Hilarious “Pet” Dino Wexter, Breaks The Internet

By Ruby M April 19, 2022

Whether it be a childhood dream to one day be on TV, live on an island, or meet Miley Cyrus in person, some dreams never die. That’s certainly the case for this Tumblr user, whose dream to own a toy dinosaur never died, either. After having their dreams crushed by their mom as a kid, Bunjywunjy decided that it was time to take matters into their own hands years later when seeing s a T-Rex, identical to the one they really wanted as a kid but never got.

Image courtesy of Bunjywunjy / Tumblr

Bunjywunjy’s mother had not allowed her child to buy the T-Rex because, according to her, dinosaurs are “violent,” and they eat people. Now that they are old enough to make their own purchasing decisions, Bunjywunjy decided that it was time to live out their childhood fantasies of owning a dinosaur.

Bunjywunjy hurried home, new purchase in hand – and quickly got to work on Wexter’s collar and bones, and then later added some cool heart-shaped shades to Wexter’s collection.

They frequently update the internet on how the T-Rex is doing, and they post hilarious photographs of Wexter with wide eyes to express their shock at how much the internet loves the T-Rex. 

According to the mass amount of notes and reblogs on the posts about Wexter that made the T-Rex go viral – we can confirm that Wexter is now internet-famous and doing quite well.