40 Miserable People Who Seem To Have Been Abandoned By Lady Luck

By Louise T

Just like “yin” and “yang,” good and bad are opposites — often mutually exclusive — yet one cannot exist without the other. Without the bad times, how will you know when good things happen? It is the common law of existence — we can’t all be having a good time. Somewhere out there, there will always be someone getting the shorter end of the stick. But considering how unfair life can be, we tend to forget there are others who have far bigger problems than us.

We have decided to bring to you 40 people having a miserable day, one they hope they never have to go through again. We’re not doing this to bring people down or downplay their misfortune, but to let you know that it’s okay to have a bad day. In fact, when you have one, just know you’re due for something good, because good and bad go hand in hand.

1. When You Whip Yourself

This poor girl is most definitely having a bad day. Imagine trying to make a wonderful chocolate birthday cake, thinking you’re old enough to do it alone, and you end up mixing yourself instead of the cream. Well, this is what you would look like. 

Image courtesy of bikinireef/Reddit

Her mom also decided to whip up something — her phone and record her crying daughter instead of comforting her or helping her out. At least her mom was supervising enough to give us this rare footage. The mother of the year award goes to her. 

2. Spilling Paint In Your Car

Yikes! What a mess this is. When you pour a drink in your car, think about how angry you get when you dry those seats out and make the smell go away. Not much work, right? But you get frustrated anyway. 

Image courtesy of hhjkkh10/Reddit

This couple has a lot more to worry about after spilling a large amount of paint in their car. We wonder how many hours it would take them to clean that mess and get rid of that paint smell. Tough morning!

3. Using Dish Soap In The Dishwasher

Everyone has probably made this mistake at one point; it’s really hard not to fall victim to what is obviously the most confusing product naming ever. We wonder why they don’t just specify in bold that it’s not for use in the dishwasher.

Image courtesy of themodernmanhustle/Reddit

This person must be in a really bad mood upon realizing that they have to start cleaning out those bubbles and rinsing those plates. Just thinking about the extra time you’d have to spend cleaning this up is enough to make anyone mad.

4. A Split Glass At Lunch

This isn’t a common occurrence, but yes, it happens. Now split glasses occur when you start using the cup fresh out of a hot dishwasher without allowing it to cool for a bit. A cold beverage in a hot glass will definitely cause breakage.

Image courtesy of bowjackhoneydew/Reddit

Even though this must have ruined the person’s day as he watched his water drip all over the table, it’s amusing in hindsight. It’s not every day we get to see a glass neatly split in half, much less vertically!

5. This Had To Happen On The Airplane 

Sitting alone in airplanes can be difficult, especially when you have a lousy or touchy seat partner. This person must be going through a lot of discomfort sitting like that, and we can only imagine the level of disgust that will be evident on her face. 

Image courtesy of mr_hargao/Reddit

Everyone always assumes it won’t happen to them…until it does. Bad passengers seem like an inevitability Well, you could get back at annoying passengers like this person, by accidentally spilling your drink on those toes or tickling them until they move their feet away.

6. Toddler Cooks His Shoe In Microwave 

This toddler apparently learned how to use the microwave, but for the wrong reasons, it seems. Kids love trying new things and one of them is what happens when they put their shoes in a microwave. That curiosity has led us to this moment. 

Image courtesy of [deleted user]/Reddit

The kid might have made the mess, but it’s the parents who are having a bad day. Not only do they have to get him a new shoe and gamepad, but they might have to shop for a new microwave as well.

7. What You Ordered Vs What You Got

When it comes to clothes, we have seen a lot of horrible failures. But having what you ordered vs what you got with your hair is something new. We are not expert hairdressers, but we can tell this is a total fail.

Image courtesy of LemonberryTea/Reddit

What was this person thinking with this failed attempt at making an ombre? We hope this person ended up getting a refund or at least got it fixed. If all else fails, hair grows out. It might take some time, but in a few years, she won’t have any proof that this happened.

8. What A Down Pillow Looks Like When Washed

If you ever get tempted to machine-wash a down pillow, please do well to remember this particular picture. We are sorry to break it to you, but your pillow might end up looking like this, with feathers and foam flying everywhere.

Image courtesy of Katieb0824/Reddit

If you must clean it, you can avoid a long day of cleaning out your machine and laundry room with this simple tip. Wash it by hand, or just take it to the dry cleaners. You have to consider how much your time is worth.

9. Fortune Cookie Ads

They are doing crazy things with fortune cookies! We guess nothing is sacred anymore. Imagine being in a bad mood, and you buy fortune cookies to get an easy laugh, but you crack it open to find a poker advert instead.

Image courtesy of shoredoesnt/Reddit

We know that fortune cookies can’t really predict the future, but the silly “proverbs” were always a delight. We don’t have an opinion either way about Bitcoin, but this isn’t the sign to give it a try. Still, who knew fortune cookies ran ads?

10. Moose In School 

In Saskatoon, Canada, it is pretty normal to see animals like moose all over the place. The flat terrain and open spaces are perfect for them. This poor moose on the loose was asked to stand in the corner and reflect on the consequences of its actions.

Image courtesy of Patdubois/Twitter

There’s actually a kids’ book called Morris Goes to School, where the titular character, Morris, is a moose. Here is the reality of that book. The moose is here to learn; she probably realized school isn’t easy. Poor thing; there’s no turning back now.

11. Always Close Your Sunroof

If you think you are having a bad day, stop for a second and think again. This person is having one of his worst days. Who drives a sunroof car and carelessly forgets to close the top? No one but this guy right here. 

Image courtesy of IdiotsInCars/Reddit

It just had to rain on the day he forgot to close his sunroof and of course, the rain got into his car. And with so many electronics in vehicles today, this rainy day just got worse. We hope the electronics still work; that’s unlikely though.

12. A Shattered PC Case

How is everyone else’s day going? At least no one has a shattered PC case on their desk — except for this guy, of course. Getting to your office and seeing your PC like this is an annoying way to start the day, to say the least.

Image courtesy of sermoose/Reddit

One thing about tempered glass panels is that they can suddenly explode with little or no pressure. So if you ever want a fancy PC case, this might happen someday. It’s a good thing the rest of the PC is still intact. That’s the important part.

13. First Time Building World Map

Life is a puzzle, so they say, and it has a new adventure for us at every turn. But dang, the Lego world map is the perfect example of that metaphor. For a person who hadn’t enjoyed building world map puzzles before, his first time ended up in a huge disaster. Brutal!

Image courtesy of hoppingwilde/Reddit

The easiest way to defeat this bad luck and save you the stress of picking up those tiny little puzzles for the whole day is to empty the vacuum bag, replace it with a new one, and vacuum them up.

14. Spilled Milkshake In The Back Seat

It’s not like the car seat isn’t a mess already, but to make it messier is something else. This woman had been promising her son a milkshake for days and just when she finally decided to get it for him, this happened.

Image courtesy of noodlepartipoodle/Reddit

The milkshake poured into the back seat. We know how much stress it is to get that stain from her seat but we can’t help but feel bad for the little boy who’s having an equally awful day. He almost had his wish come true…almost.

15. Snake In A Cereal

One look at this picture and we all know this has to be Australia. It’s only in Australia you can see snakes in odd places, even in your cereal! We can’t blame her; she’s keeping her eggs warm, even at the expense of someone’s breakfast. 

Image courtesy of DogZim/Reddit

This person had better start making other breakfast plans. That is, if there’s any appetite left to eat after witnessing that horror show. He will definitely not be looking forward to sleeping tonight, lest the nightmares creep in. Poor soul.

16. Granny About To Kick Back at The Mixer

Granny must be having a hard time with the mixer. Oh my, that glare is something fierce. With that frown on her face, it looks like the mixer is about to regret covering her in flour. Don’t judge a chef by their age!

Image courtesy of Bungalowbeast/Reddit

We bet, after this picture was taken, the poor mixer didn’t even get the chance to survive until the sunset. We feel bad for what is about to come, but that’s what you get when you mess with kung fu granny.

17. There Goes A Room-Sized Bed

This dog must be having a wholesome day with her new room-sized bed. Who can blame her? She needed a new bed and if her owner wasn’t going to do something about it, she would take matters into her own paws.

Image courtesy of aprlrobertaludgte/Reddit

The owner must be having a miserable day, despite their doggo having a blast. We feel sorry for her because she has an extra long chore to do before the day is over. Her day just got worse. Tough luck, sis. Stay strong.

18. This Kid Tossed His New Shoe In The Fireplace

This man got his kid new shoes over the weekend and his kid thanked him by tossing one into the fireplace. When they said children can’t take responsibility for their actions, we didn’t think anyone meant it to be this dramatic.

Image courtesy of liamemsa/Reddit

What better way to get back at your toddler than to make him wear the burnt shoes for a while — after they’ve cooled down, of course? We bet that kid wouldn’t forget fire safety any time soon with that punishment.

19. First Sign You’re Going To Have A Bad Day

We are going to ignore the look of this cereal because we really have no idea what type of cereal is shaped this way — other than dog food. This is a clear sign that you’re going to have a bad day even before you even leave the house.

Image courtesy of christmasshorts/Reddit

This person must be groaning in frustration at a spilled breakfast, because not only is she late for work, but she also has to clean up this mess and still prepare another breakfast. This is why dogs solve so many problems.

20. McDonald’s Burger Came With A Receipt 

Ewww, this is very gross to look at. The awfully large amount of roughly cut onions further increases the irritation. This has to be the most ugly-looking burger we have ever seen. At least you get to know if you’re eating expired burgers or not. 

Image courtesy of Ottermolecule/Reddit

Forget the label though, this looks like a poorly made burger with so much onion, soft tomatoes, and dry, hard bread. This person is definitely having a crazy morning and we feel sorry for him. Nothing is fresh, other than the receipt.

21. Two Heads are Not Always Better Than One

Our first major question is how they thought they could get the couch upstairs in the first place. The spiral stairs are so narrow, so it’s next to impossible to move anything. They say two heads are better than one, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. 

Image courtesy of ChronosBlitz/Reddit

Legend has it they’re both still there today, wondering how they’ll get their couch upstairs. Of course, the obvious solution would be to undo the couch and take it up in parts, but somehow they haven’t figured it out yet.

22. When You Save Up Money For A New PS 5

This person was finally able to get a PS5 after saving up for almost a year, only for his dog to bite and rip the new pad to pieces. Animal violence is wrong, but it’d be hard not to want to discipline the dog after this. 

Image courtesy of waybackwhen15/Reddit

The dog probably figured his owner would spend more time with him if he got rid of the competition. Since he only ripped the pad to shreds, all hope is not lost. He just has to buy a pad, not the whole console.

23. Is This A Cat In A Hat Situation?

This is totally unforgiving! Who comes to a basketball game wearing a ridiculously tall hat and still sits on a lower bleacher just to obstruct others? We most certainly think this person did this on purpose because this can’t be an innocent mistake. 

Image courtesy of KamikazeChief/Reddit

If this ever happens to you, feel free to fling the hat off the stands. After all, you could be already having a bad day if your team is losing. You can’t lose the game and still go through this. That’s unfair.

24. Losing Your Wedding Ring 

Don’t expect life to go smoothly. You can wake up one morning and lose your wedding ring for over a month, only to find it neatly tucked under your husband’s deodorant, sitting pretty like it doesn’t have a care in the world.

Image courtesy of roseazom/Reddit

She lost her wedding ring and despite turning the house upside down to search for it, she came up empty-handed. Guess when she found it. After using her savings to buy another one. Imagine what she must be going through.

25. From The Oven To The Floor

The universe hates this woman and here’s her fair share of life’s unlucky moments, because what sort of conspiracy makes you lose not one but two pies? This is absolutely “berry” sad; she accidentally dropped two freshly baked pies from the oven onto the floor. 

Image courtesy of typicaldragons/Reddit

They look like they would taste nice and it pains us to think of such a waste. We guess she has to make them all over again. A rather terrible day for this lady, we wish her all the best though.

26. Right Cake, Wrong Name 

When you think of the worst thing that can ruin your birthday, what comes to mind? A torn party dress? Nothing comes close to getting an ice cream cake from your sister with your sister’s name on the cake instead of yours. 

Image courtesy of shabutie84/Reddit

Terrible right? We most certainly feel her pain. But there’s a way to fix this — she can use a butter knife to smear the name out and still have a blast. Unfortunately, there wouldn’t be any name of the cake after the impromtu “edit.”

27. He Was Car Jacked 

When life gives you a jackfruit, you might find yourself paying for costly car repairs. This man parked his car under a tree to prevent it from overheating in direct sunlight, but life still had something miserable in store for him. 

Image courtesy of sleepyhead242/Reddit

Who even parks a car under a jackfruit tree? Well, the jackfruit fell from the tree and broke his windshield, and someone had to end up having a bad morning by spending money to fix it. He was truly car jacked.

28. Cobwebs In The Front Seat

We have seen milkshakes on car seats and paint in the car, but nothing would have prepared us for this. Imagine waking up and seeing a whole cobweb in the front seat of your car. How old is this car, even?

Image courtesy of FuzzyTwiguh92/Reddit

This person most likely ended up walking to work, because a whole web with some strange arachnid in the middle is not the best way to start anyone’s morning. Who knows, this might be a string of more bad luck or just sheer coincidence.

29. When The Radiator Falls Off After A Long Day

Imagine having a fairly good day with nothing going wrong. Only for you to return home and whilst you are upstairs, you hear a big bang and realize your radiator has fallen off and entered into a deep sleep. At least nobody got hurt. 

Image courtesy of drLens_in_da/Reddit

Nothing annoys you more than unexpected expenses coming up at the wrong time. What he needs right now is someone to vent to, and the installers are just about the right people he needs to channel all that energy toward.

30. When You Leave Your Donuts Unguarded At Work

What human being eats someone else’s donuts and leaves them in this state? This woman got donuts for her children while at work, and a trashy person had been munching on them without her knowledge. This is the worst case of someone being a jerk.  

Image courtesy of 8slipknot8/Reddit

This looks like revenge, but we are still trying to understand what sort of monster takes a bite out of all the donuts. Even if the person was trying to have a taste of each flavor, there are at least two donuts of the same flavor.

31. Taco Cat

Sharing is caring, but not this time. This man left the window in his truck open and decided to step out for only a few minutes. He returned to find a feral cat, chilling with a full belly, after munching on his tacos.

Image courtesy of cascassian/Reddit

Feral cats are so wild that they’re often referred to as small devils, and this look it’s giving is like, “yeah I ate your tacos what the heck are you gonna do about it?” We’d understand if this cat got a few slaps in the butt.

32. When The Battery Explodes 

Are you wondering what happened here? No, it’s not cheese and mustard; this is just what happens when you leave your phone charging for too long and the lithium battery within becomes faulty and eventually generates gas internally and puffs up.

Image courtesy of RedHot_Dragon/Reddit

The pressure from the battery will end up shattering the screen and leaving the phone looking like it got fried overnight. Luckily it didn’t start a fire and burn down his house. But he still has to buy a new phone and of course, a charger.

33. This Woman’s Cat Decided To Urinate on Her New Screen

One of the major problems with having pets is you have to be ready for anything at any time, from a torn pillow to peeing anywhere, or even grabbing your food while you’re eating dinner. These cute animals just don’t know when to stop.

Image courtesy of lemaymayguy /Reddit

Cats are clean animals and hardly urinate or poop around the house. This cat might be trying to get back at its owner by urinating on her new screen or maybe trying to tell her something. Whatever it is, we feel sorry for her.

34. When You Forget The Gas Cap In Your Car After Driving For An Hour

Do things like this happen? It’s a crazy world we live in, so anything is possible. This person forgot the gas cap in his car only to realize an hour later that he had been driving with the pump still attached to his car. 

Image courtesy of retrowarp/Reddit

We still don’t understand how this person could have forgotten to replace the cap after filling their gas tank, not to mention driving away without removing the nozzle. Well now he has to drive all the way back to the gas station to return it.

35. Nice Peck From A Magpie

In Australia, just riding around on your bike can make you a target for unfriendly birds. This man was riding without a worry and a magpie decided to give him a nice little peck. Now, this is the most hilarious photo you’ll see today. 

Image courtesy of g_nome7/Reddit

His expression may look lovely, but what he’s feeling is by no means a pleasant feeling. Considering how sharp the mouth of the bird is, that has got to hurt. The smile on his face was the last expression he had before the pain settled in.

36. Extra Protein Burger

This is the new McDonald’s bug burger — extra creamy and extra protein. Buy one and get more protein for the same price. The way this bug just sits there like a foreign ingredient amongst the other sesame seeds is funny.

Image courtesy of stf29/Reddit

We feel sorry for this person. She bought the burger with her last cash, but now she can’t eat it because of the bug. Some people might have no problem removing the bug and eating, but this person can’t seem to forget her favorite hamburger.

37. Crushed Childhood Memory

This must have hurt. This person’s ceramic Lakers basketball piggy bank broke when a portable battery fell on it. And the painful part is that it has been with him since he was 10! Imagine your childhood memory literally crushed into pieces because of some stray battery. 

Image courtesy of DHNCartoons/Reddit

He could use one of the dollars to buy some glue. But one thing about ceramics is once they are gone, they are gone. On the bright side, he did cash out a lot of money enough to buy himself a new piggy bank.

38. Don’t Store Your PC and Stray Paint Together 

This person stored his extremely expensive PC near a spray paint can when moving to a new house. One more tip — do not set up your PC when there’s still a lot of painting to be done. Otherwise, your monitor will end up looking like this.

Image courtesy of JohnBoy11BB/Reddit

Dampen a rag with isopropyl alcohol or a mild reactive solvent to remove dried latex paint. You can use lacquer thinner to remove oil-based paint from the PC. Support one side of the screen while you rub the other with the rag.

39. The Sink Is Temporarily Closed

We’d caption this as: when you accidentally dropped a tuna can in the kitchen sink. From the tools in the sink, we can tell she has spent quite a lot of time trying to take it out, and still, nothing seems to be working. 

Image courtesy of catl23333/Reddit

A miserable day indeed. We suggest using a magnet, and if that doesn’t work out then you could try using an ice pick to stab the center and pull. But if that doesn’t work either, if it fits then it’s a hit.

40. When You Lack Basic Problem Solving Skills

We couldn’t help but giggle at this poor decision making process. This man is lacking basic problem solving techniques and the proper critical thinking skills. He even took off his mask to put his face on the germ filled glass. 

Image courtesy of Familiar_Big33 t 2/Reddit

This man is simply punishing himself when he can easily use his other arm. Better still, ask the people who work there for a broom or if they can help him move the couch to give him more room to pick up his phone.