Fantastically Funny Ways To Announce To The World That A New Baby Is Expected

By Doreen R

Whether it’s a first or second pregnancy or even the eighth or ninth, spreading the news to our family and friends can be fun, unique, and hopefully humorous. With all the worries and expectations about having and raising a child, for many, the fun part has to be telling the world the big news. Whether the lucky couple gets pregnant just by looking at one another or by way of modern medical technology, letting everyone in on the fact that a baby is coming has become a challenge all its own. Sure we can all call our friends and family or share a social media post, but that’s boring. We are here to show how fun and innovative baby announcements have become over the years, in hopes of inspiring new parents to be to find their way of sharing their happy news. This article will give new meaning to the term ‘knocked-up.’ We’ve all seen the growing fad in gender reveals, which made us wonder how the couple shared the initial baby news. We relished the task of searching high and low to find individual and unique ways of sharing with loved ones that they are either beginning or expanding their family. Some were so funny and inventive we did a double-take and truly admired how they were able to come up with such visionary ideas.   

A New Player is Entering the Game

Fans of home video games will definitely get on board with this fun way of letting everyone know that they’re about to be blessed with a new addition to the family.  Making good use of the Wii gaming consoles in this announcement showed those nearest and dearest to them that a new arrival was expected in August 2014.

Image courtesy of One Little Project

Considering that the Wii consoles come in a variety of colors was factored into this entertaining announcement. Every true gaming fan knows that sharing consoles isn’t an option and that each member of the family needs their own device. We all appreciated the originality of this announcement, and it garnered a chuckle.

There’s a Bun in the Oven, Literally

We couldn’t help but giggle at this original way of telling the world that a baby was on its way. The term ‘A Bun in the Oven’ dates back to the 17th century. It was and is still used to tell people when a woman is expecting a bundle of joy. We love how this couple took the old adage and made it relevant to modern times

Image courtesy of

The part that had us giggling out loud was the manner in which they notified that it was a boy that was coming. By stating that the bun contained ‘nuts’ accomplished both the announcement and gender reveal simultaneously, and we love it.

A New Superhero is Entering the Universe

Fans of Superhero comic books and movies will surely get the humor in this hilarious birth announcement. This original homage to all things DC comics shot comic superfans James and  Alisha Doherty into the spotlight back in 2017, when their announcement went viral.

Image courtesy of Screen Rant

James and Alisha were and still are Nashville’s go-to superheros for events such as fundraisers, birthdays, and other charities. When they announced to the world that their family would soon be getting a little ‘Robin’ of their own, their popularity soared even more in their hometown.

Luke, I Am Your Father

This family of diehard Star Wars fans found a fun way to let those near and dear to them know that a new member of the ‘force’ was on the way. We applauded the play on words replacing ‘force’ with ‘fourth’ to show that their growing family was soon to have a fourth Jedi joining the ranks.

Image Courtesy of Lulus

We’re sure the parents consulted Yoda for how to handle their growing army. One of Yoda’s more prolific sayings include ‘Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is.’  Only true Jedis can appreciate this family’s unique way of sharing their happy news.

Not Again!

Sure some kids love hearing the news that mom and dad are expecting a baby, but not always. This funny take on a family of five expanding once again gives an honest view of what the kids really think about a new baby joining the bunch.

Image courtesy of The Bump

This true to life family pic captured a real moment, and we’re glad it was used for their birth announcement. Sure it was done in humor, and the sisters will undoubtedly love and accept their new brother or sister, but this is truly a real family moment, and we can’t help but love that it was captured on film forever.

Little Mario’s Getting a New Apprentice

Getting kids on board with announcing the new arrival definitely helps. It gets the older sibling involved and helps them understand what’s coming. Little Mario’s mom and dad were wracking their brains, trying to be unique in telling the world they were expecting baby number two.

Image courtesy of Powerful Mind

When Mario Sr. saw his son immersed in a game of Super Mario Brothers, a lightbulb went off, and their fun and unique birth announcement was born. Professional child experts urge parents to include the children in on family events, including impending siblings. We’re confident that this soon to be older brother loved being part of spreading the good news to one and all.  

Vanilla Ice Would Approve

Vanilla Ice’s rap song ‘Ice, Ice Baby’ was a huge hit, and while it was the rapper’s one-hit wonder, it still stands the test of time. Though the song was originally released in 1989, it’s still played regularly, and it garners new fans more than 30 years later.

Image courtesy of Powerful Mind

We love this couple’s way of letting everyone in on their good news by referencing the now-classic song in their unique baby announcement. We’re wondering if perhaps the soon to be grandparents understood the hints by viewing it at first or if they needed some additional clues. Either way, we praise the originality of this announcement.

We’re Finally Slowing Down a Bit

This couple originally bonded over their love of racing and fast cars. They have a true passion for all things sleek and fast. But when it was time to telling the world they were ready to start a family, they needed to make sure everyone knew they had grown up and were ready to be responsible adults.

Image courtesy of Ninja Journalist

Our team loved this feel-good moment and appreciated the way the parents to be were sharing their good news with family and friends. They are clearly showing everyone they are ready to slow down, take their foot off the gas, and be happy to let the new addition into their lives.


Talk about an original way to share your love for all things Pokemon with your loved ones. We’re thinking this couple had to do a bit of explaining to their parents. While most of the younger crowd will get the references to Pokeball and Pokemon, the older generation might need a bit of clarification.

Image courtesy of What to Expect

Here’s what we’ve surmised, Pokeballs are round balls that are needed to capture Pokemons. There are many kinds of Pokeballs, and some resemble the one painted on the mom-to-be’s belly in the image above. The announcement here shows that the Pokeball is being used to grow the future Pokemon, and we’ll find out more when it’s born. Ok, it’s cute, we admit it. We’re fans.

This Announcement Isn’t Full of Hot Air

We’re fans of this birth announcement, which needed months of planning. Notice the stages of the pregnancy till the actual birth. This couple went all out and didn’t take the easy route in announcing the new addition to their family. We appreciate the progression leading up to the actual birth.

Image courtesy of earthporm

Kudos for keeping in sync with the clothing throughout. We can’t help but smile when thinking about how much time and effort went into this particular announcement. This couple knew what they wanted and didn’t let life get in the way. This is definitely one of the better baby announcements we’ve reported on. We’re sure that it was immensely appreciated by their friends and family as well.

Eviction Notice

One has to appreciate a good baby announcement. But being creative and original isn’t something we should take for granted. This one melted our hearts. We love the way the image of a crying baby in obvious distress was seen as a moment that needed to be capture in film. Way to go, parents for seeing the potential in this moment.

Image courtesy of Pregnant Chicken

By adding the sonogram to the eviction notice taped to the screaming child’s crib, it made for a hysterically funny announcement that a new baby was on its way. We can’t help but think that the current tenant of the crib was left with a few months to find alternative living arrangements. We’re sure in a few years, big sis will smile at this announcement and not hold a grudge with her parents.

Come On Over, We’re Ready

Once everyone is on board that a new baby is coming, the rest is smooth sailing, right? Not always, but these two canines have been part of the family for a while now and are willing to share in the new duties about to befall them. Buckley and Charlottle have had complete run of the house for several years now but are happy to make way for a new human or two.

Image courtesy of

Their owners were quick to explain to their two loving pets that changes were coming. They both seemed okay with the news and are even offering to step up their game to help out with the new baby. Let’s hope the two dogs will adjust to the new human entity and that their family will be truly complete with a baby. The announcement was appreciated by one and all, and it’s easy to see why.

If Only Both Parents Could Carry the Babies

Everyone smiles at receiving baby announcements. But when we hear that twins are coming, we smile a bit wider. And then we think of what’s in store for the parents to be, and we hope that the sensitivity gene will kick in. This couple’s announcement couldn’t help but poke fun at the fact that men can’t carry babies; as much as they’d like to share the burden, it’s just not the way it works.

Image courtesy of Fear52/ imgur

While many of us see twins as double the work and hopefully double the fun, we also know it’s not easy on the mom-to-be. Here, the future dad is trying to be sensitive to what his partner will be going through, promising to share in the morning sickness. We applaud his awareness and be sure he’ll be the support she needs during the pregnancy’s rougher months. Congrats and best of luck to these new parents!!

Shouldn’t We Have Been Consulted First?

The look on these doggies’ faces says it all. It’s starting to sink in that they’re about to take second place to a new human. While these two seem mild-mannered and easygoing, we’re not sure how they’re going to accept a new addition grabbing all the attention.

Image courtesy of viral Luck

Sure they understand that they might need to share their toys and food, and that’s okay; it’s sharing their parents’ attention that’s worrying them. As long as mom and dad don’t forget to spend some time with them, they’re on board with accepting the new baby. They will hopefully be well-prepped to protect it from getting into any trouble. We’re confident that their parenting gene will kick in once the baby shows up. Stay tuned!!

Goblins and Ghosts are Welcome

For many, Christmas is the perfect time to announce a new addition to the family. But for this creepy twosome, they had other ideas. This couple absolutely adores Halloween and felt that this was the perfect time to let everyone in on their little secret

Image courtesy of

The couple carved a pumpkin to resemble a sonogram and shared the news with those nearest and dearest to them. There were jokes about the mom to be delivering a Halloween themed baby, possibly a ghost or goblin. For the couple, as long as it’s not ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ they don’t mind if they’re blessed with either a son or daughter.

That’ll Teach Him, or Will It?

Most of us would never presume to tell others how to practice safe sex or how to avoid getting pregnant. Some things are meant to be handled between the couple in question. But this announcement had us laughing out loud,  and considering manuals or high school sex education movies to be made compulsory for them in the future.

Image courtesy of Pinterest/

We literally LOL’s at how this couple shared the news with their loved ones and applaud them for making light of the situation, whether seriously or in jest.  While expecting baby number 4 was intentional or not, their humorous birth announcement will surely be remembered for many years.

Netflix and Chill, As Intended

Sure, we all know what the phrase ‘Netflix and Chill’ refers to. If one is in doubt, simply pause here and Google it now. Ok, not that we’re all on the same page. Using this apt phrase to announce a birth seems both clever and appropriate. We love the onesie that was created for this announcement.

Image courtesy of nouveleviestudios / Instagram

We can all assume that the parents-to-be of this particular announcement didn’t find the right binge the night they created their child-to-be and found other ways to stay entertained on that one particular evening. One can’t help but wonder how many hookups and babies the streaming giant is responsible for. That’s one research study I’m certainly looking forward to reading.

Intelligent Baby On Board

For many of us average mortals, we’ve seen the ‘Intel Inside’ logo but didn’t think too much about it, and yes, ourselves included, as average mortals.. This announcement was so clever and unique that we had to do some research to understand it better. For those who aren’t aware, ‘Intel inside’ was a genius marketing tactic that has proven successful while also explaining to us regular folk that it refers to powerful processors in comparison to lesser versions. Imagine eye-rolling emoji inserted here.

Image courtesy of letribunal dunet

The fact that the parents-to-be used this creative logo to announce their upcoming birth was clever and insightful. It showed that they predicted a powerful yet cohesive addition to their family and let those near and dear them know how much they thought of their child to be.

Eating For Two

Weight gain and pregnancy normally go hand in hand. It’s natural for lifelong dieters and usually healthy eaters to let loose during the months of pregnancy. For many, it’s a joyous time to indulge in forbidden treats and give in to cravings that before were considered a no-no.

Image courtesy of The Bump

We can’t help but smile at this birth announcement that not only tells loved ones that a new arrival is expected but that their involvement is encouraged as well. The humor in this announcement is truly for the foodies among us who love to indulge in decadent treats every once in a while and all for the sake of the mother-to-be, of course.

Yes, I’ve Put On a Few Pounds, But I’m Pregnant, Sheesh…

So yeah, we’re living in a time when we have to think twice before voicing anything. We all know that when a woman gains a few pounds, we don’t dare voice our opinion that she might be pregnant, because if she’s not, we can’t take those words back. So we go to her partner, um… bad idea.  

Image courtesy of Fun Cage

Albeit, many of us have those friends that have no filters and have no fear of speaking their minds. This announcement is for those same unfiltered ‘friends’ who have made unkind remarks about women putting on a few pounds. This is a clever yet funny way to put a stop to the rumors when one has gained a few pounds but has a legitimate excuse for the recent pounds that have been piling up.  

Oops, We Did it Again

This photo exemplifies the saying that  ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’  No need for anything else but the rambunctious kids and a positive home pregnancy test to tell friends and family that another blessing is on its way. The humor in this particular image is so on target that words aren’t even necessary.

Image courtesy of I Love My Kids Blog

One has to admire nature in all its glory. While getting a few months warning that a baby is coming is what most of us need in order to adapt and prepare for the many changes that are sure to ensue upon delivery of that first, second, or even sixth child that joins any family unit. Thankfully most tests can be taken days after missing a period, giving us at least eight months to digest the news, which almost always ends up being a blessing.

The Naughty Twosome Becomes a Threesome

The holiday season is all about rebirth and renewal. What a great time to share the news that a baby is on its way. This couple decided to make double use of their annual Christmas card and tell those nearest and dearest to them that they were about to become parents for the first time.

Image courtesy of

The humor used in this announcement is on point, with the parents admitting to being ‘naughty,’ resulting in mommy getting knocked up. Christmas also allows for original yet traditional ways to let the family know that a new addition is coming. By adding the small holiday stocking to the photo along with a comment about being naughty, it’s hard not to get the gist of this announcement. Happy Holidays one and all!

Even Chemistry Geeks Reproduce

The secret to most successful couples has to do with having things in common, Whether it’s a love of movies, biking, sports, or even a love of chemistry. Having a common shared interest increases a couple’s chances of succeeding and going the distance. This couple met at university, where they were both chem majors. The shared interests were so on target that they couldn’t deny the chemistry that existed between them at all.

Image courtesy of My Moms a Nerd

The two budding chemists tied the knot and started their life together. The pair of studious individuals made careers out of science and chemistry but also knew that they wanted to start a family. When the couple found out they were pregnant, they wanted an original way to announce it to the world in a way that was close to their hearts. The couple was lovingly referred to as  ‘chemistry geeks’ by family and friends and thought the only way to share the news was to add a child’s size pair of glasses to their own in their announcement. Well done!!

Four Times the Fun

We can all sympathize with parents struggling to conceive. Whether they resort to prayers, faith healers, or medical technology, we root for them to succeed and pray they get the family they so yearn for. However, this couple may have gotten just a little more than they bargained for. After years of trying to get pregnant and endless poking and prodding, this lucky couple finally got their miracle or rather miracles.

Image courtesy of Pinterest/

This couple, aka the Gardner’s, although thrilled at the news that they were well on the way to starting their family, were still reeling from the news that mom was carrying quadruplets! Yep, that’s right, four babies were cooking away in that growing oven. Their announcement not only announced the upcoming births but mentioned that as much as their prayers were needed to get pregnant, they were needed even more now that they were expecting quads. The shocked look on their faces and the multiple sonograms brought a chuckle to our team. Gives a whole new meaning to the saying, ‘careful what you wish for.’

Safety Pins and Tears of Joy

The actual quote ‘Her clothes were filled with safety pins and hidden tears,’ was a quote by author Louise Erdrich, which seems to be the sentiment of this deep and heartwarming birth announcement. The couple responsible for this creative notice wanted the grandparents to be part of the good news but didn’t want to make it obvious.

Image courtesy of Pinterest/ Amory

The couple decided to create this cryptic message to let those near and dear to them know that their first child was on its way.  They figured the placement of the safety pins would symbolize both grandparents and parents, along with the importance of the new baby in all their hearts. We found this to be witty and endearing in its simplicity.

Thank Goodness for Happy Little Accidents

Many of us grew up watching American Painter Bob Ross. He was a gifted and talented artist that managed to hypnotize throngs of viewers when he was on TV. He also had a calming and soothing voice and encouraged us, even when we made the occasional mistake. Ross was quick to tell us that even the merest of mistakes should be seen as ‘happy little accidents.’

Image courtesy of Conservative Memes

It’s that one quote that gave this couple, both fans of the painter, the idea for their quirky birth announcement. These two shared their ‘happy accident’ with their loved ones while paying homage to the popular artist. The fact that Ross passed away in 2005 doesn’t diminish his popularity, and his achievements are still gaining fans some 15 years after his passing.  

Number Two is Coming

This announcement, which pays tribute to parents around the world united in their goal of potty training, is so clever we had to add it to this impressive list.   Young Shana’s mom was constantly running to the bathroom that Shana took notice and questioned her mom. In reply, mom said, ‘Number two is coming, that’s why I’m always running to the bathroom.’ 

Image courtesy of Photography Katabara

Shana, not even 3-years-old took mom’s words literally, which gave the mom a great idea for their birth announcement, which she was still working on in her head. Mom decided Shana’s confusion was a great way to let the world know they were adding to their family. Shana on the potty with the witty comment in the thought bubble made a huge.. uhm.. splash with family and friends, who all got a good laugh at this witty announcement.

Baby Daddy Isn’t Needed Here

When it comes to same-sex marriages and couples, one sometimes has to walk on egg-shells to be PC, not always an easy task. This couple took that concept and ran with it, and decided to use humor in announcing that they were starting their own family. These two women announced to the world that they were expecting their first child and made sure that everyone knew which one would be carrying the little bundle of joy.

Image courtesy of

This loving couple proves that the cookie-cutter family of previous centuries has forever changed. While we might question how the mom-to-be got pregnant, the options are so numerous today, it’s anyone’s guess, and that’s what makes this announcement all the more special. It’s the focus on the new family that is in the forefront, not how they managed to conceptualize their dream of creating a family. Wishing them both many years of happiness and a home filled with children and love.

Silent Nights are About to End

This family decided to use the Christmas festivities to share their good news with the world. Their holiday greeting did double duty by also announcing the new addition to the family. The nod to the traditional yet classic ‘Silent Night’ was used to note that their peaceful nights were quickly coming to an end.

Image courtesy of

By adding the sonogram, a small red stocking, and the impending due date they wished one and all a Happy Holiday Season while letting them in on their good news. We adored the humor at their understanding that their boring and uneventful nights were about to become a thing of the past. We even more appreciated that the holiday greeting was used as also their birth announcement. Wishing many peaceful nights and days to this family.

Superson Seeking a Sidekick

Any reputable superhero understands the need for a sidekick. Seriously, Batman had Robin, Green Lantern had Kato, and many don’t know this, but even Captain America had one, his name was Bucky Barnes. So it only makes sense that the birth announcement is seen as a new sidekick joining the family. This young boy seems pretty pleased at the news of the impending arrival.

Image courtesy of What to Expect

It’s also a creative way of having younger children accept the news that they’re about to be sharing mom and dad with someone unknown, which can be daunting to some children. This family found that telling their son that he was getting a new sidekick made the news easier to accept and even look forward to.

Walter White Approved This Formula

This couple may have discovered the hit series Breaking Bad a little late in life, like many of the show’s growing fan base. But that didn’t stop them from coming up with this tribute to their favorite show when they decided to share their baby news with the world.

Image courtesy of bored panda/ Jennifer Berkel

The design and effort that went into their announcement were unique and, to some was even questionable because of the subject matter portrayed in the series, but it was a hit nonetheless. The premier date was the baby’s due date, and we can’t help but hail these two on their cleverness in creating a much talked about baby announcement. We love how the family name was incorporated to match the show’s original logo. Well Done!

A Solid Foundation is a Must

This couple seems to truly understand what’s needed when starting a family. The importance of a solid partnership is a vital ingredient in building a solid foundation when deciding to have a baby. These two decided to forego humor and schmaltz in their announcement to the world and stick to core values worthy of applause.

Image courtesy of Conservative Memes

This duo understands the basics of building a cohesive and strong family and isn’t shy about sharing it with those that are near and dear to them. Their simple and eye-catching message is simple, to the point, heartwarming, and has us rooting that they succeed.

Finally, a Baby Manual

We’ve heard numerous times that babies don’t come with instruction books, but boy, they should.  We smiled at this authentic birth announcement that this couple came up with. We love the nod to their inexperience and chuckled at the Ikea-like instruction manual for ‘building a baby.’ One must commend these new parents for admitting in their unique announcement that they’re completely lost when it comes to babies and parenting.

Image courtesy of ORv/ Imgur

The number of books written by ‘experts’ on parenting is just mind-boggling and nearly impossible to navigate through. Sure there are the classics such as ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting,’ but when it comes down to it, nothing really preps us as well as having that newborn in our arms to get the parenting instinct to kick in. We’re confident that this couple, with their sense of self-deprecating humor, is more than prepared for the journey they’re about to embark on, and we wish them much luck.

Reality Bites

While most families welcome the news of a new baby, it’s not a given. When a new sibling is thrown into the mix, jealousy and resentment can build. This family understands that some big changes are coming, and while little Timmy seems jazzed at the news, Amanda isn’t feeling the same.

Image courtesy of

While Timmy is thrilled at being an older brother yet again, Amanda isn’t pleased with someone taking her status of the youngest child away. This moment of raw honesty is truly priceless and we’re grateful that her lack of enthusiasm was caught and used in this family’s birth announcement. We’re sure once the news sunk in that Amanda was seeing the upside to being an older sister, at least we hope that was the case.

Lady is Doing Her Due Diligence

True dog lovers understand that our dogs aren’t just pets but real members of the family. This couple definitely got the memo that their beloved Lady was about to become a big sister and that a new human was soon to be joining the family. They also knew that Lady had to be part of the baby announcement.

Image courtesy of rferrar1 / Reddit

Whether Lady’s humans were serious or not, we admire the books used in this adorable photo. The fact that Lady will need time in adjusting to the new tenant about to enter her home, her humans are sensitive to the impending changes. We can’t help but respect the parents for making good use of their few baby-free months by reading up on how to best prep their home and Lady for the impending arrival.

Honey, Check This Out

Most women know and can feel when they get pregnant. They understand the changes in their bodies and understand that it’s most likely prenatal symptoms. On the flip side, some simply have no clue. This mother was feeling under the weather for a while. She was putting on weight, feeling tired, and just wasn’t herself. She was sure she caught a bug or something, anything but pregnancy.

Image courtesy of

Imagine her surprise after visiting her GP when she found out that her symptoms were pregnancy-related. And now she needed to tell her husband. Deciding against just calling him up and dropping the bomb, she opted for humor. She sent him this photo with a message stating the results of her doctor’s visit just arrived. The same image was used to announce their upcoming bundle of joy with their friends and family as well.

This Family Just Found Out They Were Growing, Again

Thanks to modern technology, there are very few moments that aren’t caught in real-time. For good or bad, having a handy smartphone on hand pretty much guarantees that we won’t miss a single moment in our lives. Check out this family’s honest moment of realizing mom’s expecting a new baby.

Image courtesy of Pregnant Chicken

The look of shock on dad’s face rivals most of Meryl Streep’s award-winning performances. We’re thankful mom was at the ready with the camera as she handed the pregnancy stick to her husband and kids. This same photo was used as the birth announcement to let family and loved ones in on the good news. Hopefully, they had enough time to accept the news, and by the time the baby was born, all were okay with the addition to the family.

Check Out This Movie Trailer

This birth announcement has got to be one of the most entertaining and original that we’ve ever come across. One couple decided to take their love of horror movies to a new level. They created what appears to be a movie poster for an upcoming film aptly titled ‘Twenty Eight Days Late’ as their way of announcing to the world that they were about to premier as a family in a matter of months.

Image courtesy of

Their unique and funny way of turning their good news into an upcoming horror flick must have caused many to laugh at their creativity. We love the use of the pregnancy stick, showing a positive to depict the scary future one young couple is about to embark on. They get multiple thumbs up for taking their announcement further than most.

Promoted to Older Sister

When a family of three decides to grow and have another baby, getting the existing child to get excited can be a challenge. In many cases, notifying the only child becomes a sensitive task that needs to be handled maturely and delicately. Not many only kids are keen on having to share the spotlight with an unknown and unwanted intruder.

Image courtesy of lauren cepernoud

This young girl’s parents found a fun and exciting way to get their daughter in on the excitement. Instead of dumping the news on her to just accept that a new baby was coming, they decided to make it interactive. The parents explained that their young daughter was due a promotion and that they decided it was time for her to move up in rank to ‘older sister.’ From the look of this imaginative birth announcement, the young lady has enough time to digest the news, not to mention plan for her future in her new position. Well done, parents!  

A Kinder Surprise

Kinder Surprise Eggs made their debut in 1974 and have delighted children and adults ever since. The fun, whimsical egg-shaped chocolate treat is popular not only for its taste but for the fun surprise toys inside. The treat in the egg has sparked a decades-long debate about whether it was popular because of the toy resting inside or the quality of the chocolate. By the way, this debate has never been settled.

Image courtesy of hthayat haberturk

 Imagine our joy when one young couple used the well-known chocolate treat to announce they were expecting. We loved the well-executed and painted growing bump to show the surprise that was being hatched by the couple. It goes without saying that for this couple, the treat inside the egg is the reason they opted for the egg to begin with.

A Bicycle Built for Three?

This couple were together for over five years and shared a passion for all things biking. Soon after getting hitched, the couple found they were expecting a bundle of joy.  That’s pretty much when they came up with this fun way of telling everyone how excited they were to be starting a family.

Image courtesy of a bit of pop blogspot

They went all out and hired the popular photographer Laura Foote and consulted with her in creating their announcement. When the photographer understood the importance of biking to this couple, she had come up with the idea of adding the tricycle to the announcement. We love the shout-out to the couple’s love of cycling and how it was incorporated in their message to loved ones.

Fido Looks Worried

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend, but usually, that’s only till babies make their way onto the scene. We couldn’t help but smile at this moment captured and then used for this couple’s baby announcement. The impending parents were totally devoted to Fido, and he pretty much had run of the house, but that’s soon about to end.

Image courtesy of

This image shows a dog that is keenly aware big changes are coming, and he’s not sure if he’s on board with what his humans are considering happy news. He’s starting to internalize that his days on the family bed may soon be coming to an end. We’re sure Fido will adapt to the new addition and help the baby feel welcome, and hopefully, he’ll be okay with sharing his humans, at least at first.

Page Loading, Please Wait

We can all relate to the frustration of waiting for a page to load, whether on our phone or laptop. We know that annoying loading message that flashes on the screen as we wait for the page to appear. We’re assuming that this couple feels that is the same as waiting for a baby to be born into the world.

Image courtesy of powerful mind

While nine months to some feels like eons, we also know it can also fly by in a moment. We truly appreciated this couple’s announcement using the page loading message to share the good news with those near and dear to them.  We’re sure the ‘loading’ time was used productively to prepare for the bundle of joy that was about to enter their lives. Wishing this unique couple many years of uninterrupted bliss.

Two Moms Are Definitely Better Than One

Please meet Mel and Vanessa Roy. These two are married and enjoying family bliss, but getting there was a journey. The couple always knew they both wanted to give birth to their own children and they were fortunate in being able to realize their dreams.

Image courtesy of Igenomix

The duo understood that having a family of four was high on their wish list. But they were also realistic and understood both women getting pregnant at the same time wasn’t ideal or all that practical. So in 2013, Mel gave birth to daughter Ero, and in 2014 Vanessa welcomed son Jax. Their unique birth announcements reflected their growing brood in a tasteful and fun way. Kudos to this family!