Pixel Perfect Pranks: The Internet’s Hilarious Responses To A Couple’s Photoshop Request

By Aileen D

In today’s world, if you don’t have receipts to prove it, it didn’t happen. If you had a phenomenal night out or a fun trip to Bali, you simply must post photos. But that’s not all. They have to be picturesque images of the places you visited and, more importantly, pore-less selfies of you and your boo!

If your picture doesn’t meet the above criteria, then you can always count on Photoshop. In this article, we feature a couple who were on vacation and decided to take a pic to memorialize the moment. Unfortunately, they later discovered they had a peculiar photobomber — a random shirtless guy.

So, they did the only thing you can do in such a situation, outsourced the task of editing him out to people on the internet. And as you guessed, netizens did not disappoint! The result was a hilarious compilation of creativity and trolling that we hope you’ll enjoy as much as we did!


Just where were these two anyway? We can’t tell from the picture. If we were to ask the internet to help us photoshop an image, we would have given one with a scenic background. But alas, this picture foretold this couple’s fate.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

Who’s the real focus in the picture – the couple or that digital cutie in the background? It’s difficult to decide. But whether your eyes gazed at this photogenic couple or that oversized fluffball in the back, we can agree that this picture deserves to be displayed somewhere.

Back To God’s Grace

On the flip side, we’d bet that the guy in the background wasn’t counting on becoming an internet star after getting himself an energy drink. He just happened to be in the right place at the wrong time. After this disaster, we bet these guys decided only to take photos in a studio!

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

Do you reckon the stranger’s flabs are convulsing in humor after seeing his cherubim body circulating on the internet? It’s hard to tell. But at least he’s covered where it matters. Hope these cherubims flutter away, back to God’s grace.

Under 25

Leonardo DiCaprio gives his stamp of approval. He raises his glass in a toast to this woman, who had met his controversial yet strict age limit. She’s under 25, and that is the maximum that DiCaprio, or any other man who strives to be on his level, can do.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

What do you think is more famous: Leo’s meme from The Great Gatsby or him being cropped into this couple’s doomed image? Just think how many other pictures the actor has gotten himself Photoshopped into because of his strict dating requirements. Have you come across any?


Ziggy the Zebra was feeling down. All day long, he watched tourists gawking at him, snapping pictures, and making fun of his striped appearance. One fateful afternoon, while the zookeeper was distracted, he saw his chance to escape, so he did.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

The zookeepers would have never found out if it hadn’t been for this picture circulating on the internet. This is what they used to track the whereabouts of the striped mammal. Within 23 hours, he was found, not the least bit sober!

For All You Men Out There

As Beyonce walked by a couple holding hands, she stopped and gave the man a stern look. “Put a ring on it,” she said, pointing at the woman’s finger. The man, startled, turned to his drink and chugged it down. He took out his phone and added that to his to-do list.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

Bey rolled her eyes and walked away, muttering, “If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it.” That was enough to shame the man into vowing that he would buy an 18-karat ring. He couldn’t believe he’d just been schooled by Queen Bey herself.

The Circle of Life

These two were enjoying a romantic moment, gazing into each other’s eyes, when suddenly, they saw a lot of people looking at them and snickering. They looked around to investigate, and that’s when they saw a guy preaching about the circle of life.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

The stranger met the man’s eyes and nodded at him slowly. A grin spread across his tanned face as if to console him that it would all be okay. “This is the circle of life,” he whispered. “You court her, marry her, and then you get yourself a munchkin like this one.”

Say Cheese

This couple was in luck. Whereas we often have boring strangers in our backgrounds, they had a deranged clown lurking in theirs. Look at the contrast between their pretty smiles and their bland clothing, with that scary sneer and bold frills.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

We would have gotten up and out of there, but alas, their backs were turned towards the painted goon. We hope that they were able to get out of that bar alive without any additional childhood trauma. New fear unlocked!

How The Heck Did We Wind Up Like This

Nickelback is hoping to make a comeback. Their marketing gig? To create a new music video for their song Someday. The opening scene is a shot of this doe-eyed couple seemingly fresh into their relationship. Fast forward to five years later.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

Someday, somehow, I’m gonna make it alright somehow. The guy clutches at his girlfriend’s hand, begging her to stay. He’s desperate to keep her from starting the engine and leaving in their truck, if anything, to keep her from running the red light ahead.

Not Always a Winner

Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, is known for his serious demeanor in the pool. But what happens when he puts on a hoodie and scowls at the camera? And just what had gotten this god in such a bad mood?

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

The athlete put on his favorite hoodie, pulled the hood up over his head, and hoped that that would be enough to hide his scowl. He hasn’t got time for relationships. And he’d appreciate it if these two didn’t publicly display their affection.

Let’s Take It Slow

Just why do you think this woman is smiling so wide? Could it be because she’s being hugged by her boyfriend, or is it that this sloth is whispering some very suggestive things in her ear? It seems like this furry critter is trying to shoot his shot!

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

The sloth continued to whisper sweet nothings, telling her how it had always been drawn to her slow and steady ways. The woman couldn’t help but giggle at the sloth’s ridiculous come-ons, and it made for a genuine smile for the picture. Lucky sloth.

For the Dearly Departed

Ivanka Trump and Melania Trump showed up to an event wearing matching black dresses. They were mistaken for mourners at a funeral and spent the entire night receiving condolences from strangers. Melania finally whispered to Ivanka, “Maybe we should’ve worn pink.”

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

Ivanka’s lips thinned into a smile, “The situation called for it. Look who’s marrying who. And they’ve only known each other for three months! I smell a divorce coming. Does that seem like something we should have worn pink for?”

Just A Little Smooch

John Travolta has been a Hollywood staple for decades. But let’s be real, whether he’s playing a tough guy in Pulp Fiction or a goofy dad in Look Who’s Talking, Travolta’s signature move is always the same: squinting his eyes and looking good for the camera.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

Maybe it’s his undeniable charm that lets him get away with a lot of things, including giving this woman an unsolicited smooch. You simply can’t help but love him. Bet the guy in blue would even let Travolta kiss him!

Just Spotted

Here’s where you would least expect the leader of the communist world. Kim Jong Un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, was spotted in a coat and PJ bottoms, gazing intently through his binoculars. His eyes scanned the surroundings like a hawk, taking in every detail.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

When the bartender came over, the leader ordered water as he had to stay sharp. Kim Jong Un continued his surveillance, occasionally tapping in morse. After a while, a couple walked into the bar and sat down at a nearby table. His eyes widened in interest as he watched them.

Great Power

Have you ever wanted to remove someone from a photo? Maybe an ex-partner or an annoying friend? Well, fear not because, with the power of Photoshop, anything is possible! You can even remove that topless guy, energy drink in hand, walking towards his table.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

But be warned, with great power comes great responsibility. You may be tempted to use your new skill to remove anyone who annoys you from every photo you take. We’re surprised that this couple even let the other people stay in the picture with them, to be honest.

Marketing Campaign

As this couple posed for a picture, they noticed a man in the background seemingly advertising a drink. They thought it was strange until they realized he was just a human prop hired by the company to sneak into people’s pictures and promote their product!

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

Within minutes, orders were placed, and the company’s market cap soared. Everyone wanted to take a picture with the guy, hoping to get a sip of whatever he was selling. He became the most popular man in town, all thanks to the power of strategic photobombing.

Got Acorns Inside?

As this couple posed for the perfect picture, an oblivious squirrel appeared in the background, looking straight into the camera’s lens. Its cute, beady eyes nearly blocked the couple from view. “Whatchu got in there?” Its nose twitched as it scavenged for food.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

The woman giggled. They let the squirrel be, saying it would make for an interesting shot. Meanwhile, the squirrel just kept on posing, apparently convinced it was the star of the show. Well, we have to agree with the little guy.

Coming in Like A Wrecking Ball

This meme has been making waves on the internet. Right after Miley’s music video release, this Husky decided to try out construction work. He hopped onto a wrecking ball, clutched the thick chains, and rode the swings. These two just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

He closed his eyes whilst his tongue lolled out. He could sense that he would be making an impact against the two in mere seconds. So, he started crooning the lyrics to the song, “I came in like a wrecking ball,” but alas, he just swung right past behind the couple!

Bae Be Spicy

Salt Bae was on a mission to find the best rack of ribs in town. He had scoured the city, trying every barbecue joint, food truck, and roadside stand. Finally, after weeks of searching, he found it in this offbeat bar. As expected, he sprinkled a little salt on the ribs.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

We have to agree with him. He had found the tastiest rack of ribs, alright. It’s just too bad that someone beat him to it. But that doesn’t seem to upset Salt Bae. After all, he’s used to prepping dishes for others to eat.


The wheel just keeps on turning. For the longest time, Paris Hilton was Hollywood’s It Girl, then it was Kim K, and now it’s this unsuspecting woman. Watch Kim struggle to draw the paparazzi’s attention back to her as she poses with the new queen!

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

As usual, the Kardashians all struck their best pouty faces and perfectly angled poses. The four sisters left the encounter feeling starstruck and a little disheveled while the naive couple continued on their way, ready for their next photo op!

Actually Sweet

It was just another ordinary day for this couple until they stumbled upon their own picture in an art museum. As they looked closer, they realized it had been photoshopped to look like the masterpiece that it was. Even Leonardo Da Vinci would be impressed!

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

As they stood there, bewildered, a group of art enthusiasts approached them. “Oh, this is simply stunning! The composition, the lighting, the emotion captured in their faces… it’s just perfect!” The two couldn’t believe their ears. They had never felt so flattered and confused at the same time!

Green-Eyed Bear

Thanks to this pic’s contributor, our two protagonists now seem to be totally unaware of the territorial bear beating its chest and taking gargantuan steps toward them. He wanted to claim the couple as his own, and no one would stop him.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

Out of nowhere, a bartender carrying a tray of drinks knocked into the bear, drenching his thick coat with ale. The waiter’s pleas and apologies fell on deaf ears now that the bear had something else more pressing to draw his attention to — him.

Baby Shark

These two friends were natural pranksters. After donning their shark costumes, they decided to terrify a couple of people at the beach. Owing to evolution, they could breathe air out of water and were able to groove to music at the time this picture was shot.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

Hate to say it, but this couple seems to have been upstaged by those two rubber fins in the back. They had been so absorbed in each other that they hadn’t noticed that everyone was screaming their lungs out, flipping over their tables, and fleeing from the sharks.

Clean up In Bar One

This chef was tasked with the simple job of opening a jar. He began to twist the lid, putting all his might into the effort. But the jar didn’t budge. His face turned red, and beads of sweat gathered on his forehead until, finally, the contents splotched all over his apron.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

The chef’s frantic attempts to clean himself up were all caught on camera, leaving this couple wondering whether they had stumbled upon a new culinary trend or just witnessed a condiment catastrophe. Either way, their photo now had a little extra flavor!

Feline Madness

In a rare sighting, the most famous cats from internet memes, Grumpy Cat, Keyboard Cat, and Nyan Cat, were spotted hanging around a couple’s picture. Suffice it to say, the two were shocked when to see the feline trio, but Grumpy Cat couldn’t be bothered.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

Keyboard Cat, on the other hand, started playing a tune, and Nyan Cat flew through the sky, leaving a trail of rainbows behind. The couple couldn’t help but laugh and take a picture with their new feline friends. It was definitely a purr-fect moment.

All Waste

This couple couldn’t see the monster of epic proportions lurking behind them, but it’s not like they should have cared. Everyone behind them was just going to be edited out anyway. The big pile of waste towered over them like a mountain of doom, but that didn’t dim their shine.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

If they only knew what was behind them, they would have run for the hills! The pile of waste seemed to grow taller and taller, like a creature from a horror movie. It was as if it had a life of its own and was determined to ruin the couple’s picture-perfect moment.

Free Me

When these two received their vacation photos from their travel agent, they were thrilled to see that they had been photoshopped onto a luxury cruise ship. They looked so happy and relaxed, with the sun shining down on them and the sea breeze blowing through their hair.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

But then they noticed something strange in the background – the Statue of Liberty, towering over the ship like a giant metal colossus. And not just any Statue of Liberty, but one with the face of the king of photobomb, screaming, “Free me!”

Something Funky Goin’ On Here

When Steve discovered that his friend had posted a picture of himself and his girlfriend on social media, he couldn’t resist the urge to have a little fun. He fired up his photo editing software and got to work, determined to make the picture even more memorable.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

He photoshopped a woman desperately trying to cover up the lady in the pic. The only thing missing was a speech bubble over the woman’s head, with the words, “Help, I’m being hugged by a handsome man!” He also thought the shirtless guy added an edge to the pic, so he left him there!

It’s A Free World

Once again, this couple was in for a big surprise. There, in the background of their picture, was the unmistakable image of the leader of the Free World, peering over the picket fence like a nosy neighbor. Do you think that this act was sanctioned?

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

All we can say is that it was enough to start a war between the president and the man in blue. After all, the president was intruding into the private affairs of a citizen. Can’t blame the guy, though. Anyone would be smitten by this gorgeous woman.

Decent Camouflage

It isn’t complete without the famous bumbler, “Mr. Bean,” being called in to fill a role in someone else’s relationship. The child in a man’s body holds a potted plant, effectively hiding his torso from view. This was yet another moronic yet funny act by the beloved character.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

On a positive note, at least these two can expect themselves to be featured in the animated series or in any of his movies. Whoever came up with this idea for a Photoshop edit must have very fond memories of the character from their childhood.

Back to the Future

“Marty McFly” had seen some crazy things in his time, but when he hopped in the DeLorean and traveled to the future, he wasn’t prepared for what he was about to see. “This must be good news,” he looked at the sweet couple with their backs turned to him.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

He arrived in the year 2025 and immediately noticed something was different. Everyone seemed to be paired up in couples – couples walking their dogs, couples holding hands, couples kissing in the park. “Oh well,” he muttered, consoling himself he wasn’t alone after spotting a solo shirtless guy on the table.

Hot Seat

Here we have “Borat,” the infamous interviewer, standing awkwardly and staring at the camera with his trademark grin. Yet again, the hilarious journalist has managed to put this couple in the uncomfortable hot seat with a barrage of awkward questions.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

Just what was Borat making a mockery of this time? Bigotry, sexism, or long-term relationships? We can’t tell. But one thing is for sure, he has another installment to his satirical mockumentaries, which you can stream online! We just wish he’d really interviewed these two!

Before There Were Men

This time we have a picture of the traveling duo being transported in time to a period when dinosaurs roamed the earth. It looks like a scene straight out of Jurassic Park, except that there aren’t any rides or free popcorn to amuse yourself with.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

There was just a great deal of adrenaline to get you sprinting for at least a mile. Unfortunately, it’s no use running from any of these creatures. Even with their weight, they can run faster than an Olympic medalist. That’s probably why these two have resigned themselves to their fate!

Here for a Milkshake

It doesn’t matter if it’s an overpriced $5 milkshake. Everyone goes to Jack Rabbit Slim for an evening of dining and dancing. “Vincent” just happens to be assigned a particular chore – babysitting “Mia” as she tries to win the dance contest.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

The contest takes place on a small dance floor in the middle of the diner, with a DJ playing rock and roll music from the era. This couple tried to outdo “Vincent” and “Mia,” who clearly stole the show with their effortless twirling and slick moves. Looks like we’ve got a winner.

Missed Anything?

Every now and then, these two scour their photo albums for details they might have missed. They opened one and thumbed through the pages. The lady was shocked to see this picture of them sitting in an intergalactic bar listening to ultrasonic music.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

Kudos to this digital artist who took this picture of them on their honeymoon and superimposed it onto the foreground of a scene from the “Star Wars” universe, complete with aliens and spaceships. Which force do you think they each belong to?

Cleaning It All Up

This is why we send pleas to the Internet. If we’re lucky enough, a stranger might just take the spare plants from their digital folder and place them in the background to create a beautiful landscape in a romantic getaway.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

This might not be the funniest, but it sure ranks as one of the best. Finally, someone actually granted this couple’s request for free. We wonder what the couple thought of this netizen’s final edit and if they used it anywhere.

Take Out the Guy

“Take out the guy, please,” this stranger read. He looked up at the picture, and his right hand immediately clasped his mouse to click save. “At your service, madam,” he mutters, and within minutes he had made a complete mess of things just for laughs.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

Well, he got rid of the guy indeed and placed the shirtless paunchy stranger behind the woman. It looks like they were getting a little cozy, too, now that the stranger had given this lady a drink. Hopefully, this time around, it’ll be true love!

Latest Work of Art

Walking through an art gallery is a feast for the senses. From classic masterpieces to contemporary works of art, there is something for everyone to admire and appreciate. Here is the latest sensory pleasure you can feast on! What do you think?

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

It’s a picture of a young couple completely oblivious to the world around them. The artist is left unnamed, but that only adds to the air of mystery surrounding his work. Later in the day, this painting will be auctioned off for a million dollars.

Even We Are Screaming!

In the latest viral sensation, the man from the famous painting “The Scream” has been photoshopped into a picture of a happy couple on vacation. The couple looks blissful, totally clueless, without a care in the world about the scary figure being in the back.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

It’s total mayhem, that’s for sure. Suddenly, the man from The Scream no longer only exists within dull blurred colors now that he’s out and about in the real world. He begs to be transported back into that frame and easels his way out.

The Ring

“Sadako,” the vengeful ghost from the horror movie The Ring, isn’t exactly the kind of person you want to see in your picture. But that’s exactly what happened to this young couple when they received a bunch of edited pictures from strangers on the internet.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

The only way you can mark yourself safe from the vengeful spirit is to make copies of this digital art and then share them as soon as you can. You can add a caption to warn everyone what will happen if they refuse to post this picture on their wall!


If you can’t make him disappear, then you sure can transform him into a Simpsons character. Iconic! Our photobomber still has his memorable physique, but now he has yellow skin and slicked-back hair. “Where’s my drink?” the character turns to the artist.

Image courtesy of ruthlessruthmore / Imgur

The show’s unique brand of humor, which ranges from slapstick to satire, has made us laugh for over three decades. And thanks to this lone edit, it has made for another day more! Apart from taking aim at American culture, and politics, it still manages to poke fun at society as a whole!