaint. Suddenly, their HOA threatened the neighbor with a fine because of the trash cans. That’s quite perplexing, don’t you think?

#13 Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Pink

What can be worse than having an HOA monitor your every move and decision with your own home? Having the head of the HOA live right across the street from you. A fate that this poster had to suffer through.

Image courtesy of Sdonof53/Reddit

His neighbor constantly complained about his home’s appearance, and we can only guess that he must have also threatened the poster with a lot of things. So, to get back at him, the homeowner painted his house in Pepto Bismol pink!

#14 Homeowner With The Best Sense Of Humor

For the love of all that is mighty and heavenly, we don’t see the point of cutting down a tree when it’s not bothering you, is not harmful, and is doing nothing but supplying you with much-needed oxygen. This homeowner was told by his HOA to cut down a tree in his yard.

Image courtesy of Runeax/Reddit

He complied but thought it would be good to leave something extra in memory of his beloved tree. So, he left the trunk and painted it like a pencil. Although we think this is creative, we think it would have been somewhat funnier if he made it look like a finger.

#15 Christmas Decorations Are Mandatory?

This is mind-boggling to us because, first, not all people celebrate Christmas. Second, what if you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford to buy HOA-sanctioned Christmas decorations? Why are HOAs even allowed to enforce how people should celebrate Christmas?

Image courtesy of Porcupineemu/Reddit

This poster’s HOA required elaborate Christmas decorations, so he put up the decor but ensured that he got back at them in the process. Here you can see his masterpiece of the Grinch and a middle finger raised for the HOA.

#16 HOAs Are Useless

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, HOAs are useless. When you need them to step up and address things that really matter, they rarely do so. They also do a slipshod job of protecting homeowners against serious threats.

Image courtesy of thatonedinobot-theon/Reddit

This poster asked his HOA to address the uneven sidewalks in their area and how did the HOA take action? By putting a useless sign saying people should walk at their own risk. What do they want people to do? Crawl or fly?

#17 Rules Should Not Be Retroactive

When rules are put in place, especially where real estate is concerned, they should not be retroactive. Instead, they should only be imposed on future homes built. This poster’s HOA decided to set a new rule for houses to be at least 35 feet from the road.

Image courtesy of WiseSay/Reddit

The new rule has a big problem since their neighbors’ homes are not 35 feet from the road. What were the residents whose homes didn’t comply with the new rules supposed to do? Some of them had lived there for years, so it doesn’t make sense to impose new rules on old houses.

#18 Neighborhood Checkpoints

Why have checkpoints in a residential area? Whoever thought of this back at the HOA must have been a lousy comic because this joke of a rule is certainly not funny at all. On the contrary, it’s making people furious.

Image courtesy of spacebeatles/Reddit

If anything, this is reminiscent of the Berlin Wall, dividing neighbors from one ‘section’ to another and restricting free movement. Last we checked, the US was still a democracy, so why is this mockery even allowed? Do HOAs own roads?

#19 This Shouldn’t Be Allowed!

A “Karen” is the name given to a white woman whom everybody sees as over-entitled, extremely demanding, and altogether annoying. They demand to get their own way no matter the consequences. The pandemic spawned countless Karens all over the world.

Image courtesy of iSaidYEA/Reddit

A Karen complained about a tree fort built on private property, and the poster had no choice but to take it down because the HOA demanded that. This should never have happened! Why would you even take a child’s God-given right to play and have fun?!

#20 When Your HOA Is Too Lazy

Street signs are important because they provide valuable information to road users and drivers. They are in place to help keep people safe, communicate much-needed messages to pedestrians and drivers, and keep accidents to a minimum or reduce them to zero, if possible.

Image courtesy of PixelPacker/Reddit

This sign saying “Children at Play” was haphazardly put up by the HOA. First, it’s not even straight, making it harder to read from a distance. If accidents happen in this area, the HOA should be held accountable for their carelessness.

#21 When Plywood Is Such A Big Issue

Although plywood is not strong enough to withstand a hurricane, it is better than having nothing covering your glass windows and doors. Though it’s an added layer of protection, we have to admit that it isn’t such a lovely sight.

Image courtesy of orangeslash/Reddit

This HOA must hate plywood so much since they found it necessary to put a note on a homeowner’s door with instructions regarding removing the plywood he’d put up. Perhaps the HOA should give people time instead of being this demanding.

#22 Will The HOA Be Paying For This?

What do you do when your HOA not only constructs a sidewalk through your side yard but also bursts the pipe coming to your house in the process? Only one word comes to mind, and it’s the best way to get back at unreasonable and irresponsible associations.

Image courtesy of TeakKey7/Reddit

What’s that word? Litigation, of course. Sue the hats off their head, and that should teach them a lesson. No matter how nice you want to be and avoid confrontation, actions like this should be addressed. The HOA can’t be allowed to do whatever they want.

#23 When The HOA Refuses To Remove Dog Waste

If you have a dog and the dog does its business on the grass or the pavement, you need to pick up after your dog because you’re responsible for it. After that, you also need to dispose of your dog’s excrement in the right place.

Image courtesy of Vidjagames/Reddit

But what are you supposed to do when your HOA refuses to empty the dog waste bin and ignores countless calls? An angry internet user suggested that the poster find where the head of the HOA lives and dump all the trash in his yard. What do you think?

#24 Would You Volunteer For This?

How do you test if an area’s HOA is well-loved or abhorred? Post an ad asking for volunteers to help clean a specific area and offer drinks right after. We won’t dictate what drinks; it’s up to you to decide.

Image courtesy of Fresh_Assistance/Reddit

If people readily volunteer without batting an eyelash, it means that the HOA is loved and not just a big nuisance. However, if no one volunteers, it just proves that the relationship between the HOA and homeowners is not good.

#25 When HOAs Won’t Let Kids Be Kids

It’s normal and natural for children to want to explore their surroundings through play. What’s unnatural is for a child to just sit and do nothing. So, what better place is there for children to play than in your own yard.

Image courtesy of Simple_Silver_6394/Reddit

However, this poster’s HOA thinks otherwise. He got a letter telling him that children should only play in the park, not in the yard because their noise can disturb the neighbors. Too bad because there’s not much in the world comparable to the sweet sound of a child’s laughter.

#26 Concealed House Numbers

We thought that the point of having your house number printed in big clear figures is for people from the street to see it, so we don’t get the concept behind this. Why would the HOA decide to put a house number behind a bush?

Image courtesy of captaincoude99/Reddit

Oh, we get it. So that later on, the HOA can find the homeowner for concealing his house number and not displaying it someplace where it can be easily seen. We see what you’re doing there, HOA. You don’t fool us.

#27 How Is This Man Going To Stain His Fence Now?

We can see the stupidity on this one from a mile away. This guy hadn’t gotten around to staining his fence. Because his fence was too ugly in the eyes of the HOA, they decided to put up another fence around his original one to shield passers-by from its ugliness.

Image courtesy of ImberxP/Reddit

So how does the HOA expect the guy to stain his fence now that they put another fence a few inches away from it? Sometimes HOAs don’t make sense, and we continuously question their relevance when all they do is make people’s lives harder than they already are.

#28 A Lake That Needs To Be Watered

These guys outdid themselves with this next one. Why would you need to water a lake when it’s already a body of water? We have no idea what was going on when the HOA thought of this because it’s a complete waste of money.

Image courtesy of buckeyespud/Reddit

They could have used the funds for something else. Something worthwhile that is going to have a huge impact on the lives of the homeowners. Like a park, for example. However, sprinklers that water an already existing lake are definitely not it.

#29 Your Lawn Can’t Be Dead

Wow! A $50 fine for having a dead lawn. We don’t even know where to begin with this one. We understand that a dead lawn isn’t attractive and doesn’t add value to any place but do you really need to fine people 50 dollars for it?

Image courtesy of socialpronk/Reddit

This lawn isn’t even dead, to begin with, but it does have stones and a few weeds. We’d like to know what happens if you don’t pay the fines imposed by your HOA. Do you go to jail? What kind of power do they possess to impose such laws?

#30 When Your HOA Blocks A Walkway

The HOA put up this sign saying that the walkway is only to be accessed by residents of a particular place. However, the bigger question is, was there a need to block the use of this walkway to the other neighborhoods?

Image courtesy of Technical_Wall1726/Reddit

Sure, you can just go around the sign, but this was annoying. HOAs can be so inconsiderate at times, and we’re not even blowing things out of proportion here. Once you scroll further down this list, you’ll see all sorts of questionable things done by them.

#31 When Your HOA Makes All Sorts Of Demands

Who gives the HOA the authority to make all sorts of unreasonable demands? Perhaps this should be a lesson for everyone before they buy a property. It’s important to make sure that your HOA is not made up of a bunch of crazy people.

Image courtesy of vareenoo/Reddit

If you fail to do that, you will suffer, just like this poster. His lovely garden, at least we’d like to call it that, had to be turned into a lawn, according to the HOA. We think they’re just a sad lot of people who don’t like the sight of flowers.

#32 When You Get Fined For Ridiculous Things

This poster was fined for something she wasn’t even responsible for. One winter, they didn’t get much snow over a couple of days which resulted in barely a frost. She and her husband got into their cars one morning and left for work.

Image courtesy of ReservoirKat/Reddit

After a few days, they got an email from their HOA saying they were fined. The message stated that their car left an imprint that resembled a penis. Luckily, the bylaws didn’t have such stipulations, so they refused to pay, and the HOA couldn’t do anything about it.

#33 HOAs Care About The Dying

This is an example of HOAs caring about stupid things instead of something of more significance, like the proper disposal of dog waste. This poster’s neighbor got a letter from the HOA complaining about the dying shrub in his backyard.

Image courtesy of Idontlikejokes/Reddit

How did he fix his problem? He used Krylon on the shrub. Clever guy! However, he shouldn’t have had to put up with the HOA because that was his property, to begin with. He should have the right to have as many dead shrubs as he wants.

#34 We’d Be Furious If This Happened To Our Dog

Dogs are not only pets; they are family members. Sometimes you can even argue that they are better than people because they listen to your problems and don’t interrupt you when you’re talking. They might require plenty of pats on the head and cuddles, but it’s all worth it.

Image courtesy of jamthibs/Reddit

So, if our HOA poisoned our dog by spraying toxic chemicals in the backyard, we wouldn’t even care to find out if it was intentional. Somebody will definitely pay not only for the medical bills but also for the distress and attempted murder.

#35 Is This The Reason For Annual HOA Fees?

HOA fees are essential because they cover the costs of landscaping and maintenance of common areas such as tennis courts, swimming pools, elevators, and community clubhouses. Sometimes the fees also cover utilities such as garbage disposal and water and sewer fees.

Image courtesy of Nat20SneakAttack/Reddit

This poster said that they had to pay extra on top of the usual HOA fees for the purpose of setting up lights around the neighborhood signs. What a letdown! This isn’t worth the additional $30. Don’t you think so too?

#36 We Totally Agree With This Guy

We’ve been asking all along, what is the purpose of the HOA? Is its mission to make homeowners’ lives as miserable as humanly possible? What is the reason behind their existence? To annoy people to the extent that they’d want to hurt you?

Image courtesy of ItsDanSheehan/Twiiter

This guy rounds up our thoughts. Imagine being told by the HOA that you can’t display your antique frog statuette. As long as the guy is displaying the frog inside his home, people should not have a say at all.

#37 When They Tell You How To Clean Your Home

As responsible adults, we’re aware of what we must do and when to do it. We don’t need anyone constantly nagging us. But that seems to be the forte of this lady’s HOA. After washing her driveway, she got a note telling her to finish the task.

Image courtesy of ssimpso5/Reddit

Wow, the audacity! Why would she need reminding? She is not a child and is clearly in charge of her life. Sometimes we think HOAs have too much time on their hands, so they sit around, roll the dice, and see who they will annoy next.

#38 This HOA Can’t Seem To Make Up Its Mind

HOAs should make it a point to make a firm decision before they send out notices or warnings. There’s already enough confusion in this world, and they shouldn’t add more. Especially when they are bothering homeowners in the form of letters and notices.

Image courtesy od Sean_Tuff/Twitter

This homeowner received a letter from his HOA telling him that his kids playing on the side of the street is an obstruction to vehicles passing by. But then, at the lower part of the letter, the HOA said that it’s actually a safety issue. So, which is it?

#39 Halloween Decoration Problems Fixed

We don’t get the point of the HOA having the last say regarding the decorations in a homeowner’s yard. The homeowner should be able to decorate their yard the way they want. It’s their property, after all. They paid good money for it.

Image courtesy of keto_and_me/Reddit

This poster got a complaint from his HOA telling him to take down his Halloween decorations. Perhaps it was nearly Christmas, and he still had that skeleton on a tree. He fixed his problem easily by putting a Christmas hat on the skeleton. Problem solved!

#40 When Your HOA Is Blind

This letter sent by the HOA to a homeowner says that the basketball goal should be stored properly because it has no net. However, if you look at the photo closely, you can see the white net hanging there, and the best part is it was the HOA who took the photo.

Image courtesy of Houst-owned/Reddit

What the poster should do is circle the net on the photo, draw arrows pointing to it from all sides and send the letter back to the HOA. If they still can’t see the net in the picture, they should probably go to an ophthalmologist and have their eyes checked.

#41 When The HOA Doesn’t Care About Your Guests

The pickup truck is a very important utility vehicle. It’s every farmer’s go-to choice for easy transport of produce, the contractor’s convenient form of ferrying items, and if we’re being honest, it’s the first car most people own (mostly by being handed down, but it still counts!)

Image courtesy of Vineyard Perspective/Shutterstock

With that said, it’s quite unnecessary when members of an HOA decide to ban these cars in a neighborhood. When someone raised a reasonable question, the association stuck to its guns. Looks like all dinner guests with pickups in this neighborhood will need cab fare from now on.