Cringeworthy Moments: 45 People Who Embarrassed Themselves On Social Media

By Louise T

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. However, many people have made their way into the list of the most foolish people on the internet because of their posts. Sometimes their posts are funny, silly, and even outright offensive.

If you have ever made a fool of yourself or know someone who has, we are glad to inform you that the internet never forgets. Your cringeworthy moments online will be on display for millions of people to see in the years to come.

Overall, it’s important to be mindful of what you share on the internet and think before you post. This can help you avoid making a fool of yourself and protect your online reputation. Remember that the whole “digital footprint” thing is real.

Here are 45 images of people who managed to embarrass themselves on social media!

Help, We Are Scared 

We know losing something to a thief can be frustrating, especially when it’s something you bought with your hard-earned money. So we actually get why this guy is so mad. But threatening someone on social media with this kind of photo?

Image courtesy of Facebook/@unknown

This is really the wrong way to go about it. Sitting on a kid’s playground with what appears to be a rather meek dog really won’t do anything. The person wouldn’t even want to give up the bike or feel one bit intimidated after this.

He Craves Attention

Everybody wants to act cool by pretending not to care when, deep down, they would do anything to gain attention. If what he says is true and he’s a grumpy old man, then he has nothing to worry about. Nobody wants his nagging.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@u/Wakain

Although the message was to tell people to back off, we can’t help but think this message was also to catch people’s attention and pique their interest. Unfortunately for him, he can’t fool us or social media. We’re familiar with his game.

Read the room!

People try to be funny all the time, even in serious situations. We get it; the dog is adorable and cute, but the guy just lost his dog. The least this person could have done was to view the post without commenting or just drop a “RIP.” 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@apugnamedtug

Instead, he had to be a jerk by letting everyone know he was the first to like the post. Honestly, who cares? This guy is one of the reasons why a good number of people believe the internet is not a real place. It’s just unbelievable. 

Let’s Stop Wars

Gone are the days when intelligent pieces would get you likes and followers on social media. Being a savage and abuser is the new cool. People now make a living by trying to downplay each other and find faults in even the slightest things.

Image courtesy of Tumblr/@kleptomaniactic

We’re really glad this person made a blatant fool of herself. If she had really seen Star Wars as she claimed, she would have recognized Natalie Portman in a heartbeat. We don’t even know how on earth she read Star Wars and not “Stop Wars.”

Amateur Catfish

We don’t know how this guy thought he would be able to pull this off when he didn’t even change his profile picture from the beginning. It takes a professional to catfish, and this guy is clearly an amateur.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/@P Stock

Before he could do any damage, he had already been caught. We are glad he’s a fool, and he ended up announcing it to the world. Now, anywhere he goes, the internet will always remember him for this foolish moment.

“Used To” Can Mean “Used To

Before you try to correct someone, especially on social media, where millions of people can see your stupidity and save it and troll you at any time, you should first understand the English language and be 100% sure your argument is valid.  

Image courtesy of Instagram/@karmasis

“Used to” in this context does not mean before. It means this is how the word should be used. This person was trying to teach everyone how the third-person plural should be used, but they ended up making a fool of themselves.

Not What It Seems

We have all had that one-time experience where we thought one thing looked like an insect or some crawling reptile, but it turned out to be nothing of the sort. The funny part is that most of the time, the things we see aren’t even living things.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@oddlostandfounditems

The person who saw this braid thought it was a snake. We admit that we would have thought so, too, because of the way it looks and is lying on the floor. But it took him five minutes to realize the braid wasn’t alive, and that’s what makes him not-so-clever. Wow!

Lost But Found

It is nice that this person thought to return the key he found in his parking lot to the owner. You can hardly find people who are ready and willing to return lost items these days. We just wish he was smarter. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@Autokeyschipsupply_nancy

He really should have thought long and hard before he wrote that caption. How in the world is the owner of the car expected to drive it with his keys missing? If he had to hotwire his car, that would make this person even more suspicious, and he probably wouldn’t return the keys!

Feeling Smart

Everyone would love to say or do something that has never been said or done before just to stand out. We are sure this person must have felt smart for a second without even bothering to check if what he said was actually true. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@bywellcarvalho

Atlanta is not a palindrome, and no matter how many times you try, the result will not give you what you desire. But at least this tweet must have made people stop and spell the word to see if the original poster was right.

You Have No Idea

You know, when you want to insert a handful of ellipses into your writing, you have to do it the right way to make it easy for your readers. You also have to make it captivating, and that’s what this person failed to do. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@PabloFig19

Although the message is quite catchy, the delivery is certainly off with all the ellipses. We didn’t even read it to the end, and we know you didn’t either. Also, we definitely don’t want to get to know you, Mr. Alpha Man. 

Stay On Earth, Earthling 

It is so obvious this person doesn’t pose the threat he claims he does. If you are going to sound intimidating, then you should do it the right way. You must make sure you have a dominant and fearful appearance. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@canadas_backbone

Once you have that, then whatever thing you say will have us scrambling for help. But with this rather meek look, we’re sure he didn’t come up with his post. He probably copied it from someone or saw it in a book.

Now Is Not The Right Time

To most people, their pets become a part of the family, which is why losing a pet can be emotionally draining and heart-wrenching. They say a dog is man’s best friend, so we know how sad this person must have felt when her dog passed.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@latinnbarbie

However, this person thought asking her on a date on the post of her dead dog would be the best way to win her heart. Needless to say that it was super insensitive. Pro tip: maybe wait a bit and try again, but next time, comment on a happy post.

Sledgehammer Arm

It’s very awesome to show off your insecurities and be proud of them. For one, it boosts your self-esteem and gives you that extra confidence when you need it. We are fully in support of positivity, but please be real.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@theycallnebeefcheeks

In our opinion, his arms look very normal. But we’re not sure this guy even knows what a sledgehammer looks like because this clearly isn’t it. If he really wants to throw them, his tattoo artist should definitely be his guest.

Think Before You Type

Before you make the wrong comment, we suggest you think long and hard if it makes sense. Otherwise, you risk announcing to the world that you’re a fool. This guy here just lost the girl and his followers, who thought he was intelligent.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@savvyssarah

Lebanese is a person from Lebanon, a country in Western Asia. As we can see, he thought she said she was a lesbian. But this guy had to ruin probably his last chance at love by misunderstanding this comment. Learn to keep quiet, or at least read things twice before commenting.

Identify Yourself

Most times calling out someone for cultural appropriation is necessary, but you just have to make sure you know the full story first. Do not even attack blindly because you might end up being the laughing stock like this person. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@u/Spicy_Weiner213

This person called out this Japanese girl for cultural appropriation, only for her to turn out to be Japanese. Maybe this person who left this comment should first learn that people from the same country can look quite different before they accuse someone of appropriating a culture.

Savage Sunny D 

Everyone loves it when two big brands go to war on the internet. However, this time it’s a war between a brand and an individual who never saw it coming. Honestly, we didn’t either. Whoever handles Sunny D’s account must surely be a savage. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@akanbutnogeezy

The painful part was that this person stole their comment from an original Reddit post without giving credit. Sunny D just had to come in hot to deliver such a deadly shot. On a scale of 1 to 100, we wonder how foolish this person must be feeling.

Goodbye, Tacos Lover

Everybody hates to imagine how meals are prepared in a fast food joint. We know there are a lot of messed up things that go on in the kitchen, and we really wouldn’t love to see those kinds of things all up in our faces. 

Image courtesy of Facebook/@tacobell

This guy thought he would look funny by posting this photo to show how deeply his love for tacos ran by licking it. Thankfully, people were not having it. Not only did he lose his sense of humor, but also his job. Well, good riddance.

This Should Have Been A Secret

These days it’s hard enough getting into a relationship, but it’s even harder when your partner cheats on you. The emotional trauma and the pain aren’t something one would be quick to forget and move past. It could even ruin a person.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/@dekazigzag

This guy here, whose name is Brandon, surprised his girlfriend at work and found out she was cheating in the most horrible way. The sad part is that he shared the news on social media, hoping to get sympathy, but he became a fool.

Do Men Still Open Doors?

We understand where this lady is coming from by asking if men are still gentlemen and not egotistical. However, the way her question came across could be easily misunderstood and interpreted in different contexts, and that is exactly what happened. 

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/@AboutLife

He decided to make a joke by giving her an obvious answer, “how do you think we get inside.” He probably understood what she meant, but social media will be social media. We’re at a time when jokes and sarcasm are at their peak.

It’s YouTube, So Don’t Be Surprised

What in the world is going on here? But then again, it’s YouTube, where you can see just about anything, even the most bizarre of things, so this image is not so shocking. Erick Khan, you really had us confused even after we looked at both videos.

Image courtesy of YouTube/@erickkhan

If you are going to teach people how to never get caught smoking, then you really should never get caught smoking. Except his technique was unraveled, and he ended up selling himself out, and someone smart enough caught him in the act.

Messy Family Feud

If you’re going to brag about your grandchild on social media, then make sure what you say is the truth. You never know who’s watching. Someone who knows you well or even your own child could be the one to call you out.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@ballsofglory

You might think it’s just a little white lie that won’t harm anyone. This time around, the lady was willing to call out her mother for lying about her nephew knowing and believing in the word of God. Preach on, Auntie.

Caught In The Act

Sure, everyone loves to do anything for the internet to either stay relevant or go viral. We all know that a single viral post can earn you fame. So it’s not surprising this kid went on to create a situation that would help him achieve that. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@u/FlyingFustilarian

He was trying to cause controversy in school by taping that awful sentence by the water fountain. But he must have foolishly thought no one was watching his little make-believe situation, and he ended up getting busted. Things we love to see.


The whole point of a drive-thru is to enhance convenience so people can grab quick food without leaving their cars. And it’s called a drive-thru for a reason. People drive through and order their food, and we doubt any smart person has ever questioned that. 

Image courtesy of tripadvisor

Apparently, this person thought he could just walk up there and order while he was walking his dog. Of course, his order was refused, and he got mad because he thought his order wasn’t taken because he had a dog. How silly can you be?

Being A Complete Jerk

It’s okay when you lose your patience and decide to take it out on someone, but you should consider taking it out on the person who caused your frustration in the first place, not an innocent person who knew nothing about it.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@hamadaeitabey

This person had a bad day after they kept getting his order wrong, and when it happened a third time, he really wasn’t having it. The guy decided to take it out on the poor cashier, who had nothing to do with it. A real jerk.

Mere Mortal

We know it’s a good thing to radiate self-esteem. It gives you the added confidence you need. But it’s a different story when you are conceited and full of yourself. It is no wonder he made a fool of himself.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@u/KellifosIsland23

We don’t know who this man is, but we can tell he’s simply doing it for clout, perhaps to rattle the cages of religious people on social media. In real life, chaos creates war; on social media, it creates buzz and trends.

Totally Worth The Hype

Sometimes we want accolades for doing a brilliant job or discovering something extraordinary. But what happens when you don’t get what you deserve? You give it to yourself, right? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact, it spreads positivity. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@foodiescravee

To be honest, we know folks are making fun of this dude, but we would love to have this kind of confidence. You have to be a really confident person to comment on your posts when there is no one else interacting.

Her Lost Boyfriend

One thing that makes the English language fascinating yet so complex is how one sentence can be interpreted in several different ways. This lady meant to say her boyfriend died, but her choice of words could also mean he went missing. 

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/

Although this person’s comment might appear a little insensitive and cheeky, given how he interpreted the sentence, you really can’t blame him. He might have been trying to make a joke, but when she revealed that he had actually passed away, it made the situation awkward. 

Selfies Aren’t Your Thing

Selfies are meant to be cute and to help you see what you look like in the camera, up close. If you post a selfie and immediately lose 21 followers, then you should consider not doing so again because more selfies will leave you with no followers. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@Chrislopezgell

We’re not sure if the selfie was a photo of this person or maybe an inappropriate photo of something. Whatever the case may be, some things are best kept as secrets, and this tweet should have been one of them.

Is Ebola A Country?

There are some questions that you think of in your head, but when you realize how stupid they sound (because you ought to know the answer), you never even voice it out. But some people still come online and make a fool of themselves.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@lacasitademara

Even if you didn’t study geography in school, it’s still not an excuse to ask a silly question like this one, especially when one quick Google search would have saved you the embarrassment. That is the silliest question of all time.

Patience Is A Virtue

We would like to assume whoever packed the pizza did it the wrong way. The logo on the top part of the box means that the pizza is on the right side. People are always quick to complain without even checking things thoroughly. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@foodiescravee

This guy must have been ready to unleash all his rage on Dominos after this one, but it turns out he was in the wrong. Someone must have been having a little too much to drink, or maybe he just doesn’t know how things work.

Arson Is Arson

Breaking up with someone you once cared about is difficult. Like it or not, you might end up doing horrible things just to let out your anger and pent-up frustration. In this woman’s case, her anger got the better of her.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@u/impala1966

She attempted to set fire to her ex’s house. We’re not in support of what she did because if she had been successful, properties would have been damaged and maybe lives lost. But the foolish part is she went ahead to incriminate herself on Facebook.

You’re Not Your Father’s Son

This person must be drunk or just decided to come online and act plain stupid. We all love to play a biologist once in a while, act as if we know so much, and talk about what’s hereditary or not – but not this time. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@sabinajensenfotografic

How does someone with no child expect to have grandchildren? It probably sucks to be this person right now; we can only imagine just how many attacks he got after this post. If this guy was trying to be funny, we’re sorry to say he only managed to look silly.

Happy Labor Day

As we said before, English is a pretty complex language. One sentence can have different depending on the reader’s perspective or the way the sentence was written. And some words can mean lots of different things. ‘Labor’ is one of those words, and that’s why we forgive this lady.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@TWOWILDFLOWERSPHOTOGRAPHY

If the lady was trying to be funny, then she wouldn’t have ended up on this list. However, the problem is that she genuinely thought that the Labor Day holiday was created to honor all mothers in the country. Maybe someone should tell her that there’s another holiday for that.

Everyone Makes Mistakes

It’s okay to make mistakes when it comes to spelling certain words. Sometimes, people forget how to spell simple words, and they try to spell them based on how they sound. It happens all the time, and no one is really above making mistakes. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@BestofTexts

However, misspelling your future occupation is just so wrong and highly unacceptable. If this person is going to pay all those expensive school fees to become a “pedestrian,” then we suggest they stay home and be homeschooled. We’re not taking our kids to this doctor!

Advanced Technology

Not everyone knows how a computer works. So it’s understandable why this woman thought she needed to insert her credit card in the CD slot. If you’re like her, we are here to save you from making a fool of yourself on the internet. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@tear.drops

A CD slot is for CDs, and you can use your card to pay for things without inserting it into your computer. Whoever told her to do this must be someone who wanted her to embarrass herself. Unfortunately, they succeeded in tricking her.

Respect The Dead

Have respect for the dead, they said, or get ready to be haunted all the days of your life. It’s bad enough that this woman sat on a poor soul’s grave and broke it, but she also posted it on the internet. 

Image courtesy of Facebook/@unknown

With this silly-looking picture, it is just one bad decision after the other for her. By the way, it’s considered vandalism when you destroy things you shouldn’t. We hope she got her due punishment for disturbing the grave of a departed soul.

Is The World Ending?

We don’t know which one is worse: the fact that he thought this was Paris or the fact that he mistook a transformer for the Eiffel Tower. How can he show his face in public after this? This kind of embarrassment never leaves you; it will last for a very long time. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@u/animegeek987

This photo is clearly nowhere near Paris, as you can tell by the streets and the view. There is no indication whatsoever that this place has anything to do with Paris. So we’re shocked as to why he did this to himself. Let’s all hope it was just a joke!

Thank You, Mom

There’s a difference between intelligence and understanding, and it’s clear this person lacks both. If he did, he wouldn’t talk like this. These are the kind of things we love to see; kids who think they are savage by making derogatory comments finally getting burnt. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@valeriemainmat

We are glad Mommy Jackson decided to give her son a nice clap-back after he made a derogatory statement about women on the internet. Yes, mom, the chances of Jackson getting a woman in his bedroom is zero. Thank you, Mom. 

Roman Numerals 

If there’s anything we’re certain of, it’s that we have never eaten roman numerals. How would they even taste, really? This person must really have a hard time spelling words, or maybe he was just trying to be funny. Well, it wasn’t funny.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@u/Emergency Wombat

How do you call this roman numerals? If you’re having trouble spelling what you eat, you can check your noodles cup because we are sure “ramen noodles” is what was written on it. The top award of the spelling foolishness contest surely goes to this person.

Radiating Foolishness

We can’t believe someone involved the sun in this clownery. All it’s ever done was give us light and rays of sunshine. This person genuinely thought there were two suns. Even seven year olds today know there’s only one sun. 

Image courtesy of IMGUR/@SMH

This is simply the clouds reflecting the one and only big bright sun, and if he was smart enough, he would have realized that. Instead, he chose to ask one of the weirdest questions ever. Now he has to live with the shame. 

Kill The Thought

Unless the mother goes through a second labor years after having the first twin, there is no way this thought would ever work. This person doesn’t know the concept of twins and ended up giving the internet one of the very best of foolish comments. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@si_somos_gemelos

Twins are born almost at the same time; in rare cases, the second birth could happen hours after the first. Still, that doesn’t make a twin a whole year older than the other! Was this guy for real, or is this just another example of twin humor?

Live And Let Live

Before this person could carry on with his foolishness, he realized his mistake on time and quickly called himself to order. We’re glad he understands the consequences of jumping to conclusions. That’s clearly a mirror with the image of their fan in it. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@bicostal

But when will people learn to stop involving themselves in other people’s choices? Everyone has the privilege to make decisions based on their fancy. So, even if they did have a framed picture of their fan, we don’t see how that is anyone’s problem.

Knight In Shining Armor

It’s cute when you think all you’re doing is trying to render a little help to someone, but sometimes that little help can come back and bite you where it hurts the most. Like when this girl tweeted “no guy would be interested in me.”

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Spell3d

This person must have felt the need to shoot his shot, only to take a blow in his gut when she deleted her old tweet and updated it with “no good looking guys.” Sorry, dude, that was breakfast well served.

Arguing Blindly

There are words that are clearly unacceptable, no matter how you look at them or in what context they are used. This person thought he would be funny when he said something offensive while trying to describe how someone talked about their rims. 

Image courtesy of Facebook/@unknown

And this was just the first part. This person still went on arguing that they didn’t mean to be racist when all they should have done was apologize or, better yet, not even use the word in the first place. That’s a highly insensitive person.

Do Not Pin Your Location On The Internet

We don’t feel sorry for this person, not even in the slightest. If you know you’re going to be in someplace where you would rather be kept a secret from everyone, then why would you pin and share your location for the world to see? 

Image courtesy of Facebook/@unknown

The guy pinned his location and decided to share it on his Facebook page. If a family member of his sees this, there will be a lot of ironing out to do, and we don’t think this person can come up with a convincing enough reason to be there.