The Quirky World Of Humans: 40+ Pictures That Capture Just How Strange Humans Are

By Farah J

Humans are a fascinating species! We are supposed to be the most imaginative and intellectual ones out of every species ever found on this planet. Most of the time, we feel blessed and grateful that we are not some icky fly or a chicken caged in a coop.

But let’s be honest; we are the only species that can experience both extremes. On the one hand, we are seen landing on the moon and shooting for what lies way beyond and inventing new, incredible, and mind-blowing things every day!

Whereas on the other hand, humans can show a little too much of their creative quirks, which can be jaw-dropping, face-scrunching, weird, and chaotic. Let’s ride together on the latter rollercoaster where people observed some pretty questionable yet hilarious human behavior.

Clash of two worlds

Taking pictures with Santa Claus on Christmas is one of the things humans make their children do, whether they like it or not. “It is for the memory album,” they say. Well, it suffices to say that they should stop when children grow up.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

The contrast of this picture of two goth teenagers with serious resting faces, sitting on either side of the happy ol’ Santa, looks like our two tastes in music. It is a rare clash between two polar opposite worlds. This cannot be any funnier!

See ya later, alligators

We are in awe of human creative talents when it comes to making costumes. Some may be ridiculous, but mostly, the amount of effort put into the building of a costume to bring an idea to life turns out to be worthwhile.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

Even if it is wearing an animal costume, we adore how humans would do anything to make their child happy. For example, look at this little alligator family swinging their child. No lie, humans sure love turning into an animal for amusement!

Coffee upgrade

Ever since coffee was invented, adult humans have become dependent on that drink for the everyday hustle. Especially in industries where people work all day and night, caffeine makes it easier for them to pass the day without feeling much fatigue and drowsiness. 

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

So, almost everyone owns a coffee maker where they put in a pod, and instant brewed coffee comes out. Except, this human replaced the coffee pods with sauces. We don’t think ranch-flavored brew would be well-liked anywhere. This is a crime!

Theater couple

Unlike cinema, theater is not very popular globally. The human species finds it boring or nerdy – but perhaps that’s just a stereotype. So, when you enter a theater showing some obscure play, the chances of you being alone are high.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

This person went to a theater and found only one other dude in there waiting for the play to start. Forgetting that their camera flash was off, they took a picture of him. This mutually awkward picture reminds us of the “three spidermen” meme.

X-ray fun

X-rays may or may not be fun for the patients, but it is nowhere near fun for the X-ray tech staff. It is their day-to-day job to sit there and take the x-rays of the long queue of people one by one. 

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

When they have very few patients, it becomes a slow day for them, which is even more boring. Well, this humorous patient gave the X-ray staff quite a laugh, reminding them of the famous Smash Mouth song “All-Star.” Their day was made!

The fallen brethren

We might be the only ones that do this, but do you ever assume inanimate objects as living things and imagine what they must be feeling sitting on those shelves all day at a grocery store? Well, in our defense, we are humans. Humans tend to be strange.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

This poor, empathetic human in a banana costume felt bad for his fallen fellow brethren. How intriguing humans are! We can’t believe that this species managed to land on the moon. Imagine what aliens would think of humans if they looked at this.


Humans are such an interesting species that never fail to surprise people with their brain power. If one human is thinking of ideas to save the planet from global warming, the other is cutting a branch of a tree while sitting on it!

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

The same is the case here. You may see some people living decades ahead of us while others are breaking the same wall they’re standing on! And everyone else is simply watching him perform his magic. There are also no helmets in sight. This looks like some sort of workplace safety violation.

Gothic farm girl

Goths and punks are part of the human species that never fail to surprise us with their aesthetics and choices. They are either loved or hated for their unique lifestyle. So, seeing a goth as a farm girl must be a view.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

This Barbie-like pale-skinned goth covered in black while sitting in a field tractor with a huge smile on her face is a view that would make everyone look twice and question human nature. We don’t see a goth having fun in a tractor every day!

Grocery homie

People and their pets are the best of friends, and they do everything together. Our human friends often bail on us or cancel plans at the very last moment, but our animal friends? Never. They are always there for us no matter what.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

However, most stores have this policy that you cannot bring your dog or cat with you inside. This genius brought his spiderman suit-wearing duck to do some grocery shopping with him. This cute grocery homie looks wise beyond his size (and species).

He’s at it again! 

It is often questioned why women live longer than men. Putting the extensive studies aside for a moment, some pictures and videos of men doing absurd things speak volumes. Risk-taking is on the one hand, while acting like a kid is on the other.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

Even though this man is just having harmless fun (putting his mouth over a leafblower), his wife in the background gave all of us a cackle! You can tell that she is tired of watching her husband do ridiculous things again!

Go, Nana!

Birthdays are the happiest and most special days of the year in human life. We love how we celebrate the birthdays of our friends and families with such joy and go to great lengths to make them feel special. Especially our grandparents!

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

This family celebrated their 95-year-old nana’s birthday, and let’s just say that the birthday girl may be old, but her soul is still young! She made fun of the huge flame made by 95 candles by grilling sausage over it. Go, Nana!


Every parent wants a smart, genius kid who they can show off in front of their friends and family – in a proud way, of course. Some parents even start reading to their babies while they are still inside the belly! 

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

These parents did not hold back when it came to making their kids science-smart. They started reading quantum physics to their months-old infant instead of nursery rhymes or fairy tales. Clearly, the child is irritated with his parents’ choice of storytime books!


We have watched a lot of fantasy movies and shows where centaurs are shown. However, we don’t know what we imagined the anatomy of a centaur would be, but this is so not what we saw coming! This is some question-raising content.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

This giant man in a centaur costume had to take a leak while roaming around in the streets of his town. So, he occupied a nearby public toilet to do the deed. If centaurs exist in some other universe, they would be offended.

School shenanigans 

If aliens were to learn about the human species, we suggest they start their study by observing school students. They are the most interesting and creative of them all and the most humorous ones too. No other stage of human life can top them!

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

For example, this person shared this hilarious picture of their harmless shenanigans in class while their teacher was giving them a lecture. Interesting what a simple magnifying glass can do. We can tell this class was a blast for every student!

Work smarter, not harder.

Science says that humans only use some percentage of their brains, i.e., we do not use one hundred percent of our brains ever in our lifetime. And even with that percentage, we have achieved all of this! Imagine if we used the full 100%.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

This guy is probably not one of us. He has tapped into a larger portion of his brain. We often have trouble with cutting our own hair, especially when trying to cut the back. However, this guy easily pulled it off. He’s living a century ahead of us! Work smarter, not harder, people!

Pigeon king 

It is quite difficult to believe that humans who built this world for what it is now are willingly dressing up as weird things – from bananas to centaurs to birds. What happened to the highest intellect and being the greatest species?

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

Well, at least this pigeon-headed person is using every bit of his intellect to feed the pigeons. Pigeons are usually hesitant to go near humans, but by pretending to be one of them, he’s now been chosen as the pigeon king!

Young at heart

While most humans, consciously or unconsciously, lean toward the stereotypical dressing and lifestyle as they get older instead of holding onto their uniqueness, some simply remain themselves throughout their life. They are not afraid to reveal their true selves to the world.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

Take this cool couple, for example. Most people in their 60s and 70s turn to neutral-colored cardigans as they are “too old” to wear stylish outfits. Whereas these two still remain young at heart, wearing modern cargo pants and metal chains!

Laugh or cry?

We believe that humans are the only species on this planet who perform dumb acts and end up in a situation where they can’t tell whether they should laugh at themselves or cry. Witnesses to these silly acts also struggle with figuring out how to react.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

We feel a bit bad for laughing at the situation of a little girl’s hair entangled in a flying drone. The girl must have cried, though, after knowing there was no way to get her hair out without cutting it.

Comb accessibility

Public transport is another thing in the human world that has a lot of surprises stored for passengers on a daily basis. You find truly unexpected things on public transport which may either make you giggle or scrunch your face in disgust.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

A person on a public bus witnessed this guy with a comb stuck in his hair. Ignorant of the fact or simply carefree? He is probably one of those people who comb their hair every five minutes, so he made the comb accessible for himself.

Never again

As children, we are always putting ourselves in strange situations which we regret as soon as we are in them. It’s funny how life teaches us lessons by traumatizing us forever! Who knew swinging from a tree or feeding swans could turn out bad?

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

For this young mister, it was feeding the parrots that ended up making him cry. Poor dearie only wanted to feed a bird. He did not see the whole family of parrots launching over him for food! This sure is a memorable picture.

Multitasking at peak

One thing about humans that amazes us is their capability to multitask. Sure, not all of them are good at it, but those who practice multitasking every day are incredible. But let’s just say you cannot impress everyone with your skills.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

Take this Ms. Incredible, for example. Multitasking to the max: prepping supper, keeping the guys at arm’s length, and letting everybody know you’re armed to the teeth. The guys beside her are not impressed. Chopping onions on a train probably isn’t the best idea, though. 

Build like a woman

We think humans are the only species that consider their female gender weak. For example, if a female shark injures your friend, you won’t go, “you got beaten by a girl shark!” We all have seen how incredibly capable women are; why ignore their capabilities?

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

Take this middle-aged woman, for example. You may call her frail, old grandma, but you would never expect her to cross a road while carrying a heavy, metallic catalytic converter so easily! Grandmas really are built differently, we tell you!


When Taylor Swift wrote the song “Question…?” she was referring to the horrendous and chaotic things humans choose to do that make every witness question their sanity. We rarely see animals behave silly on purpose, but humans’ actions can be questionable at times.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

We have a lot of questions popping up in our heads after looking at this driver with a dirty shoe in his mouth. What led him here, or more importantly, what made him think that putting a filthy shoe in his mouth was a good idea?

Apology accepted

Humans may seem ill-mannered and inconsiderate towards others at times, but there is a huge bunch of people who are sympathetic and kind to their fellow human beings. They help others without being asked and are there when someone is in need.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

For instance, this person wrote an apology note with lipstick on tissue paper after accidentally scratching some stranger’s car. What’s weirdly amusing is that they stuck a period pad on top of it! You might see it as strange, but we just see ingenuity.

Parenting 101 

Parenting is the hardest job of them all. At no stage do you get to have a break or remotely anything like it? You work 24/7 and still get tantrums thrown in your face. So, how do you have a fun party with friends?

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

This picture of a group of tired parents is the best parenting tip you can get: “skinny-dip into your kids’ pool and let your kids watch you having fun!” This picture is chaotic and hilarious. The kids look so annoyed, though!

Nemo and the nun

The range of humans’ creativity can be poles apart, and yet it never fails to amaze us. Whether the creativity amazes in a good way or a weird way, no one can tell. People are performing hilarious acts and creating legendary masterpieces every day. 

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

When you woke up this morning, did you expect to see a nun underwater evangelizing with what looks like Nemo, or is it koi fish? We aren’t sure, but either way, a picture of a nun wearing rainbow goggles with a fish is a perfect description of humans!

Cheap work

Among the 8 billion humans, some people would do anything to get their work done in the most inexpensive way possible. They don’t care how it is being done as long as they get the finished product quickly and within budget.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

No judgment, but this strange color was not worth all the trouble. We are questioning their judgment, though. They could have easily put it down on the pavement and sprayed it; what were they thinking? They probably weren’t thinking at all.

Off the road

As kids, we all used to do things subconsciously that made no sense at all. And when we grew up, we realized that every other kid also spent their childhood doing that! E.g. one of those things was only stepping on pavement lines while walking.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

Do you all remember how we used to draw the feet of a person in a drawing? Facing sideways and opposite to each other. This adult man is still in his childhood phase subconsciously: “I got to keep the shoes off the road!”

Late for work

Adulthood in the human world is the most stressful and bizarre part of human life. No one knows and comprehends what they are doing and why. Most of the time, we feel so overwhelmed by the monotony that it feels chaotic.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

This person explains adulting. He has backward pants and a right shoe on his left foot! It looks like the poor chap was late for work and had 2 seconds to get ready. This looks like us on a bad Monday morning.

Subway chaos

Thousands of people travel on the subway every day. There are rare times when you are left void of any hilarious encounters. Most of the time, though, someone behaves in a reckless way that leaves a mark on everyone there!

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

This chaotic image encompasses the exact thing we are trying to portray. There is so much going on in this picture, and it gets weirder and funnier the more you look at it! This subway ride represents humans and chaos perfectly.

Rat tail

Humans have a weird way of expressing themselves. All of us are unique and have individual ways of showing that to others. Some forms of expression may inspire us, while others may not. Instead, we try our best not to judge them. 

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

Haircuts are on the list of self-expression. This guy took it way too seriously. He shaved all of his long hair except for a long strand at the end and shaped the buzzcut as a rat on his head, complete with a rat tail. Interesting choice.

Praise be to cod

Humans regularly do insane things, which leaves us having intense second thoughts if we truly are the greatest species of them all. Humans can act mind-blowingly intelligent as much as notoriously foolish, and this extremism complicates our belief in mankind. 

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

For example, this picture of a person holding a huge fish during the fireworks is eerie. Either they are too ecstatic to realize that their fish needs water to live, or they are hailing praise to the fish during the firework show!

Modern baptism

The idea of baptism in Christianity is basically welcoming the individual as a member of the Christian community by pouring Holy water on their head. But as years pass by, some new-age practices of baptism go from weird to weirder.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

First, there was a soaking person in a small bathtub, and then there was a water pistol during the lockdown, and now this! The priest brought a spiderman mini water pool to Church and dunked the kid’s head in it. Modern baptism, is it?

Joker 2

It is not every day that you go to a store and bump into a person in a fictional character’s costume casually purchasing things as if they have no care in the world that someone might be judging them for their outfit. 

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

For example, this person in a Joker costume from head to toe ever so casually buying Disney mouse pads in a quirky shop is an unexpected sight. If Joker 2 was to be based on this, we bet it would be a blockbuster hit!

Sea bass

Puns are one of our favorite things to explain humans by. And you cannot top “sea bass” in this context. Not to make fun of the person drowning and playing the guitar in the middle of an ocean, but the pun fits the situation perfectly.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

If aliens were to study human behavior, we can guarantee that human psychology and behavior would be a subject that they would despise. There is nothing more confusing and inconsistent than human choices and actions! We wonder how the acoustics are underwater, though.

One more!

Humans and their obsession with video games are real, not in a bad way, but rather in a way that can make you chuckle. They can be so engrossed in it while playing that they can forget all about their surroundings!

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

This kid in an electrical store has entered a zone where it would be almost impossible for his parents to retrieve him! You can tell that the gaming area is the most loved by kids and most hated by parents. 

Extra olives

When it comes to food, there are two types of people in the world: people who are picky and only eat survival food and people for whom food is life. We consider ourselves part of the latter group. What about you?

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

For example, some people like extra fillings in their subway burgers. The customer probably would have requested extra olives, so this humorous employee threw in some “extra” so they could enjoy as much as they could! Is it funny or weird?

Tough love

“Where are you? And I’m so sorry. I cannot sleep; I cannot dream tonight.” If you have not listened to the song “I miss you” by Blink-182, you are missing out. It is a song that gets stuck in your head!

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

This person must have some strong memory clinging to this song for him to tattoo the Spotify icon of this song on his arm. Love can make you do silly things, e.g., get a tattoo that you might regret later on. 

Economy class

Traveling in first class in an airplane is nothing like flying economy. People in economy class have to suffer throughout the trip, while those in first class enjoy the journey. From food to space, everything is a problem in economy class.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

This picture of a human in an airplane, no matter how uncomfortable it feels, is a description of how humans are discriminated against based on money. This person had nowhere to fit his feet, so he stood them up. Bizarre, but who’s judging?

Beach labor 

Humans and beaches go hand-in-hand all too well. One of the most relaxing places to spend your vacation is a place that has a beach and a beautiful view nearby. Adults soak in the sun while kids play in the sand freely.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

These clever kids, however, made a core memory on this beach by imitating a pregnant woman delivering a baby. Only human kids would dig a huge hole in the sand and lay in it and pretend to be a mother and her child.


Humans show self-love in different ways. They might do it by taking care of their health, prioritizing themselves and setting boundaries in a relationship, following their dreams and ambitions, or affirming their uniqueness – anything that helps them grow as a person.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

Whereas, there also exist the kind of people who stick pictures of their faces on their cars and toilets, or make huge blankets with their huge faces on them! How weird it would feel to sit on our gigantic face blanket.

“Milky” way

Cookies and milk go way back in the world of humans. Especially when you are a kid, drinking hot milk with chocolate chip cookies in the winter season is your favorite time of the day. Usually, milk is poured into a mug, isn’t it?

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

Well, who is going to tell that to this milk-thirsty guy? We know milk and cookies are a treat, but pouring milk down your denim pockets so you can enjoy it while you’re on a walk is a bit strange. Just wait for two minutes, and there will be a milky way down his pants.

Spaghetti eating contest

Humans are competitive by nature; we all know that. We are always competing to advance past the person before us. Competition makes us try new things and transform our ideas into reality. That’s how this world is where it is now.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

But sometimes, humans create absurd contests and pit against each other to win the first spot, just for the sake of fun! For example, these two just came back victorious after winning a spaghetti-eating contest. Their sauce-soaked faces say it all!

Chicken bath 

When we say humans can act pretty bizarre and disturbing at times, we are not exaggerating. In a world of fun and kindness, some people perform extreme actions that may make viewers puke inside their mouths or cringe in repulsion.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

Take this hulking person in a bathtub filled with skinned chickens. We cannot imagine what led him to do this, and we don’t want to. This is the most cursed image we have seen here. What did they do with the chickens after? Eat them?

Feet filling

Disclaimer: another picture that you should view at your own risk. There is this humorous kind of funny that makes others chuckle, and then there is this gross kind where there is not only a lack of humor, but it is also maddeningly abhorrent.

Image Source: humansdoinghumanthings/facebook

What is this woman trying to show or prove? If she thinks putting her feet between burger buns is funny, she should go buy herself a bundle of good humor. Honestly, the burger, even without the feet filling, looks disgusting.