How Is That A Coincidence? When The Timing Is So Perfect Things Look Fake

By Divya G

A few things are so perfectly timed and flawlessly aligned that they show the universe’s wicked sense of humor. These occurrences are quite rare, but when they do happen, they make even the most skeptical person believe that the universe is trying to say something.

Luckily for us, some of these moments were captured on camera and shared on the many online forums out there, and now all of us can appreciate and have a good laugh at other people.

Source: @wildlittlethingsphoto / Pexels

Look at the entries below and decide whether the universe has a sense of humor.

A bald seaman with a shiny head could once be seen launching a protective orb by pressing his medal. It’s just a coincidence that the BBC logo appeared right after the seaman pressed his medal. 

There was also a whale that seemed to be tempted by jingling keys. As a man in the front is seen jingling his keys, the whale comes out with a leap. Falling for a keychain treat? Such a low-maintenance whale.

People once caught a referee that seemed to be morphing into a trophy graphic during a match broadcast on TV. As he is walking on the field, the trophy appears on the screen. The transition effect makes it seem like the referee evolved into his final form.

Someone once spotted a fish graphic on TV that seemed to slap a soccer player. As the player came near the camera, the graphic appeared in such a way that it seemed to slap him.

The What We Do in the Shadows poster behind the American Horror Story: Cult poster made it look hilarious. It seemed that a character from one of the shows was washing a female character’s hair or giving her a head massage. 

Source: A_TalkingWalnut / Reddit

And then there was the time when the graphic of a ball trajectory aligned so well with the baseball player that it seemed like a stream of pee. 

What are your thoughts on these coincidences?