Girls Pull A Hilarious Family Prank Starring The Family Dog

By Ruby M

Some families love to joke around, and there’s nothing quite as fun as some family bonding over a prank or two, especially when trying to make light of life’s unpredictable twists and turns. Usually, these involve fart cushions or maybe moving some things around the house to mess with mom and dad’s heads but this creative pair of sisters decided to play a really unique and fun prank on the family. And, with the help of their pet, Dixie, they were able to hilariously pull it off. 

Using photographs of each family member from around the house, they recreated the pictures by dressing up Dixie to match the photographs, but it doesn’t end there. After their doggy photoshoot, the sisters then replaced the original photos with the Dixie recreations and the results are brilliant!

Image courtesy of: Facebook / Love What Matters

They even included themselves in the prank, and used photographs from milestones in their own lives (such as the graduation day photo below), to really be included in the family fun.

Image courtesy of: Facebook / Love What Matters

According to the pair of sneaky sisters, it took their mom almost two weeks to discover the first photograph, and she spent the next few weeks discovering more. Eventually, she texted her daughter about it.

Image courtesy of: Facebook / Love What Matters

As you can see by the banter between mom and child, it looks like funny bones run in the family. We’re not complaining though, and neither is a huge number of internet users who are loving the tales of Dixie’s dress-up! If you two hilarious sisters are reading this — please make more, the internet will be grateful!