Mom Turns Ordinary Pancakes Into Canine Creations

By Martin B

Anne Sage, an interior design and renovation expert, has become an internet sensation after sharing her detailed pancakes that resemble various dog breeds. Sage’s creativity was sparked by her daughter, who’d recently become obsessed with a Sesame Street episode. The episode had a bit about Elmo building a robot dog, which captured Anne’s daughter’s attention. Anne doesn’t just make a doggy pancake each morning; she makes a variety of breeds, using banana, oats, and Greek yogurt-based batter to build their morning canine friend.

Image source: citysage/Instagram

While Sage’s daughter demands that the pancakes be cut up and drowned in melted butter, Sage is committed to capturing the essence of each breed, from the Saint Bernard’s fluffiness to the pug’s defining facial characteristics. Sage admits that the pug was a tricky one, but she managed to capture its features in pancake batter, much to the delight of her daughter.

Sage’s pancake artistry is a testament to the lengths that parents go to make their children happy. Her dedication to creating a different dog breed every morning, even if it meant multiple practice tries, shows how parents can turn the mundane task of making breakfast into a fun and engaging activity.

Sage’s pancake art also demonstrates the power of social media in bringing people together over shared interests. Her viral success has connected her with other pancake artists and dog lovers, allowing her to share her passion and creativity with a wider audience.

Image source: citysage/Instagram

Overall, Anne Sage’s pancake art is a heartwarming example of a parent’s love and creativity. It shows that with a little imagination and effort, even the simplest things, like pancakes, can become a source of joy and inspiration.