From Playful To Perfectly Imperfect: A Collection Of Entertaining Tattoo

By Liezel L

Tattoos can often hold deep meanings for the people who have them. They can also be a commemoration of special moments in their lives. However, just like life, tattoos don’t always have to be about serious business. In fact, there are plenty of tattoos out there made just to make people smile. Sometimes, it’s the designs that make people crack up (e.g. cartoon characters, funny sayings, or unique designs). Other times, it might be the placement of the tattoo that will make people lose their cool. So get ready to view some of the funniest and most adorable tattoos on the internet that might just make you want one. And even if you’re not looking for tattoo inspiration, these will definitely brighten up your day. 

Grandpa and Grandma Rock!

Many of us can only wish we had grandparents as cool as these two. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with our sweet and loving grandparents, but this photo definitely paints a cooler photo of this couple. Just look at them. 

image courtesy of sydken/ Reddit

Immortalizing them with a tattoo seems the right thing to do. We bet they were also pleased, if not amused, by it. We would be if we were them. And we’d be honored to have that tattoo on our arms. 

The Croc Cat

You know what? If we’d ever had a tattoo to commemorate the ever-wonderful cats that we love and admire, this would be it. It’s fantastic. It perfectly encapsulates the grace and absolute weirdness that all cats have, no matter the breed.

image courtesy of longjohntattoo/ Instagram

It’s quite a tasteful cat illustration, too. It’s very minimalist, but it gets the point across, especially with that gigantic Croc slipper on its head. Now, this kitty’s image is burned into our brains, and we will never forget it.

This Supporting Mom

All tattoos tell a story. This one, though simple, tells a beautiful one. It seems like this mom got her kids’ names tattooed on her neck. At first, the list was right, but somewhere down the line, Matis became Malory.

image courtesy of sousnosaiguilles/ Instagram

Rather than simply writing it off as an outdated tat, or going through the long process of removing it and getting it redone, all it took was a simple yet funny correction. At least, we hope that’s the story behind this tat.

The Scariest Tat Ever

We’re not sure if it’s because of movies and TV shows or something, but there was a time when a lot of people thought tattoos were scary. And well, some people did go to great lengths to make sure their tats looked scary. Take this one, for instance. 

image courtesy of tattooinks_flinsbach/ Instagram

Did it scare you? It sure did for us. We thought our hearts would drop out of our chests because of how adorable it is. Whoever came up with this idea is a genius. They know the secret of creating irresistible tattoos.

It Always Pays To Check First

For many people, getting a tattoo of a word or phrase in another language is cool. And we can’t blame them. There are some things that only certain languages can express right. However, for anyone planning to do that, it’s important to check what the characters mean first. 

image courtesy of rebeccalmighty/ Reddit

This person might’ve just been a victim of not checking the facts first. But who knows? Maybe he has this obscene love and dedication to turkey sandwiches that can’t be expressed any other way than by immortalizing it on his body in simplified Chinese.

Placement Is Key

For some people, it’s the design of the tattoo or the meaning behind it that matters most. For others, it’s the placement, and here is a perfect example of that. They used their body and their imagination to the best of their ability, alright.

image courtesy of xoJigglypuff/ Reddit

While it may freak some people out, we think it’s actually pretty cool. Each time they bend their knee, they create the illusion of the frog inflating its neck, just as bullfrogs do in real life. Not everyone is that creative.

A Friendly Reminder

It can be hard for people in relationships to have a clear grasp of what’s best to do. Call it love, call it blindness, but many people do have a difficult time doing the right thing. And sometimes, they need a solid reminder to keep them on track.

image courtesy of babyqueso/ Reddit

Well, here’s one way to keep them straight and remind them to take care of themselves. Just when you’re feeling doubtful, you can just take a peek at what you’ve got there, and you might just end up saving yourself so much time, effort, and pain.

The Irony

This might look stupid to others, but it does actually make sense. Who wants to sit or lie down on a table for hours on end, getting pricked to oblivion, right? Even just the thought of a single injection at the doctor’s office makes some people cringe.

image courtesy of insta_tatuaggi/ Instagram

For regulars at the tattoo parlor, it’s the feeling of having something special, meaningful, or whimsical immortalized on their body that gets them coming back for more despite the pain. And who are we to argue? It’s an art form, after all.

Only They Know

People get weird-looking tattoos for different reasons. Sometimes, it’s to remind them of something important, but perhaps it’s to give their enemy a warning. We’re not sure about this foot tattoo, but it looks like it can fit into both categories.

image courtesy of NewFlynnland/ Reddit

We’re confused about whether this person was concerned about the food taste quality down below or they’re giving their enemies one last quip before they find out themselves. Either way, at least they did a good job with the design.

Non-Disney Ratatouille

Some people seem to have just been born with the talent to tattoo. Just give them a tattoo pen, and they can ink the image you want flawlessly. Others can only dream of becoming a tattoo artist, and we think this man’s girlfriend might be one of those people.

image courtesy of Chemo55/ Reddit

Apparently, this guy’s girlfriend wanted to try out becoming a tattoo artist, and he agreed to let her practice on him. But as it turns out, it might have been better if she practiced her drawing skills on paper first. Hopefully, she gets better.

The Toe Has Got To Have Fun

Some people like huge tattoos that are easily visible on their bodies. However, others like it to be a little bit more subtle, just like this guy. Nobody would have ever known he had a tattoo if he didn’t tell them. 

image courtesy of trailer_mullet/ Instagram

It’ll be like his little secret that only the closest people in his life would know about. It also helps that the tattoo is kind of cool and fitting for his big toe. Would you get one just like that?

Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me?!

It’s hilarious how people who are against tattoos for silly reasons treat those with tattoos as if they don’t know what they’re doing. And it’s stupid. If someone wants a tattoo, it’s their choice, and it’s not an easy process. How can they not know about their choices, right?

image courtesy of camomila_tattoo/ Instagram

As it seems, this guy has had enough of those people telling him what to do and what not to do with his body. And, well, his way of telling them off is pretty creative. We love the dripping sarcasm from the tattoo, too. Glorious!

Friends Forever

We don’t know about you, but we absolutely loved this movie. It melted us to the core, and even today, it can still make us shed a few tears. So we get why this man would have had it tattooed. It was just such a good movie, okay?

image courtesy of Sithofsiths/ imgur

The only problem we have with this one is how wobbly everything seems. It’s like the tattoo artist just freehanded the image during an earthquake. While we have nothing against being whimsical, we think stellar designs like this deserve at least a sketch or stencil first.

Spellcheck Forgotten

Quotes are very popular tattoo choices, and it’s easy to understand why. It’s nice to have something to inspire or motivate you close to you at all times, right? Before getting one, though, make to double-check the spelling. There’s no shame in using spellcheck, okay?

image courtesy of saeloft/ Reddit

This guy almost made it through nice and clean with a great quote, but it seems like the tattoo artist had a little lapse in judgment at the last minute there. A wrong “choise,” shall we say. Hopefully, it was one that was easily forgiven. 

Love A Witty Tattoo

Some tattoos don’t require a lot of thought (in a good way), but with others, you have to think long and hard about them in order to really get the effect you want. Whoever got this tattoo obviously did the latter, and it paid off.

image courtesy of username_stres/ Reddit

They put a nice good spin on a classic quote, and we think this is one of the coolest versions we’ve ever seen. And the irony of it all is very fitting. But, hey, slow and steady wins the race, right?

Pikachu On High Voltage

We’re not sure if this person has simply made it their life goal to give Pokémon lovers nightmare fuel, but they’ve certainly got a sense of humor and a good bout of originality. You won’t see any other Pikachus like this one anywhere else.

image courtesy fo arontattoobar/ Instagram

It’s not like they got this tattoo when they were drunk either, no. Whoever got this tat gave it a lot of thought. And we don’t want to get into whatever twisted thought process it was that led them to get this deranged Pikachu on their hand.

She Wanted To Be Funny

Funny tattoos are great. They bring joy to almost everyone who sees them. However, funny tattoos take a great mind and a lot of thought to be worthwhile enough to put on your skin. Sadly, we think this lady just missed the mark here. 

image courtesy of TheManWithNoEyes/ Reddit

The thing is, she even has a haircut that shows off the tattoo. And while it could have been great, it just doesn’t measure up. Hopefully, she does find it funny, and hopefully, it cheers her up in the morning, knowing that’s on the back of her head.

Right On!

This tattoo is right on the spot. A big ego won’t get you anywhere in life; in the end, it will only attract misery. So set that aside and make way for more amigos. Now, those people will make your life, and maybe a tattoo like this one, a whole lot more worth it. 

image courtesy of naturalbornangelz/ Instagram

As it seems, this person might just have those amigos. And they must have been pretty special to them for them to get a tattoo like this. At least, that’s what we’re hoping for. Either way, it’s a reminder worth getting.

Let’s Call It Abstract Art

Getting a custom tattoo can be a little terrifying. There’s this image you have in your head of what you want, but you’re not sure if it will really turn out the way you picture it. After all, your mind and the tattoo artist’s mind are different.

image courtesy of mattchild007/ Instagram

And what do you do when it doesn’t turn out the way you want it to? Some people will cry, and others will lose their minds. But some will make the best of what they have and simply call it abstract art.

Pandemic TTTOO

2020 was rough. And after all that, we completely understand this person’s desire to get some sort of reward for going through it in one piece. Obviously, no one was handing out gifts, so they gifted themselves a trip to the tattoo parlor.

image courtesy of Intelligent-Skin7284/ Reddit

We can’t fully judge since we think we’re not seeing the full picture here. Still, we think that better thought could have been put into putting that statement onto their skin. But hey, as long as they could live with it, why not?

Sushi Ninja

We would never want to see the day when our food comes to life and starts fighting back. That would just be a nightmare. However, we’re not opposed to seeing them in action in works of art like this one here.

image courtesy of emerson_crazy_/ Instagram

It’s a pretty cool design. We could totally picture that as a character from a cartoon. Seriously, just look at those eyebrows and that little smile. Who wouldn’t want to see that moving around and showing off battle skills—on TV, of course?

The Perfect Little Hamster

The golden spiral is arguably one of the coolest visualizations of a mathematical concept to ever exist. We’re always in awe of how many instances there are in nature. We love this person’s idea to get a golden spiral hamster to outline just how perfectly chubby they can be.

image courtesy of ketchuptattooart/ Instagram

If you don’t get it, the thicc butt should be in the spiral! We hope the artist cleared this modification with their client. If not, they could just say the hamster can’t be contained and is scurrying out of the spiral.

Just Beans

Tattoos are hard to get off your body. You can’t just erase them if you want to. That’s why so many of us have got it stuck in our heads that tattoos should have meanings. But who said that was the rule?

image courtesy of vedaclark/ TikTok

Tattoos are an art form, and much like other art mediums, there shouldn’t be any rules to it. It could be whatever we want it to be—as long as we can bear to have it on our bodies, of course. 

Ah, Friendship

You know those “one brain cell” moments we often see in memes when best friends decide to do something silly or weird out of the blue and just YOLO-ing it up? Yeah, this seems like the result of one of those moments. 

image courtesy of Squeegee-Queen/ Reddit

These tattoos belong to two best friends who, at one point in time, thought it would be a great idea to share the name of the rock duo Tenacious D. Clearly, there’s a better way to do that, but we’ve all had those moments, so we’re not judging.


There’s a reason why tattoo artists like to sketch out their designs on your skin first before putting the final ink in. That way, you can see if the design is to your satisfaction or not. As it seems, this person skipped that step. 

image courtesy of Reddit

At first glance, we were pretty sure we knew where the design was supposed to be heading, but the longer we look at it, the more we get lost. Is it supposed to be a wolf or a llama? You decide.

When Booze and Tats Combine

A lot of people say, “Never get tattoos when you’re drunk.” And that has got to be one of the best pieces of advice ever. However, we think this one little incident can pass. It’s just too funny and stupid to just ignore. 

image courtesy of MagullaOdgaard/ Imgur

How can people not laugh or at least face-palm when they see this? Just imagining the faces of those people as they finally decode the tattoo is enough to make up for the second-hand embarrassment we’re getting from this guy. 

The Most Adorable Worm Out There

You know that feeling when you’re extremely mad at someone but don’t want to lower yourself to their level and shout out something mean? Well, here’s a way to do it kind of nicely. This way, you’ll still get your point across. 

image courtesy of beautifuldeadthing/ Instagram

Whoever came up with this tattoo idea was a genius. Sorry not sorry, but sometimes, the rude way of saying that worm’s statement just isn’t cutting it anymore. This one hits the spot just right, though. Kill them with cuteness, right?

He’s Trying His Best

This has got to be one of the most adorable tattoos we’ve ever seen. And if that won’t tempt you the tiniest bit to get a tattoo, then you might just be plain cold-blooded. How can anyone resist this adorable penguin?

image courtesy of pigeonpokes_/ Instagram

To the person who came up with this, thank you for blessing us with such a sight. It’s truly a delight and one of the most wholesome things on Earth. It just can’t get any better than this. This is the new standard for cute tattoos.

Evil SpongeBob

Whenever we see SpongeBob on his show, he always seems so bubbly, friendly, and nice. With his angelic cheeks and huge eyes, it’s hard to think otherwise. Impressively, this person somehow managed to turn all those features into something else.

image courtesy of giltats25/ Instagram

Now this SpongeBob just looks evil. He looks like he’ll wait for you in a dark alley and jump out at you so you get a heart attack. He also looks like he would kick puppies or kittens just for fun. This is not the SpongeBob we know and love.

Just Plain Art

When we say that tattoos are art, this is what we mean. Just look at the details, the strokes, and all the effort it took to make that whole sleeve such a beautiful design. It takes a different kind of dedication to do that. 

image courtesy of hotp0tat/ Reddit

That’s why nobody can say that tattoo artists aren’t, well, artists. The human body is a canvas and they use it perfectly well to create something lasting and completely unique to each person who enters their shop. What more can you ask?

What Does It Say?

If you think you’re seeing double or are just plain confused by this tattoo, then you’re not alone. And no, it’s not your eyes playing a trick on you. It’s just the tattoo itself. How it was designed is just too complicated.

image courtesy of groovaymack/ Reddit

We get the point, though, and if they pulled it off, it would have been pretty cool. For the sake of the person who got it, let’s just all nod along. You might just get a retort of “I am who I amr” in return.

Sad Benji

If money flies away from you faster than a leaf in a tornado, a tattoo like this one might just be the perfect reminder for you to hold onto your cash better. Just look at poor Benji’s face there. He’s sad to see all that money go to waste.

image courtesy of Odessa91/ Reddit

It also looks like Benji’s sad judging the person with the tattoo with all his decisions in life—financial or otherwise. Either way, this is a unique tat that might actually be useful in daily motivation for people who struggle with frivolously spending money.


People say you should never tattoo anyone’s name or face on your body because it will only end in regret. And you know what? They’re absolutely right. There are far too many people out there living with regrets about a tattooed name or face. 

image courtesy of polyygons/ Reddit

As they say, though, if there’s a will, there’s a way. And if you get those creative juices flowing enough and tap into that resourcefulness, you might just find a way to cover up that mistake. Or, at least, you might make the most of it like this guy.

Just Keep Smiling

According to the OP, this tattoo was a result of continuous days of heavy drinking. One day, they just woke up to it, much to their chagrin. However, we think it’s actually adorable and not as bad as they may think it is.

image courtesy of gary16jan/ Reddit

Sure, it may look a little silly sometimes, but we like to think it’s a cute lil’ reminder to keep smiling and to keep looking for positivity in whatever situation you may find yourself in. It helps to have a little reminder like that every day.

Fashionable Shark

Of all the sea creatures we know of, the last thing you’ll probably expect to see wearing anything remotely akin to human fashion are sharks. They’re not really as marketable as turtles or, say, clownfish acting like humans, right? We blame Jaws for that, though.

image courtesy of pigeonpokes_/ Instagram

But that perception might just change with this adorable shark and his top shark fashion. Just look at how adorable they are. Granted, not all sharks look like this but hey, it’s worth giving them a chance, right? It’s not every day we get fishy fashionistas like this.

Self Tattoo

Do you trust yourself to do your very own injections or say, talk yourself out of stupid situations without anyone’s help? Most people would say no. But apparently, this guy had that kind of trust in himself when he did his very own tattoo when he was in 8th grade.

image courtesy of shad0w2323/ Reddit

And while the tattoo might not be spectacular, his confidence and belief in himself are pretty amazing. There are so many things that could’ve gone wrong, and obviously, some did. But hey, he had guts and bravery, and that’s something special.

When You’re Loyal To A Brand

When you find a brand that works for you, be it in skincare, gym wear, or even sodas, it’s pretty hard to go try anything else because you’ve found the one. Sometimes, people showcase their brand loyalty in a variety of ways.

image courtesy of simfire/ Reddit

This guy decided to show his love for his favorite energy drink, Monster, by having the brand logo tattooed on his legs. What’s odd is that he’s caught red-handed with a Red Bull. If anyone asks, maybe he’ll just say it’s litter and walk away.

Save The Lying For Something Else

Sometimes, in life, you have to lie to people you love or care about for their own sake. It could save them from stress or keep them from feeling bad. But when it comes to tattoos, it’s not something you should lie about… ever. 

image courtesy of MrMarinheirO/ Reddit

Apparently, the OP feels bad telling his uncle that this tattoo is good, and we agree. He shouldn’t have lied, but then again, what difference would it have made? After all, tattoos aren’t easy to fix. Best to let this one go.

Oregon Trail All The Way!

If you grew up playing Oregon Trail like this guy did, you’d probably get this tattoo right away. Oh, that game was a total favorite back in the day. Kids would spend hours playing it. It’s certainly not a game that you’d easily get tired of. 

image courtesy of inkspence_/ Instagram

As it seems, this person wanted to take a piece of their childhood with them, and we think they made a great choice. The game’s end screen is just iconic, and you know immediately what this tattoo is from the moment you look at it.

What’s So Special With This Car Seat?

At first, this tattoo just didn’t make sense. But then, we realized that’s not just a simple chair. It’s a child’s car safety chair. And if you’re a parent, you’d know just how much effort and energy you have to put into that to make it work.

image courtesy of Instagram

If you haven’t had a messy toddler screaming, fighting, and kicking as you try to strap them into this contraption, then you don’t really know what victory feels like. There are few things better in life than driving around, knowing your kid is safe. Maybe that was what this person was commemorating.

Cookie Moon

This is already a great picture, but what really pulled it all off is that the moon looks more like a chocolate chip cookie rather than an actual celestial body. That little detail makes this tattoo a lot more adorable. 

image courtesy of momof2redheads/ Reddit

Imagine that, a wolf howling at a gigantic cookie. Now, that’s cute. And while it may not have been the original intention with that, we think it still turned out pretty well in the end. It still got the main points across, didn’t it?

High Five!

If you’re the type of person to get this tattoo, you can be cool or just plain crazy, and well, that’s not so bad. There’s just something about this tattoo that gives off the feeling that you can be great friends with everybody.

image courtesy of mr_and_mrs_ink/ Instagram

We don’t know about you, but this tattoo is just amusing. We can just imagine how fun it would be to high-five with that face on your hand. Plus, there’s gotta be an interesting story behind that, don’t you think?

True Lego Fan

Whoever invented Legos deserves many good things. Their creation has helped thousands, if not millions, of kids have fun for hours on end. Not to mention they’ve also helped thousands of adults stay in touch with their inner child. And that is something truly incredible.

image courtesy of violette.violence/ Instagram

And if you’re just as huge a fan as this person is of Legos, we get you. There are so many ideas and things you can do with those toys. Plus, they’re timeless; whether you’re a toddler or a middle-aged man, Legos will be there for you.

Those Cut Off Jean Shorts

There are countless ways you can portray angels and devils in a tattoo. With a little imagination, you can make them look like anything, and there are so many ways you can dress them. And yet this guy chose to dress his angel in cut-off jean shorts. 

image courtesy of Ellie_Dee/ Reddit

We’re not sure if it’s an obsession with those kinds of shorts or an obsession with angels looking like that, but either way, it just doesn’t seem right. Then again, maybe they weren’t aiming for the biblical portrayal, so who’s to judge?

Narrow Save

When it comes to having words as your tattoos, you have to watch every single move of your tattoo artist as much as possible. Because nobody’s perfect, and there can be slip-ups like misspellings, which aren’t great for tattoos, to say the least.

image courtesy of ktbop2791/ Reddit

Fortunately, for this one, they managed to kind of save the word “daughter” before it was too late. That doesn’t erase the fact that the text is weird being there but it might have meant something important to the person.