Jimmy Fallon’s Audience Spilled The Tea About Their First Date Failures

By Ish B

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A first date can be challenging, especially when you’re meeting someone you actually like. You take a shower that’s longer than usual, use your best perfumes, and don your biggest smile. But still, things can always go in the wrong direction despite planning that everything will go right. A bad date is a memorable one and certainly a learning experience that everyone goes through at least once in their lives. Jimmy Fallon asked people to send in their #WorstDate stories and how they dealt with the situations. Sometimes bad dates happen the first time, and then you realize that the person truly isn’t for you. These over-the-top and intense date stories will leave you reeling in your seats. It’s like watching a rom-com movie but in actual life.

Momma’s Boy

Watching a movie with someone who cares about the rating is a tad too much. Unless they’re 18 years old and below. The thing is, Mojo’s date was a full-grown adult who was acting like such a child. He even called his mom during the date for permission.

image courtesy of @Uber4Chocobos/Twitter

She dodged a bullet there, and if her date has to ask for permission, maybe he should reconsider dating in the first place. This is straight-up bizarre, and we have no idea how to react if we were in her position. It’s an innocent gesture, but also incredibly weird.

Family Guy

It’s great to date someone who loves being around his family. Having a good relationship with your mom and father is one of the best traits a person can have. The only problem is Kelly’s date loved his parents so much he brought them on the date.

image courtesy of @KellyScicluna/Twitter

We think this is too much, and introducing your date to your parents should come later on in the relationship. It looks like Kelly’s date was just looking to bring his parents because he loves their company. But, at 25 years old, he should definitely be a little bit more independent…

Three’s a Crowd

This date screams creepy. Come on, bringing a body with you on a date even when it’s in your car is just straight-up awkward. Luckily Christine had enough patience to sit with this guy, but wow, we would’ve had chills being in her position. It seems like a scene straight out of a horror movie!

image courtesy of @Cwools249/Twitter

Working as a funeral director is a perfectly normal job, but what her date did just screams weird and unstable. If he’s okay with doing that on the first date, we wonder what kind of person he might actually be. This truly is a weird and creepy date.

Turning Over a New Leaf

Michelle’s date had a weird confrontation that made the rest of the night incredibly awkward. If we were in her position, we would’ve been so confused. The waiter actually knew her date, which might hint that her potential partner is either confused or in denial

image courtesy of @mc_arthur123/Twitter

Regardless of your preferences in people, it’s best to be mindful and respectful of them. This waiter overstepped boundaries, and this move was quite unprofessional. After all, if you’re going to confront someone, just make sure you’re not doing it while they’re on a date.

Mini Accident

First impressions are everything, especially when you go on a first date. Patrick accidentally spilled soda on his private parts, and when he saw his date, he had to tell her it wasn’t what she thought it was. After all, spills happen all the time.

image courtesy of @PatrickAH81/Twitter

The place where it fell, though, is kind of risky because it can be interpreted in so many ways. Luckily he was able to save face by justifying the spill. Things could be way worse; after all, he could be wearing white pants. Patrick sure learned a thing or two from this experience.

Face Down

Sometimes sharing foods on dates can be a great thing. You can choose a dish, and your date can choose another. Then you can sample each other’s foods, and it’ll be a delightful experience, right? In this case, more than the food was sampled.

image courtesy of @herstory07/Twitter

This unlucky lady had her face pushed into a dish after her date asked her to sniff it. This is the ultimate wrong move and a huge dealbreaker. It’s one thing to ask your date to sniff your food; it’s another to shove their food in it. This is unacceptable.

Robert Was Bored

Honesty is a beautiful thing, especially when you’re upfront about what you want. When Robert’s wife thanked him on their first date, he remarked by saying that he didn’t have much to do. While this is the plain truth, it isn’t recommended to be this honest.

image courtesy of @rktaylor628/Twitter

Things turned out pretty well for Robert despite his honesty; he was able to find his wife. Sometimes things don’t turn out the way we want to, but they always happen for the best. This is a story to tell their kids, and maybe they can all laugh about it in the future.

Scratch on Scratch Off

This date is cringe-worthy for sure. Chelsea’s date asked her for money, which is the number one thing you shouldn’t ask for on a first date unless you decide to split the bill. He left the date and did his own thing and even went to buy his own scratch off.

image courtesy of @Chelseathrash1/Twitter

He got lucky when he won $60, but the trashy thing he did was drop off his date so he could spend his money. Chelsea is on the winning side of this date because she was saved from a potentially selfish relationship. Good riddance, dude!

My Name’s Not Tom

What’s worse than being dumped? Maybe having someone else call you by a name that isn’t yours. Chris’s date wasn’t in the right state of mind when she called him by someone else’s name. How awkward on her end! He must’ve felt so embarrassed.

image courtesy of @ChrisMillhouse/Twitter

To add more fuel to the fire, his date had 10 friends over who happened to be there when he wanted to take her out, and things just got even more awkward when she called him by the wrong name. Chris must be a really sweet guy, and also, who’s Tom?!

They’re Watching

Ever wondered why some people put tape over their laptop cameras? Some people are very hesitant about their information being stolen or their camera being recorded without them knowing. Klara’s date was one of these people.

image courtesy of @klaracee91/Twitter

While this might be true, it also might not be true either. It’s a great conversation started, though, and maybe Klara could’ve learned a thing or two about internet privacy being hacked. How he handled the situation, though, was to put the phone face down on the table. Maybe he should’ve brought out his phone instead of making it look so suspicious face down on the table.

High IQ

It’s always a great thing to connect with people on an intellectual level. Not only is it great for your brain, but it also makes a date ten times better. This girl wasn’t having a ball when she felt she had to lead the conversation with her date.

image courtesy of @actualjaneway/Twitter

Conversations should always be reciprocated (if they can), or at least the energy should be kept up. This girl did her best, but her date, in the end, complemented her in a way that was too straightforward. Almost assuming she was going to be unintelligent. Red flag right there.

Ended Up in the ER

This date was both bittersweet and painful. Imagine walking into a bar only to end up in the ER later on in the evening. That totally wasn’t a look for her, but she soldiered on, and that was very attractive to her date. Her toe was profusely bleeding, but she still managed to land a second date.

image courtesy of @AlidaBanh/Twitter

It sucks when you get into any kind of accident, and it isn’t a favorable thing at all. But sometimes, good things come out of it just like this date. She expected everything to go downhill, but the evening took a turn for the best even though she had to get ten stitches!

I’m Here!

Cassidy’s date was literally lost in the restaurant looking for his face. She spent a good five minutes looking for him in the restaurant, but when she couldn’t find him, he decided to wave to her to let her know where he is. Strange times!

image courtesy of @_Cx2_/Twitter

His date ended up being his wife, and this is a story to tell the kids for sure. “When me and your mom went on our first date, she forgot how I looked like.” what a hilarious story to tell the kids; it’s a laughable moment and doesn’t sound that bad of a first date.

Wrong Ride

Sometimes being an independent woman means that you also have to be wary of your surroundings. Anna wasn’t wary of her date’s car at all and ended up stepping into a vehicle that wasn’t his. He had to knock on the window to grab her attention.

image courtesy of @annabanana0626/Twitter

Luckily, the person who owned the car wasn’t there because if he were, then things would’ve gotten super awkward. Next time, Anna should probably ask her date what their car looks like to avoid any reports of breaking into someone else’s private vehicle.

Rolling In The Deep

This lady thought that rolls meant individual pieces of sushi. Honest mistake, right? Well, she got more than what she bargained for. Two tables were put together just to hold all the plates of sushi, and she wasn’t expecting that at all.

image courtesy of @foreversmiling2/Twitter

Her date must’ve been full from all the sushi she ordered. We wouldn’t consider this a terrible date because food is always a great idea. They could’ve also just taken the extra rolls to go. At least she learned a thing or two about how to order sushi correctly!

Daddy’s Watching

This is the definition of awkward, especially when a parent is involved. Will did not expect his date to bring her dad to the movie theatre. What did her dad think they would do in such a public place? This is quite strange, and we’d be freaked out to see her father.

image courtesy of @Will_Alderson/Twitter

By the looks of it, they probably didn’t have a second date. Will met dad way too early on in their relationship. Locking eyes with him in the cinema might’ve frightened him; we know we’d be terrified. We’re pretty sure he’s wary of cinemas and bringing his future dates there.

They’re not Mine

It’s weird when you’re on a date, and someone keeps fidgeting nonstop. Marc was the one fidgeting while his date was left wondering what in the world he was doing. All sorts of things must have been running through her head. Does he have an animal in his sweater?

image courtesy of @Lemieux24/Twitter

Nope, it was a pair of his mom’s panties. How.. awkward. We would either burst out into laughter, or our mouths would be wide open in amazement. Marc is truly the magician; we wonder what other tricks he has up his sleeves – or should we say sweater.

Wedding Dress

Tinder is a great place to meet all sorts of people. It also makes for a great place to meet new friends when things don’t work out. The only thing was, Claire’s date was anything but beautiful. If anything, it seemed like a blur because she drank.

image courtesy of @clur_sands/Twitter

She ended up helping her date’s ex-wife pick out a wedding dress. If that doesn’t scream awkward, we don’t know what does! If that was the end of the night, we wonder how the first half of the date went? It’s such a strange situation to be in.

Garlic Surprise

Before going on a date, a few things to take note of is: make sure your breath is fresh and to brush your teeth before. Make sure to avoid onions and garlic unless your date is eating those things too. It can make for an unpleasant make-out session later.

image courtesy of @BattleOTBeltway/Twitter

Ben’s date didn’t seem to care much about planting a kiss on him judging from the potentially garlicky laden kiss. She bravely scattered garlic powder on her pizza slice, showing him that she doesn’t really want to make out after. Whoops, rejected.

The Ride Back

When sending messages out to your friends while on a date, maybe it’s better to avoid texting in general. Maite’s date sent his friend a text that was meant for him but accidentally sent to her. What a turn of events when they both locked eyes on the message, and an awkward silence ensued.

image courtesy of @MaiteLombard/Twitter

We would’ve wanted to melt into the car seat and hide our faces for a while. Oh, the shame. We feel bad for her date, who thought he was sending his friend a private message. If he regretted it, he could’ve at least waited until after the date to tell his friends.

That’s It Folks

Five words is all it takes to tell a story. The only downside is, we have so many questions. Why did he accidentally hit her? How did that happen? We’ll never truly know, and Jon didn’t give us a backup story, and he didn’t share the aftermath of what happened.

image courtesy of @FunnyJS/Twitter

Is she okay? Did they end up together? There’s a lot of details missed here, but it seems like his story was pretty definite. Not much else to say here besides the fact that he hit his date with his car. We sure do hope she’s alright despite this crazy experience.

Gracious Couple

Todd had a rough start to the day when he didn’t ask his date for her address. He probably should’ve asked her much earlier on to avoid this whole mess. Things took a turn for the best, though, when a gracious couple extended some help to him.

image courtesy of @ToddCV12/Twitter

He entered the wrong house by accident, and it ended up being a saving grace. This was before cell phones and remember how it was back then? Things were so much more challenging, and it was so hard to reach out to friends and family members. Thank goodness for technology now!

You Had me at Ulcer

This is the kind of date that you would be so happy to have because, even if you have an upset stomach, things could still take a turn for the best. Ashley’s date turned out to be her partner. What a wonderful turn of events.

image courtesy of @hey_feemster/Twitter

An ulcer can turn into a lasting memory, especially when the person you’re with is okay with gastrointestinal issues. They ended up marrying and spending their life together; if this isn’t a happy fairytale ending, then we don’t know what is!

Love at First Bite

This is the kind of story that warms our hearts and makes us believe in true love. Some people just meet their soulmates earlier on in life, and they instantly connect—this couple connected over choking on an omelet and blowing onion chunks out of your nose.

image courtesy of @mfonda/Twitter

While this may sound disgusting to some, it can be a sweet gesture. What better way to get to know someone than to see them in their full and absolute glory? Her partner seems like a keeper, and the two are a match made in heaven.

You Smell Good

Smelling good is so important, especially when you’re going on a date. You don’t want to be smelling like onion soup or sweat, and it’s best to lather on the scents during a first date. Jordan decided to go all out and make herself smell like a sweet flower.

image courtesy of @jordancohen2u/Twitter

Her date told her how good she smelt, but at the same time, she was incredibly nervous. Instead of accepting the compliment, she told him how she breathes. A little silly but also slightly cute. This worst date doesn’t sound so bad and could be way worse.

The Discovery

This is the kind of situation that you’re supposed to be thankful for finding out sooner rather than later. Dating your relative is a huge no-no, and good thing this person jumped the wagon before it was too late. Finding out your date is your relative has got to be one of the weirdest things we’ve ever read.

image courtesy of @alkanan_/Twitter

This story takes the cake for being the worst date. Sure, it’s gross to date someone who burps and farts the first time, but the most cringe-worthy moment is when a date might potentially be a relative. We would’ve felt so awkward at that family BBQ event.

Double Trouble

Going out with someone means that you also have to put up with their inconsistencies. But what happens when your date has been inconsistent the whole night? This calls for an investigation to see how he’s actually doing in real life.

image courtesy of @see_kel/Twitter

The waiter was doing her own investigating, and she probably comes along this situation more often than not. She approached Kelsey and told her that her date was a conniving person because he was seeing two people at once. She was a true lifesaver for Kelsey for sure!

Rude Comments

It’s never okay to make an issue about someone’s weight and to be so upfront about it. First of all, the person might have a serious condition and might be wary of sharing about herself. Catherine’s date had no filter and spoke with no boundaries.

image courtesy of @cawest329/Twitter

Sometimes it’s great to be direct and say what you need, but other times you also have to be careful of what you say. Catherine reacted in a sensible way even though she could’ve just left. She poured a drink on his lap and showed him his instant karma.

Ticket Guy

Linda was already having a troublesome day when she got a ticket before her date. It sucks when you get a ticket from a cop because sometimes they can confiscate your license leaving you in an even deeper hole than you were in before.

image courtesy of @lindachilders1/Twitter

Things took a turn for the worse when Linda found out her date was the cop who had given her the ticket. What are the chances? We hope that he was able to revoke the ticket and maybe let this one time slide. After all, chivalry is still alive, right?

The Gambler

When people have a gambling problem, it can wreak havoc on their personal lives. Gambling is a tricky game where you’ll always be on the losing end of the stick. Heather’s date is an example of a guy who doesn’t know his boundaries, but still crosses them.

image courtesy of @Heathery123/Twitter

It’s unfortunate that Heather had to pay for the date because he had lost all his money gambling. In no way is it a good thing to support someone’s gambling problem, but Heather was left with no other choice than to pay for the date despite his clear addiction to gambling.

Not Your Dream Girl

This date is a strange one because he mentions she killed him, but obviously, that was a joke. The date must’ve been a terrible one, to begin with, if she busted out a spoiler to the movies ending. Spoilers suck because you truly want to watch what happens in a movie for yourself.

image courtesy of @CollinMurr/Twitter

Collin’s date was the total opposite of a dream girl, and she didn’t seem to be interested in the date at all. If you’re not eating dinner on a date, it can look really bad and make things uncomfortable. If we were Collin, we’d make sure not to date again or at least screen them before hanging out with them.

The Mysterious Date

This date sounds like it just came straight out a mystery-romance flick. Scott’s date isn’t who he expected at all. Maybe he should’ve seen the signs in the beginning, especially when she was silent and not communicating with him during the dinner.

image courtesy of @sedore93/Twitter

He ended up eating with a complete stranger when he discovered his date wasn’t the girl he was with. What a strange turn of events! First of all, how did he not notice that she looked different from her picture? We have so many unresolved questions about this mysterious date.

Prison Time

Dates can sometimes take a turn for the worse when your potential partner is a convicted felon. Not only was it a strange date, but we highly believe Heather was also uncomfortable with the guy. Especially with his rotting teeth.

image courtesy of @Heathery123/Twitter

Maybe he should’ve brushed his teeth vigorously and used mouthwash? That would’ve done the trick for sure. But he didn’t even give his hygiene any attention, which is a clear turn-off. Heather should’ve probably brought some mints or chewing gum to offer him.

Elbowed by Accident

Mike’s love story isn’t so much romantic but it is cute. We can’t help but chuckle at his story because it’s both amusing and painful (literally) all at the same time. His first date with his wife was a disaster especially because he accidentally elbowed her in the face when going in for a kiss, but ever since that the two have been inseparable.

image courtesy of @Hilomikey/Twitter

Sometimes all you need is a little nudge, but not the nudging kind with your elbow; this was a little too much. It can be hard to kiss your partner when you’re nervous, and Mike wasn’t at all ready for the kiss. At least his now wife stuck with him; she’s a keeper for sure.

Taco Bell Nightmare

Going to Taco Bell is the best, especially when they still had the sour cream potatoes. Their burritos are to die for, and their tortillas are just top-notch. What isn’t top-notch is how Margaret’s date treated her, and it was just downright rude.

image courtesy of @LauperMargaret/Twitter

He took her to Taco Bell for their first date but decided to dine and ditch her. The worst thing is that he was cheap about it, and the second-worst thing was when he left her. She deserves a much better partner than her date, and he wasn’t worth her time at all.


When you’re in high school, you’re looking at everything through rose-colored glasses. The hallways are brighter when your crush passes by, and your heart stops. Kyle’s high school girlfriend, though, was the type that didn’t want to show affection.

image courtesy of @KEthePE/Twitter

When he tried to kiss her, she took it as a joke. His move was a sweet one, but she just laughed off his request. This form of rejection at a young age really helps you manage expectations when you’re older, and Kyle’s ex had just taught him a valuable lesson on love and relationships.

Four’s a Crowd

When you’re in the movie theater, it’s always important to be mindful of people’s needs. Especially when you’re munching on popcorn or speaking too loud, it’s vital to be aware of your surroundings. The only thing is that Marie’s date didn’t go quite as planned.

image courtesy of @thistallawkgirl/Twitter

When she went to the movie theatre, two more guys decided to join the party. She wasn’t fully comfortable with that and asked them if they were all dating together. Even though that was a funny remark, we imagine how awkward the silence must have been after. Yowza!

Salad Anyone?

Ranch dressing is amazing when dipping your wings in it. Or, it could go great on a Caesar salad topped with a bunch of croutons. What it doesn’t go great with though is kisses, and Bennet’s date tried to lean towards her and plant a big kiss on her lips.

image courtesy of @jimmyfalon/Twitter

The only con of the situation is that he still had a mouthful of food. Gross! Before kissing someone, at least make sure your food is fully swallowed. The only animals that would be okay with doing this are probably birds. Therefore this date was officially over when he spooned ranch into his mouth.

Have We Met Before?

This moment is the ultimate cringe moment. Thomas went on a date and got extra tipsy beforehand. This is a huge no-no on a date, especially since you want to be fully aware of their presence and the conversations. When Thomas went to the bathroom, everything went downhill.

image courtesy of @ThomasJKendall2/Twitter

He saw his date but asked her out again, and she must have felt super uncomfortable. If we were in her shoes, we’d go with it and see how long it took for him to remember! This is a fun date moment and definitely an unforgettable one.

An Older Date

Seth wasn’t expecting his date to be years older than him. He planned to meet a much younger gal for his first date, but when he arrived to pick her up, it had been set up for him to go out with her grandma. Wow! This one is one of the most bizarre first-date disasters we’ve ever read about.

image courtesy of @SethShaffer/Twitter

If we were in his shoes, we wouldn’t know what to do. We’d probably just ended up taking the grandma out for ice cream or something. Such a strange situation to be in, we hope that Seth learned a thing or two about picking girls up from their grandma’s homes.

Puppy Trumpet

Oh no, another cringeworthy date. Danielle’s date was trying to be cute, but his gesture came off as downright weird. Who blows into someone’s nose and calls it a puppy trumpet? While his might seem cute at first, it seems like a gesture meant for a more serious relationship, or never done ever again… we won’t judge.

image courtesy of @snooki_cookie16/Twitter

This playful gesture was okay, but we wouldn’t recommend following in his foot steps. Kissing someone’s nose is one thing, but blowing it is another. Everything before this moment sounds like it was fine, but then things slowly simmered down.

Crackers and Mario Kart?

This guy wasn’t lying when he said he was clueless; he really was. Usually, you try to impress your potential partner with the best of the best on a first date. But this guy didn’t even attempt to level up with the saltine crackers as part of their date night dinner.

image courtesy of @jimmyfalon/Twitter

While it’s a cute gesture, that’s no proper meal. She must’ve been hungry after that, and it’s more of a snack to share with the boys. Video games on a first date aren’t recommended since you won’t talk to them or get to know them. He left her hanging in the friend zone by the looks of this.

It’s The Nun Life For Me

When people want to become priests or nuns, it’s a huge step towards a life of celibacy and no dating. Rick’s potential date wanted to test the waters before she goes into the convent and test it she did. The only thing is, that was the last date she was ever going to have.

image courtesy of @Rick7466679/Twitter

At least Rick went out with the super cute girl once. That’s what matters, right? The date wasn’t that bad from the looks of it; she just had pre-existing goals that resurfaced after the date. If anything, both of them gained from this experience!

Boy Bye

This girl’s date wasn’t a true gentleman; if anything, he proved himself to be a big jerk; he picked her up and then ditched her! Who does that? Just because he failed to park 3 times doesn’t mean that’s grounds for just leaving someone on the sidewalk. Come on, soo not cool.

image courtesy of @LeslieGanny/Twitter

If we were Leslie, we would at least expect him to make up for it by ordering a huge flower delivery to her home to make up for his wrong actions. We hope he at least apologized because if he left her without saying anything the next day, then the only thing Leslie should be saying is: “Thank you next.”

Wrong Date Attire

Nothing is more awkward than wearing the wrong date attire to a potential date. Jenna was all geared up and ready to go to a Vikings game, but the only thing was that it wasn’t a Vikings game. She had been incredibly prepared by smearing her face with face paint only to find her date waiting for her in a fancy restaurant.

image courtesy of @brickhousee11/Twitter

Yikes! This is a recipe for disaster. If we were in her shoes, we’d escort ourselves out the door. While her attire and attitude were super cute, it just wasn’t the right time. There’s a right time and right place for everything, and this moment was neither of those.