Funny Dad Uses Photoshop To Put His Kids In Dangerous Situations

By Kanyi M

What’s the worst way to surprise a mom who’s paranoid? To show her that your kids aren’t fine, right? Kenny Deuss thought it would be a good idea to photoshop his wife’s fears into pictures. He created a series of hilarious situations with his kids as the focal point: unaware that they’re in danger, learning things they shouldn’t and playing with power tools. The result is probably the most heartwarming surprise ever — you will laugh at this dad’s jokes and realize how silly these fears are. While his ideas come out of left field, it might just be the perfect way for your mom to ease up just a tad.

 Learning curse words


The dad uses a whiteboard to help his kid learn words that aren’t appropriate for kids his age. Some letters are blurred out, which makes it even funnier. This is one of the funniest ways to show your girlfriend that the kids are fine. If she’s always worried that they’ll learn the wrong words, this will be a perfect surprise.

Toddler skating on a handrail


If she’s always worried about them falling, this could be the perfect way to show her that letting them play close to the rails is not too bad.

Tinkering with an electrical outlet


The dad has his kid playing with an electrical outlet, and it looks like he is learning how to test for electricity. It’s so funny because he’s totally oblivious that this is dangerous.

Stuck in a vending machine?


This one is hilarious. The dad is looking at a vending machine, and his kid is stuck inside of it. His daughter seems totally fine, but if your girlfriend thinks the kids might get stuck in machines, she is overthinking.