Hey, What’s Going On? 45 Hilarious Out-Of-Context Photos We Found On The Internet

By Ekhama O

Once in a while, you come across something so confusing and bewildering that you can’t just help but ask yourself what is going on there. Things can get pretty weird, whether it’s real life, something you saw in a movie, or even on social media.

Usually, there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for those things, and if you think deeply about what you just saw, you could even figure that out for yourselves. Looking at these photos, on the other hand, we doubt you’d be able to come up with any explanation whatsoever for what you’re witnessing.

While it’s easy to see something goofy happen every now and then, these 45 images of some of the wildest things to have ever occurred will literally make you do a double take. Have a look at them below.

Crazy hair day

Almost everyone’s heard of a bad hair day, and some of us have been unlucky enough to have had one. Nowadays, there’s this thing where school kids come to class with over-the-top hair-dos. Maybe that’s what’s happening in this next photo.

Image courtesy of @ricanpapi / Twitter

This one’s super chic, clever, and stylish, so there’s nothing to make fun of here. She nailed the look, and we hope she won whatever competition she must have been participating in! School would have been much more fun if we had this kind of competition back in the day.


The variety of footwear available these days means there’s something for just about any style. This person chose some shoes that pretty much suit their preferences, and though it’s none of our business, we can’t help but question their choices.

Image courtesy of AlecTheDalek / Reddit

At first, we actually thought this was a pair of see-through shoes, and we gawked at how silly the idea was. Now that we know the feet were printed over the shoe, we’re even more bewildered than we were before.

Johnny Bravo

Whether it’s your favorite public figure, celeb movie, or even cartoon character, it can be pretty fun to cosplay as someone else sometimes. Getting to look like them is thrilling and exciting, so this guy here chose to go for an all-time great, Johnny Bravo.

Image courtesy of CaptHayes / Reddit

It definitely took lots of skill and a truckload of hair products to achieve this, not to mention the amount of strength he had to use to keep the hair up. He got the hair and even the jacket to go! Needless to say, he nailed it.

When life gives you lemons…

Let’s face it, there are loads of luxuries we would enjoy, but we just can’t afford. Whether it’s going on that vacation, eating at that fancy restaurant, getting designer clothing, or owning a pool, you have to count your pennies before you can consider doing either.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

This lady didn’t let her lack of funds stop her, though. She may be on a budget, but she’s still having fun, and that’s all that matters. All jokes aside, that’s a pretty deep pothole, and she was probably drawing attention to it. What a way to make a statement!


Spongebob Squarepants has got to be one of the most renowned animated kid’s shows of the past decades. You don’t even have to watch this show to know the three main characters: SpongeBob himself, Squidward, and Patrick. That’s how popular the show is.

Image courtesy of fulcrims / Imgur

It seems the food-loving and goofy friend, Patrick, has got loads of admirers. This person seems to be one of them, as they decided to customize their guitar in one of the most insane ways we’ve ever seen. They turned it into a “yassified” version of the character. How random!

Cat Cult

While it’s great to be enthusiastic about a particular subject or topic, people sometimes go overboard. Most commonly, they either develop some deep obsession with these things, even going as far as worshipping them. That can be scary at times!

Image courtesy of lupagrimm / Tumblr

By no means are we implying that that’s what’s happening here, but this photo can be one of two things. Either they’re just going for a fun and silly photo or trying to summon salmon for their leader, Lucipurr. You already know where our bets are at.

Corn Head

You know those drinking hats people carry around? They usually get them when they’re busy with their hands but still need to take a sip of a refreshing drink now and then. This right here is the snack version of those hats.

Image courtesy of wellthatsawkward / Imgur

All jokes aside, this actually seems to be some sort of religious hat, but we initially thought it was a carry-on popcorn dispenser, guessing he must have been starving. Either way, it’s interesting, and we’d love to know its significance.

Work smarter, not harder

Gym time can get weary pretty fast for people who just aren’t in the mood for physical exercise. If this happens in school, where participation can be compulsory at times, you just have to find a way to beat the system.

Image courtesy of Entire_Visit_7327 / Reddit

The teacher probably asked the students here to sit down and lean to touch their shoes. This girl, being an absolute genius, found a way to do just that without having to do it at all, and we bet the teacher never even noticed!

Too much bling

Most people love jewelry, and our favorite has got to be made out of the rarest of gems. It’s great to have a few pieces for yourself and despite how much you love them, jewelry, like everything else, has to be put on in moderation.

Image courtesy of Zennie Casann / Facebook

Or else, you just end up looking close to this. From what we can tell, he appears to be wearing pieces of Indonesian Agate. They’re used to wade off bad spirits and bring luck, which begs the question: does he really need these many?

It wasn’t me!

Animals can get themselves up to all kinds of shenanigans every now and then, and this is especially true for our pets. You can leave your home organized and when you come back, everywhere’s a mess, and everything is in shambles!

Image courtesy of Dilo con perritos / Twitter

One of these dogs has torn a huge hole through its owner’s couch, and while it’s pretty clear who is the culprit, we can’t help but think the black dog is in on it too. They also managed to stain the sofa as well, how destructive!

Cattle Convention

Conventions are great. You get to gather a mass of people that have the same likes and interests as you, and it can make for a really fun and exciting time. We’re not exactly sure what’s going on here, but we’re assuming it’s some sort of cow convention. 

Image courtesy of instibilitaet / Tumblr

They’ve got shirts, ears, and even face paint to match! We’ve seen some crazy things in this compilation, and we’ve been able to tell what was happening in most of them. This is one we’re not sure we can get figured out.

Cooling down

The heat can get pretty terrible at times. The sun’s just up there, blazing down on us, making chores harder to carry out and work even more painful to do. Cold drinks only relieve us for a little while; what we need are air conditioners and fans.

Image courtesy of jackdanielsontheboat / Instagram

The fan wasn’t doing much, so this person decided to bring it closer to feel its effects better. We understand why they would do this, but why do they still have on long sleeves and pants?! Seems a bit counterproductive.

Angel Of the Dump

If you want to find the strangest things in the world, just ravage through a landfill, and you’ll find them. Here’s proof. This garbage collector probably found this in someone’s dump, and we’re guessing it was part of someone’s Halloween costume.

Image courtesy of Oro_pezalily / Twitter

When they saw it, they realized it was too large to fit into the truck, so he decided just to wear it on their way to the landfill. Have to say, it isn’t a bad fit, but it would certainly look unusual for the person who was driving behind them.

Horsing around

Animals get stuck in the weirdest places all the time. From cats on trees to dogs on roofs, it’s easy to see one or two animals doing something like that every now and then. What’s not common, however, is this.

Image courtesy of Borys Kozlowski / CEN

A horse getting stuck on the porch of someone’s home is pretty hilarious, and we’re just assuming that’s their porch. If it were a balcony, we’d be much more confused and even a little worried about how they were able to get there.

Virtual TP

When many people get sick in the same area around the same time, we are advised not to touch as many public items as possible. For instance, not to put our hands on handrails and be careful with the buttons on an elevator, but this has taken it too far.

Image courtesy of junkmanbaby / Facebook

Whether they were all out of actual tissue paper or just wanted to prevent the spread of a virus, this has got to be the most insane idea out there. Imagine you didn’t check before you went ahead to do your business, and when you’re about to clean up, you see this!

What u lookin’ at?

Using public transport can often be a weird, uncomfortable or annoying experience. There’s always that guy behind you who won’t stop kicking at your chair, the kid crying incessantly somewhere at the front, or a dog looking at you angrily.

Image courtesy of THE_HOOT0412 / Reddit

You know you’ve seen it all when a dog gives you the side-eye. The little guy was probably just infuriated at their presence because we can’t think of any other reason why they would ever look at someone like that.

Modern problems require modern solutions

Some shoes these days aren’t made for the wearer’s comfort but just to serve as eye candy to whoever sees them. That’s why people can have many problems related to their feet, like arch pain, calluses, and, more often than not, blisters.

Image courtesy of knut_2_1 / Reddit

This person probably forgot their pair of socks at home. To prevent those nasty bruises, they decided to opt for a simple and inexpensive remedy. It’s pretty genius and certainly a great way to get more use out of disposable masks.

Giraffe Dog

Have you ever stumbled upon an animal that’s been shaved irregularly? Most times, their coat has either been overgrown or used to make clothing and furniture (think sheep), or it’s for medical reasons. We believe the latter is what’s happening here.

Image courtesy of aaronpwh33ler / Reddit

Maybe it’s because it isn’t a common sight for us, but we think shaved dogs look quite weird, especially this one. What might be even more disturbing than how their neck is shaved is the fact they’ve got a chain instead of a collar. That’s just terrible.


Goats may be cute and all, but having to manage one can be a pain at times. Take this guy, for example. People were having a gathering, and they prepped some food, but the goat decided that it’d have their food for lunch.

Image courtesy of grinsken / Reddit

Telling from the picture and the red beads it’s got around its neck, the goat appears to be an African Dwarf goat. The beads are usually worn by chiefs, royals, celebrants, or wealthy people, so seeing them on a goat makes this picture all the more hilarious.

Masha’s all grown up now

Anyone who’s ever watched mainstream kid’s cartoons these days knows just how crazy some shows can be. One of those shows is Masha and the Bear, a Russian animated series that follows the story of a restless little girl and her friend, a retired circus bear.

Image courtesy of diacewrb / Reddit

Yeah, kid’s shows these days are just that insane, and this photo sort of reminds us of the series. The real story behind this has got to be much more different, complex, and probably even more mild blowing than that, which is honestly scary.

Rudolph’s bummed out

Times have changed, tech has evolved, and so many people have been laid off due to the advancements, just like Rudolph here. Ever since Santa pimped his ride, he’s got no use for the deer, and they’ve all lost their lifelong jobs. Poor guys.

Image courtesy of aloofLeo / Reddit

That’s a pretty sad story, and the best explanation we could come up with for this, which we’re glad doesn’t turn out to be true. Apparently, the deer’s just a statue somewhere in Columbus in the American state of Ohio, and, gotta say, we’ve never felt so much relief.

Jam Spreader

Some tasks can get pretty tiring really fast, especially when you have to do the same things over and over again. Thankfully, we live in a day and an age where there’s a machine to get most things done faster.

Image courtesy of WilliamWeird / Imgur

For the duties where there aren’t machines made specifically for them, all we gotta do is improvise. This person had a stash of bread they were looking to spread jam over and decided to use the car wiper to get it done. It might not be sanitary, but it’s definitely innovative!


Sometimes we just want to go somewhere with our pets, but it can be a tricky task for one reason or another. For exotic pets like a snake, people might get scared, and for unusual ones like a hen, it can be hard to make sure they stay put.

Image courtesy of junkmanbaby / Facebook

This man didn’t let that stop him, though, as he got a backpack that was more than befitting for his little friend. It’s great that it’s also transparent, so he wouldn’t have trouble seeing the view. We love a considerate owner!

Bananas for Strawberries

Many people who enjoy the succulent texture and unique flavors of fruits tend to have a favorite. There’s always that one fruit they’re nuts about. They make this known in their choice of food, outfits, and sometimes, even their choices of home decor.

Image courtesy of glass-highways.tumblr.com

Here’s someone who’s clearly in love with strawberries – maybe just a little too much. They’ve got so many strawberry stickers on their fridge that it’s almost nauseating. If you look to the sides, you can see that the pot on the stove and even the kitchen towels have the fruit printed on them!


Tech has evolved so much that it’s pretty easy to forget where and how we started. Some of the early devices may look incredibly archaic and even outer worldly to some of us, just like this telephone fitted inside this car.

Image courtesy of thepopulargirl / Reddit

Apparently, we had these before we had mobile devices. It makes sense, though, as many people would want to make calls even when they’re not at home, just like we do today. It may not be the prettiest, but at least it got the job done.

Tennis Ball Cut

A lot of people like to argue that men’s fashion is boring, but that really isn’t true. Sometimes, you don’t just need a change in wardrobe to jazz up your look; try switching up your facial hair or even getting a new haircut too!

Image courtesy of @mickmcavoy / Twitter

This man decided to do just that, but not in the greatest way. He painted himself yellow and got a haircut that made him look like a tennis ball. We don’t know what he was going for here, but it is certainly a sight to see.

Motivational Mondays with Spongebob

Everyone who knows Spongebob knows he’s an absolute goofball, so it was pretty confusing to us when we found out that he’s also a motivational speaker. That’s when he isn’t flipping patties, of course. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Check this out.

Image courtesy of reactjpg / Twitter

All jokes aside, we have no idea what’s going on here. Maybe they’re all huge Spongebob fans, and they decided to take a quick break from all the weight lifting to watch an episode. Why else would they be staring at the TV like that?

How romantic

A small pack of rose petals-shaped beef with green onion as the stalk and two spinach leaves for it has got to be one of the most insane grocery finds. Regardless, it’s a pretty sweet deal for less than two dollars. It would make an amazing gift for your partner if they were purely carnivorous.

Image courtesy of @Jest_Iris / Twitter

Grocery stores cater to all sorts of people, so they have to have a diverse stack of items if they want to keep the customers coming. So, if you’ve ever seen an item that made you question who would need that and why they do, just keep that in mind.

Distinguished Gentleman

“While there are loads of clothing choices out there available for our pets, a bow tie isn’t really one of them,” is what we said to ourselves while we were deliberating what we thought was off about this next photo…

Image courtesy of @larsonrichard / Twitter

… forgetting that not only is the cat sharply dressed but he’s also being carried in a baby stroller, with flowers and chairs all around. Considering all that, the cat’s gotta be some super posh guest at a wedding. That’s the only way this picture can make sense.

Shift levers need warmth too

When we think about adding accessories to our cars, we tend to consider air fresheners, gadget placers, or even cup holders if they’re missing. Hardly do we ever consider giving the gear sticks a makeover, which is so unfair, right?

Image courtesy of TeaThatTast / Tumblr

This car owner is a little more considerate than we are, going the extra mile to make a custom, pint-sized Nike sweater for their gear lever. If you’re thinking of trying this out, throw in some googly eyes or a mustache to give it a full look.

Why wasn’t he invited?

Dolphins are some of the most amazing sea creatures, being incredibly smart and super cute. A group of people was probably having an underwater party when this dolphin decided to peer through the window, wanting to take a look at what was going on.

Image courtesy of flyart / Reddit

The dolphin probably wanted a taste of some of that food too, and it’s a shame they didn’t invite him over. On second thought, maybe it’s better that way. The food looks all cold and doesn’t seem the most inviting anyways.

Dua who?

While a lot of animals can fly, not many are known to have mastered the art of levitation. Seeing as cats seem to be able to defy gravity, we always knew this day would come. But that doesn’t make it any less surprising.

Image courtesy of junkmanbaby / Facebook

Of course, cats really can’t hover over the ground in reality, but we can’t help but wonder why this cat seems to be doing so and how. The only reasonable explanation for this is that the cat is quite obviously a ghost.


Sometimes, different and unrelated things can happen at once. If these occurrences overlap, it can make for some pretty random stuff. Take this picture, for example. The number four sticker on the windshield casts a shadow on this poor man’s head.

Image courtesy of adellali1 / Reddit

Balding can be a touchy subject for many people, and that’s why we’re not going to laugh at this one. We will laugh, though, if he stays long enough under the sun that the number four actually gets imprinted on his head!

Must really like women… and cars

We’re no people experts, but we do know a couple things about relationships. One of those things is that some people have trouble finding dates and even partners in general simply because they don’t know how to give the right signals.

Image courtesy of criminalgoalslife / tumblr.com

This person, however, doesn’t seem to have that problem. You couldn’t possibly get any clearer with your words. We sincerely hope he has a woman now, and, honestly, we hope he’s more careful and considerate when choosing his next tattoos.

Trash Man?

Here’s one that messed us up so much that we’re still recovering from it. So, someone decided to envelop themselves in a garbage bag, then put on black socks and crocs and squat, so someone else could take a photo of them?

Image courtesy of GeraldineTrudy / Twitter

It can be fun to do something silly for the gram every now and then, but at least make it make sense. The amount of mindless content on the internet is staggering, and we wouldn’t like to see any more.

No words

The recent boom in the nail art industry means people get an extra avenue to be creative and express themselves. We’ve seen some impressive, impractical and crazy ideas out there, but nothing we’ve ever set out eyes on can compare to this.

Image courtesy of ewzoe / Reddit

A nail artist decided to repurpose old dolls by chopping off their hands and turning them into extensions for their nails. It’s an insanely creepy idea, and we certainly do not approve of this one. Just because you can do things like this doesn’t mean you should.


This photo probably took us the most time to figure out. At first glance, it appears to be some sort of disproportionate man walking down the pavement, but if you look at his surroundings, you’ll notice the other objects are just as distorted.

Image courtesy of Agent Barbering Saloon / Facebook

There are a couple of disembodied legs just walking around, and the cars seem to be cut in half as well. Our best guess is that these are two different photos, which seems to be the most logical theory for this bizarre photo.

Vincent Van Goulash

Although most of us haven’t been around long enough to have witnessed them, we’ve had some pretty amazing artists over the years. Their works have been immortalized in museums and galleries all around the world, and honestly, their fanart should too.

Image courtesy of kokocollectioncontact12 / Imgur

This portrait of the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh was made by an admirer and a fellow visionary. It’s amazing how they were able to achieve this much with so little to work with, and for that, we say bravo.

Reptile with style

Nearly everyone knows about the existence of furries (people who enjoy dressing up like furry animal cartoon characters with human-like personalities, like Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny), but not many are aware of the reptilian versions of these people.

Image courtesy of São Paulo da Depressão / Facebook

We’re not sure if this person was going for a croc, alligator, or dinosaur look, but it seems like the first option. We’re also not sure why they chose to dress themselves up in such a manner or where they’re headed; to be honest, we don’t even want to know.

Sexy food

Food art has gotten pretty popular these past years, and it’s easy to understand why. Taste is one thing, but no one would want to eat food that hasn’t been presented well, but food art takes food presentation to a whole new level.

Image courtesy of sadanduseless / Twitter

We get that it’s an avenue to express your creativity but doesn’t whoever did this think they took it way too far? C’mon, these chickens even have long lashes, which is actually quite funny. Maybe this was the complimentary buffet line at a chicken strip club.

Virtual Bride

As humans, most of us are intelligent enough (on an emotional level) to experience a wide range of emotions. Too much of something is bad, and none of these emotions shouldn’t be permanent, but for this man, it seems that one is.

Image courtesy of Akihiko Kondo / Twitter

He distrusts living and breathing women so much that he went ahead to tie the knot with a virtual pop star. Crazy as it may sound, we can’t blame him too much. To each their own, and if it makes him happy, who are we to judge!

Pasta Cake

We’ve all got that dish that we go nuts for, and while we don’t have a favorite, it seems to us that some people do. Here’s a cake for a pasta lover made from, and you guessed it, a large clump of pasta.

Image courtesy of junkmanbaby / Facebook

In reality, someone probably left their bowl of pasta for way too long, and it got cold, so they’re all sort of clumped together. They turned it into a flat plate and thought it would be funny to add a candlestick over it and take a silly photo – and it was funny indeed.

The dog’s had a ruff night

Dogs are amazing animals, and a trait that makes them so attractive has got to be their cuteness. But thank goodness that isn’t the only quality that these animals have. Or else this dog would have never found any owners!

Image courtesy of MoistShip / Reddit

One part of us believes it’s a stuffed pup. We mean, how else could you explain why and how this dog was able to stay perched atop the fence like that? But another part of us thinks their owners are gothic, which would explain the eyeliner.

Dog on the run

Animals can be pretty goofy every now and then, so it’s easy to spot them getting up to all sorts of shenanigans. However, what is not as common is seeing two of them joining forces to mess with our heads.

Image courtesy of PartAdam / Twitter

A dog (or a terrier, to be more precise) riding an oddly-shaved horse is something you don’t really see every day. We understand that the horse may have been clipped for winter riding, but what’s up with giving the pup a ride?

They did T-Swift dirty!

It’s pretty common to see people keep posters of their favorite celebs. They glue it on their walls so they can always admire these people, but that’s not the only place their posters can go on. Take a look at this bike, for instance.

Image courtesy of ygelban / Reddit

Someone wanted Taylor to go everywhere with them so badly they had a poster of her face plastered on their bike’s seat. This makes us question whether they really like her. Either way, there has got to be a good explanation for this.