Some Hilarious Pranks To Try With Friends

By Moureen N

BuzzFeed, the self-declared ‘first true social media organization,’ keeps sharing content that is surprisingly common yet equally astonishing and hilarious. One such finding was a Twitter thread where people had the opportunity to share mean yet hilarious pranks to try. As is mostly the case with keyboard warriors, many replied with creative ideas to dupe others and have some frolicking.

The thirteen tweets that seized a position in the list start with a picture showing a horn ingeniously attached to a chair bottom in a way that’d make the horn go ‘pomp!’ once someone sits on the chair. Want to get revenge on your boss for not approving that leave for which you’d begged a lot? This is what you’ve been waiting for!

The next suggests switching names around in someone’s cell phone contacts. Calling mom instead of his girlfriend would teach your brother a lesson for betraying you by exposing your whereabouts on a Friday night when you had explicitly told him to keep it a secret. Another tweet proposes to dip a balloon in whipped cream so the “victim” will think it’s a cake. Happy birthday, Karen!

Image courtesy of @WayneLNoel / Twitter

Imagine seeing a snake amidst the product display when you go grocery shopping. Do you feel your inner Dudley screaming? Precisely. After you calm down, you’ll notice that the snake is a fake and you’ve been successfully fooled.

The expressions of someone finding veggies in a Dunkin’ box at the office, duct tape instead of toilet paper, only yellow starbursts inside the packet, and ‘asshole parking’ written in chalk in their designated parking space; are entirely worth the trouble, aren’t they?

Another visionary shared a picture of a note saying, “This is not a doorbell! It’s a button that opens a trapdoor beneath you.” Alas, the poor delivery man. Someone gave a fantastic idea to deal with your nosy neighbor – stick a note stating “Sorry for the damage” on their car’s door when you haven’t laid a finger on it, walk away, and watch.

Image courtesy of / @thesteves89 / Twitter

All of us love a good ol’ prank, don’t we?