Meet The Square-Wheeled Bicycle!

By Francis Tunwase

All your life, you’ve probably had the same view about bicycles – mechanical devices that have two wheels and make it easy for you to move around. Regardless of the different manufacturers and variations in design, bicycles remain generally similar – those two wheels are what set them apart from other mobility devices. 

Source: The Q/Youtube

But it’s safe to say that we all knew this was coming either way. Some people have decided that those wheels aren’t necessarily fun and that there should be some innovation in the design of a bicycle. 

One such person is Sergii Gordieiev – an engineer who works at The Q. Sergei has been having some fun recently, experimenting with bicycles and finding different ways for them to be optimized. He developed a fresh design for bicycles that don’t necessarily involve wheels. 

Well, they’re wheels – they’re just not circular. 

In a new video, Sergei explained that he decided to see if square wheels would work on a bicycle design and help propel him forward just as a circular one would. To do this, Sergei built a channel over a wheel that would easily be activated once a rider presses the pedals. Of course, the wheel itself would remain motionless. 

And interestingly, the engineer’s concept appears to be working! 

Source: The Q/Youtube

As Sergei explained in the description, the design showed that of a normal bicycle – except with a significant modification; the wheels are in a square shape. Sergei added that the concept works just fine and that riders can even use the bicycle to make turns. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that all is well with the square-wheeled bicycle. Thanks to its unique shape, the bicycle will most likely not be able to move as quickly as conventional bikes. But, considering the uniqueness of the shape, this is pretty nifty.