Funny Finds On Reddit That Will Make Your Ribs Ache

By Kanyi M

If you’re trying to be funny and looking for inspiration, it is difficult to find a more accurate or exhaustive list than /r/funny on Reddit.

A case of child support in felines

Image credits: MadeMeSmile / Reddit

Let’s say that your neighbor’s cat is named Mr. Kitty and that Mr. Kitty got your cat pregnant. Since cats can’t understand English, you tell your neighbor that he will be the one catering for your kittens’ child support on behalf of his cat.

Anyways, your neighbor worries about everything, so he starts wondering how he’s supposed to pay child support if Mr. Kitty can’t even talk and understand what’s going on. You tell him that it’s the principle, not the money, and he ends up bringing cat food.

– Paint shops can be humorous.

Image credits: MadeMeSmile / Reddit

The owner must be referring to husbands choosing paint colors for their home without the consent of their wives, which is why he requires them to have a note. That or he believes that men are indeed color-blind and that his color marketing scheme does not arouse any reaction.

I’m leaving

Image credits: MadeMeSmile / Reddit

How should you give notice that you’re about to leave your employer? This guy thought that writing on a napkin would be humorous.

Beware of cougars

Image credits: MadeMeSmile / Reddit

This amusing sign on a nature trail leads one to believe that there’s a sneaky cougar on the prowl. Of course, this is a pun warning of cougars (the large cat) and not an elderly women seeking for you know what.