Double Take: 35+ Funny Situations Of People Encountering Their Lookalikes On Subway Ads

By Aileen D

If you’ve ever used the subway, you know about subway ads. They’re like mini art installations down there. They grab your attention amidst the hustle and bustle, showcasing everything from cool products to thought-provoking messages.

You know an ad is good if you have to do a doubletake. We would probably do so if we had chanced upon these people who seem to be an advertisement, inside another advertisement… of them! Can’t wrap your head around it? Neither could we. Maybe it’s best if we let the pictures do the talking.

Was it pure fate or wild coincidence that led these people to encounter their doppelgangers in advertisements lined along the subway? Or maybe, it’s just a reminder that we’re all a part of the matrix, and occasionally, a glitch in the system happens, and the lines of reality and illusion blur!

Off To Get That Degree

You wake up, put on your stylish outfit, and head to the subway for your daily commute. As you step onto the train, you’re greeted by a barrage of confused stares. You look around and realize why — your face is plastered on every wall!

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

Turns out, you’re the unwitting model for Touro College. Talk about commuting in style! Who needs a selfie when you’ve got an entire subway ad campaign dedicated to your fabulousness? Reckon this woman needs a bodyguard from the hype she’s been getting from the people around her?

Taking It Slow

You’re peacefully riding the subway, minding your own business, when suddenly, the train doors slide open. And there he is — “Flash” from The Boys staring right at you with his shades on. You try to keep your cool, but then you notice a guy sitting across from you…

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

smirking like he’s hiding some superhero secret. Is this some kind of bizarre crossover episode? Or did you accidentally stumble into a parallel universe where superhumans casually commute? Given that tragic accident, it’s only proper that “Flash” learned how to take it slow every once in a while.

Great Confession

Nothing will get you bursting into a laugh quicker than seeing this. You are innocently glancing around the subway when you notice an eye-catching advert for older men and their performance issues. And guess who is sitting right under it?

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

None other than a guy who looks like he could be the long-lost twin of the model in the ad! Talk about awkward timing. You can’t help but wonder if he’s secretly getting royalties for unintentionally endorsing the product. You’re tempted to look down and taunt the guy to stand up.

Expert Navigator

Trying to navigate the subway without a map is like playing a real-life game of “Lost and Confused.” You enter the station with a confident stride, only to end up in a tangled mess of tunnels. You ask for directions, but everyone seems to be in their own little world.

Image courtesy of subway creatures / Instagram

But not this guy. Nope, he had not only come with one map but three (counting Gmaps). There was no way he was going to be late for his appointment. He counted the steps as the train took him closer to where X was.


Scrubs are the glorified pajamas of the medical world. They’re like the high-end fashion statement for doctors and nurses. But have you seen the price tags on those things? It’s like they’re made of gold. Those prices can fund a third-world country’s healthcare system!

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

Perhaps we should start a revolution, demanding affordable scrubs for all healthcare professionals. And with this woman busily tapping away on her phone, we can’t help but wonder if she needs more people to enlist for the cause. Let’s scrub away that overpriced madness!

Definitely Insured

Gather ’round for the tale of the world’s most paranoid model. Let’s call him Fabio. So, Fabio has a face that could launch a thousand brands. There’s just one catch. Everywhere he goes, he sees models who look suspiciously similar to him. And that could cost him some modeling gigs!

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

Convinced they’re out to steal his fame, Fabio decides to take extreme measures. He calls up an insurance company and demands to insure his face against potential “doppelgänger damages.” Can you imagine the conversation with the agent? It was confusing, to say the least.

Hats Off

You notice a guy who looks suspiciously like the model, posing as a graduate, from a subway ad. Now, you are tempted to march right up to this stranger, throw confetti in the air, and congratulate him on his academic achievements!

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

But thankfully, you resist the urge to unleash your spontaneous burst of applause, sparing both yourself and the bewildered stranger an awkward encounter. Sometimes, it’s best to play it cool, no matter how tempting it may be, to wish a stranger the best of luck in the next chapter of his life.

Before and After Chatting

Let’s have a discussion about how uncanny the resemblance between these two guys is! This is just more proof that there certainly is a glitch in the matrix. The glasses, the hair color and styling, the jacket…we could go on and on.

Image courtesy of subway creatures / Instagram

But maybe that’s expected when everything is made in China! You can never really tell the genuine from the hoax. In this case, just who is the original, and who is the clone? Maybe we should start looking for a warranty stamp.

Brimming Romance

On a particularly dreary morning, Ethan, lost in a world of chords and harmonies, stepped into the subway car. He took his usual seat near the window. Meanwhile, Lily, carrying her sketchbook and a myriad of art supplies, entered the same car. She found a seat not far from Ethan.

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

Little did these two know that this unlikely encounter would lead to a blossoming romance. And the audience, who were rooting for them, were all too busy taking a picture of the two and posting it on social media. Talk about fish in a glass bowl!

Staying Ahead

Hair loss can trigger a torrent of insecurities, gnawing at one’s confidence. Most guys who prefer to maintain their lush locks resort to using haircare products to stay ahead of hair loss. Their best bet? “Keeps” with its FDA- approved hair loss medications.

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

This customer-turned-model has been making money off of his one-time product trial. His luscious locks now grace billboards and subway trains, inspiring like-scalped men to conquer their insecurities and triumph in their hair loss battles! With the right products, anyone can rock their confidence.

Go for It

This Redditor recognized the fella seated before him. He had seen him on a magazine spread. His heart raced with excitement. Should he approach or stay glued to his seat, lest the model shaves his skull with his powerful and cordless skull shaver!

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

The model’s body language screamed disinterest, exhaustion, and the dreaded Monday blues. Respecting his space, the guy decided to forego the autograph, understanding that even those in the spotlight need their moments of solace. He couldn’t resist taking a pic, though, just for documentation.

Never Missing A Stop

Ever been so bored on the subway train that even the most mundane situations become hilarious? This guy had to put a hand over his mouth to keep from breaking into a laugh at the odd coincidence before him. The guy was literally a poster child for healthy living!

Image courtesy of subway creatures / Instagram

Seems like there are perks to riding the mundane subway. Every once in a while, it becomes a sidesplitting comedy show if you take the time to observe the people and the things around you. Plus, you won’t miss your stop.

Surprise Surprise

This guy knows how to poke fun at himself every once in a while. After noticing that he had dressed up like the models in a train advert, he had to pose for a picture with them. It’s telling – the genuine confusion as you’re navigating the city.

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

After thumbing through the pictures, this tourist chuckled, thinking to himself that he could do a better job than the model. Unfortunately, he couldn’t stay in this lovely country long enough to pass an audition to replace the guy plastered on the train walls.


Imagine the irony! You’re cruising down the tracks inside a train when you spot a model sitting casually in the carriage with you. Her face looks familiar. It’s like you have seen her somewhere. Your eyes dart up, and there it is…it’s the same person.

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

Are they basking in the glory of their own billboard moment or simply enjoying the shade? Your hand twitches to reach for a pen and have the model sign your chest! Luckily, the train screeches to your stop, so you hurriedly get out of there.

Nice Pet

Here is something out of the ordinary. What are the chances of seeing a man with a goat for a pet? And here’s the catch, you happen to see this unlikely spectacle in a subway train flooded by a sea of commuters.

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

What inspired this man to pick a goat as his trusty subway companion? As it turns out, goat fur is very soft and silky and can be used to manufacture coats and sweaters. And thanks to the stellar craftsmanship, this guy’s clothing was stealing glances from other passengers.

Craving the Look

You spot a jacket in your favorite store, and it’s love at first sight. You buy it, feeling like a fashion guru. But then, you step outside, and BAM! It’s like the universe played a joke on you. Everyone and their pet hamster is wearing the exact same jacket!

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

It’s like a convention of clones, and you’re the unwitting leader. You get on the subway, and guess who’s grinning at you from an ad? The model wearing your jacket, mocking you with their perfectly posed confidence. Now you can’t help but feel like a trendsetter.

Personal Masseuse

Let’s talk about a little gadget that’s been causing quite the buzz lately — the Theragun. If you haven’t heard of it, get ready to have your mind blown. This nifty contraption is like a personal masseuse at your fingertips.

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

Say your muscles are feeling tight and tense, and you’re in desperate need of some relief. Enter the Theragun, a handheld device designed to provide targeted percussive therapy to your muscles. Just look at this woman who’s on her way home to get her hands on that machine to deliver muscle relief!

All Aboard

This adorable canine is brimming with excitement, tail wagging furiously as if it knows it is off to start a day full of adventure. The pup is living its best life, bringing smiles to the faces of everyone on board.

Image courtesy of subway creatures / Instagram

As the subway car jostles along, this furry explorer takes it all in. Its curious eyes dart from one passenger to another as if it’s trying to decipher the stories etched on each face. It’s the ultimate observer, embracing the diversity of the subway experience with a wag of its tail.


What are the odds of encountering a guy with a scruffy beard that would make even the most seasoned lumberjack jealous? Close to none! This guy boasts that it’s a product of a deliberate lifestyle choice — ‘live healthily, and the beard will tell.’

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

This man proudly sports a scruffy beard to showcase his robust and thriving lifestyle. It is an apparent testament to his outdoor escapades, the countless hikes in the mountains, and perhaps even a few camping trips under the starry sky.

Avid Fan

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure filled with boundless enthusiasm, pulsating energy, and a whole lot of football madness? Well, get ready to join the most passionate football fans in the world as they make their way to the vibrant land of Brazil.

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

But would you believe this? This picture featuring an avid football fan donning a shirt with her favorite player’s number was taken at the subway. She is hopeful that the next time she’s featured in an advert, it’ll be somewhere on a football field.

The Entitled

We have all heard the name Karen, and it has become quite the cultural phenomenon. Karen describes a person, usually a woman, who exhibits entitled, demanding, and often unreasonable behavior. And you will often encounter these characters on public transportation.

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

As she sits before you, tapping on her phone, you try and guess what judgmental thoughts she’s having as she looks at the people around her. Turns out she’s counting the number of passengers she could sell or lease a piece of realty to. She’s confident she can find something for anyone with StreetEasy.

Perfect Match

In a sea of bustling activity, there she sat. A woman blending effortlessly into her surroundings. Dressed in an attire that perfectly matched the hue of her seat, she seemed to melt into the background, becoming almost invisible to the casual observer.

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

To make matters worse, she seemed to blend in, even when she stood up. The subway advert behind her was the same hue as her attire. You had to call out her name and ask her to walk towards the subway doors to spot her, appearing like an apparition out of thin air!

Exuding Confidence

Bold, vibrant, and radiating confidence, this woman breaks stereotypes with her close-cropped, dyed blonde hair. In a world where beauty standards can often feel restrictive, she stands tall as a symbol of self-expression and individuality. And she had just been chosen to be the face of a company.

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

Her natural afro is a crown that frames her beautiful face. Her walk exudes power and grace. But what sets her apart is her choice to embrace a daring transformation—a vibrant burst of blonde that celebrates her own unique style.


Gone are the days when dyeing your hair meant spending hours in a salon, surrounded by a cloud of chemicals, and waiting for what felt like an eternity. Now, with the wonders of modern hair dyeing technology, you can achieve salon-quality results from the comfort of your subway seat!

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

These advert bottles are guaranteed to give you a vibrant shade of pic or electric blue. Or, if you like subtle changes, you can add some highlights to your natural hair color. The possibilities are endless, so it all depends on your personal style.

Price to Pay

Modeling is about striking a pose, capturing the essence of a brand, and bringing clothes to life. But it’s not as easy as it may seem since the price for having your face plastered on walls and subway trains is your privacy.

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

There are people, like this Instagram user, who are able to spot the uncanny similarity between the people before them and models in adverts. After innocently starting a conversation, the friendly passenger admitted to being the model in the background.

Corporate Ideal

This is not just any ordinary advertisement. This one goes beyond the clichés. The first thing that catches your eye is the tagline. It’s simple yet profound. It sums up everything you look for in a corporate job in just a few words – innovation, creativity, and excellence.

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

It’s not just the words that resonate. The ad speaks to you like a conversation with a trusted mentor, laying out the values and expectations with clarity and transparency. And there, seated before you, is the very woman who lives the corporate ideal.


Opioid addiction is a relentless beast, taking hold of individuals and impacting every aspect of their lives. Breaking free from its grip can be an uphill battle, filled with challenges and setbacks. But there is hope. Take it from this model.

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

A single injection can provide relief from opioid cravings for up to a month, providing individuals with a stable foundation as they navigate the challenges of recovery. This helps to minimize the risk of relapse and offers a more manageable treatment option.

South Kensington Station

Allow us to transport you to the bustling South Kensington Station. A place where stories converge and lives intersect. Amidst the flurry of commuters and the rhythmic hum of trains, there’s a man who stands out with his Amish-looking attire and rimmed glasses.

Image courtesy of subway creatures / Instagram

The world around him seems to fade away as he delves into the realm of news and stories. His face, illuminated by the soft glow of the morning light filtering through the station windows, reflects a sense of curiosity and non-engagement.

Leave Me Alone

We all know that feeling of stepping onto a packed train, where every seat seems occupied, and the noise level rises with every passing station. But amidst this chaos, there’s a man who sticks out — a lone figure seeking tranquility amidst the sea of people.

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

The guy is hopeful that he will find a seat in this massive throng of people. He pushes gently against them and finally finds a vacant row by the back of the carriage. He lets out a loud sigh and then plops unto the chair, hopeful that he will catch a break from his fans.

Good Habit to Keep

There’s something magical about that moment of surprise when you look at your partner’s face, and they see you holding a bouquet. It’s like you’ve bottled up joy and handed it to them, all wrapped up in a bouquet of carefully selected blossoms.

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

It’ll only be a couple of minutes more before this guy makes his partner’s day. Just the idea of this romantic gesture brings a smile to onlookers’ lips. “When was the last time I bought flowers for my girl?” one of the passengers asks himself as he resolves to pass by the flower shop.

The Future

Blockchains are decentralized digital ledgers that ensure secure and transparent transactions. They’re like a digital superpower, allowing us to bypass intermediaries and create a direct connection between parties. It’s all about trust, efficiency, and accountability. They’ve been widely discussed in many circles.

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

A lot of young people are really excited about Blockchain. And to make a bold statement about all the ways it can revolutionize payment transactions and even affect digital documentation, people have been dyeing their hair bright pink and violet!

Cute Couple

Now, this is not any ordinary ad. It’s a heartwarming depiction of a couple whose love shines through this frame. The woman holds the guy’s cheeks with one hand, evoking a cute smile from him. She then shakes his head from side to side and bursts into laughter.

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

Of course, it’s likely that this guy is the same model in the train advert, and he had simply chosen to reenact the scene for the passengers. Nonetheless, his girlfriend never grows tired of playing this old prank on her partner.

Smells Like A Case

Up next, we have a man, just standing there, innocently waiting for his stop. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Wrong! Out of nowhere, a dog — a very curious canine — sniffs at the man’s leg, suspicious about his intentions and his presence on the train.

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

Smells like a potential tort case! It would be quite unfortunate if this dog took a mouthful of him. Luckily, the man has NY and NJ injury lawyers to seek damages from the dog’s owner. If it doesn’t, well, it is better for everyone present.

Introvert hoodie

Introducing the perfect hoodie designed exclusively for introverts: The Blend-In Hoodie! Picture this: a cozy, soft hoodie that not only keeps you warm but also allows you to effortlessly blend into the background whenever you desire. It comes in sizes XS-XXL!

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

The Blend-In Hoodie is crafted with a unique fabric that mimics the colors and patterns of the environment around you. Whether you’re strolling through a bustling city street or sitting in a crowded café, it has you covered (quite literally).

Taking Inspiration from Google

Running out of makeup ideas? Tired of the Kim K look? Well, how about taking inspiration from the Google Pay Icon? It’s got all the shades of the rainbow, and we’re certain it will make for a head-turning makeup look.

Image courtesy of subway creatures / Instagram

This guy had been getting stares from people all day. Tired of the attention, he decided to close his eyes and take a couple of minutes to rest on the train. He was definitely paying for this mistake. Better use Spotify next time.

A Dime A Dozen

We came across a woman who we thought deserved more attention than she was getting. It was likely that she was shy, as she wanted to cover up the white, beautiful floral dress that she was wearing. When we looked up, we understood why.

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

It appears that a model in an ad was also wearing the same floral dress. Whereas before, it looked like the expensive dress was unique, now, it looked like it was something you could get at a dime a dozen. Sadly, the woman refused to meet our stare, abashed by the encounter.

Legal Recompense

Hold onto your legal briefs; we have a subway tale with a legal twist for you. After seeing this advert promising us that we would get a big settlement, we decided to approach this plaintiff’s injury lawyer to book a consultation.

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

The woman was bewildered. Now, it looks like we will have to book ourselves a consultation at another firm because she vowed to sue us for disturbing her peace on the train! It appears that we asked at the wrong time, and now she wants to be compensated for her time.

Chance Encounter

With his designer outfit and rugged looks, this guy seemed like he had stepped right onto the red carpet. Strangers all around him struggled to get their phones out to get a picture of the celebrity and possibly get a selfie with him.

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

But because of the rush, people had to strap themselves into their seats. They didn’t want to risk falling in front of their celebrity crush and embarrassing themselves. But those who have a keen eye didn’t mind because, on closer inspection, they could see that that wasn’t Stanley Tucci.


Let’s talk about Peanuts, the beloved cartoons that have captured hearts for generations. Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the gang are a part of our cultural DNA. And we’re so excited that they’re getting attention to this day after partnering with Swatch.

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

We can’t wait for Swatch to release even more watch designs. We’ve been told more will hit the shelves in a couple of weeks, and buyers get a free face mask featuring Snoopy, Peanuts, Linus, or even Pig-pen. Sounds like a score!


You’re living the dream, skyrocketing to fame faster than a shooting star. Suddenly, your face is plastered on billboards, magazines, and TV screens. You can’t even step out for a cup of coffee without a swarm of fans chasing you down the street. It’s overwhelming, to say the least.

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

So, you slip on that mask, and boom! You’re incognito. No more paparazzi flashes blinding you at every corner. No more unwanted attention while you’re just trying to enjoy a peaceful meal. Suddenly, you’re free to roam the streets like a regular person, unnoticed and undisturbed, until a subway ad ruins it all!

Before Google Maps

Let us take a trip down memory lane to the days before Google Maps ruled our navigation world. Remember how we used to navigate the subway? It was like a wild adventure! We had to rely on wide, old-fashioned ties!

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

Unlike paper maps, these ties are already unfolded into a massive puzzle of colored lines and station names. You can study them, trace your route with a finger and then let the tie fall onto your chest as you stand up to alight the train.

Love for All

This woman with bright blue hair has such a vibrant energy. But here’s the kicker: she was sporting this look, letting the world know that she was a free spirit. Talk about a walking rainbow with an interesting story to share.

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

Call it cheating or an open relationship; she believes everyone deserves to be loved. Gone are the days when we had to confine our love and attention to just one person. So long as you find someone attractive, you strike up a conversation and let the vibes flow!

Practicing Witchcraft

Some people might brush off witches as mere folklore or stuff from fairy tales. But trust us; there’s more to it than meets the eye. Witches are real. Sure, they may not have pointy hats or ride broomsticks, but there’s a rich history and whole communities out there practicing witchcraft.

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

From casting spells to connecting with nature’s energy, they embrace ancient traditions passed down for centuries. So next time you scoff at the idea of witches, remember they’re not just characters in stories. You might just catch them on your way to the train!

Hidden Gem

NBC’s Perfect Harmony is a hidden gem of a show that harmonizes humor and heart. With its quirky premise of a former Princeton music professor leading a small-town church choir, it delivers laughs and heartfelt moments in perfect synchrony. We just can’t get enough of it!

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

The talented ensemble cast and delightful musical performances make it a must-watch, leaving you with a warm, uplifting feeling long after the final note fades. In fact, you’re left thinking about the show and imagining its characters, whilst on the subway train, hours after watching.

A Lifestyle

Buying Bonobos is like stepping into a realm of style and comfort that is simply unmatched. From tailored suits to casual chinos, their collection caters to every occasion. The fabrics? Impeccable. The fit? Flawless. And the availability? 24 hours a day!

Image courtesy of Subway Creatures / Instagram

With attention to detail and a touch of sophistication, Bonobos elevates your wardrobe game effortlessly. Trust us; once you try their clothes, you’ll never want to take them off. No wonder we’re seeing more and more people buying their clothes and stepping up their game.