Hilarious Moments When Couples Realized Their Partner Wasn’t The Sharpest Tool In The Shed

By Francis Tunwase

There’s nothing quite like falling in love. Just about everything your partner does seems “cute” to you, and you want nothing more than to be in their presence at every point. 

Source: @candice_picard/Unsplash

Sadly, there also comes a certain point when you start to notice some imperfections in the person you’re dating. And for many of us, it truly is a chilling moment when you find out that the person you’re with might not necessarily be as bright as you are – or even as bright as you had originally thought. 

Several people shared their coming-to-reality moments on social media, and it’s truly hilarious. Here are some of them.

The Hysterical Girlfriend 

Once upon a time, there was a guy that had a girlfriend who seemed to always get mad at everything. 

One day, she saw the guy sitting on a restaurant’s terrace having lunch with another lady. Immediately, she stormed over and began screaming at him while she just tore the lady down. She yelled that the guy was cheating on her with someone who was old enough to be his mother and everything. 

When she was done, the man turned to the woman and simply introduced the girlfriend to the old woman who she had insulted – his mother. 

The mom’s been bragging about her ability to bag a guy his age since then. Well, at least she took it like a sport.

Pasteurized Milk

A couple was on a drive on one fateful day. The girlfriend decided to look out of the window and onto a field of cows. 

Source: @jakobcotton/Unsplash

Then, she turned to the guy and asked if pasteurized milk got its name because the cows they were derived from were raised in a pasture.

At that moment, the guy knew he had to marry her. 

The Boiling Water Realization 

A boyfriend had moved into an apartment in a different country. His girl called him to check on him, and he said he was just desperate for some tea. But then he said he couldn’t have it till the next day. 

His girlfriend asked him why, and he said that there were no kettles in his flat so he had to buy one first.

The girlfriend knew he had pans with him, so she said he could easily boil water on the stove if he really wanted to drink tea so badly. And that’s when she was shocked. He literally asked her how to boil water using a pan!

Believe it or not, the girlfriend had to explain the process of boiling water to a grown man.