Hilarious Moments When Mothers Don’t Understand Technology

By Moureen N November 29, 2022

Most mothers have habits that their children find fun to highlight, albeit being a nuisance at times. Habits are developed over time to the point that someone gets accustomed without their conscious knowledge. However, some actions are simply a result of ignorance. In an occurrence, some moms were unintentionally hilarious that their children couldn’t resist posting them on the internet.

A certain mother prefers using the microphone function on her phone in place of typing while driving. While at it, she adds words not meant for the recipient of the text, and the message entirely doesn’t make sense. Another mother accidentally and unknowingly posts pictures of her camera’s screen instead of uploading the actual images in the camera.

Courtesy: soozeeq / Reddit

That aside, imagine thinking that one can see cracks on the phone through screenshots! That’s exactly what this mom thinks.

Courtesy: razrsharp007 / Reddit

Another mom mistakenly responds to her own texts. Elsewhere, after getting a new device, a mother thinks she needs to create new social media accounts because it’s a new device!

A mother posts jokes on her Facebook page and comments under the post, finding her own jokes funny. Another mom emailed a picture of a poop emoji while seeking to identify it. She actually thought it was a cupcake emoji.

Sometimes parents can be old-fashioned by their children’s standards. One mother literally printed out a photo of her daughter’s post to store a physical copy of the photo. This confirms how our baby boomer parents can be ignorant when it comes to technology, which plays out as funny for most millennials.