Red Light, Green Light: People Posed For Funny Pics With Statues

By Moureen N

There used to be a time when kids used to play the statues game, also known as ‘red light, green light’ or ‘granny’s footsteps,’ in which the players turn into a ‘statue’ when the curator turns toward them. Lately, it appears that kids and adults alike have achieved new heights to do the opposite, i.e., make statues or sculptures look alive and engaged in some activity to click artistic photographs and fill the internet with them. A list of fifty such rib-tickling pictures was posted on the internet, and the comments that these images received added to the humor.

Ladies were seen dancing with a sculpture to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies,’ a kid was helping a rabbit up to join its family, several people were beaten up by statues, and stuff was sent flying. A man was caught on camera bribing a statue officer, and cute little kids broke the lines to enter in the middle of queues of statues.

Image courtesy of Luqman5739 / Reddit

Someone shared their thoughts on this statue, saying that the original razor was lost through the tides of time. The sculpted man must have been glad to receive one after centuries. Several statues were photographed by hard-working statuary reporters while taking selfies, including the great Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein. Indeed, the kite experiments and the theory of relativity must have exhausted them.

Some tried to start conversations with the statues. A lady searching for directions was seen asking a statue of a man who was confused as to why he was being targeted this way, and a gentleman was apologizing to his statue-girlfriend for being late.

Image courtesy of @J2point074 / Imgur

A kung-fu expert displaying his skills on a pair of statues, a guy getting his cigarette lit by the flames of independence carried by the Statue of Liberty, someone showing cat videos, apparently, to a statue sitting on a park bench, a hitchhiker secretly clinging onto the backpack of the rear guy in the Skagway Centennial Statue, and someone celebrating the end of the war by sharing a high (quite high) – five with the statue of a soldier; make one look twice to recognize that the image includes a statue.

So, when you see a statue next time when you visit the park, don’t shy away from taking quirky photos with it and sharing them over the Internet for the good of all humanity.