Peek-A-Boo: The Kids That Unintentionally Made Us Laugh

By Moureen N November 1, 2022

Image courtesy of @mccutcheon / Pexels

Many would admit that raising children is no delicate task. Despite that, if given a choice, they would still do it over and over again. What makes it worth so much? It is always the trivial things that gladden up everyday life, isn’t it? Rewards come at unexpected times and places when kids perform some innocent actions that end up being hilarious. And that is a boon to content creators like us because no laughter is ‘too much’ laughter, and these kids have gotten us rolling on the floor.

A curated list of forty-five such kids that brightened up someone’s day, or terrified them to their bones only to jest about it later, was shared on the internet. It included a kid who seemed to have taken inspiration from RDJ in Sherlock Holmes for finding an almost perfect spot for hiding in the game of hide-and-go-seek. Another little girl was seen hiding under the rug to get away with staying up late when she was supposed to be fast asleep. 

Image courtesy of ilovepretzles69 / Reddit

A mother shared a picture of her two kids, with her daughter being a flawless model of a mother who regrets all her life choices while feeding milk to her baby brother. Another mom shared a morning photo of her kids, stating that her half-asleep son was her spirit animal.

A tired two-year-old drew up a pillow on the sidewalk with chalk and lay down for a midday nap. All of us have felt that, haven’t we? An exhaustive list of costumed little stand-up comedians included an Elvis Presley at an elves’ play, a puppy at a princess party, a Spider-Man watching over his baby sister while his mom served him dinner. Another one who went to learn jujitsu at a birthday party, a butterfly warrior princess and a cute two-something girl at a beach who looked like she’d just defeated an entire Sith army. 

Image courtesy of ChickenFilletRoll / Reddit

When forced to attend a Van Gogh art museum, a young rebel applied Snapchat filters to the paintings to create art of her own. With numerous such acts that tend to make the guardian either shake their heads or burst out laughing, these kids are indeed an inspiration for having unbreakable convictions regarding something and a bubble of joy in the megrims.