Kids And Markers Don’t Mix Well Together

By Amanda G

It’s no secret that kids can’t be trusted with markers. After all, there’s a whole market for kid-safe, washable, wall-friendly writing utensils. Still, even with those, nothing is safe when there’s a determined kid in the house. Let’s take a look at just a few of the funniest things kids have drawn…and their guardians or siblings shared online for all to appreciate.

Expensive Canvas

This kid must have heard that Apple was coming out with a new Mac Surface Pro. We can’t think of another reason why this was their chosen canvas. They used the expensive laptop as a surface — get it?

Image courtesy of CyrpYT/Reddit

More Adult Supervision Required

This one isn’t so much of an issue with kids having markers as it is the lack of comprehension. We don’t know what the kid was drawing. Perhaps a heartfelt message with a winter theme? Or do you see something a bit more raunchy?

Image courtesy of MasVonBoxen/Reddit

The person who shared this didn’t have the innocent eyes of a child. To be fair, we’re not one hundred percent sure what the kid was drawing. Is it supposed to be hands holding snowballs? Or hands hugging a heart?


Another reason kids shouldn’t be trusted with writing implements is because they have a tendency to be a bit too direct and share how they really feel. And, with a pen, there’s no mistaking what your kid just said…

Image courtesy of Emadyville/Reddit

It must have been a huge disappointment when their kid came home with a list of what they’re thankful for. Why are family members and junk food on the same level?