Savvy Answers That Might Be Better Than The Correct Ones

By Moureen N

It has been a tradition in tests at school for some savage and smart kids to cross all boundaries of creativity and answer in ways that teachers would have never imagined. The resulting frustration usually brings a lot of laughter, and sometimes it becomes hard to disagree with the brilliant answers. A list of thirty such incidents on the internet caught viewers’ eyes and reached about 3.2 million views.  

Image courtesy of @douglass / Reddit

A child in his history test, apparently, wrote that 1895 ended in 1896. Many would agree that he did well despite not knowing correct answer, the dates and years were quite a lot, weren’t they? Another exam warrior mentioned love when asked which was the strongest force on earth in geography. One fine young being filled in the blank with ‘pet’ instead of ‘hit’ which was given in the options saying you should not hit dogs. That’s cool, we now know our future is protected safe from violence against animals.

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Some got very realistic yet funny, as seen in the above image. One brainiac wrote a Chinese letter when asked to write by assuming a role of a Chinese immigrant in 1870. Very committed, eh? Another presented a philosophical question by saying that the science of classifying living things was ‘racism.’ A young man Frankie did not hesitate to accept that he did not earn any money at home and was a freeloader. Such honesty is rare, and it must be cherished. 

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One kid used all within his power to find ‘x,’ another said ‘math’ when asked how they found the answer to a previous question, and when asked where the Declaration of Independence was signed, they stated: at the bottom. One student suggested taking out the ‘centi’ to change centimeters to meters. A couple of observant young children wrote that Lady Gaga was a Hermaphrodite and the first cells were probably lonely. 

The list goes on and apparently will never cease until there are such fine creative minds at work in exam halls.