Carbon Copy Celebs: Uncanny Doppelgangers Of The Rich And Famous

By Ishita P

At least once in your lifetime, you must have bumped into someone who looks exactly like a celebrity. It is one thing for fans to try to impersonate their favorite movie stars, and this is nothing but adorable. However, you can also find many doppelgangers online who just naturally resemble celebrities. All of them have similar attributes like glasses, hairstyles, the same eyes, and whatnot. So, there is a social media group named “Walmart Celebrities” that collects and shares images of perfectly alike doppelgangers and knockoff versions of celebrities.

Among them, a few stand out. With perfect cosplaying skills or natural features, they are almost identical to some famous personalities. Their impeccable similarities are uncanny and worth sharing. So, we have hand-picked the best doppelgangers from the Walmart Celebrities group that might take you by surprise.

Jimmy Felon

Don’t worry; Jimmy Fallon hasn’t been arrested. This jailbird is only his doppelganger. This guy resembles Jimmy in more ways than one. From his eyes to his facial structure, every attribute is identical to Jimmy’s. Although, this person doesn’t look as happy as the American comedian.

Image by jayxtee on Reddit

It’s never good to have a prisoner look like you—it might lead to some unfortunate misunderstandings. However, we don’t think anyone would suspect Jimmy of committing a crime, so Jimmy is safe. We wonder what this guy did to land himself in trouble.

Baby Diesel

This baby is a miniature version of Vin Diesel. His facial structure, eyes, and lips are duplicates of the celebrity. Also, his bald head adds to the similarities, making him the top contender for Vin’s doppelganger. He even has the Diesel smolder.

Image by facelessindividual on Reddit

This baby can definitely play the role of Vin Diesel’s son in the next Fast and Furious film. The only noticeable dissimilarity between the two would be that the baby has slightly bigger ears. However, given how similar the other features are, the ears are inconsequential.

Asian Bean

This man is an exact copy of Mr. Bean, the famous role played by Rowan Sebastian Atkinson. Many have tried to impersonate Mr. Bean, but only a few have nailed it like this person. His forehead lines and the mole on his left cheek bring the character to life.

Image by PilsnerDk on Reddit

From the outfit he wears to the haircut he bears, all are precise to the original Mr. Bean. Also, this man has perfectly practiced Mr. Bean’s facial expressions; even his facial lines are the same as those of Rowan Atkinson. Impressive!

Miss Jackson

This lady was born with Samuel L. Jackson’s looks. If the real Samuel wore a wig, that’s what he would look like. Jackson has a unique and distinctive face, and it’s rare to find someone with so many facial similarities. Thus, many might assume this woman is his twin sister or a close relative.

Image by PilsnerDk on Reddit

From the shape of her mouth to her skin tone, the lady perfectly resembles Samuel. These physical attributes are enough to identify her as one of his finest doppelgangers. However, the best part of this find is that we’ve discovered a Walmart celebrity in an actual Walmart store.

Tobias Cruise

Is this Tom Cruise’s long-lost brother? His face looks just like that of the celebrity. In fact, his smile and teeth are also a copy-paste of the real Tom Cruise. However, this doppelganger does not look completely like the Top Gun actor.

Image by bryce_t89 on Reddit

This person has a more rounded face than Cruise, giving him a sweeter, more approachable appearance. However, his stunning blue eyes are exactly like Tom’s. They are fit for Hollywood. One thing is for sure, both Tom and his long-lost brother are incredibly handsome.

Jimmy Fallen

Did you also think the person standing with the statue is the real Jimmy Fallon? Well, you are not the only one. The truth is that the person standing behind the wax statue is a regular person with a similar face to Jimmy.

Image by kdblol on Reddit

He only needs an expensive Italian suit, and he could replace the real Jimmy Fallon. The American comedian now has a double if he needs one. Nevertheless, if you look closely, you’ll notice that the counterpart’s nose is slightly different from the statue’s. That’s the only difference between the two.

MJ Reborn

At a glance, it seems like Michael Jackson has returned to life. The girl has done her makeup so well that it’s hard to tell if she is real or not. Her nose, lush eyebrows, and hairstyle could easily convince anyone that she is a close relative of the King of Pop.

Image by Perchfield on Reddit

Her big eyes also make her look more like MJ. Although her hair is not as curly as the real Michael, the rest of her face is strikingly similar. Her appearance gives an unvoiced tribute to the legendary singer and dancer.

Real Dash

If you are a die-hard fan of the Incredibles, then this one is for you. Have you ever wondered what animated characters would look like if they came to life? Here’s a real instance of how Dash from Incredibles would look.

Image by ellosmello on Reddit

The person’s hairstyle makes him the perfect candidate for the Walmart version of Dash. The blonde hair isn’t their only similarity; the faces are also the same. After growing old, Dash probably inherited his father’s traits and became this person.

Bus Logan

If you’ve wondered how superheroes travel from one place to another to save the day, you’ll find your answer in the following image. This person perfectly impersonates Wolverine. It’s rare to find a Wolverine doppelganger, but this guy has done a phenomenal job.

Image by jakche on Reddit

Although his looks were enough to identify him as Wolverine, the tattoo on his arm took it to the next level. The way he let a single strand of hair fall on his forehead makes him look even more like the real Wolverine. The detailing in his outfit deserves credit.

Einstein in the Future

It seems like Einstein is back from the past and is now stuck in a superstore. The man’s hairstyle and mustache are convincing enough to get him the Nobel Prize. It doesn’t appear to be an intentional impersonation; he probably missed his barber appointment.

Image by amery516 on Reddit

He could very well be the real Albert Einstein, who has traveled through the time-space continuum and stepped into today’s world to get the essence of modern living. Now, he lives like a normal person, using cell phones and buying groceries in supermarket stores.

Subway Morgan

Here comes Morgan Freeman’s twin brother. This man looks pretty similar to the real Morgan Freeman in every aspect. To be honest, his half-shut eyes, short grey hair, and shallow mustache would have us questioning who the real Morgan is.

Image by amery516 on Reddit

What is more entertaining about this image is the expressions of the two ladies sitting next to him. The young lady seems lost in her thoughts, while the older woman is (understandably) annoyed with the photographer for capturing this shot.

Attorney Reynolds

The law graduate in this picture has striking facial similarities to the Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds. With a smirky smile and upper teeth on display, he looks more like Ryan than Ryan looks like Ryan. Try to say that five times.

Image by serpentkiller123 on Reddit

The image is so convincing that anyone can easily assume he is a young Ryan Reynolds from his college days. With a little broad forehead and chubby face, he is one of the cutest Walmart Celebrities on the list. He also looks somewhat similar to Buzz from “Home Alone.”

Bruce in Bus

Nowadays, you can find more celebrities on public transport than in Hollywood. Here we have Bruce Willis sitting on a bus glaring at the outside world with his sharp eyes. This man undoubtedly inherited Willis’s looks; there’s no doubt about that.

Image by LostAmiga on Reddit

He resembles Willis so much that he could get different acting roles without even going for an audition. Perhaps this guy should move to Hollywood and use his looks to his advantage. Bruce Willis could probably use another stunt double.

Ron Purrmeow

Well, even animals are now on the list of famous Walmart celebrities. This Ginger cat looks hilariously like Ron Perlman. Indeed, different species cannot be compared, but what to do if something like this happens? It’s uncertain whether the cat looks like Ron or if Ron just has a feline face.

Image by Unknown User on Reddit

The cat’s spikey ears look like Ron’s white hair, while its broad face seems the same as the actor’s. Also, the fur around its neck is swished in such a way that it looks like the cat is wearing a woolen jacket. That is one handsome kitty.

Vincent Van Who

Vincent Van Gogh was one of the most famous painters of the 1880s. He drew various remarkable paintings before his death. However, the person sitting in the metro seems to be a reincarnation of Gogh. His razor-sharp chin, hairstyle, and hair color are identical.

Image by gene100001 on Reddit

Tony Curran, who originally portrayed the historical figure in the famous series Doctor Who, resembles Gogh less than this guy does. His thick mustache and beard add a layer to his character and increase his similarities with the renowned artist.

Lincoln Reborn

Abraham Lincoln finally got a chance to live again through this person’s looks. His dense beard and thin face make him a perfect Lincoln doppelganger. In fact, Daniel Day-Lewis, the actor who played the role of Abraham Lincoln in the famous biographical historical movie Lincoln, also falls short of meeting this person’s facial similarities.

Image by SCBeauty on Reddit

We are not sure if this person is intentionally trying to look like the former US president. However, the way he has trimmed his beard and cut his hair is too similar to be a coincidence. We hope this Honest Gabe lives up to the reputation of Honest Abe.

Kitchen Knife

This guy doesn’t entirely look like Wesley Snipes from Blade, but still, there is a close resemblance. His appearance and muscular body are pretty similar to that of the Marvel character. However, what surprised us was the person’s hairstyle; it’s an exact copy of Blade’s.

Image by Deaths_Right_Hand on Reddit

This guy has even worn glasses with dark lenses to make himself look more like the movie character. Although this person tried his best to become Blade’s top doppelganger, without the mustache and leather outfit, he doesn’t quite meet the brief.

Grandpa Hammond

This gentleman is a perfect replica of Richard Attenborough from his Jurassic Park days. Wearing the same outfit as the founding character of the park, this person perfectly resembles John Hammond. His white hat and the walking stick make this impersonation even more believable.

Image by Halliday_2000 on Reddit

This man seems to peruse his surroundings as cautiously as John Hammond kept an eye on Jurassic Park. After the real Hammond passed away, he was probably put in charge of the park. However, now it seems he’s tired of seeing dinos all day long and is going for a little holiday.

Won’t Smith

What if we told you the person on the left is not Will Smith? Yes, that’s right, he is actually just Smith’s doppelganger. He looks like Will from his 20s. His ears and beard shape make him look like he just stepped off the set of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-air.

Image by Unknown User on Reddit

This guy has set a new bar for celebrity impersonators. He cosplayed Will Smith’s appearance so well that if you visit a restaurant and find him there, you might ask him for an autograph without noticing that he is not a real celebrity.

Broke Iron Man

Tony Stark, the Marvel universe billionaire character, is a heartthrob. Fans strive to get a glance at him at least once. But what if you see the billionaire sitting next to you in a subway? It would be a dream come true, right?

Image by 21dimitri on Reddit

This Tony is an ordinary man trying to get through his day-to-day life. Even though his hairstyle, glasses, and Marvel t-shirt make him a perfect match for the character, he lacks the real Iron Man vibes. The real Iron Man is full of snark; this one just looks a bit sad.

Corrupt Agent

Most people are familiar with the Agent from the animated movie “Bolt.” This person looks quite similar to him. Every bit of the guy resembles the Agent, from his suit to his blonde hair. On top of that, he wears the same glasses as the guy in the movie.

Image by CuddlyCory on Reddit

No doubt, this dude must have been the character designer’s inspiration for the role of Agent. The only difference is that this guy’s smile feels more positive than the evil smile of the Agent. Good luck to him; he must have gained some haters because of this movie.

Kanye South-East

How many of you knew that Kanye West worked as a journalist before beginning his rap career? We’re just kidding; this is not Kanye himself but a clear-cut copy of the American rapper. His beard and smile perfectly resemble Ye’s.

Image by cpurr3 on Reddit

However, we wonder what the situation would be like when they come across each other. What if, one day, this doppelganger interviews the real Kanye West on his news channel? We’re sure the rapper would be amazed to see his double!

Chinese Devito

This is exactly what Danny Devito would look like if he were of Chinese origin. It’s unbelievable how two persons from different countries and origins can resemble each other. It is also amazing that netizens can find doppelgangers from all over the world.

Image by KyronX on Reddit

With the half-bald haircut, glasses, and charming smile, this guy is a carbon copy of the American actor. We must say that he is very lucky to share some physical attributes with one of Hollywood’s most renowned actors. Genetics was in his favor.

Anthony Hopsleep

This lady is an amazing counterpart of the famous American actor Anthony Hopkins. With her hair neatly covered, she projects Anthony Hopkins’ face, even while sleeping. Her facial characteristics perfectly align with his. Her nose is particularly similar to Hopkins’.

Image by MarlonBrandoRules on Reddit

However, would you like to sit next to a lady who looks like Anthony Hopkins after watching Hannibal? We suspect not! The person who took this picture either didn’t watch the movie or has a brave heart. Nevertheless, he gave us a memorable doppelganger image, for which we shall always remain grateful.

Young Jeff Goldblum

This boy already knew he looked like Jeff Goldblum, so he found him and took a picture with him. Jeff also seems happy to find his younger self in the guy. Being a true fan of Jeff Goldblum, he even wore the same glasses as him while taking the shot.

Image by Kar22 on Reddit

It is evident from the image that both have striking similarities in their smile, forehead width, and deep eyes. Thus, anyone can recognize the boy as a doppelganger of Jeff Goldblum in his prime. However, this boy particularly reminds us of Jeff Goldblum in his first Jurassic Park movie.

5 Cent

For those who don’t know what’s happening here, the person in the picture is trying to impersonate the famous American rapper 50 Cent. Looking at both of them, you might see the resemblance. He even wore fancy clothes and shoes to achieve the perfect rapper vibe.

Image by Toby_Greenhow on Reddit

With his beard and hair cut in the same style as 50 Cent, he looks like a Walmart version of the celebrity. To make the cosplay more effective, he even put on the famous cross locket that 50 Cent always wears around his neck.

Another DeVito

Here we have yet another Danny DeVito doppelganger! The man’s glasses, face, and stoic facial expression are enough to make him look pretty much identical to the famous American actor. His body structure is also reminiscent of the Matilda actor.

Image by SureNpFine on Reddit

However, he looks like he was just chilling and minding his business when this picture was taken. He might not have been aware of how closely he resembled Danny DeVito; however, the photographer had an eagle’s eye. Thanks to them for introducing this doppelganger to the Walmart Celebrities group!

The Human Shrek

In the movie Shrek 2, we saw what the human version of Shrek would look like. Now we have a real-life human version of Shrek. Take a look at this young guy. Coincidently, he turned out to be the real living version of Shrek.

Image by gene100001 on Reddit

He has the same chiseled chin, ears, nose, and hairstyle as Shrek. Even his physique matches the character. One of his friends must have noticed the resemblance and given us a new Walmart celebrity. We wonder if he has found his Fiona.

Shopping MJ

What if you find Michael Jackson shopping next to you in a supermarket but then realize that the real MJ is long gone? Well, then, you just came across a doppelganger. This young man’s appearance is almost 100% a match to MJ’s.

Image by StretchSutter on Reddit

With a sharp nose, long hair, and a slim face, this guy looks very similar to the legendary King of Pop. Only he is a little bit taller than the actual celebrity. However, this minute difference does not negate the other striking similarities.

Club Lannister

There is a popular quote from Game of Thrones that says, “A Lannister always pays his debts.” Tyrion from the famous TV series upholds this quote. The man in this picture is a mirror image of Tyrion Lannister, played by Peter Dinklage. We wonder if he is as responsible as the real Tyrion in paying debts.

Image by Unknown User on Reddit

It might be difficult to gauge his moral code just based on this picture. However, if his morals are as similar to Tyrion’s as his looks are then, he must be great at paying debts. His doppelganger looks seem to have earned this guy some favor with the ladies.

Walter Black

The man sitting on the chair looks exactly like Bryan Cranston’s famous character Walter White from Breaking Bad. His bald head, rimmed glasses, and circle beard are enough evidence of his resemblance. A hat is the only thing that is needed to complete the look.

Image by novatone on Reddit

Walter probably came to the mall to take a short coffee break from his hectic schedule. We wonder what nefarious business this guy is handling on his cell phone. If he is anything like Walter White, then it can’t be anything good—or legal.

Dr. Alexei

Do you remember Dr. Alexei from Stranger Things? He is the Russian scientist that helped the heroes. Well, even he has a doppelganger. The guy in the picture looks identical to him. His oversized glasses, curly hairstyle, and small eyes are incredibly similar.

Image by MrSpiarmf on Reddit

The guy in the picture looks like the college version of Dr. Alexei before he came to America. If the producers of Stranger Things decide to tell the story of Dr. Alexei as a younger man, then this guy will be perfect for the role.

Conan O’Brains

Conan O’Brien is a famous TV show host and comedian known for his show Late Night with Conan O’Brien. However, in a parallel universe, he is a successful scientist, as shown in the picture below. This guy has the same appearance as O’Brien.

Image by bedtyme on Reddit

The scientist must have been bored with his previous life. The work and time he devoted to science took its toll. So, in this life, he reincarnated as the famous Conan O’Brien. In all seriousness, they might actually be distant relatives.

Elijah in Action

Elijah Wood is a well-known actor known for his role in epic movies like Lord of the Rings. However, what is he doing dressed like a girl in this magazine? Turns out it’s just another celebrity doppelganger. The lady in the commercial appears to be the female version of Elijah Wood.

Image by UpTheRabbitHole123 on Reddit

Her big beautiful eyes, ears, and stunning smile closely resemble the actor. Their traits are so similar that some might think this is Elijah Wood playing a feminine role in a new movie. We wonder if looking like a famous actor will help her achieve her modeling aspirations.

Elon Loves Experiments

Here’s Elon Musk inventing artificial corn to use as a sustainable food source on other planets while Courtney Love acts as the food tester. Jokes aside, neither of them is a real celebrity. The man is a splitting image of the Tesla and SpaceX founder, whereas the lady perfectly resembles the famous American singer.

Image by buterbetterbater on Reddit

The way they apply butter to the corn is quite inventive. This guy’s brainpower is enough to make him the Elon doppelganger. As for the woman, not only do her facial attributes look like Courtney’s but her hair color and style also match the singer. No wonder they are one of the top Walmart celebrities.

Bucky in a Bus

This person sitting on the bus has the same appearance as Sebastian Stan. His confidence and smile also make him look more like the actor. Anyone could easily mistake them for twins. Being compared to a Hollywood heartthrob is not the worst thing in the world.

Image by notajock on Reddit

However, some may also think this guy resembles Hugh Jackman to some extent. Well, they aren’t wrong either. He looks like Sebastian Stan and Hugh Jackman’s love child. With both Bucky Barnes and Wolverine’s genes, this guy must be superhuman.

Retailer Snowden

It looks like Edward Snowden is making an appearance on our list. This doppelganger has got the perfect height, computer glasses, and a slim face—all of which are the prominent features of Edward Snowden. However, no one would expect to find Snowden in a soda shop.

Image by itsLPUsoldier on Reddit

He is wearing a Coca-Cola t-shirt which implies he is an employee in the shop. However, he doesn’t seem very happy with his job. We guess neither Edward is leading a happy life. Nevertheless, meeting Edward’s impersonator working in a departmental store would be quite an experience.

Pam or Winfrey

This is our first doppelganger that is actually a celebrity. Pam Oliver is a football commentator. She is famous for her varying looks and hairstyles. However, she is a splitting image of Oprah Winfrey, the renowned talk show host, actor, and producer. Although Pam and Oprah are similar, they are not the same.

Image by nobody_from_nowhere1 on Reddit

Both have similar hairstyles, although Pam frequently changes hers. They also have identical eyes and facial structures. Ultimately, both of these accomplished women are celebrities who have a huge fan base. We’ll let you decide who is the doppelganger of whom.

Walter’s Everywhere

The infamous Walter White can be found anywhere, so be aware of your surroundings. Here, we have again found a Walter White counterpart drawing money at an ATM. We wonder if Bryan Cranston knows he has so many twins walking about.

Image by heatherclarinda on Reddit

In the series, White is portrayed as bald with glasses. He also prefers wearing a long coat. This person ticks all of those boxes. The way he is looking into the screen with his glasses down gives him a bona fide Walter White vibe.

Iron-Less Man

Iron Man is not usually found casually walking on the streets in our universe; maybe he does in some others. However, the person in the picture has some striking similarities with RDJ’s Iron Man character. Of course, he is a bit older, but he still has the right style.

Image by Phailthy on Reddit

The person looks exactly like Tony Stark from the Avengers Endgame. He appeared slightly older in that film. He even has the awesome glasses Stark wears in the movies. This gentleman has the same attitude as Tony would have in real life.

Unorganized Ibrahimovic

All football lovers might have already understood who the person in the image looks like. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a Swedish football player well-known for his funny quotes in media interviews. So, when seeing the person in the picture, the first name that comes to mind is Zlatan.

Image by BlueLineSparrow on Reddit

His long hair, mustache, beard, and, most of all, his facial appearance resemble Zlatan to a large degree. Although Zlatan is a lot more muscular than this guy, they are still fairly identical. We wonder if this guy is as talented as the footballer.


Isn’t this eerie? All of them have similar faces to some famous Hollywood celebrities. It seems we have got a bunch this time; the whole cast of the popular TV series FRIENDS is here. We have Matt LeBlanc, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, and David Schwimmer.

Image by deepasfuckman on Reddit

They might not be friends, but they could very well be the long-lost relatives of the stars they resemble. Admittedly, some of these doppelgangers look more like the stars than others. However, seeing them in one picture is quite entertaining.

The Weekend is Over!

This person from an episode of Married at First Sight looks like Canadian singer, The Weeknd. It seems like Abel Makkonen (The Weeknd) himself gave a cameo in the show. If he did, he would certainly have no trouble finding love.

Image by Unknown User on Reddit

Some might be unable to compare this man to The Weeknd. However, if you look closely, you’ll find his facial structure is the same as the singer. If The Weeknd doesn’t go to the barber for weeks, he will look exactly like this person.

Billie Ei-Miss

This girl is an ideal Walmart copy of Billie. So, the famous singer and performer Billie Eilish now has her very own double. Her hair color and beautiful eyes are reminiscent of the “Bad Guy” singer. We wonder how many times she has been mistaken for Billie.

Image by RichHomieWentzel on Reddit

This young lady also looks like the female version of Elon Musk to some extent; however, the similarities are slight. She looks more like the pop star than the businessman. In any case, it is an honor to be compared to such successful people.

Baby Sheeran

This baby girl takes the prize for being the cutest doppelganger. She looks remarkably like the English singer Ed Sheeran. They look so identical that one can easily mistake this picture for one of Ed Sheeran when he was a baby.

Image by gene100001 on Reddit

The strawberry blonde hair, round face, and chubby cheeks are the prominent similarities between them. On top of that, the baby girl is so cute that she might get even more fans than Ed himself. Just look at her sparkly nail polish! So adorable.

Russian DiCaprio

Someone said that if this guy just hit the gym for a couple of weeks and got a decent haircut, he would be a chick magnet, and we have to agree. There is a reason why Leo, even at his age, still exclusively dates young models. Well, allegedly.

Image by Propane13/Reddit

We hope whoever this guy knows how much he has going for him in that department because otherwise, this is just sad! But seeing as he made it to our list and even had his fifteen seconds of fame on Reddit, he probably knows by now.