40+ Times Guests Stole the Spotlight from the Bride

By Louise T

This article was originally published on travelerdoor

Long gone are the days where wearing white at the wedding is the only way to upstage the bride. With all the happy snappers around, no crazy moment at a wedding will go unnoticed and undocumented. Brides dream of nothing more than their wedding to be an Insta-worthy celebration of love but sometimes their wedding will land on the Gram for all the wrong reasons. No matter how hard you plan your special day, nothing can prepare you for the multitude of things that can, and inevitably will go wrong. So, before you send out your “save-the-dates”ת make sure to eliminate any potential trouble makers from the list! Whether it be wine-happy Uncle Fred or a cranky flower girl, these weddings all had their fair share of show-stopping moments.

T-Swift’s Other Love Story

Celebrities are just like the rest of us mortals. Sometimes they fall, sometimes they have bad hair days, and sometimes they upstage their best friend’s wedding. Just ask Taylor Swift. She was asked to be maid-of-honor for her best friend, Britany Maack.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/TaylorSwift

How is a bride supposed to get any attention with the queen of pop standing next to her? This certainly was not on purpose, but the bar has been set for maids-of-honor everywhere. Don’t you dare show up without a string of Grammys to your name!

The bride was not the gold digger at this wedding

Aren’t kids just the cutest things? If you answered yes to this question, we will implore you to reconsider. They cough, spit, and dig at the most inappropriate times. Case in point, this little darling right here, who was part of the wedding party.

Image Courtesy of Imgur/DrunkCinderella

This little girl had a devious photobomb in mind and simple bunny ears wouldn’t do the trick. She had much grander, grosser plans in mind. Her blank dead-on stare into the lens makes us think she had this gold-digging pose all planned out.

Just giving the happy couple a taste of the future

Having children at your wedding is always a debatable topic and this little boy has given one argument to the “against” team. This toy truck was supposed to keep him occupied and out of the way, but quite the opposite happened.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/biggamebader

Instead, he turned the aisle into a motorway and had a grand ol’ time. This might give the couple a little taste of what is to come one day in the future. Luckily, they don’t look too bothered and the ceremony could move on swiftly. Now, get out of the way, beep beep!

Let’s meet the queen of the monster-in-laws

If you think you have it bad on the mother-in-law front, think again. This poor bride had to stand by and watch her future in-law not only throw wedding rule number 1 out the window but practically smash it to smithereens.

Image Courtesy of Facebook/That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming

She showed up in full wedding attire to try and upstage the bride. The last question you want people to ask when looking at a wedding photo is “who is the bride?”. Hopefully, this isn’t foreshadowing of what is to come in their future!

No, Bambi! It’s not for you!

With all that tasty grass around you’d think this rambunctious deer would have all he can eat and more. But nothing looks tastier than this poor bride’s bouquet. That being said, of all the uninvited guests that could show up to your wedding, this might just be the cutest.

Image Courtesy of Facebook/Laurenda Marie Photography

The couple opted for a rustic wedding with nature-centered photos. Instead, they got a little more bang for their “buck”! Luckily these photos are one of a kind and no animals were harmed in the taking of this photo. “Excuse me, sir, the stag party was last weekend!”

“Everyone must see my new big girl pants!”

This little girl is more than proud that her diaper-wearing days are behind her and she needed to share the joy with the whole wedding crowd. She grabbed the chance with both hands to show everyone that she is all grown up now.

Image Courtesy of Abby Photography

Luckily the happy couple seems unfazed by the situation playing off right next to them. That is what true love looks like. It is baffling the things kids can get away with; just wait until Aunt Helen tries this and we will see how different the reactions will be!

“Is it over already?”

This little boy is for sure an entire mood. Have you ever just taken your bag of travel toys and parked out front, waiting for the night to end? Same, dude, same. This little boy just had one thing on his mind: bed.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/sruvolo

There is also something about his look that says: “I was the ring bearer at a wedding and all I got was this lousy bowtie”. Can someone get this kid a Red Bull in a sippy cup please? Pronto! He’s losing steam by the minute.

That’s what you call a stiff lower lip

Do you remember that time that you wanted to wear a superhero costume, but your mom made you wear a boring ill-fitting tux? So does this kid. In the most cartoonish way possible he made everyone understand he is doing this under duress.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/nombski

If you want to have kids in your wedding party, the least you can do is make it fun for them. How about having them roll in on a skateboard? Or wearing a tie with clowns on? That should surely turn this little guy’s frown upside-down.

“Does anyone know where the bathroom is?”

Men learn from an early age to never ask for directions. At least, that looks like this little boy’s tactic. Just stroll about until you find whatever it is you are looking for — even if that means walking into the middle of the vows.

Image Courtesy of Del Sol Photography

Luckily, an adult jumped right into action. But by the collected look on Dad’s face, this isn’t the first time this little tyke has wandered off. Just another day at the office for him. These kids might be the prime candidate for some child harnesses.

Two sides of the same coin

 Yin and yang, sweet and sour, light and dark. There are two sides to everything and that definitely applies to this little girl’s mood. When the camera is pointing at her, it’s all smiles; next moment, the “don’t touch me” mode is activated.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/ELBandejo

In the adult world, we call them “mood swings”. But when it comes to kids it is considered “normal”. So unfair. Or perhaps she is simply saving her smiles for the camera? “It’s hard work looking cute all the time, you know!”

Get a room!

Someone obviously gave this poor kid an early lesson on cooties and he is fearing for his dad’s life. Cooties /n/: a virus spread by overly obnoxious people, transmitted through the act of kissing. Look it up, it’s a real thing.

Image Courtesy of Kelly Hornberger

On the other hand, the girls have been fed nothing but lovely romantic tales and they are all too pleased that their mom has found her Prince Charming. This combination is going to make for some mighty interesting adolescent years.

“Can I get an aspirin over here”

Backyard weddings all the rage these days. You can save money, make it quaint and rustic, and have an excuse to only invite your closest friends and family. But this little girl sees right through the farce of it all.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/rabinaspears

“You guys seriously thought blue plastic chairs were going to cut it? Hiring a planner might not have been the worst idea.” Hanging her head in shame, she makes a note to herself: “my wedding invites will say, strictly no cowboy boots or beer cans.”

“Thats it, I quit!”

A ring bearer’s job is pretty simple. Step 1: Wear a tux. Step 2: Hold pillow. Step 3: Walk. Step 4: Look cute. It is so easy, a monkey could do it! And in many cases, they do, with great success.

Image Courtesy of YouTube/Kyoot Kids

In this case, the couple opted for a toddler instead of a simian, with less success. Nowhere in the job description does it say “throw the pillow at the altar”. Yet this creative little guy decided to improvise. Don’t quit your day job, kid.

“Excuse me, I think this kid is broken”

Being a flower girl is a great honor, but brides should think twice before bestowing such an honor on just any kid. Not everyone can perform under the pressure. The older girl is a straight-up pro; perfect flower holding height, great posture, confidence beyond her years.

Image Courtesy of Studio Cabrelli

The youngster on the other hand, not so much. Sometimes the best of us crack under pressure too, and that is all right. But shall we suggest maybe holding auditions next time? Or perhaps postponing the wedding until your flower girls are old enough? These are just suggestions…

Mother monster, is that you?

When you think of Lady Gaga, you might imagine a fleshy dress, outrageous headpieces, sky-high platform shoes, or half-naked men carrying her around in an egg. But once in a blue moon, all those gimmicks are left at home and Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta graces us with her presence.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/fameflynet

Gaga looked gorgeous as a bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding. All dressed in lavender she was surprisingly demure, but we see you, Gaga! You can’t hide from us! Here’s to hoping this wedding was less of a “bad romance” and more of a “stupid love” kind of affair.

“What’s my line again?”

Here’s yet another kid succumbing to the insufferable pressures of being on ring bearer duty. This time around, he is looking to the wings to be fed his lines. No son, you don’t have to say “I do”; that’s the groom’s job.

Image Courtesy of Kate McElwee Photography

Must we go over the ring bearer steps again? Wear a tux, hold a box, walk, look cute. The end. None of this “it’s my big day too” nonsense. If you want to be sassy, let your mom enter you into an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras.

The wedding is that way

It’s every bride’s dream: a canopy on the beach, white sand tumbling into turquoise waters, a groom in a pink shirt. Apparently, this kid could not care less about this picture-perfect wedding playing off right in front of (or rather, behind) him.

Image Courtesy of Del Sol Photography

Instead, this kid is fantasizing about the pool back at his resort. Kids these days! In our day, we had to walk 6 miles, barefoot, on a dirt road, sit in a freezing chapel, for hours, to witness the sanctity of two people declaring their love to each other. Be thankful, boy!

If I can’t see them, they can’t see me

Dresses are confusing, we get it. But nowhere in the instruction manual does it say: “Lift skirt over head in public”. Yet this flower girl decided to do it anyway. With the adults looking away she seized the opportunity to break a few etiquette rules.  

Image Courtesy of Arcography

If you look closely, you will notice the boy behind her has also thrown caution to the wind and embraced his messy untucked shirt. Apparently, kids were running amok all over the show at this wedding. Have some sense of decency, people!


Look, if a bride wants to wear a cloudlike marshmallow dress, she is basically asking for it to be messed with. This kid just could not resist the urge to take a dive onto the inviting pillow train as the bride took her walk down the aisle.

Image Courtesy of YouTube/Brian M

In the video, you can hear the shocked gasps of the wedding guests but the bride did not miss a step. She glanced back just once and continued on her merry way. You go, girl! Don’t let an unruly kid ruin your big day!

“They do what on their wedding night?!”

When they say a picture speaks a thousand words, this is what they mean. The grown-ups are clearly enjoying a joke of some sorts, and the poor kid must have overheard something PG-13. What else can leave you with this look of pure horror?

Image Courtesy of Orange Girl

Or perhaps someone told her Santa and the Tooth Fairy are fake? Either way, this girl is scarred. Luckily, she is just short enough to be cropped out, nothing wrong with a lovely shoulder-height photo of the bride and her bridesmaids.

Dear Lord, take me now

You know when the bride and groom themselves sit down, the wedding is going to be extra long. So long, in fact, that this kid is getting ready for a nap, or perhaps a funeral. The latter would be more appropriate, given the location.

Image Courtesy of David Ferguson Photography

This is why “quickie weddings” get our vote. Vegas weddings last just 10 minutes, just enough time to say “I do” and listen to Elvis serenade you. Anything longer than that is overkill. We feel you kid; this wedding business is way overrated.

This looks like a good spot

We’re ready to make the bold claim that beach weddings are the worst. Sand everywhere, noisy waves, onlookers staring, random loose dogs running about peeing. Wait, what? This was not on the list of “why beach weddings are a bad idea”, but it just shot straight to the top.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/Sam Alhadeff

We guess the sanctity of a wedding ceremony doesn’t mean much to a dog, but surely, his owner knows better? Let’s hope the doting couple kept looking away long enough to miss this doggy answering to nature’s call — though their guests surely must have had something to say.

Praying Or Sleeping?

Generally speaking, your average clergyman is usually of a more advanced age, so one can understand that it’s not too outrageous for this minister to have dozed off while waiting for the ceremony to begin. Your typical grandpa would do the same, would he not?

Image Courtesy of Twitter/RayMalaspina

Luckily for him, he can easily pass it off as a prayer. “I was simply passing on my blessings to the big guy!” he probably argued. That being said, if he let out a snore that would be a bit difficult to argue away. Expelling demons, perhaps?

I’m Batman

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding was one for the ages. The A-list couple tied the knot at a star-studded ceremony in Florence, Italy. But there was one more unexpected guest at their ceremony than they might have bargained for.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Kournteykardash

Jaden Smith, known jokester and internet philosopher, showed up to the glamorous occasion sporting a white Batman suit. This is the same guy that cut off his dreadlocks and carried them to the Met Gala as an accessory. Need we say more?

We all have that one friend

If you don’t have a weird friend, then you are the weird friend. This overzealous bridesmaid interrupted the newly married couple’s photo session to steal the spotlight for a bit. At least the veil is long enough to effortlessly crop her out if need be.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/anlyin

Even though this image was a bit staged, it does take a special kind of person to commit in the way that this girl did. And big points to the bride and groom for keeping their cool through it all! They look unfazed by these shenanigans.

Talk about side-splitting fun

This groomsman certainly thought he had all the moves until he went one step, or shall we say jump, too far. You know what they say: it’s all fun and games until someone splits their pants! Can you guess what song was playing when this epic catastrophe happened?

Image Courtesy of Twitter/JeffGrass

Let’s just give a round of applause to the photographer who had his finger on the trigger for this perfect moment. And we always thought our mothers were being dramatic when they made us throw out our disheveled underpants. The question remains, who has a spare pair of trousers?

Mamma Mia!

Wedding food is an important factor in your wedding reception and this wedding made a delicious, albeit messy, choice. Instead of the safe “roast meat and potatoes buffet” option they served up hearty plates of spaghetti Bolognese, a dish with some serious potential to stain.

Image Courtesy of Ken Pak Photography

This kid dove in, hand first, to carbo-load for the night ahead. Looking at the state of him we’re guessing he had to be hosed down after this encounter. Hopefully, he could keep the slurping sounds down to a minimum with the speeches going on right behind him.

That’s not how you shake hands

This kid’s parents took him over to congratulate the blushing bride and he decided to get right down to business. Instead of the traditional hug or handshake, he decided to rather grab a handful and cure his curiosity. Time and place, boy!

Image Courtesy of Twitter/_madelineelyse_

This is another classic case of “funny when a kid does it”. Let’s see anyone other than the groom pull that move and it instantly becomes far more sinister. These parents better give the kid a stern talking to about consent before this behavior gets out of, erm, hand again.

If it looks like a tissue and feels like a tissue…

Reason number 785 to not have children in your wedding party: snot. They have lots of it, and you never know when or how it will make its appearance. But be warned, appear it will. Just hope the photographer isn’t close by to capture that moment.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/keithtvguy

This boy was in the bridal party at his aunt’s wedding, front and center at the ceremony, and decided this is the best way to mark his territory. “You see this side of the gown Jimmy, it’s mine” *wipes nose on gown defiantly*.

Ring-bearers be trippin’

Having your wedding take place outside comes with its own risks. Rain, wind, birds, and insects are all elements that can creep up and spoil your lovely outdoor nuptials. We’re guessing the bride didn’t anticipate the aisle itself to be another landmine on the day.

Image Courtesy of Imgur/lonnie765

The ring bearer got all tripped up when he had to fulfill his duties. In his defense, that makeshift aisle is pretty wonky looking. Luckily this solid face plant was captured on camera and will go down in wedding comedy history.  

“You’re not my mom!”

Creating or joining a blended family is never an easy task. But this kid decided from day one that he is not going to make it easy on anyone. He is clearly displeased and not making a secret of it.

Image Courtesy of Ken Pak Photography

Hopefully, this was only a momentary lapse in judgment and these two lovebirds along with their two little boys could embark on their “happily ever after” journey in peace. Now, can someone give his brother a high five for behaving himself properly?

Our father, who art in heaven…

Wedding ceremonies can get a bit tedious and drawn out at times, so we’re sure wedding guests don’t mind a little entertainment every now and then. Too bad most people would have had their eyes closed for this classic moment.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/honestjosh

During the prayer portion of the ceremony, this little girl decided to really make sure her prayers would be heard by falling to her knees and bowing forward. Well, as long as the big man upstairs took notice, we won’t question your methods!

What’s my name?

Bad girl Riri has never been one to shy away from the spotlight. Not even on a beach, at a wedding. She was a bridesmaid at her assistant’s wedding in Honolulu, Hawaii. The wedding was also held on a very special day…

Image Courtesy of Instagram/badgirlriri

You guessed it, it was a 4/20 wedding! Everybody in Hawaii put their lighters up and lit their jazz cigarettes for this momentous occasion. It is pretty remarkable the star power Riri possesses; not even a lilac bridesmaid gown can dim her light.

Run, Forrest, run!

Just imagine it: a skyline beautifully glowing in the late afternoon sun, the river calmly flowing in the foreground, an electrifying atmosphere of love as on the first day of the rest of their lives the happy couple gaze deeply into each other’s eyes. Until they are not…

Image Courtesy of Annette Burgess

Children are the masters of rude interruptions and this little girl just reminded us of that. She brought this picturesque ceremony to an abrupt halt when she decided to expel her zoomies right then and there. Thanks, kid, moment ruined.  

That’s not how you treat a lady!

Wedding receptions are full of quirky traditions and none more risqué than the garter toss. The groom takes a deep dive under his bride’s dress and removes her (absolutely useless) garter with his teeth. And then he tosses it to a crown of “eligible” men. Unsavory!

Image Courtesy of The Chive

This kid clearly shares our sentiment when he decided to take matters into his own hands and defend the honor of the bride in question. To add insult to injury, he proceeded to get physical with the poor guy and slap him around a bit. Give this kid a medal!

Anyone else bored?

The one thing you can wish for as a bride is that your wedding is memorable. Everyone should be having a stellar time, feeling the love in the air, and taking home memories that will last forever. It doesn’t seem like this wedding is off to the best start.

Image Courtesy of Ken Pak Photography

Unfortunately, kids aren’t the best with manners. In this case, this flower girl didn’t give her massive yawn a second thought. At least the bridesmaids are more aware of the cameras and are trying to hide their boredom, some more successfully than others.

Get a room!

PDA. Either you love them or you hate them. There is no middle ground. We will let you guess who is on which side in this photo. Clearly, this baby has made up her mind from early on that PDAs are not her cup of tea (or milk? What do babies drink again?).

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alexander_raetzer_photography

But let’s give them a break. It is this couple’s wedding, after all. If there has ever been a place for some PDA, your wedding would be it. Now someone else’s wedding, that’s a whole other story! But we will let this one slide. So, put baby in a corner and get your smooch on, you two lovebirds!

Pitch Perfect

We are glad this kid is so passionate about his budding baseball career, but we do wish he would practice another time. During a wedding ceremony is probably one of the last places where you should be honing your skills.

Image Courtesy of Kyoot Kids

It’s pretty high up there on the list of forbidden places, along with at a funeral, in a china shop, and an operating room. The rest is fair game. Preferably a baseball field, but you know, use your own discretion.


Someone forgot to tell this bridesmaid she should have had a sandwich the morning of the wedding, and not to arrive with an empty stomach. You did it, girl, you fit into your dress! Now eat something before you pass out. Oops, too late!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/gallowboob

Something has to be said for her timing, though, or perhaps her endurance as she held it all in for the entire ceremony. Right as the words are spoken, “you may kiss the bride”, she plops down face first. Poor thing, she won’t soon live this one down!

Should someone check on Johnny?

This happy bridal party was all smiles during their photo session — all except one. And wouldn’t you know it, here’s another fussy little kid throwing a horrendous tantrum at the absolute wrong moment. No surprise there! You simply can’t take the little tykes anywhere.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/attimiphotography

We do appreciate the kid on the left, though. Point-and-shame is all there is left to do, and he’s nailing it. The rest of the group is still in the “ignore him and he will go away” phase. We vote for the point and laugh approach, works every time.

Flowergirl, out!

We feel ya girl, sometimes the rigors of life just beg for you to take a nap on a dancefloor. But soon this poor child will find out, through the School of Hard Knocks, that we can’t simply succumb to these urges.

Image Courtesy of Craig Paulson

The rest of us have to put on a brave face and perch ourselves up on a chair like civilized people. But enjoy it while it lasts. At least use a pillow next time! Your aching neck will thank us when you hit 30.

That one guest we wish we didn’t invite

Beautiful venue, check. Flawless bridal party, check. Dress of her dreams, check. Super-duper expensive and professional photographer, check. With everything perfectly organized and meticulously arranged, it must have seemed just about nothing could ruin their beautiful day, or so they thought!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/theefiveoh

Thank goodness for Aunt What’s-her-name who gets right in the middle of the action to help out the photographer, just in case he misses their big moment. If you are this person, please do us a favor and remove yourself from any future wedding guest lists.

 Nope, nope, nope

This kid made it halfway up the aisle and just decided “nope, not today”. But why so dramatic? It’s not like it’s you that is there on this big day to commit yourself to a lifetime together with another human being.

Image Courtesy of kreaturesleeper

Maybe she watched Runaway Bride the night before and decided that it looked like fun. Honestly, we would have opted for the scene where she runs away on horseback, but that’s just us. You have to make do with what you’ve got! So a dramatic storm-out is the best she could do.