Silly Tattoo Ideas That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

By Divya G

Getting inked sounds pretty cool for some people. These days, most youngsters and older people are getting tattoos. While some get tattoos that hold a special meaning for them, few people often end up investing their bucks on absolutely meaningless tattoos.

Source: @lucasgfotografia/Pexels

It’s a bit silly to think that someone would spend money on these tattoos, but if it makes these folks content, we have no place to judge them. You will laugh a lot once you take a look at these funny pieces of art. You should definitely continue scrolling down if you’re in need of a good laugh.

Underboob greetings

An underboob tattoo isn’t for everyone, but that is an understatement. These kinds of tattoos are often considered both sweet and funny. All females have breasts, but few have breasts that greet whoever gets to lift their shirts!

Lip-Smacking Pizza Slice

Crazy pizza lovers don’t have any second thoughts while getting themselves inked with a delicious pizza tattoo. Even if the idea sounds dumb and stupid, you can’t really blame these foodies. Pizza is great, after all! 

Using armpit hair as a beard 

Now this one can be gross, for real. Instead of shaving their armpit hairs, some people use them to design a ‘bearded lady.’

Can you imagine it? It’s not exactly a pleasant sight, but whatever rocks these people’s boats, we guess.

A flying battery

How about getting a regular battery well-equipped with bird wings? Honestly, some people have a very peculiar imagination. This is probably one of the most random tattoo ideas we have ever seen.

Cockroach Grabbing a Krabby Patty 

Imagine this: a cute-looking cockroach is sitting on a table while eating its delicious Krabby Patty! Cockroaches can only be adorable on your skin, unlike the real ones that freak you out. 

Source: nicemichael/TikTok

This world is full of masterminds with amazing concepts!