Social Media Users Share The Peculiar Stuff They Have Found in Guys’ Bathrooms

By Aileen D

This article was originally published on docjournals

You could tell a lot about a woman by how she cleans and stores her makeup brushes (if she even cleans them). Similarly, you can tell a lot about a man by going inside his bathroom. People took to Twitter to post some of the ridiculous stuff they have found in guys’ bathrooms. When these people stepped into their pals and beau’s bathrooms, they had discovered a different side to them. Were these even the same people they knew? Some had questionable shower curtains. Others had the Jonas brothers’ picture hanging on the wall. One had a spa built-in his bathroom, while more have yet to discover what toilet cleaning fizz balls were for. One thing is for sure. Whatever these folks found in their friends’ bathrooms either made or broke their relationships. After all, would you want to make out with a man who has a countable number of bristles on his toothbrush’s head?

No? We thought so too.

Dual Purpose

Every now and then, you will have to roll up your sleeves and take up arms against the toilet. It’s one of the dirtiest items in the house, and to keep bacteria from accumulating within the bowl, you will have to drop a toilet bomb and scrub-a-dub-dub now and then.

Image Courtesy of Jodie / @jodieegrace / Instagram

So when Jodie had seen her boyfriend’s toilet bowl stained with yellow and brown, she knew it was time to fumble for the bowl cleanser beneath the sink. Lo and behold, she had found a broken hairbrush. Might it have been the one that had gone missing a few months ago? As it turns out, these things can doubly function for the scalp and the bowl!

The Land of Oz

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. In the wild outback of Australia, anything can happen. You can expect a visit from the huntsman spider who can span as large as a man’s chest, a five-foot-long Megabat who sleeps suspended from your roof gutter, or a kangaroo taking a drink from your bowl.

Image Courtesy of Mo / @morogerrs / Instagram

Had we known this Joey was coming over to visit, we might have prepared him a wolly bush or green grass. Oh, wait! We have many of those out in the garden. Should we show him to it? But probably right after, he fills himself with the toilet bowl water. As you can see, he has come from a long journey.

Great for Improving Focus

With the technology that we have today, it’s getting harder and harder to focus. How do you cope with it, and how effectively do these hacks work for you? For this guy, reading with this piece on helps a great deal. He has noticed a massive improvement in his grades, owing to more time spent reading.

Image courtesy of Mollyfat2 / @mollyfat2 / Instagram

But these blinders would startle anyone. We get that it works for horses, but we hadn’t really thought it would work on humans as well. Besides, don’t blinders have edges that jut out from the sides? We wouldn’t recommend that you annihilate a sleep mask for this but to each his own!

But He Has Got Such White Teeth

Why do women break up with men after a couple of dates? For one, the chemistry quickly fizzles out. Two, women might uncover harmless but disturbing tidbits about their men while at their house. Take, for instance, Houle, who had seen this toothbrush by the side of the sink. It was the only toothbrush in the house.

Image courtesy of Houle / @hooligan Houle / Instagram

She couldn’t believe it. She picked it up and lifted it up to take a closer look. How does anyone manage to brush their teeth with this? You can almost count the bristles on this brush head. And if anything, you are likely to get more plaque with a bristle or two sticking out from your teeth after some cleansing.

Why Teamwork Is Important

There’s a certain truth to the adage – two heads are better than one. You could come up with more ideas, foolproof plans, and in this case, DIY hacks that get the job done. Given that there’s a handful of guys living in this apartment, they would have been able to share the expense of buying a new toilet paper holder, right?

Image courtesy of M / @ohhitsmckenna / Instagram

But instead of doling out some money, they figured they could build their own toilet paper roll with duct tape and pencils. It had done the job but with great peril to the paper roll. Anytime the holder could unhinge, and the toilet paper might roll on the floor away from you. Now, that’s a catastrophe we wouldn’t want to happen.

You’ve Got Mice!

Ever needed to go and just managed to finish because the doorbell rang? You might have had an unwelcome guest or an untimely delivery. It’s one of the worst things to happen to you while you’re on the throne. But fortunately, it had happened to Jules before she unbuttoned her pants. Someone had come to visit.

Image courtesy of Jules / @pabstjules / Instagram

For a minute, she forgot all about the reason she was there in the first place. She and this owl stared at each other for a couple of minutes. Her stomach broke the silence. It churned and told her she had more pressing issues to attend to – like finishing what she started.

Has The Same Sponge Effect

No household is complete without bathroom essentials – shampoo, cleaning supplies, and toilet paper. Depending on your level of paranoia, you might have had more of them stocked up during the pandemic. But Kait’s boyfriend wasn’t buying into the fad. Instead of hoarding toiletries, he went to the cereal row at the local mart.

Image Courtesy of Kait / @kaitlinsimon99 / Instagram

After all, Marshmallow Stars and cereal grains have the same sponge-y effect. if any, they are able to suck up all the milk from your bowl, leaving it clean and smudge-free. You could clean much with these in your bathroom cupboard. Or have a snack while you take a seat on the throne.

Great DIY Hack

After seeing this, we can’t believe we had invested a couple of hundred bucks on drawers and shelves. Not only will this DIY Hack save you time, but it will afford you a great deal of space! All you need is a hammer or a man to do the job and a drunken night with friends.

Image Courtesy of Lindsey Riordan / @lindsrio / Instagram

Lindsey had so many questions to ask. How had that hole gotten there, and why hadn’t he bothered to repair it? When he had come home that afternoon, he recounted the story that he had gone home drunk and had accidentally hit the wall as he was taking a toilet break. By morning, his sober brain figured he could use it as a shelf.

Cause Y’all Outrank Me

There is one thing we can all agree on – Sergeant Bosco ‘B.A.’ Baracus is still the toughest kid on the block. This badass can take up any mission except for riding a plane flown by Murdock. Watch him take another villain down in this next episode. You wouldn’t see him coming with his weapon of choice.

Image courtesy of Sydney / @clarabellecows / Instagram

In one hand, he holds a semiautomatic pistol, and in the other, he holds a ginormous toothbrush. He can neutralize the enemy with his right hand while the other ensures that there is no trail of evidence leading to the A-team. This is the price of freedom, with the government hot on their trail. If no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-team.

Got A Roll?

We can’t figure out why guys have such hostilities against toilet paper and toilet paper holders. Take Twitter user @harley_schroyer’s man. Instead of buying a complete set, he reckoned he could fit the paper roll inside the malfunctioning toilet paper holder. How do you think he gets a piece of paper? Per piece?

Image courtesy of Harlot / @harley_schroyer / Instagram

Harlot wouldn’t mind…if he had a bidet beside the toilet. But if her boyfriend didn’t have the money to invest in a toilet paper holder, chances are he wouldn’t invest in a bidet either. Harlot must have had a tough time cleaning after herself, unrolling the toilet paper, and removing pit shred by shred.

Death at Hogwarts

You wouldn’t be a true Potter fan if you didn’t know Myrtle Elizabeth Warren, AKA Moaning Myrtle. Her death had been untimely. Had she run to another bathroom after another bout of bullying, then she might have lived another day. As it turns out, she isn’t just bullied at Hogwarts. She’s also a target in this household.

Image Courtesy of Pat / @thestory of pat / Instagram

Do you reckon Moaning Myrtle actually moans when she’s hit? That would make a great marketing strategy. Aim to shoot for a bowl, and you get breakfast served. Shoot at Myrtle, and you would have to doubly clean the toilet and make your own breakfast. But at least, both of you are happy, right?

Gotta Give Him Credit

One thing we love about the Twitter thread is that some men humbly submitted pictures of questionable items in their own bathrooms too. They didn’t mind the roasting, so long as the Twitterverse got a laugh out of it. Thanks to Twitter user @builyd, we would think twice about having a gnome as a bathroom decoration.

Image courtesy of True Billy D / @builyd / Instagram

Does this toilet goblin give you a gold coin every uhhmmmm, deposit you make? Only True BillyD knows the answer to that. But granting it’s a yes, it makes mighty sense. The end of the rainbow isn’t out there somewhere. It turns out it had been in our bathroom all along – just above the toilet.

Got Herself A Catch

You know you have got a catch when your man has a great sense of humor. Kudos to Twitter user @am_wilki, who found one online. She and her man have been dating for a couple of years now. She knew it was worth it when she used the bathroom and saw this by the window.

Image Courtesy of Amity / @am_ wilki _ / Instagram

She had wondered what the Pope was doing in her boyfriend’s bathroom. She drew the window back and realized that its placement made the Pope look like he was looking down on the people. Whether he was giving them his blessing or mouthing off kind words, you can tell the Pope was much loved.

Skeletons In the Closet

You would never want to run into someone in the bathroom with ill-timing. It’s hard to unsee nude bodies. Second, it’s hard to forget the lingering aroma of last night’s curry. And lastly, you just might run into someone cleaning out the skeletons in his closet.

Image courtesy of Keith Kroner / @keith kroner / Instagram

We don’t know what Keith Kroner does for a living or how much he charges for it, but we wouldn’t want to know, lest all that is left of us for people to discover is our thigh bone. After encountering this in the basin, we might quickly excuse ourselves from lunch and head on out. We are never coming over for a meal at Keith Kroner’s house!

Great Air Freshener

As Ali M walked into his man’s bathroom, she couldn’t help but notice that everything was clean. The towels were neatly stacked on the shelves. The showerhead and the tiles hadn’t any grime on them. And the room smelled tangy…almost citrusy. Then she turned her attention to the sink.

Image courtesy of Ali M / @alexxaandraaaa / Instagram

That’s a pretty inexpensive air freshener/toothbrush holder. Instead of buying himself both, this man had reckoned you could use an orange to do the job. Unfortunately, it only lasts a week or so, so he has to go to the mart to find another rind to pierce through. Do you think apples will do the trick too?

68 Years of Jeff Goldblum

There are so many reasons to love Jeff Goldblum. He’s pretty down-to-earth, despite his charismatic, suave self. He can deliver a one-liner while casually running his hand through his long, dark hair. After appearing in cult movies such as the Isle of Dogs, the Grand Budapest Hotel, and Jurassic Park, we can’t help but envision him in another blockbuster hit!

Image courtesy of Grilled Gigy / @grizzlymantis / Instagram

Just think about it. He could take Tom Hiddleston’s place as Loki. He and the English actor have many similarities – they have great acting chops, can slyly deliver a comic one-liner, and they’re both easy on the eyes. It’s hard to hate either one of them.

Thicker Ply sheets

This Twitter user and her man had broken it off. The relationship had only lasted a couple of months, so there weren’t many tears to shed. What had been the culprit? She says he was a slob. She couldn’t stomach the food he made, the stench of the clothes that he wore, and lastly, this.

Image Courtesy of Goth Brooks / @lauren strange / Twitter

Her ex-beau must have wanted a thicker ply sheet. But we can’t tell if post-it notes do the job as effectively as toilet paper. You could use one for the other if you’re in desperate need of something to write on. But you can’t substitute post-it notes for loo paper after a number2!

It Fits!

With a couple of boys in the house, one should expect messy rooms, decapitated dolls, and game consoles all over the place. Shoshana had seen it coming. Her man might have wanted to fix this figurine, so he had placed one of the decapitated doll’s heads on it.

Image courtesy of Shoshana / @wunderlibrarian / Twitter

It might have been better to place a game console up top. Because this piece is so haunting, any guest would want to hold off using the bathroom till they got home. Shoshana couldn’t care less. She raised her eyebrows, took a picture of the figurine, and then let loose. Then she washed her hands, turned the lights off, and went to bed for a little movie watching session with her man.

What TF Are Those

There are many ways to earn money while at home. You could sell online, freelance, or even grow your own produce. This man had wanted to earn a couple of bucks with minimal investment. So he thought of creating his own lobster farm – one marine crustacean at a time.

Image courtesy of Gabriel Garcia / @gabemgarcia / Twitter

There were only three things needed to grow lobsters – space to set up troughs, a source of lobster larvae, and clean water. Oh, and actual lobsters, most importantly. He had gotten some larvae, filled the sink with water, and left them there to grow. Within a couple of weeks, all but two mutant-looking hybrid creatures had survived—Scratch that. As of writing, it seems like he will submit them for scientific research instead.

Here’s A Picture of Dad

When visiting a friend’s house, you can expect their shelves to be lined with memorabilia, quartz crystals, and family photos taken as the years passed. The last place you might expect these is in the bathroom. You wouldn’t want that steam or water to ruin those items…except for this.

Image courtesy of Anna / @Anna Is Awesome8 / Twitter

We can only imagine why Twitter user @AnnaIsAwesome8’s man would have Bill Nye’s picture in his bathroom. Is this where her man has his scientific breakthroughs? Or does he take after the scientist, studying and exploring (parts of himself) while in the bathroom? On second thoughts, we don’t actually want to know.

Contributions Aplenty

People on Twitter have great initiative. Once someone posts a request, they will immediately upload and hit publish. After all, the more pictures you submit, the greater laughs for everyone online, right? Wanting to join in on the thread, Huhlay was so excited that she could upload this pic.

Image Courtesy of Huhlay / @haileighschwalm / Instagram

If you have an untrained eye for spotting weird items in guys’ bathrooms, this one will go unnoticed. Good thing Huhlay squinted in to view the picture just before she hung her man’s towel. I have no words, she recounted. She shook her head and stifled a laugh. At least the man has a great sense of humor!

Almost Caught Him Cheating

It’s one of the worst things to happen to someone. You commit your entire lives to someone, and out of the blue, you discover that they have been double-timing you and someone else along. How did this woman find out? Well, she found two toothbrushes in the bathroom… and the other one wasn’t hers.

Image Courtesy of Gremlin / @Atomic Fox_ / Twitter

Not to worry, both had been her man’s. Somehow he had gotten wind that using one as a fixed pin could fix the toilet paper holder. It had done the job. But Twitter user @AtomicFox wasn’t all too happy about it. When she replaced the cardboard with the toilet paper atop, she felt the toothbrush’s bristles wet with muck and grime.

Halloween Laughs

Halloween isn’t complete without a pile of candy, a tub of goo, and a couple of ear-piercing screams. So this guy and his pal decided to do some decorating for the awaited event. They printed a picture, and with some tape, they hung it across the toilet lid, expecting a choke or a startle from anyone lifting the cover.

Image Courtesy of Cristen / @cristen parisi / Twitter

As expected, they were able to surprise a couple of their roommates. But instead of taking it down after Halloween, they let it sit there to keep users company. At least you have someone watching your back, right, especially when it’s late at night and everyone is fast asleep.

A Friend To Play With

Alex had always heard the guys in her man’s apartment talk about Keegan. They talked about how much fun they had during the weekend or how Keegan scored them dibs. She had only met him this one time. And she was taken aback at how he looked. It seems like Keegan and the gang had another drunken night before.

Image courtesy of Alex / @alexandri_ ah / Twitter

Guess some people never outgrow their imaginary friends because the pack in this house seems to have agreed to name this atrocious cardboard cutout as Keegan. When Alex asked her man about it, he shrugged his shoulders and calmly said, just don’t move him from the seat. He doesn’t like that.

Another House Inside His Home

It seems like Twitter user @ainslie200 had found herself a catch. She had scored a guy who had been seriously loaded with cash. You could fit three whole families in his house. There was probably more space inside, as you would find on the West Coast. With that much space, her man did what any of us would have – litter it with quirky items such as this!

Image Courtesy of Ainslie / @ainslie 200 / Twitter

She found a house within the home. She knocked at the turtle shell, curious to see if anything was inside. But she hadn’t any luck, seeing that there were no legs peeking out from the underside. Just where had he gotten this, and what was he keeping it in the bathroom for? She begins to phone PETA. Maybe the poor thing was endangered.

Complex Carbs

After seeing this picture, it’s hard to look at guys the same way again. We had always thought that we were the only ones who struggled with weight gain, body image, and self-esteem issues, but that isn’t the case. Twitter user Jannele found out that her man guiltily indulged in a box of buy one take one complex carbs every now and then.

Image Courtesy of Janelle / js_oter 0 / Twitter

The only sad thing about this picture is that this pizza was a couple of days old. Upon opening the drawer, there had been a wafting mix of pepperoni, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, and mold! That sounds like the perfect mouthwatering combination of carbs and calories.

Where The Magic Happens

Guys are pretty much like women. They have the same need for acceptance and have more or less the same coping skills. To work through their issues, they may speak to friends or, like most women on a botched Saturdate night, buy themselves a gallon of ice cream. No kidding!

Image courtesy of Riley White / @rwhite_22 / Twitter

Riley White must have come at an awkward time. It had taken her man a couple of minutes to answer his phone and then unlatch the door. She had noticed his guilt-ridden face, his dad bod, and his socks all scrunched around his ankles. Is someone here? she asks. Without waiting for a word, she rushes to the bathroom where she thought she heard someone. And there she finds his guilty indulgence.

Gotta Love ‘Em

Even after his dog has passed, this guy has found a way to commemorate his fur buddy. He brought the best picture he had of his dog and had someone paint him. Then he hung the portrait in his bathroom. That way, even in the dump, he sits safely, knowing his best bud is watching his back. Woof woof!

Image Courtesy of Alexandra Elise / @Little Sonnayy / Twitter

To be honest, this painting doesn’t seem that odd. In fact, it might even be better than seeing a self-portrait of your man. At least, Alexandra Elise knows her boyfriend has got a soft spot for animals and that he returns the latter’s loyalty even after they had passed away.

How To Clean Your Teeth

When designing the bathroom, make sure to include items that show off your personality. You can individualize by picking the color of your tiles or the design you have of the room with simple fixtures. Take it from @JoseJosegp18. His girlfriend had just moved in, and he figured she would need someplace to put her toothbrush in. So he bought this item, given that they have such similar taste.

Image Courtesy of Arlene / @arlenebel / Instagram

Yeehaw! Not only does this bring a smile to anyone’s face, but it’s also meant to prime you to show off those teeth before and after brushing. Twitter user @JoseJosegp18 swears he had gotten them for a couple of bucks, but we can tell it’s made of genuine leather. That’s too expensive an item for a toothbrush holder.

The One That Got Away

Almost everyone has a dark past. And it’s up to them to own up to it and learn from their mistakes. Kelsey was certain that her friend was far from perfect but that he endeavored to become better every day. What had been his inspiration? This fly pic on the wall that tells him about that time he got away.

Image courtesy of Kelsey / @momoskeans / Twitter

In case you’re wondering, he served a brief sentence of listening to women calling him out on his look. After all, how he posed for this picture was the only thing we found criminal about him. Son, you could have done better – probably used better lighting, ditched than headdress, and showed your pearly whites. You know you’ve got it. Flaunt it!

In Need of Pellets

Today, Emily Dellone heard a strange request from her boyfriend. He didn’t greet her like he usually did. No Bae or Sexy. His tone was cold and indifferent. Could you get me a bunch of pellets from the pet store? I have something to take care of. The way he said it made her shiver to the core. What was he up to?

Image Courtesy of Emily Dellone / @Emily Dellone / Twitter

As it turns out, a bird flew into his bathroom. Bewildered, Emily turned to her man and asked, why don’t you just let him loose? He rushed to the tub, scooted the pigeon, and then hugged him close. He’ll only be here for a little while. Just a teeny weeny bit! Look at him. We have to feed him! How is he ever gonna have the energy to fly?

No Kidding

We get that most men struggle with instructions. Fortunately, a few learn how to cope. Take recycling. To break it down for him and his buddies, this guy uncapped a marker, scribbled in what looks like Comic Sans font, and then put the bin underneath the sink. His buddies should be able to see this sign, right?

Image courtesy of Cassidy Scott / @Casssidy blake_ / Twitter

No kidding. This man was pretty excited to have everyone join in on the bandwagon of recycling. But the only person who had filled it to the brim was him. Diet sodas, beer cans, and canned goods – those went straight to this bin. At least, he was able to maintain a good habit, right?

And That Was How We Had A Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie apocalypses happen because a bunch of mad-ridden scientists experiment in labs ignoring proper protocols. Another way to spark the zombie plague is through this. Unfortunately, it was also how Twitter user @indecisive_g figured out that her man wasn’t the right guy for her.

Image courtesy of Robertta Fettucini / @indecisive_ g / Twitter

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what started a Zombie apocalypse! She flicks her hair and then stares at everyone within the circle. She had been getting therapy for what she had seen these couple of months. Like us, she hadn’t seen that side of him coming. But she was very lucky to get away while she could.

Finders Keepers

Twitter user @nathandj20 admits he can be a slob. After all, he says he can be a dog around the house sometimes. But even he couldn’t top these people’s use of this public bathroom. Somehow, they figured that they could take up space there and use it to stash some of their items in.

Image Courtesy of Nate The Dog # BLM / @natahandj20 / Twitter

Rubber shoes, an electric vacuum, a locker, a broom, and its dustbin – if these don’t paint a picture of a household, we don’t know what will. Nate the Dog was tempted to stay around for a couple more minutes and figure out who had decided to take up space in the public bathroom. But he was pressed for time, patience, and frankly, space.

They’re Brothers?

Only 90s kids can recognize this trio. They sang their way to stardom in the Jonas Series. Way back when they sported Ed Hardy shirts and hoodie sleeves with thumb cutouts. Guess that helped with playing the guitar. They had strummed the heartstrings of every teenager who sang the lyrics of their songs.

Image courtesy of Rudy Jilliani / @shrillian 69 / Twitter

But why should we find a picture of the Jonas brothers here – in this man’s bathroom? That had been the same mind-boggling question on Rudy Jilliani’s mind. To answer the question, her male friend had always had the hots for Joe, and later on, Nick, just before the latter got married to Priyanka Chopra.

Where’s My Other Half?

Abby doesn’t understand how so much of her beau’s stuff keeps getting lost around his flat. He lives by himself in his apartment. He should be able to find his own socks, shirts, and gadgets right? But, she keeps finding them in the oddest places, like in his bathroom.

Image Courtesy of Abby / @ybbabby _ / Twitter

Hey, did you happen to see this shoe’s other half? His head bobs in the room. She turns her head and shrugs her shoulders. She was busily unburdening the couch of its laundry heap so that she could find some space to sit on. After an hour or two, she felt the need to use the bathroom. There she happened to answer her beau’s question.

Hey Sexy

Almost everybody has a self-affirmation trick they do during the mornings. Some repeat a mantra, others talk to themselves before the mirror, and others prime themselves by using power poses. Morgan’s man had a funny but quirky way of doing it. He used this.

Image courtesy of Morgan / @morganburbank / Twitter

Every time he would come in the room, he would have someone looking lustfully at him, up until he undresses himself and draws the curtain to take a shower. Hey, sexy. He flexes his biceps and turns to look at his glutes. Darned right, I am. Can’t say that women feel the same. This shower curtain would weird us out.

What’s With All the Noise?

Twitter user @kashedkuramel had always known her man loved playing the drums. But she hadn’t figured he loved them so much he nearly had a set per room. In fact, he had one assembled up in the bathroom! That’s right. No wonder his neighbors had kept complaining about keeping the noise down.

Image courtesy of Kara / @kashed kuramel / Instagram

Might it be that Kara’s man has frequent breakthroughs while taking a nap or a soak in the tub? The moment he figures out the riff, he jumps butt naked, waddles out of the tub, and then sits before the set to play out the composition he had imagined. Next, he has to write down the drum notations! You wouldn’t want the composition running down the drain, now would you?

At Loss for Words

Of all the pictures on this list, this is the one that doesn’t make much sense. To date, Twitter user @viclikevictoria couldn’t comprehend what she had seen before her. It was the stuff of nightmares – the kind that would keep a kid awake at night. And just recently, it’s the type that would make you not want to take a bath!

Image Courtesy of Vik / @ vic like victoria / Twitter

What in the world… She doesn’t get to finish. It lowers its legs, and you could hear the clatter of shampoo bottles falling on the floor. She backs away quickly but waits for the creature to show its face. It turns to show its gnarled head twisted backward. That’s it. I’mma outta here! She sprints out of the house…and out of her man’s life.

Second Year Of College

It isn’t a walk in the park – finishing college. But with high hopes to graduate with a degree and parents who shoulder the bill, many while away four years of their lives for a worthwhile endeavor. Sadly, only a few make it out whole. Most of them get worn down as early as the second year of college.

Image Courtesy of Kade / @kadepumpkin / Twitter

Whether this kid had a drunken night with friends or he anguished from an emotional breakdown, we can’t tell. All we know is that someone had called the office and requested maintenance. Fortunately, maintenance believed it could repair the telly. This kind of merch is always up for grabs!

Nope, Nada

Twitter user @avchri tweeted an innocent question for all young men out there. She had visited her friend’s place and noticed that there had been one essential missing. She scrounged every drawer, shelf, stand and bed to find one. But she came up with none.

Image courtesy of heart / @avchri / Twitter

Imagine having friends who have long, thick manes and not finding a single hairbrush in their home. Any woman would be dead envious. But this is pretty expected for guys who have inch-long hair cuts. All they have to do is comb through with their fingers. Quick, sleek, and time-efficient!

His Bottle Collection

Lyds had a hard time stifling a laugh as she walked in on her man’s bathroom. There were shelves upon shelves of shampoos and conditioners. We get it. With manageable hair, you can style it to accentuate your face best. But how does this guy get to do it – with only a couple of inches of hair across his head?

Image Courtesy of Lyds !!! / @idklyds / Twitter

Some of these don’t even have anything inside of them. Lyds had taken a couple of bottles and shook to see if she could use any. Surprised at her man’s collection, she returns the bottles to their proper shelves. With this much love for hair conditioning, Lyds can suggest a brand or two.

Pledged for Life

Stoney Baloniee had always wondered why her boyfriend bought black-colored candles in bulk. Her man would come in the bathroom with the candles under his arms and exit the sesh, hair slick with smoke and perspiration. It would take him about an hour to take a bath. Just what was he doing in there?

Image courtesy of Stoney Baloniee / @stoney baloniee / Twitter

Once, she had sneaked into his bathroom and seen this. She couldn’t make sense of it except that it looked like he belonged to a devil’s cult. Had he pledged his life to this cause? She can’t tell. But it’s either that (which took up his time) or the sheer enjoyment of sitting on the throne. Just look at the grime under the rim!

Could We Have Some?

Most guys would have fairly quick showers. They would go in clad in their underwear, shower, soap, rinse and then towel themselves dry. It might take the average man about 10-15 minutes tops! But Twitter user @JoliPollie learned that there are exceptions to the rule – such as when men have to cover their blemishes.

Image Courtesy of Joli Pollie / @JoliPollie / Twitter

We don’t know about you, but this makes us feel a tad relieved. We are glad to know we aren’t the only ones concerned about the size of our pores, the freckles cast over our face, or zits populating the terrain. If we saw a man with this amount of foundation, we have only question to ask, might we have a dab or two of these creams from time to time?

Indoor Grill

You have got to love smoked ribs. There is something about a hissing pan of baby back ribs with a cup of beer, pop, or apple juice for dinner. But cooking this scrumptious meal takes a great deal of effort and an even greater amount of time. Is this why Twitter user @nikscene’s man prefers to have it done indoors, where he can watch over it?

Image courtesy of Nik / @nikscene / Twitter

It might be that the mix of steam and water that makes for the perfect smoked baby back ribs. Or he might simply prefer having a vent running overhead to rid the room of smoke. With so many methods to cook baby back ribs, we aren’t surprised why @nikscene’s man had come up with his own.

Slide. Don’t Tug

Unlike most households, there’s only one major rule in Rachel’s friend’s house. It’s Slide. Don’t tug. Like us, this rule might have had you scratching your heads. What are we supposed to slide (and not tug), exactly? As it turns out, Rachel’s friend is scrimping money. With a lot of things to repair, guests have to be careful when opening cupboards, removing things, or even drawing the shower curtain.

Image Courtesy of Rachel / @mua _ rae / Twitter

Because one wrong move might dislodge that shower rod from the sides of the wall, to be fair, Rachel’s friend could do away with it all. He can simply shower by the side and let the floor dry. Similarly, he can just bathe using the tub. That way, he won’t have to worry about a dislodged rod hitting him on the head while he rinses the soap suds out of his eyes.

Comes From A Famous Family

Forget loyalty. Twitter user @chrxlloluvr roasted her friend the moment she uploaded a clip showing the interior of her friend’s bathroom. She says he comes from a rather famous family, without mentioning their name. She draws the shower curtain and zooms in at this horrendous stain on the wall. Just what are they famous for?

Image Coutesy of hxh whore / @chrxlloluvr / Twitter

And in the last few milliseconds of the clip, she swings to film his friend’s reaction. He veers around a second too late, shrieking as an animal spotted as prey. Twitter user @chrxlloluvr manages to zoom in and the clip ends. They might have had a discussion about these stains, but with the damage done, there’s no way to tell if the two are still friends as of writing.

Meant For Number One Only

How would you ensure that people use the bathroom to tinkle only? Well, these pranksters have figured it out. They bought a couple of watermelons from the local store and placed one in each toilet bowl in the women’s bathroom. They scored a lot of laughs and caused a great deal of inconvenience with this minor prank.

Image courtesy of Michael Duquesnel / @The Dukester127 / Twitter

With that massive boulder blocking the seat, how would you expect anyone to take a poop? Within a couple of minutes, word spread around. And those who were in need of using the toilet had to walk a couple of floors down to the adjacent building to get the job done.

Wish We Were Neighbors

Some people believe that the magic happens in the bedroom. But the real magic really happens in the bathroom. That’s where you can unwind, detox, and unburden yourself of the stresses your life dumps on you. Take this man, who had built his own sauna in the comforts of his bathroom.

Image courtesy of Erika / @Erka De Los Saint / Twitter

Twitter user @ErkaDeLosSaint quips, it’s just your ordinary bathroom, then she swivels the camera to the right, pushes a glass door, and shows us the interior of this well-insulated mini-sauna. Her friend had designed it, and as you can imagine, it is complete with buckets and ladling water you can pour over the sauna rocks. Touche!

Just Another Iconic Role

What is it about Jeff Goldblum and Jurassic Park? Ever since he starred in the movie, he has been immortalized as the chiseled bronze god sitting shirtless on the couch. His brows are knitted, and every inch of him screams of sex appeal. Good thing this shower curtain spared us of that memory.

Look at that. Once she sees something, she has to touch it. She can’t not touch. Sorry Dr. Ian Malcolm but like Sarah, we would too. How wouldn’t we touch this shower curtain when Jeff Goldblum’s face is plastered along the whole length of it? It is absolutely divine.