38 Accidental Texts Sent By Total Strangers And The Funny Responses Received

By Jo A

This article was originally published on docjournals

Most times, accidents happen, but this time we’re not talking about a final fantasy kind of accident or a terrible kitchen fail. We mean accidentally texting a complete stranger. There are cases where you had to change phones or mistyped a number without noticing after meeting someone new. Or, even worse if someone gives you the wrong number to begin with.

This mistake is a pretty common one to make, and everyone has been a victim at one time or the other. With most of us not remembering phone numbers anymore, thanks to our cell phones keeping everything stored automatically, it has made these mishaps more common. The outcome of this is sometimes hilarious and we’ve compiled a list of the funny responses that ensued.

This isn’t the Janet you met

You may begin to wonder what Janet must have done to get a scary text as this one received. However, just from the look of things, it’s best to let it slide as the sender seems to have had enough.

Not only has the sender shown a predisposition to violence, but there’s also more in stock.

Image source: shareably

These are the moments we all live for as the sender has planned some rather graphic things to be done in a very specific way – throwing her in the oven just like in the fabled Hansel and Gretel.

Welcome to Tinder

If you’re new to the dating app Tinder, you may find it a little disconcerting or odd. You get matched with anyone with as little info as possible. Besides, all you have is a few pictures to work with. For some, it is a great place to find love while others go there to just look for some fun.

Image source: ebaumsworld

In this person’s case, we think the date obviously didn’t go too well for Ashly and she had tried to cut her losses real quick. However, her partner, on the other hand, didn’t seem to have gotten the memo about it.

Honest mistake or a scam?

We’re on the fence with this one as this could be an honest mistake or it could be a well-orchestrated scam. If it’s a mistake, the lady in question is probably trying to get some help by requesting child support.

Image source: izziesmile

The last text showed she mistyped a number and reached the wrong person. On the other hand, it could’ve been a scam to fleece an unsuspecting victim. Well, we haven’t come across anyone that would fall for such a thing yet.

Google to the rescue

Google has really made life easy for us and it’s hard to imagine life pre-Google. Upon receiving a random text from this doctor, Hannah decided to man up to the challenge and she even went as far as offering a piece of sound advice.

Image source: boredpanda

To her surprise, the doctor not only replied back to her several hours later, but they had also taken her Googled advice. How cool is that? Thanks to WebMD, they both had probably saved a life without knowing it.

Please don’t ask

We all know the saying, “Curiosity killed the cat,” and it is true in most situations. Even though the receiver was told not to ask, he just couldn’t help himself. In truth, we won’t blame him as anyone would want to know what the kitchen looked like if we’re to go by what is in this frame alone.

Image source: Pinterest / JellySourBean

Now, what we’re left to wonder what must have prompted the conversation, to begin with. We can’t even think how the convo must have been about for the sender to want to send that photo in the first place.

Perfect response

This one line text and answer is one of the best exchanges to come across our timeline. For those that know the Disney sitcom “Cory in the house,” they’re sure to understand this better. Thankfully, without having to say too much, the sender realized his mistake.

Image source: abrozzi

This exchange was quite wholesome as both parties sat back and had a good laugh about how things went. We’re sure he’s going to relate to what just happened when he finally connects with the real Corey.

A Pleasant Error

All this lady wanted to do was to plan a nice meal with some of her best buddies. Well, as experience must have taught her, these kinds of events may experience hiccups if you don’t see to the tiniest detail. However, what she didn’t expect was to text a slew of instructions to the wrong number.

Image source: boredpanda

However, her mistake could work out to her advantage and just be exactly what she and her friends needed in the first place as she texted Qdoba caterers. Now she has a backup plan should her first plan fail.

Want a Selfie?

Sometimes, it’s hard to reply to certain types of messages, especially when they come with no words. However, these men didn’t need any as they aptly replied with a beautiful selfie of theirs to tell the ladies they had the wrong number.

Image source: joinonelove

The response must have elicited a burst of hearty laughter from both parties as we’ve now learned a genius way to perfectly respond to no word selfies. On the flip side, both parties have beautiful selfies to remind them of their chance encounter.

Batman replies

While some see it as a pleasant banter when texted wrongly by a stranger, others see it as a waste of their time. For some, they simply pay little attention and they go about their duties when they get texts like this – while others will go the extra mile to let them know they got the wrong number.

Image source: pinterest / oviedocatholic

This person really came up with a good meme as a way to respond to a wrong message received. He took his time and edited it so that the person who had contacted him knew in no uncertain terms that he had the wrong number.

No prospect

It’s really a low move for someone to break up via text and we’ll like to state clearly that we don’t support such behavior. The right thing to do is to respect the person and request a face to face meeting where you’ll let your feelings be known.

Image source: distractify

Thankfully, the receiver also shared our opinions and replied in the most ironic way possible. We hope the sender got the message and realized he texted the wrong person. This time, the break up should be done in person.  

Who’s this?

Sometimes, some people just barge into your messages without any prior introduction and they just go straight to the point. Sometimes it’s funny, but most times it’s downright annoying. We want to believe the sender must have had a prior conversation with the intended recipient before sending it.  

Image source: pinterest / fatimabernadd

It must have been a little jolting to receive a picture with a message saying “This is the standard cable.” Although the receiver’s response was not related, the fact that he decided to reply anyways is amusing for both parties.

Kimber has lost it

This text is both confusing and funny at the same time and the conclusion we arrived at is that it’s possible this person does not know the workings of a phone. After calling the wrong number, they still went ahead to text the same number

Image source: boredpanda

In truth, no matter how hard we try to explain what happened here, we’ll end up getting more confused than ever. To confirm this person is a technophobe, she ended her text with a signature.

Brotherly love

This is one of the sweetest exchanges you’ll come across for a long time. There’s nothing as heartwarming as being loved by a sibling and it’s cuter when they are able to openly express their love in this way.

Image source: pinterest / susangriffino43

The beauty of this exchange is that the person on the other end reciprocated the love and went further to inquire if he was on Reddit. The reason for this, we believe is that he knew when he shared this exchange there, it’ll go viral.

Smarty pants

When you text the wrong number and you’re told your mistake, the right thing to do is to apologize and go your way. In this case, this person just didn’t seem to get the memo. Twice, she texted that she wanted Rachyl’s number but didn’t get a favorable reply.

Image source: awwmemes

Instead of backing off, she went ahead to keep making unreasonable requests by asking for a number the sender obviously does not have. At this point, it seems the sender is just trying to use underhand tricks to achieve her aim.

Quite determined

When a message is left on read, different people act differently. There are several reasons why someone would leave your message on read and you have to try to understand if you need to back away or keep being persistent.

Image source: pinterest / samanthawieder

Some people believe it is best to ignore with hopes that whoever you’re trying to reach will text back when they’re free. Without a doubt, we can say no one will approve sending 12 texts simultaneously and most of them are just plain gibberish.

Heartfelt wishes

In most cases, wrong number texts end up in misery, laughter, or sometimes anger. It’s pretty common to see people insulting each other and calling each other unprintable names. In other cases, both parties just end up confused.

Image source: sunnyskiez

Luckily, this case was quite different as a heart-warming connection was formed. The receiver got a text mistaking her for her mom, the reply was totally unexpected but we’re glad somebody’s day and Christmas was made. Good things come when we least expect.

That’s awkward

No matter the angle you look at this text from, it cannot stop being cringy. In truth, Shannon played a fast one on this poor dude as she doesn’t seem to be into him. He didn’t help himself either as his reply made it more awkward. 

Image source: rap-up

For one, the fact that he’s nervous is showing even though it’s via text. If he continues this way, it’ll be a little hard for him to get his dream girl. However, we’ll give him brownie points for taking the bulls by the horn and trying.

A wrong number that brings smiles

There’s an unexplainable joy that comes with making someone smile when they least expect. Except when the stars align, your paths may never cross with the wrong person you exchanged texts with in this lifetime. However, it’s a thing of beauty when something nice comes out of such moments.

Image source: pinterest / fostersikes

Patrick here is a gem as he created a meme to pass his message across to the sender of this wrong text. This exchange is so precious it should be used as a template for how to handle wrong text messages. 

Went over your head

When you look at this text for the first time, it won’t look so bad. But when you scrutinize it further, then you’ll realize how problematic everything is. This dude right here received a breakup text from his girlfriend only to get another one telling him it’s the wrong number.

Image source: knowyourmeme

We’re sure he felt totally relaxed after the second text, but maybe he should be asking himself a few important questions. In our opinion, it seems that it’s only a matter of time before he realizes he’s been cheated on.

That hurts

At one time or the other, we’ve been in a place that we had wished we’d rather not be in. This person has always dreamed of getting a wrong number text and has played different scenarios in his head. From pranks to making soul connections, you name it. He’s thought of it all before.

Image source: Iwastesomuchtime

However, this wasn’t the case as the situation on the ground does not warrant any type of jokes or banter. On the other hand, it could just be that the sender is also playing a prank. We’ll never know for sure.

Sent by an angel

Even though we don’t know the back story that led to this moment, we can categorically say this exchange is lovely. There are so many questions we want answered – was this planned or purely by accident? Did this person just seek out a random number to send a nice message to?

Image source: greenlemon

Even though we don’t have answers to the question, the receiver is glad she received the message. If only more people carried out random acts of kindness towards each other, the world will be a better place for all.

Ready to go?

We’re wondering if this person was just playing on their computer in the bathroom, or if he had it prepared in anticipation for a moment like this. As luck would have it, the opportunity presented itself on a platter of gold in the form of a wrong number text.

Image source: HardyUndertook/funnyjunk.com and @OlympicSelfiess/Twitter via buzzfeednews.com

This is a funny way to tell the sender that it will clearly be a no-show at Bread Co because the message was obviously sent to the wrong number in error and they will need to find another worker ASAP…

That’s a nice pose

These young men thought they had sent a picture of themselves to their friend. Well, the reply they got was not expected as we’re sure they can’t help but laugh. Two strangers recreated their pose in the best possible way and we can’t tell who did it better.

Image source: ranker

What we would really like to know is if the old man really is just some random stranger sitting idly at a restaurant or he’s part of the plot. However, we’ll give the award for creativity to the receivers.

Call 911

This text is both terrifying and funny at the same time. One thing we’d like to know is the reason why Shelby decided to send a text and not a call due to the urgency of the situation that was happening. Even if she were to call, the appropriate number to call would have been 911.

Image source: twentytwowords

We think that the emergency services would have been the ideal people to handle a situation of such magnitude regardless of whom had sent the message. However, the receiver was pretty smart, as was the advice he gave in reply.

Passive-aggressive momma

It seems momma has made it a habit of guilt-tripping her kids so she can have her way and this person is not having it in any way. Although the receiver clearly stated she has no idea who they were, momma just seems to be fed up with having to do everything.

Image source: kristenlikesvore

In truth, she has a point as the bulk of the work is always done by her. We hope she was able to find someone to take Val to school and the intervention went as it should have and was successful.

Too much drama

This accidental text is filled with so much drama you can write an entire series about it. We would really like to know everything Brittney did to Caitlin to receive this kind of warning. From the look of things, the cul de sac barbecue is a big deal, and getting banned must be devastating.

Image source: thepoke

A ban like this is must be akin to a life sentence in prison. What surprises us at the end is the hugs and kisses which seems to be a kind of creepy. It smacks of passive-aggressiveness if we must say

That didn’t go well?

Making an accidental friend is a fantastic experience. You could bump into a stranger as you walk along the road and in no time you’re best friends for life. We were thinking this was how this would end but it wasn’t to be.

Image source: shareably

At first look, this random text seemed to be leading to something great as the receiver unbelievably went as far as offering her house to the stranger. We’re shocked the person turned down a chance to eat free biscuits.

Nice banter

Jake right here sounds like a fun person to be with. No matter the turn the conversation was taking, he was armed with the right answer at all times. On the other hand, Brian seems to be oscillating from one persona to the other.

Image source: rummyweek

From asking the kind of pants Jake was wearing to talking about a cheating girlfriend, Brian literally told Jake about his entire life in just a few texts. As luck would have it, Jake seemed to have been a good sport.

Fairytale romance

At some point or the other in life, everyone craves for a fairytale romance. Dreams do come true and the interaction between these two strangers is proof that things really do exist. It started off with a single word “Princess.”

Image source: awwmemes

And the lady on the other end did not mind being his princess even if it was a wrong number. However, it was not to be in this life but they were both willing to give it a shot in another. True love never dies.  

Stay Strong

Several people have different ways of rejecting strangers who ask for their number. For some, they politely turn you down while others who wish to avoid the awkwardness of saying no – will do you dirty – they’ll give you the wrong number.

Image source: pinterest / gabbygrimm

It hurts when they text the person, and they discover it’s the wrong number and in some cases, they’re subject to ridicule. As luck would have it, the person on the other end perfectly understood what just happened and even went as far as sympathizing with him.

Very very different

After taking this photo, this guy discovered the person in the picture shares some resemblance with his friend. In the heat of the moment, he couldn’t wait to share his discovery, so he sent the picture to his supposed friend.

Image source: awesomejelly

It wasn’t to be as the number he sent the picture to, was the wrong number. The difference couldn’t be clearer as the person on the other end had nothing in common with his friend. The receiver is white and his friend is black.

A resounding No

It comes naturally to some people to play pranks when they get a random text, while some have no time to engage in such things. Several people would be curious to know who Bart is but this person wasn’t as thrilled and wouldn’t budge even if it was a birthday party.

Image source: boredpanda

If “going straight to the point” was a person, we’re sure the receiver is that person. He is beyond blunt and has no time to mess around with wrong numbers. Clearly, he wants no part in having to plan Bart’s birthday.

Who’s with the phone?

There are several ways you can tell someone they have the wrong number and one of those ways is to send cute dog pictures. Wanting to know who the person on the other end was, the doggie kindly responded by sharing a picture of herself.

Image source: seventeen

Since dogs cannot write, it is understandable that they weren’t the ones who were responsible for these responses. What we’re trying to understand is if the sender has a problem identifying cats from dogs or if he’s just being cranky.

Grill or Girl?

No matter how hard you look at this conversation, it still would not make sense. First off, how can you start a conversation with “Who’s this?” especially if you do not think that you are actually texting the wrong number.

Image source: shareably

We think the sender is texting wrong numbers hoping to score a mark with a pretty girl which is weird since you have the internet. However, the receiver duly introduced himself as a barbecue grill in the name of legendary boxer, George Foreman.

Call Mom

Imagine getting a text from a random number asking you to call your mom. At first, you might be worried that she’s in danger or if something terrible had happened. You won’t waste an extra second before dialing her number.

Image source: refinery29

From the look of things, the receiver doesn’t look like he has a great relationship with his mother because he deemed the ensuing conversation with her unnecessary. On the bright side, we’re sure momma was glad to hear from him, thanks to Andrea.

Third time is the charm

Texting a random number once is totally understandable. While you were typing the number, you may have heard wrong, mistyped or there was a glitch on your phone – whatever the reason is, it’s understandable. What we don’t understand is having to text the same number three times after being told it’s the wrong number.

Image source: boredpanda

As the saying goes, after the third time, the receiver had no choice but to concede they’ve become unlikely friends. They both kicked off their unusual friendship by wishing each other a merry Christmas- more than once!

Putting her foot down

Most moms are legendary for their keen negotiating ability, especially with their husbands and kids. A lot of us have memories of our mom using underhand tactics to get us to do a specific chore we might be reluctant to do.

Image source: ebaumsworld

No matter what mom asks its best not to get her upset as the consequences may be unpleasant. Even if it’s an accidental text mom’s negotiating power is always at play and it was in full effect this time. We wonder what will happen when her kid shows up with no milk, turkey, and ham.

A profitable accidental text

This is one exchange that interests us a great deal as we would like to know how it ended. This is the stuff of dreams as everyone wishes someone from out of the blue would bring us some cool cash.  

Image source: boredpanda

In truth, this may not work out when the sender figures out he texted the wrong number but it was worth a try. You can sense the urgency in the receiver’s text when he insisted the money be brought the same day.