Hilarious Christmas Fails That Went Viral

By Moureen N September 6, 2022

Last year, a Buzzfeed post highlighted the abundance of unintended double entendres and fun moments people had through a series of photos during Christmas. These shots spotlighted instances from a pup trotting as Santa Claus to cookies that looked like bosoms. 

An image portrayed toy alphabets kept in the mailbox by a little girl after her father had told her this was where she could put her letters to Santa. Another showed a makeshift Christmas tree which was a decorated lampstand. Add the lamp, and it would have made a fine Star of Bethlehem. 

A ‘Christmas special’ mat designated to read, ‘Wise men still seek him,’ ended up displaying something else entirely, resulting in many heartfelt laughs.

Image Courtesy of space_katt / Reddit

Another prank with words was an anagram made out of Xmas blocks that were rearranged to spell ‘Creamy Sh*ts’ instead of the earlier ‘CHRISTMASY.’ We all know this kid’s mom will be up to no good when she finds out. 

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

A figurine of the legendary Jedi Master Yoda was mischievously placed in an exhibition of the Nativity Scene. I bet $10 that this was the work of a millennial. The post did not fail to include the traditional gift wrap misadventures, which had an artistic doodle by a sincere gift giver to make up for the inadequate wrapping paper and a fold of the wrapping paper on a mantled gift that conveyed a problematic scene not approved for younger audiences.  

A Christmas bulb that reminded the viewer of our favorite Mike Wazowski, and a creepily tall snowman that felt cute when looked at from the first-floor window, also made it to the list. Evil-looking Christmas ducks, cooking disasters, and cupcakes that looked more like Saint Nick than Santa added to the laughter.